WWE 24/7 Title History

May 20

  • 1 – Titus O’Neil, Inaugural Champion
  • 2 – Robert Roode pins Titus O’Neal
  • 3 – R-Truth pins Roode in the parking lot

May 28

  • 4 – Elias
  • 5 – R-Truth

June 2

  • 6 – Jinder Mahal 
  • 7 – R-Truth – the match took place on a golf course, but Truth won it right back on the fairway

June 4

  • 8 – Elias
  • 9 – R-Truth – Elias won a 24/7 Lumberjack match, then Truth pinned Elias under the ring

June 6

  • 10 – Jinder Mahal
  • 11- R-Truth – Jinder pinned Truth on an airport runway, then Truth found Jinder sleeping on the plane, and pinned him in his seat

June 18

  • 12 – Drake Maverick – Drake pinned Truth in the parking lot on SmackDown

June 20

  • 13 – R-Truth –  Truth pinned Maverick at Maverick’s own wedding (aired on WWE social media on 6/21)

June 24

  • 14 – Heath Slater
  • 15 – R-Truth
  • 16 – Cedric Alexander
  • 17 – EC3
  • 18 – R-Truth – R-Truth ended the night with the title but he lost it initially to Slater, who pinned him after a neckbreaker. Truth beat Slater for the title, but Alexander then pinned him after a Lumbar Check, followed by EC3 winning after hitting the One Percenter. Truth then finally regained the title after Carmella caused a distraction by taking the title, and Truth rolled up EC3 to become an eight time 24/7 Champion.

July 1

  • 19 – Drake Maverick – Maverick was with his wife talking about going on their honeymoon before she said she needed to freshen up. She left, and Truth came out of hiding after a group chasing him ran by. Drake said he’s done with the title chase and wants to go on his honeymoon, but ended up blindsiding Truth by hitting him with his suitcase and pinned him.

July 15

  • 20 – R-Truth –Truth ended up interrupting Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle’s honeymoon celebration, sending in a referee as a bellhop before rolling Drake up and running off.

July 22

  • 21 – Drake Maverick
  • 22 – Pat Patterson
  • 23 – Gerald Brisco
  • 24 – Kelly Kelly
  • 25 – Candice Michelle
  • 26 – Alundra Blayze
  • 27 – Ted DiBiase
  • 28 – Drake Maverick
  • 29 – R-Truth – R-Truth initially dropped the title to Drake Maverick, who then lost the title to WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson. Patterson then lost the title to WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco in a backstage segment.

    Brisco then approached Kelly Kelly, who was all smiles until she turned on him to get the pin and the title.

    The title changes continued as Candice Michelle then won the title from Kelly Kelly, with help from referee Melina. WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze then choked out Candice to win the title. Blayze then tried to recreate her infamous WCW Nitro moment by junking the title in a trash can at the announce table, but WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase came out and bought the title from her.

    DiBiase would later drop the title to Maverick, in the back of a limousine to where we couldn’t see it. Drake held the title through a few more segments but lost it back to Truth as he was about to escape in the limousine with wife Renee Michelle, to finally consummate their marriage. Carmella helped Truth win, but Truth jumped into the back of the limousine with Renee as it drove off. The WWE 24/7 Title chase on this week’s RAW ended with champion Truth driving off with Michelle, in what looks to be another bonehead Truth move, while Carmella was left at the arena with a bummed-out Drake.

July 29

  • 30 – Mike Kanellis
  • 31 – Maria Kanellis – Mike won the title after the ‘mosh pit’ mixed tag team match on RAW that featured R-Truth and Carmella against Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle. Mike, one of the lumberjacks in the match, ended up getting the pin after everyone went after Truth. He ran to the backstage area (and still got chewed out by Maria), then Maria demanded Mike needed to get on the floor and let her win so her unborn child could have a champion as a parent. With the win, Maria became the first-ever pregnant WWE 24/7 Champion.

August 5

  • 31 – Mike Kanellis
  • 32 – R-Truth – Mike pins his wife during an OBGYN appointment. Mike hurries back to the waiting room and we see R-Truth and Carmella in disguise. Truth tells Mike that he has something that is his. Truth tosses a doll to Mike and Truth with a rollup for the three count.

August 12

  • 33 – The Revival
  • 34 – R-Truth
  • 35 – Elias – With The Revival already in the ring for their Tag Team match, R Truth’s music plays and he runs to the ring with Carmella followed by “The Benny Hill Chase”. Dawson and Wilder with a Hart Attack on Truth to win the 24/7 Title. Kalisto with Salida Del Sol on Dawson and Truth capitalize to get the Title back with the help of Carmella. A minute later, the camera catches Truth and Carmella in the back. Elias comes from behind and smashes a guitar over the back of Truth. Elias calls for the referee and covers for the pin to become a three-time champion.

August 24

August 27

  • 39 – Drake Maverick – Kevin Owens attacks Elias on Smackdown with the Stunner during a promo. R-Truth appears from the crowd with a referee and covers for the pin but Drake Maverick pulls him out of the ring. Drake enters the ring and covers Elias, pinning him for the title.

September 3

  • 40 – The B-Team
  • 41 – Drake Maverick
  • 42 – R-Truth – The title changes began when Drake was attacked by The Singh Brothers and The B Team backstage at 9/3 edition of Smackdown. The melee ended with Bo Dallas pinning Drake to win the title. Dallas, Drake, Curtis Axel, Gran Metalik and The Singh Brothers later appeared in the ring and that brawl ended with Drake winning the title back from Dallas. Drake went to leave up the ramp but he was attacked from behind by Truth, who got the pin to win the title back..

September 9

  • 43 – Enes Kanter
  • 44 – R-Truth – NBA star Enes Kanter won the WWE 24/7 Title from R-Truth in a segment that took place during the pre-RAW WWE Main Event tapings at Madison Square Garden in New York. The segment ended with Truth regaining the title right back from Kanter.

September 16

  • 44 – Kane (as Glen Jacobs)
  • 45 – R-Truth – Kane won the title from Truth earlier in the show, after Truth and Carmella were taken on a tour of the University of Tennessee by Kane in his role as Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. Truth later won the title back by hiding on top of Kane’s limousine and pinning him as Kane arrived to the arena for RAW. Truth ended RAW with his 16th WWE 24/7 Title reign underway. This would be Kane’s first reign with the title.

September 20

September 21

September 23

  • 50 – Carmella – on RAW, Carmella runs into the ring with WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. A group of Superstars finally shows up and surrounds the ring. Carmella begs them to stop chasing them. She can’t take this anymore. Truth jokes around but Carmella is serious, she can’t take another night of this. Truth hugs her and she rolls him up to win the WWE 24/7 Title. Truth and the other Superstars on the apron are stunned. Truth celebrates with Carmella. Sarah Logan, The IIconics and other female Superstars come out from the back now. Truth helps Carmella escape as the female Superstars chase them off. Drake Maverick and the other male Superstars look disappointed in the ring.

October 4

  • 51 – Marshmello
  • 52 – Carmella – Carmella loses the title in a backstage segment to music producer Marshmello. Heavy Machinery causes Marshmello to run into Carmella, knocking her down. He would fall on top of her with a referee standing by who makes the three count. Later, Truth would help Carmella win back her title. The two would be wearing Marshmello heads/masks. Truth would catch him off guard from inside the limo. Carmella would come from behind and roll him up for the pin.

October 6

  • 53 – Tamina Snuka
  • 54 – R-Truth – At WWE Hell in a Cell, Carmella lost the title to Tamina Snuka in a backstage segment, who later lost it back to Truth during a segment with Carmella and Sho Funaki. This was Tamina’s first reign with the title.

October 21

  • 55 – Sunil Singh – On the 10/21 RAW Episode, Truth lost the title after being confronted by Samir Singh> during a backstage segment. The distraction led to Sunil rolling Truth up for the title. Truth later tried to sneak up on The Singh Brothers to win the title back, but pinned the wrong brother.

October 31

  • 56 – R-Truth
  • 57 – Sunil Singh – The Singh Brothers were eliminated from the 20-Man Battle Royal at WWE Crown Jewel. They leave with the WWE 24/7 Title at ringside. Truth sees them and takes out one brother, then rolls up Sunil to win the title. Later in the night, R-Truth runs into the Bollywood Boys backstage. R-Truth tries to run away, but he hits a locked door. Samir Singh then pins Truth for the title.

November 18

  • 58 – R-Truth – R-Truth stood in as a doctor to work on Samir Singh after The Singh Brothers were chased through the TD Garden by a group of Superstars on RAW, and taken out by Erick Rowan during after they appeared at ringside during Rowan’s squash win over enhancement talent Alex Malcolm. Truth took out Sunil Singh and pinned Samir to begin another reign with the title.

November 19

  • 59 – Michael Giaccio – WWE office employee Michael Giaccio won the title from Truth at the WWE Employee Town Hall Event from WWE HQ in Stamford, CT, while Truth was on stage with Charly Caruso.

November 19

  • 59 – Michael Giaccio
  • 60 – R-Truth – WWE office employee Michael Giaccio won the title from Truth at the WWE Employee Town Hall Event from WWE HQ in Stamford, CT, while Truth was on stage with Charly Caruso. Later, R-Truth tracks down the new titleholder and interrupts his contract signing to recapture “his baby.”

December 2

December 23

December 26

  • 66 – Samir Singh
  • 67 – Sunil Singh
  • 68 – R-Trurh – Truth defended the title against The Singh Brothers in a Handicap Match at MSG Live Show. Samir Singh pinned Truth to capture the title, but Sunil Singh then rolled his brother up to become the new champion. Truth finished the segment by rolling Sunil up to regain the title.

December 27

  • 69 – Sunil Singh
  • 70 – Mike Rome
  • 71 – Samir Singh
  • 72 – R-Trurh – During a live event in Pittsburgh, Sunil Singh won the title from R-Truth. WWE Ring Announcer Mike Rome won the title from Sunil Singh, though while he was announcing his win, Samir Singh came in and won the title from him. In the end, Samir Singh ended up losing the title to R-Truth.

December 31

  • 73 – Mojo Rawley
  • 74 – R-Trurh – R-Truth lost and regained the WWE 24/7 Title from Mojo Rawley During FOX’s NYE Special. Truth was being interviewed by Maria Menonous when Mojo pinned him. R-Truth got the title back after Elias hit Mojo with his guitar. Elias was in Times Square to sing a song to commemorate 2019.

January 13, 2020

January 17, 2020

  • 76 – R-Truth
  • 77 – Mojo Rawley – The Title changes hands at WWE live event in Lafayette. Mojo Rawley lost it to R-Truth during a quick segment in the ring. Mojo then won the title right back and left with the title.

February 10, 2020

  • 78 – Riddick Moss – On the 2/10 episode of RAWMoss and Mojo Rawley lose a quick squash match to The Street Profits. After the match, Mojo came in to help Moss up but Moss rolled him into a small package to win the title. Mojo’s title was not up for grabs during the duration of the match, but the 24/7 Title rules were reactivated as soon as the tag team match ended.

March 22, 2020

  • 79 – R-Truth – R-Truth pinned Riddik Moss while he was out for a jog. A referee drives up next to him, Truth emerges from the trunk and pins Moss to win the title. Click here for the video.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t cover the history of the24/7 Tilte anymore.


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