WWE RAW Results (12/23) – Des Moines, IA

WWE RAW Results (12/23) - Des Moines, IA

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with the usual video introduction.

– We’re live on the USA Network as this week’s taped broadcast opens up from the Wells Fargo Center in Des Moines, Iowa as the Christmas-colored fireworks go off. Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler and Samoa Joe. The arena and graphics are decorated for the Christmas holiday. The announcers go over tonight’s show.

No DQ Match: Kevin Owens vs. Mojo Rawley

We go right to the ring and out first comes Kevin Owens as Mike Rome does the introductions. We get a video package on how Seth Rollins and The Authors of Pain recently took Owens out backstage. Owens takes the mic and says he has a lot to get off his mind, on a lot of people. He goes to speak but the music interrupts and out comes Mojo Rawley to the stage. Mojo says Owens better first give an explanation for the nonsense with the steel pipe. Owens hates to disappoint Mojo but he wasn’t even going to mention that. Mojo says Owens needs a reality check. Mojo goes on and slowly walks to the ring but Owens continues to mock him.

Owens reveals that they have a No DQ match and he can’t wait to kick his ass again. Mojo says Owens has the fans fooled but not him. He says everyone is tough with a steel pipe in their hands. Mojo says there won’t be a Merry Christmas for Owens, his wife or children after this match. Mojo enters the ring and Owens tells him to quit talking, let’s get to it. Fans pop and the bell rings.

Mojo charges but Owens ducks. They go at it and Owens drops Mojo with a shoulder, sending him out to the floor to regroup. Owens comes off the apron and takes Mojo down on the floor for a pop. Owens launches Mojo into the barrier and plays to the crowd again. Owens starts tossing steel chairs in the ring now. Owens brings more chairs out and tosses them at ringside. Owens brings a table out and the crowd pops again. Owens slides the table in the ring and sets it up. Mojo runs in with a steel chair shot over the back. Mojo talks trash and delivers another chair shot while Owens is down. Mojo puts the table down and fans boo. Owens looks to turn it around but Mojo slams him onto the pile of chairs for a 2 count. Mojo mounts Owens with strikes while talking trash now.

Mojo keeps Owens down in the corner with more chair shots. Mojo also has 4 chairs set up next to each other in the middle of the ring. Mojo with more chair shots and trash talking to keep Owens down in the corner. Mojo takes Owens to the top for a superplex onto the 4 chairs set up next to each other, 2 one each side facing each other. Owens resists and fights back up top. Owens with a gouge to the eyes but Mojo lands on his feet. Mojo comes back and launches Owens from the top onto the 4 chairs. Owens lands hard but still kicks out at 2. Mojo shows some frustration now.

Mojo keeps control but runs into a superkick out of the corner. Owens goes to the top and hits a big Swanton Bomb for a close 2 count. Owens grabs a steel chair but changes his mind. He goes back to the floor and brings a table in as fans cheer him on. Mojo counters as Owens enters. Owens fights out and nails a Stunner in the middle of the ring. Fans continue to cheer him on as he whips Mojo into the ropes, then catches him in a powerbomb through the table in the middle of the ring. Owens covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

– After the match, Owens stands tall as the music hits. Vic says this was a clear message to AOP and Seth Rollins. We go to replays. Owens takes the mic and says he had a lot to say but Mojo got him in a fighting mood and he’s got a lot of fight left in him. Owens addresses Akam, Rezar and Rollins now. Owens knows they were going to jump him backstage tonight, but he wants them to come out and fight in front of the people. Owens knows calling them out is a bad decision, but making bad decisions is part of his charm. Owens calls them out again and says he’s not leaving until they come out. We see Rollins and AOP on the big screen, watching from backstage. It looks like they are walking to the ring. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

Out of the break, Seth Rollins walked to the ring with AOP at his side. Rollins got into the ring and pleaded with Owens to be reasonable. He told Owens off the microphone not to listen to the crowd as the crowd booed him. Rollins then stuck his hand out to Owens for him to shake it. Owens looked at it and then super-kicked him the face. After, Owens went for a steel chair, but was beat down by AOP instead. With Owens down, Rollins jumped in and stomped on him in the corner as the audience booed him. From there, Rollins went for the Stomp, but Owens countered and tackled him to the mat. After he did, AOP and Rollins jumped him again and beat him down to the mat. Rollins then hit Owens with the Stomp after telling him that things didn’t need to be that way. Rollins then left the ring with AOP at his side and Kevin Owens laying flat in the middle of the ring.

– After the segment, the commentary team spoke on what just happened in the ring. Samoa Joe took his moment and talked AOP up. He talked about them being dangerous and that he knows what dangerous men looked like. He said if nobody stepped up, things would get dark around there for a long time.

– We cut to WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth out in New York City at Times Square. He’s looking for something and stops a random man, saying he has an invite to light the Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson Christmas Tree. The man says Truth’s invite is written all in Japanese and it’s not The Rock’s tree, it’s the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and it’s been lit for weeks now. The guy laughs at Truth and walks off. Akira Tozawa suddenly appears with a referee, rolling Truth up for the pin to win the title. Vic says we will re-visit the Christmas-themed 24/7 Title chase later in the night.

– Bobby Lashley made his way to the ring with Lana. As they walked down, the announce team hyped up that they would get married on Raw in just one week. The show then went to commercial break.

Cedric Alexander vs. Bobby Lashley

Back from the break and out comes Cedric Alexander. Vic confirms the Lana – Lashley wedding for next week’s RAW. They lock up and go at it as the bell hits. Lashley overpowers to start and takes control. Cedric finally fights back with his speed. Lashley fights back but Cedric keeps the momentum going. Cedric sends Lashley out near Lana and she watches. Cedric with more offense on the outside.

Cedric returns to the ring and gets a pop. Lashley is still down on the outside. Lana takes the mic and stops everything. She enters the ring and asks Cedric who the hell he thinks he is. She says next week is the most important day of her life and her beautiful, hot, soon-to-be husband’s most important day because he’s marrying her. She tells Cedric to have some respect and says she can’t have Lashley showing up bruised next week. She says they have to practice their vows. She goes on about next week’s wedding and says everyone is invited. Lana says how about a classic Greco-Roman wrestling match tonight. Lashley is on his feet at ringside now. Lana goes on and the boos get louder as she gets annoying. She goes on about how everyone loves her, her Bobby Lashley loves her. We go to commercial as the boos for Lana continue.

Back from the break and Cedric is mounting more offense on Lashley. Cedric kicks Lashley to the floor. Cedric with a big kick to the face from the apron. Cedric with a forearm on the floor. Cedric returns to the ring but Lashley rocks him. Fans chant “Rusev Day!” now. Cedric dropkicks Lashley. Lashley runs into a boot. Cedric flies in but Lashley catches him, then turns him inside out for boos.

Lashley works Cedric over while he’s down. Lashley with a big running shoulder thrust into the corner. Lashley with a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Lashley keeps Cedric grounded in the middle of the ring. Cedric fights up and out with elbows and a chop. They run the ropes but Lashley catches Cedric with a big Flapjack for another close 2 count. Lashley slams Cedric and Lana blows him a kiss. Lashley manhandles Cedric some while he’s down, then slams him again. Lashley goes to the corner to pose as fans boo hims some more. Cedric jumps up and hits a dropkick from behind as Lashley poses.

Cedric moves in the corner and Lashley hits the turnbuckles as he misses charging in. Cedric with a kick from the apron and a big flying clothesline. Cedric sends Lashley out and then flies out at him, then again for big pops. Cedric brings it back in and hits the big springboard kick to the face for a close 2 count. Cedric with kicks as Lashley tries to get up. Lashley catches Cedric and puts him on his shoulder for a big cutter in the middle of the ring. Lashley charges but Cedric counters and takes him down. Cedric with a dropkick to the face while down in the corner. Cedric goes to the apron and springboards in but rolls through. Lashley comes right back and spikes him into the mat. Lashley nails a big Spear for the pin to win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

– We see Seth Rollins and AOP walking backstage when Charly Caruso stops them. She asks Rollins what he hopes to achieve by his constant acts of brutality on guys like Kevin Owens. Rollins says she must be kidding. He tried to go out with an olive branch for Owens but Owens attacked him, so she should ask Owens what he’s thinking when going at them each week. Rollins is frustrated as he walks off with AOP. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see new WWE 24/7 Champion Akira Tozawa on the run in New York City. R-Truth catches up with him ad he h as a referee. They end up having a brief altercation with a man at a food truck as Tozawa runs off. Truth and the referee chase him.

Zack Ryder vs. Drew McIntyre

We go to the ring and Zack Ryder is already out with Curt Hawkins. Drew McIntyre is out next.

The bell rings and they lock up. Drew takes it to the corner and bullies Ryder some. Ryder slaps back and they trade big strikes to the face. Drew unloads and beats Ryder down into the corner. Drew charges but Ryder sends him out to the floor. Ryder with a kick through the ropes. Dre immediately levels Ryder on the floor with a clothesline as Hawkins watches.

Drew picks Ryder up and rams him into the apron and the barrier a few times, then brings him back into the ring. Drew manhandles Ryder some more and launches him across the ring. Hawkins tries to yell words of encouragement at Ryder. Ryder catches Drew with a jawbreaker and more strikes. Drew drops him with a forearm. Ryder with double knees. He goes for a dropkick from the top but Drew catches him and spikes him with a powerbomb. Drew waits for Ryder to get up and then nails the Claymore kick. Drew covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew stands tall as his music hits. Hawkins comes in to check on Ryder. Drew tosses Hawkins out of the ring and then nails the Futureshock DDT on Ryder. Hawkins runs back in and fights but Drew decks him and then drops him with a Claymore. Drew takes the mic and comments on how fun that was. Drew asks Ryder and Hawkins if they’re having fun. He knows they can’t speak right now but he’s going to speak on their behalf. He thinks they would agree on having fun, and would say he’s just as smart as he is jacked, an incredible wrestler. Drew mocks them some more and says we just saw his definition of having fun. He won’t give us a long speech about being the future but he will give it to us straight – 2020 is the year of Drew McIntyre. Drew drops the mic and walks off to the back.

– We get a plug for The Miz vs. King Baron Corbin vs. Daniel Bryan on Friday’s SmackDown. The winner will face WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble.

– We go back to the ring and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. The Man has a serious look on her face as she hits the ring and raises the title on the ropes.

Fans chant Becky’s name as she takes the mic. She says she’d had some things on her mind lately, some she addressed last week, but since the birth of The Man she’s learned that she does things better when she takes them into her own hands. That is what she’s out here to do. Becky says she’s become the face of the company and the company is trying to save her, to protect her, but she doesn’t give a damn what the company wants. She’s stayed too quiet for too long. The Man vs. Asuka needs to happen next and she’s not taking no for an answer. Becky is willing to go to some deep, dark places in herself to truly remind her who she but in case Asuka has forgotten who she is, Becky reminds her she’s the one woman to defeat The Man fair and square. So, The Man has come back around to collect on one last debt. What do you say Asuka? The music hits and out comes WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors – Asuka with Kairi Sane.

Asuka takes the mic from the stage and taunts Lynch, reminding her about the TLC main event win. Sane laughs as Asuka goes on, speaking in Japanese now. Asuka wants to become “Asuka 2 Belts” now. Becky realizes that it’s going to take putting the title on the line to get the match. Becky tells Asuka to name the time and the place. In case you didn’t understand that, let me put it into words you can understand… Lynch speaks in Japanese now and apparently delivers the same threat. Asuka understood that. Becky’s music hits as the two sides talk trash back at each other, Asuka and Sane still on the stage. We go to commercial.

Aleister Black vs. Deonn Rusman

Back from the break and out comes Aleister Black to a pop. Vic confirms the Black vs. Buddy Murphy rematch for next week. Enhancement talent Deonn Rusman waits in the ring and he’s really anxious to get the match started.

The bell rings and Rusman charges but Black immediately takes him down. Black mounts offense and drops Rusman with a big knee. Black with another strike and a big Black Mass across the face for the pin to win.

Winner: Aleister Black

– After the match, Black takes a seat as his music hits. Black makes his exit and stops on the ramp as Buddy Murphy makes his way out. Murphy walks past Black and they stare at each other. Murphy enters the ring.

Buddy Murphy vs. Joeasa

The bell rings and Buddy Murphy shakes hands with his enhancement talent who was already in the ring, Joeasa. Murphy holds the shake and immediately nails a big knee to the face. Murphy looks back at Black, who is still standing on the ramp. Murphy picks up the jobber and hits Murphy’s Law for the pin to get the easy win.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

– After the match, Murphy stares out at Black as his music hits. Black rushes back to the ring and they face off in the middle. Black offers his hand for a shake. Murphy goes to shake but changes his mind and walks off. Murphy turns back around but Black kicks his head off and lays him down. Black takes a seat right next to Murphy’s head as his music starts back up. Murphy vs. Black will take place next week.

– We get a video package for tonight’s main event. Charly is backstage with WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio now. Rey acknowledges how good Rollins is. He says having Rey vs. Rollins for the first time will always have an asterisk next to it because it’s not just Rollins vs. Rey, it’s Rollins and AOP. He goes on and says they made a mistake by attacking him last week because they didn’t finish what they started. Rey is confident about hitting the 619 and leaving with his title tonight and says he will be keeping an eye on AOP. Rey walks off and we go to commercial.

Tony Nese vs. Ricochet

Back from the break and out comes WWE 205 Live Superstar Tony Nese. Ricochet is out next for this rematch from the December 16 RAW, which Ricochet won.

The bell rings and they go at it. Nese dodges shots and goes for a kick but it’s caught. Ricochet fights back with strikes and a head scissors takedown. Ricochet with a dropkick and a 2 count. Nese turns it around and drops Ricochet over the top rope. Nese comes back in and hits a big moonsault for a close 2 count. Nese keeps Ricochet grounded now.

Ricochet mounts offense of his own now. Ricochet goes to fly but Nese rocks him with a shot to the jaw. Nese goes for the running knee but runs into a superkick. Ricochet rocks him and hits the Recoil for the pin to win.

Winner: Ricochet

– We see Akira Tozawa running through New York City with the WWE 24/7 Title. He stops to hide behind some Christmas trees. R-Truth and the referee run over but Tozawa escapes. Truth and the referee chase after him.

Charlotte Flair vs. Chelsea Green

We go back to the ring and out comes Charlotte Flair as the pyro goes off. Vic hypes tonight’s main event and the six-man match as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Vic leads us to a video package for WWE NXT Superstar Chelsea Green as Flair waits in the ring. Green makes her way to the ring now for her red brand debut.

The bell rings and they go at it with Flair taking it to the corner. They lock up again and Green takes Flair down but doesn’t capitalize. They size each other up and lock up again. Flair works on the arm but Green makes it to the ropes. The referee warns her to break it. They trade a big shove and slap. Flair rocks her with the slap, then unloads into the corner. Green kicks Flair’s knee out and then sends her back into the turnbuckles. Green sends Flair face-first into a turnbuckle for another 2 count.

Green works Flair over while she’s down and hits a big dropkick. Green with more offense and another 2 count. Green keeps Flair down for a few minutes as the referee checks on Flair. Flair finally fights up and out with chops as fans “Wooo!” along. Green fights back with an elbow to the face. Green hits the ropes but Flair levels her with a big boot. Flair applies the Figure Four and bridges into the Figure Eight. Green taps out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

– We go back to R-Truth chasing 24/7 Champion Akira Tozawa in New York City. They make it clear that this was taped last weekend. A Santa Claus stops Tozawa, Truth and the referee. He tricks Truth to leave and then drops Tozawa, covering him for the pin. Santa runs off with the 24/7 Title and says he’s taking it back to the North Pole. Truth comes back to find Tozawa on the ground without the title. Santa is gone. Truth says they have to stop Santa.

– Back from a commercial break and we get another new vignette for Liv Morgan’s upcoming return and “makeover” on the RAW brand.

Randy Orton and The Viking Raiders vs. The OC

We go to the ring and out first comes Randy Orton to a pop. RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders are out next – Ivar and Erik. Out next comes The OC – AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. We get a second video package showing events leading to this match.

Back from the break and Anderson goes at it with Ivar. Ivar levels Anderson after some back and forth. Erik comes in and manhandles Anderson some, staring at the other opponents. Ivar tags back in for some double teaming. Ivar with a 2 count on Anderson. Ivar works Anderson over in the corner now, beating him into the opposite corner. Anderson fights back with strikes but Ivar kicks him. Ivar scoops for a slam and tags in Erik. Ivar slams Anderson and then Erik slams Ivar on top of Anderson for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring.

Erik keeps Anderson grounded in the middle of the ring by his arm now. Anderson starts to make a comeback. Gallows gets rocked but he tags in and drops Erik, sending him to the floor. The referee is distracted as AJ kicks Erik in the gut against the barrier. Erik comes back in but Gallows grabs him. Erik fights but Gallows shoves him in the corner and unloads with big body blows. Gallows drops Erik in the corner with a big right hand. AJ tags in and stomps away while Erik is down in the corner. AJ taunts Orton and goes back to work.

AJ distracts the referee, allowing Anderson to kick Erik in the face from the apron. AJ goes back to work on Erik and drops a knee for a 2 count. AJ brings Erik back to the corner and in comes Anderson for the quick double team. Anderson takes Erik down to the mat and grounds him. Erik fights but Anderson catches him with a big Spinebuster for another close 2 count. AJ tags in. Anderson tosses Anderson to the floor and drops AJ with a big right hand. They both go down as Orton and Ivar reach for a tag.

Orton tags in and clotheslines Gallows. Anderson and AJ also get dropped. Orton grabs Gallows from the apron for the draping DDT but Gallows back-drops Orton to the floor. Orton lands bad and clutches his knee in pain. The two teams face off at ringside as the referee counts. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Gallows beats on Orton in the corner. AJ tags in and takes over on Orton. AJ focuses on Orton’s injured leg now. Orton tries to fight back but AJ knocks him back down. Orton blocks a suplex and hits one of his own as fans cheer him on. Anderson and Erik tag in at the same time. Erik unloads and drops Gallows off the apron. Erik launches Anderson across the ring and then again. Ivar tags in and goes at it with Gallows. Ivar with a big side-slam and a splash on Gallows while he’s down. Fans pop for Ivar. AJ comes in but Ivar splashes him in the corner. Erik launches his partner into AJ in the corner. They catch Anderson with The Viking Experience but Gallows breaks the pin up.

Ivar cartwheels and clotheslines Gallows, sending him out. AJ with a pele kick to Ivar to send him out. AJ and Erik tangle. AJ with a big kick to the head. AJ dropkicks Erik again but Orton is legal. Orton comes from behind but AJ blocks the RKO. Orton counters and sends AJ to the apron for the draping DDT. Anderson stops it but takes the RKO for a pop. Gallows blocks the RKO. AJ springboards in with the Phenomenal Forearm to Orton for the pin to win.

Winners: The OC

– After the match, The OC stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. The OC celebrates.

– Still to come, Rollins vs. Mysterio in the main event. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see another clip from the weekend where Santa Claus was running through NYC with the WWE 24/7 Title. He hopped on a horse & carriage and started riding away. R-Truth, Akira Tozawa and a referee were right behind them. They also hop on a horse & carriage. Santa stops his carriage and runs away. The others chase him away.

– We get a backstage shot of Erick Rowan talking to his mystery pet, filmed from the pet’s point of view. Rowan goes on about how cute the pet is and a new toy he has for him. Rowan has cooked his pet something and tells it to wait just a minute for feeding time.

– The Street Profits are backstage. Montez Ford mentions the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley next week but Angelo Dawkins doesn’t want to go. But he is interested in the bachelor party. They also joke about what might be in Erick Rowan’s pet cage.

Erick Rowan vs. Travis Horn

We go back to the ring and enhancement talent Travis Horn waits in the ring as Erick Rowan comes out with his pet cage. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Horn offers Rowan a candy cane to start the match. Horn puts his hands up and slowly backs out of the ring, showing Rowan he wants no part of a fight. Horn pulls more candy canes out and looks like he wants to give them to the pet that is in Rowan’s cage. Horn approaches the cage on the steel steps but Rowan rushes out and drops him. Rowan sends Horn into the LED board on the ring now, then slams him face-first into the apron.

Rowan brings Horn back in the ring and levels him with a big crossbody. Rowan lifts Horn and drives him down with the Iron Claw slam. Some fans chant “one more time!” and Rowan delivers. Rowan puts a boot on Horn and gets the pin to win.

Winner: Erick Rowan

– After the match, Rowan exits the ring as his music hits. We go to replays. Rowan has his pet cage up on the stage now. He gives the mystery pet a candy cane.

– We see WWE 24/7 Champion Santa Claus running through NYC this past weekend. R-Truth and Akira Tozawa catch up with him. Truth pins Santa to win the title back. Tozawa comes back over but referee John Cone has had enough. He says he’s been chasing them all over this city and it’s too cold for this. He’s going home. Santa also leaves. Truth offers to call a truce and Tozawa agrees, all for the Christmas spirit. Truth and Tozawa walk off together.

Rusev vs. No Way Jose

We go back to the ring and out comes Rusev. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rusev has a mic in the ring. He’s a bit upset about getting screwed at TLC and says you can be damn sure that he’s going to fight and do something about it. But is he upset over Lana and Bobby Lashley getting married next week? No, he’s not. The best gift he could give Bob is Lana. Rusev goes on about being single and says the wedding will be Rusev Day. The crowd pops and agrees. Out next comes No Way Jose with his conga line.

The bell rings and they go at it. Jose dances some and taunts Rusev. Rusev rocks Jose out of the corner and ends up hitting a big Machka Kick for the easy win.

Winner: Rusev

– After the match, Rusev stands tall as his music hits. Rusev picks Jose up to his feet, then does some quick break-dancing on the mat for a pop. Rusev exits the ring and Jose’s conga line comes over to dance with him. Jose’s music starts back up as Rusev continues to dance, receiving two kisses from conga line girls. Rusev dances to the back and the conga line follows. They stop on the stage as snow falls on them.

– Charly Caruso stops Seth Rollins to ask him what tonight’s main event means to him. Rollins says he will beat Rey Mysterio to capture the United States Title and establish dominance. Rollins walks off and stops where AOP are standing. He tells them to let’s go and they follow him. We also see Rey walking backstage. Back to commercial.

WWE United States Title Match: Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio

Back from the break and out comes WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio for tonight’s main event. Seth Rollins is out next with The Authors of Pain – Akam and Rezar. Joe gets hyped up again when talking about AOP, calling them thugs and saying there’s only one way to deal with thugs. We get formal ring introductions from Rome to start the match.

The bell rings and Rey unloads, taking it to the corner. Rollins kicks Rey and immediately turns it around, kicking away in the corner. Rollins runs into a boot but nails a Slingblade for a quick pin attempt. They tangle some and Rollins goes for another pin. We see AOP watching the match from the ramp.

More back and forth between the two in the middle of the ring. Rollins drops Rey with a stiff shot and talks trash now, mocking him and beating him around. The champ gets up but Rollins drops him again with a right hand. Rey counters a hip toss and rolls Rollins for a 2 count. Rey with another big takedown. Rey kicks Rollins but gets sent to the apron. Rey comes right back in and drops Rollins into position for a 619. Rollins avoids it and launches Rey shoulder-first into the ring post. Rollins goes on and launches Rey across the ring, under the bottom rope and face-first to the floor. AOP watch as Rey falls near them. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins has Rey down by his arm. Rey fights back but Rollins sends him shoulder-first into the turnbuckles. Rollins manhandles Rey some more and covers for a 2 count. AOP watches from the ramp as Rollins keeps the champ down. Rey fights up and out, then sends Rollins flying out of the ring with a head scissors.

Rey runs the ropes and slides under the bottom rope, nailing a sunset flip powerbomb into the barrier. We get a replay as both are down on the floor and slow to get up. Rey brings it back into the ring. Rey springboards in with a plancha. Rey goes for the springboard moonsault but Rey catches him. Rey turns that into a big DDT for another close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Rey counters with another springboard attempt but Rollins catches him in mid-air. Rollins with a big Buckle Bomb and a superkick for another close 2 count. Rollins shows some frustration at the count. Rollins cranks up for the Stomp as Rey tries to get up. Some fans chant “burn it down!” now.

Rey dodges the Stomp. They tangle and Rey counters, sending Rollins into position for the 619. Rey hits it for a big pop. Rey goes to the top but AOP attacks him for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Rey Mysterio

– After the bell, AOP takes Rey to the floor as the beating continues. Samoa Joe continues to rant about AOP on commentary as they launch Rey into the barrier. They continue double teaming Rey at ringside as Rollins looks on and now comes out to the floor to join them. Rollins instructs AOP to drag Rey up the ramp as the boos continue. They bring Rey over to eh announce table. Jerry Lawler and Vic Joseph move but Joe is staying in his seat. They clear off the table top but Joe isn’t moving. AOP isn’t happy. Joe smiles and says he’s not moving. Joe warns that if he gets up, it’s not to move, it’s both of their asses.

Joe stands up and fans pop as he takes off the headset,then his jacket. Rollins gets in between them as fans boo. Joe continues to prepare for a fight, having words with Rollins now. Rollins tries to talk Joe down, giving a weak apology. Joe points at AOP. Rollins turns back to AOP and tells them to finish Joe. AOP attacks Joe at the announce table now. Fans boo as they beat Joe down. Rollins says Joe asked for this but it didn’t have to be like this. Rollins sees Rey trying to get back to his feet. Rollins puts him back down with a Stomp on the stage. Rollins orders AOP to put Joe through the announce table and they do. Rollins and AOP stand tall while Rey and Joe are laid out. RAW goes off the air.


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