Tuesday, November 19, 2019

WWE Office Employee Wins The WWE 24/7 (Video)

WWE Office Employee Wins The WWE 24/7 (Video)
A WWE office employee has captured the WWE 24/7 Title for the first time ever.

WWE posted the video seen below, which shows how Michael Giaccio (WWE's Senior Account Manager of Global Sales & Partnerships) won the title from Truth at the WWE Employee Town Hall Event from WWE HQ in Stamford, CT, while Truth was on stage with Charly Caruso. As noted, Truth had just won the title back from Samir Singh after last night's RAW to begin his 22nd reign.

Triple H commented with the following: "I've always said @WWE's greatest asset is our talent. In-ring, production and the various departments at HQ. At today's Town Hall, Mike made history as the FIRST employee to hold the 24/7 Championship and get #ThePoint."