WWE Smackdown Results (9/03) – Norfolk, VA

WWE Smackdown Results (9/03) - Norfolk, VA

The show begins with a recap of what happened on RAW last night, when Bayley turned heel on Becky Lynch with the help of Sasha Banks.

We are live from Norfolk, Virginia, as Bayley makes her way to the ring smiling as always. Bayley takes the mic in the middle of the ring and the boos get louder. Some fans still chant for Bayley.

Bayley says she doesn’t get it. She says this is confusing. Everybody has something to say about what went down last night. They didn’t see it coming. What didn’t you see coming? Her friendship with Sasha? Her sense of responsibility to the one person who had her back and has been through every struggle and triumph on the road to being champion? Sasha is her best friend. Bayley says she is trying to show you what type of champion she is, but with this division. She is trying to pick everyone up. Think about the kids.

Ever since she started doing all of this, she is trying to make you feel the way she felt as a kid. When she was a fan. She is in this ring as the hero and role model. She is trying to show your kids what it is like to be loyal. That is why she couldn’t turn her back on Sasha when things got rough. Bayley says she is doing everything she can to put this title and division on the map. You deserve a champion with the same amount of attention as Becky Lynch. Bayley says she will be that champion for a long time. That will happen at Clash of Champions when she beats the most selfish person on the roster, Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte does not know what it is like to be a role model like her…

Charlotte Flair‘s music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Charlotte is shocked to be called selfish. Charlotte says she is the queen of selfishness. You can say what you want about her and a lot of people say things about her. What you see is what you get. There is no confusion, there is no blindsiding, and there is no hugging. Charlotte tells Bayley to hug that title real tight because at Clash of Champions…

Sasha Banks‘ music plays and Charlotte with a forearm and boot to Bayley before Sasha makes her way to the ring. Charlotte then exchange punches and and hits Sasha with forearms. They brawl and Flair gets the upperhand. Flair mounts Banks and beats on her until Bayley comes back in with a steel chair. Bayley hits Flair with more chair shots as she yells out in pain. Fans boo. Bayley hands Banks the chair and she delivers a few to Flair while she’s down. Bayley with more chair shots now. Fans chant “Becky!” as Banks and Bayley stand over Flair.

– Ali makes his way to the ring for his King of the Ring match against Elias as we go to commercial.

– We are back and we see Sasha Banks and Bayley smiling in the back.

Ali vs. Elias in a King of the Ring Quarterfinal Match

Out comes Elias with his guitar, which he leaves on the KOTR throne. We get sidebar comments from Elias before the match. The bell rings and Elias takes control, working Ali over by the arm.

Elias with a wrist lock and Ali uses the ropes to escape and he sends Elias to the mat with an arm wringer. Ali with a chop but Elias sends Ali into the turnbuckles. Ali with a rollup for a near fall. Ali with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Ali with an enzuigiri and Elias goes to the floor. Ali with a suicide dive but Elias catches Ali and sends him into the LED board on the apron and then he biels Ali onto the ramp. Elias goes back to the floor and he sends Ali into the ringside barrier and then biels Ali on the floor. Elias presses Ali and sends him into the timekeeper’s area.

Elias returns to the ring and the referee starts his count. Ali gets back into the ring before the ten count and Elias with punches and kicks. Ali with punches and Elias with a forearm. Elias with a back body drop and he gets a near fall. Elias chokes Ali in the ropes. Elias sends Ali into the turnbuckles and follows with an Irish whip and he sends Ali face first into the mat. Elias gets a near fall. Elias with a clothesline and he gets a near fall. Ali tries to escape the side head lock but Elias holds on.

li with a drop kick to Elias and both men are down. Ali with forearms and chops. Elias with an Irish whip but Ali goes to the apron and he kicks Elias from the apron. Ali with a rolling X Factor for a near fall. Ali with a suicide dive that sends Elias chest first into the ringside barrier. Elias holds his arm while Ali holds his leg. Ali sends Elias back into the ring and Ali goes up top and Elias stops him. Elias with forearms and he sets for a superplex but Ali with shots to the arm and he knocks Elias to the mat. Ali with a springboard 450 splash to the arm. Ali goes for an arm bar submission but Elias escapes. Ali with a La Mistica into a crossface. Elias gets to the ropes and Ali has to release the hold. Elias sends Ali face first into the turnbuckles.

Elias gets Ali on his shoulders for a sit out power bomb and he gets a near fall. Elias with a Stretch Muffler on Ali. Elias kicks Ali in the head when Ali goes for the ropes and Ali is able to get to the ropes. Elias with a boot to the back. Elias sends Ali’s injured leg into the ring post. Ali goes to the turnbuckles and Elias joins him on the turnbuckles. Elias knocks Ali off the turnbuckles and Ali lands on his feet on the floor. Elias comes off the turnbuckles and Ali with a super kick.

Ali sends Elias back into the ring and Ali goes up top but misses a 450 splash. Ali kicks Elias when Elias goes for the leg. Ali misses an enzuigiri and Elias with a knee drop to the back of the leg. Elias with Drift Away for the three count.

Winner: Elias (advances to Semifinals)


We go to the interview area and Samoa Joe is asked about the Triple Threat match next week on Raw to go to the finals. Joe is asked why is he on Smackdown. Joe says last night was a minor inconvenience. He will have to go through one more pretender to the throne. His path of destruction will lead him to the throne. Joe says he is here to scout his talent. Whoever it is will go to sleep and then the crowd will bend a knee to the King.

– We go to commercial with Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss walking in the back.

– We are back and Aliester Black lets his hair down. He says if the mountain is not going to come to him, he will come to the mountain. Black says he is heading down to that ring and he will see if anyone is man enough to pick a fight with him.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

Nikki and Mandy start things off and Mandy whips her hair at Nikki. Nikki with a forearm and head scissors take down. Nikki with a clothesline into the corner followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Mandy with a punch and kicks. Sonya tags in and he punches Nikki and chokes her in the corner. Mandy tags in and Mandy with an Irish whip but Sonya is knocked off the apron by accident. Nikki with a drop kick and Mandy goes to the floor. Nikki goes up top and hits a cross body onto Mandy and Sonya.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mandy tags in. Mandy pie faces Nikki and taunts her. Nikki with a jaw breaker but Mandy keeps Nikki from making the tag. Mandy misses a knee and Alexa and Sonya tag in. Alexa with clotheslines followed by double knee drop. Alexa slaps Sonya and connects with a forearm for a near fall. Mandy kicks Nikki and goes for an Implant Buster but Nikki gets to her feet and they go to the floor. Sonya with kicks and a knee. Sonya gets Alexa on her shoulders but Alexa gets to her feet and she hits a DDT. Alexa goes up top for Twisted Bliss but Mandy backs Nikki into the apron. Sonya gets her knees up because Alexa takes too long on top when she goes for Twisted Bliss. Mandy tags in and she hits a boot while Sonya with a clip for the three count.

Winners: Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

Randy Orton walks in the back as we go to commercial.


We are back and Chad Gable is getting ready for his match against Andrade and Joe bumps into him and apologizes. Joe says Chad would look ridiculous if Chad wins. Joe says all of the jokes he is saying are what Chad has heard his entire life but they still get to you. Joe wishes Bilbo luck as he walks away.

In the Arena:

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Randy says Clash of Champions is two weeks away and that means in two weeks, we will have a new WWE Champion. He will show everyone that Kofi Kingston is a fraud. He was never on his level. Randy says that he laid a trap last week for Kofi and he fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Randy says the best thing about last week was that sweet sound of Kofi Kingston’s skull bouncing off the floor. For weeks and weeks, he has decimated the New Day and destroyed this power of positivity crap. If you don’t believe the words coming out of his mouth, then take a look at this. We see a video of what has happened to the New Day thanks to Randy Orton and the Revival.

Randy tells Kofi what is on his mind right now. No more games and traps or waiting until Clash of Champions. Let’s do this right now. Come face him like a real man.

The New Day’s music plays and Kofi fights off Wilder and Dawson as he tries to get to the ring. Dawson and Wilder have the advantage and Wilder with a forearm while Dawson punches Kofi. Kofi with punches to Dawson and he sends Dawson into the ringside barrier. Randy Orton makes his way to the floor and he hits a short arm clothesline after Kofi punches Wilder. Randy puts Kofi in the ring.

Randy calls Kofi stupid as he does the Garvin Stomp. And again, and again, and again! Orton tells Wilder and Dawson to pick Kofi up. Randy tells Kofi at Clash of Champions he will beat him once and for all in front of his fans, friends, and family. He will do it with the three most devasating letters in sports entertainment. Kofi kicks Orton and then Wilder and Dawson punch Kofi. Dawson, Wilder, and Orton hit the ShatteRKO Machine. Orton, Wilder, and Dawson stand over Kofi while Orton continues to call Kofi ‘stupid’.

– They bring up the Roman Reigns attacks and the recent events. We are then told that Roman Reigns will face Erick Rowan at Clash of Champions in a battle for no title.

We go to commercial.

Andrade vs. Chad Gable in a King of the Ring Quarterfinal Match

Before the match, Zelina tells Chad from one vertically challenged superstar to another, she appreciates how Chad has overcome the odds. Zelina says Chad would be the next King of the Ring, if Andrade wasn’t in this tournament. Andrade is in this tournament and he will beat Chad. There is no shame losing to the Future King Andrade. You keep going, little guy.

They lock up and Gable with a waist lock take down. Andrade with a back elbow and wrist lock. Gable floats over and gets a near fall with a sunset flip. Andrade with a kick and forearms to teh back . Gable with an arm drag and monkey flip. Gable goes for another monkey flip but Andrade counters and sends Gable to the floor. Almas chops Gable on the floor and connects with a knee to the midsection before Irish whpping Gable into the ringside barrier. Andrade with a kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Andrade with a reverse chin lock.

Almas goes for a belly to back suplex but Gable lands on his feet and hits a German suplex into the turnbuckles. Almas and Gable exchange forearms. Andrade with a chop and Gable with forearms and knees. Gable with a back heel kick and rolling kick followed by a flying swinging neck breaker. Gable with a wrist clutch chicken wing suplex for a near fall. Gable sets for Chaos Theory but Andrade holds on to the turnbuckles. Andrade with a kick but Gable with a palm strike when Andrade goes to the turnbuckles.

We see Elias watching the match in the back.

Andrade puts Gable in the tree of woe and hits a double stomp but can only get a near fall. Andrade with a waist lock but Gable wit a rollup for a near fall. Almas with a suplex and he holds on for a second one. Almas with a second suplex and he holds on for a third one but Gable counters into a German suplex and Gable with a second German suplex. Andrade with a back elbow to Gable and Andrade hits a suplex. Andrade goes to the turnbuckles for a moonsault and Gable moves and when Andrade goes for his second moonsault, Gable gets his knees up.

Gable goes up top and hits a moonsault for a near fall. Gable goes for Chaos Theory again but Andrade holds on to the turnbuckles. Andrade with a biel into the turnbuckles. Gable avoids the running double knee strike and Gable hits Chaos Theory but Vega distracts the referee so he does not make the count. Andrade with a back elbow and he sets for the hammerlock DDT but Gable counters into a sunset flip for the three count.

Winner: Chad Gable (advances to Semifinals)

After the match, fans pop big for Gable as he celebrates. We go to replays as the music hits. Vega and Andrade aren’t happy. Gable will face Elias in the semi-finals from MSG next Tuesday.

– The announcers plug WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin‘s RAW return next week for the contract signing between Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins for their WWE Universal Title match at Clash of Champions.

– Aleister Black makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Aleister Black vs. Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin with a punch and Black with a springboard into a seated position. Black goes for Black Mass and Benjamin avoids it. Black with a knee and then he goes to the floor after Benjamin and punches Shelton and sends him back into the ring. Black with a punch and Benjamin with a jumping knee to knock Black off the apron. Black with a back elbow and round kicks. Benjamin with knees and Black blocks a punch. Black with kicks and a back elbow. Black misses a knee and Benjamin misess a kick. Benjamin misses a leg whip and Black with Black Mass for the three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

Shinsuke Nakamura stands in the back while Sami Zayn jumps around him. Back to commercial.


Back from the break and WWE 24/7 Champion Drake Maverick is backstage with wife Renee Michelle. The Singh Brothers and The B Team attack but he fights them off and avoids a pin. Bo Dallas ends up getting the pin on Drake for the title. Bo runs off with the WWE 24/7 Title and Curtis Axel is with him. Drake is left looking disappointed on the ground. Renee looks on.

Shinsuke Nakamura (with Sami Zayn) vs. Andrew Morton

Before the bell, Sami Zayn says tonight is not about the fans. It is about Shinsuke Nakamura and he is your Intercontiental Champion. Nakamura’s opponent is, it does not matter what your name is. As far as you are concerned, your name is the Miz and you are all in store for a taste of what is going to happen to the Miz when Nakamura gets his hands on Miz.

Nakamura with kicks to Morton followed by a forearm. Morton with a slap and Nakamura with knees. Nakamura kicks Morton in the head. Nakamura puts Morton on the turnbuckles and he hits a running knee to the midsection. Nakamura sets for Kinshasa and hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas enter the ring and Curtis runs interference for Bo but while Axel deals with Gran Metalik, Drake rolls up Bo to win the title back. Drake avoids Axel and Dallas. Truth shows up from behind the robe on the King of the Ring stage and he rolls up Drake to begin his 14th 24/7 Title reign.

Daniel Bryan walks in the back as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring.

Daniel says it finally looks like we have a group of people who believe him. Daniel says he knows how it looks to everyone else. They have video footage of Rowan attacking Roman Reigns and people think he is guilty by association. Daniel says he has said this entire time that he had nothing to do with it. Here is the thing. There are a lot of people who might not like Daniel Bryan and what he says. Nobody can say about him that he is a liar. Daniel says he has never lied to any of you.

They are right, he hates liars. Daniel says he is demanding an apology from Roman Reigns, not just for accusing him of what he didn’t do, or for spearing him. He wants an apology from Roman because Roman is calling him a liar.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

Erick Rowan attacks Roman on the stage and sends Roman into the ringside barrier. Rowan sends Roman into the ring steps. Rowan sends Roman face first into the apron. Bryan confronts Rowan and Rowan sends Bryan to the floor. Rowan power bombs Roman into the ring post.

Rowan sends Roman into the ring and Rowan gets for the claw slam and hits hit.

Rowan tells Roman if you think Daniel did this, the joke is on you. Rowan says hello to his buddy Daniel. Rowan says you are worse than everybody else. You think you can control him. Rowan says he is nobody’s puppet. You slapped me over and over last week. Why don’t you step in the ring and slap him again.

Rowan says he is proud of what he has done to Roman. He is proud he caused that accident backstage. He is proud of crashing his car into yours. He is more proud of the pain you are going to feel at Clash of Champions. Rowan sends Roman to the floor and Rowan grabs the ring steps and he hits Roman with them.

Rowan rearranges the announce table and Daniel tries to stop Rowan. Bryan tells Rowan he is his friend. Bryan slaps Rowan. Rowan grabs Bryan and gives his a claw slam through the announce table. Rowan tells Bryan nobody tells him what to do.

We go to credits.


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