Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Liv Morgan To Help Rusev?, Lana - Bobby Lashley Troubles, Big Show on His WWE RAW Return

Liv Morgan To Help Rusev?
- As noted earlier, tonight's RAW saw Big Show return to be the mystery partner for Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens for the six-man main event against Seth Rollins and The Authors of Pain.

Here is post-RAW video of Sarah Schreiber talking to The World's Largest Athlete about how rough his situation has been for the past year and a half. Show, who has done some acting while away from WWE, revealed that he underwent 5 hip surgeries during that time period. Show also talked about how his faith was really tested while away.

- The Lana - Bobby Lashley storyline furthered on this week's WWE RAW as the wedding officiant from last week returned to finally declare the two husband and wife. There's already signs of trouble in the marriage as Lashley yelled at Lana to shut up as she was yelling at Rusev, who was on the big screen taunting them.

As noted, Rusev promised Lashley that next week's RAW will see the return of The Bulgarian Brute as they go one-on-one, and that Lana can have what's left of Lashley's body after Rusev does unspeakable acts to it. Liv Morgan appeared on this week's RAW in a backstage segment and said she will be in Rusev's corner for next week's match, to counter Lana in Lashley's corner.

You can click here to read about how the officiant, actor Rick Malone, was accidentally tackled by security at RAW this week. Below is video from the marriage segment on RAW, which came after last week's ceremony was crashed by mystery spouses from the past, Rusev and the returning Liv.