AEW Dynamite Stumbles with Questionable Booking Decisions

AEW Dynamite Stumbles with Questionable Booking Decisions

Wednesday night’s edition of AEW Dynamite had its fair share of highs and lows, with some moments leaving fans scratching their heads and questioning the creative direction. While the show delivered its usual dose of chaos and extreme action, several questionable booking decisions dampened the overall experience.

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The Patriarchy Grows Unnecessarily Large

One of the most perplexing developments of the night was the decision to add Gates of Agony and Brian Cage to the already crowded Patriarchy faction. Christian Cage, once the most substantive member of the quartet, now finds himself surrounded by an overwhelming number of wrestlers, making the group feel bloated and unwieldy.

Factions in professional wrestling are delicate entities, and adding too many members can easily lead to staleness and a lack of focus. The Patriarchy has managed to stay fresh thanks largely to the stellar performance of Mama Wayne, but the addition of three more wrestlers threatens to dilute the group’s impact.

Furthermore, with Swerve Strickland’s young AEW title reign, the focus should be on elevating him as the top babyface underdog. Instead, he risks being overshadowed by the ever-growing Patriarchy and the various subplots surrounding the faction. This decision raises concerns about the direction of Swerve’s reign and the overall storytelling priorities within AEW.

Repetitive Post-Match Formula

One of the most glaring issues on Dynamite was the overreliance on the same post-match formula throughout the night. Nearly every match followed a similar pattern: the heel would attack the babyface after the match, prompting a run-in from another babyface to make the save.

This repetitive formula became increasingly noticeable as the show progressed, with the only exception being the short squash match involving Big Bill and a local talent. While post-match shenanigans are standard in professional wrestling, the lack of variety and the sheer frequency with which this formula was employed left many fans feeling frustrated.

It’s perplexing how Tony Khan, a purported master booker, could allow such repetition to occur throughout an entire show. One would expect tighter editorial oversight and a more diverse range of post-match angles to keep the audience engaged and prevent the show from feeling stale and predictable.

Conflicting Narratives in The Elite Storyline

The ongoing storyline involving The Elite’s attempted takeover of AEW has been a highlight of recent programming, offering chaos, high stakes, and compelling character work. However, Wednesday’s episode suffered from conflicting narratives that undermined the overall coherence of the storyline.

On one hand, the show’s opening and various references by talent suggested that The Young Bucks had successfully assumed control of AEW, positioning themselves as the new authority figures. However, Adam Copeland’s mention of Tony Khan’s involvement and the advertisement for the upcoming Anarchy in the Arena match as “Team AEW vs. The Elite” muddied the waters, implying that Khan still held some level of power.

This inconsistency in the storytelling raises questions about who is truly in charge of AEW and whether the company has fully committed to The Elite’s takeover angle. While last week’s events painted a clear picture of The Young Bucks seizing control, this week’s mixed signals created confusion and diluted the impact of the storyline.

AEW’s commitment to producing an unserious and fan-centric product has been a strength, but in this case, the inability to fully commit to either Tony Khan or The Young Bucks as the ultimate authority figure has introduced a stain on an otherwise entertaining feud.

While AEW Dynamite delivered its fair share of high-octane action and character development, these questionable booking decisions ultimately detracted from the overall experience. As the build towards Double or Nothing continues, fans can only hope that AEW addresses these issues and provides a more cohesive and consistent approach to its storytelling and creative direction.

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