8/7 WWE RAW Results – Minneapolis, MN

8/7 WWE RAW Results

8/7 WWE RAW Results – Minneapolis, MN – We take a look back at Saturday’s WWE SummerSlam Premium Live Event with a video package.

We are live from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Wade Barrett and Michael Cole welcome us to the show.

Cole mentions that he and Wade Barrett are the commentators for the first hour of the show. The two talk about SummerSlam being a record-breaking event on a number of business levels. We then hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of Cody Rhodes.

In the Arena:

Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring and asks Minneapolis what they wanna talk about.

He goes on to talk about the University of Minnesota’s own, Brock Lesnar. He talks about having the honor, privelage and misery of standing across from Lesnar. He then says he couldn’t imagine what would happen after their third bout. He asks us to take a look and shows the handshake and moment of respect they shared after the bout.

Cody mentions talking to his mother about the shock of the moment he had with Brock. He says his mother told him, “Dummy, don’t you realize what just happened? Brock Lesnar just acknowledged you!” He says after SummerSlam he feels like he can beat anybody in the world.

“BURN IT DOWN!” is the next thing we hear and out comes Seth “Freakin'” Rollins to the other theme song WWE fans like to sing along with. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion emerges dressed to the nines as always. This time he’s wearing big yellow boots instead of big red ones.

After his music stops, he stands a couple of feet away from Rhodes and soaks in the “woah-oh’s” from the WWE Universe. He then welcomes us to Monday Night Rollins. Cody smiles. Rollins says last time he came out to talk about the future of the title, Rhodes was the first person to come out and get in his face. He says consider this returning the favor.

Seth mentions Cody saying he feels like he can beat anyone in the world. He says why don’t we put that feeling to the test. Before Cody can respond, the theme for The Judgment Day hits and out comes Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley. Finn Balor is noticeably absent. Priest tells Cody and Seth they are confused. He says they think they run Monday Night Raw.

Rhea Ripley says they don’t. She says The Judgment Day does. Priest says they think they control what happens with titles, and they don’t. He says they do. More specifically, “Senor” Money In The Bank does. He then points out how they’ve got the best women’s champion on the planet, and the NXT North American Champion. He says Dom is gonna be defending his title on NXT tomorrow. He asks what they’re gonna be doing.

Dom goes to speak and the fans loudly crap all over him, as always. Finn Balor appears out of nowhere from behind and attacks Rollins. Priest and Dom attack Cody. Sami Zayn’s theme hits and out comes one-half of the Undisputed WWE Tag-Team Champions to even things up a bit. He helps Cody and Seth beat down The Judgment Day and run them off.

Cody grabs a mic and says he’s got a solution for all of this. He says there’s three of them and three of us. How about tonight in Minneapolis we have a six man tag-team match. The fans pop while Cody and Rollins argue in the ring.

– Michael Cole informs us that hour one of tonight’s show will be presented commercial free.

– We take a look at footage from the Intercontinental Championship Match from Saturday night.


Ricochet was with Adam Pearce earlier today and Ricochet brings up the brass knuckles.  Adam says he cannot do anything about the result but he wants to do something about it.  

Adam tells Chad, Riddle, Ricochet, and Ciampa that they are one step away from greatness and he wants to give them a chance to face Gunther thanks to a Fatal Four Way Match.

Ricochet says they caught him on a bad night.  Ciampa says he is going to win this and may the best man or bro win.  Riddle says he will dedicate this match to his bro Drew McIntyre.  Chad with a Shooooosh and he says he is from Minnesota and he is going win and face Gunther.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Eliminator
Ricochet vs. Chad Gable vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Matt Riddle

Chad with a waist lock on Ciampa and Riddle with a waist lock on Ricochet.  Ricochet with a kick to Ciampa.  Riddle with a rollup on Ricochet but Chad with a rollup and Ricochet with a rollup of his own. The crowd chants for Gable and he throws out a THANK YOU.  Ciampa kicks Riddle and Riddle blocks a kick and applies an ankle lock.  Gable with an ankle lock on Ricochet.  Riddle and Chad back into each other once CIampa and Ricochet get to the floor.  Gable with a waist lock and he holds on while Riddle tries to escape.  Chad with a front face lock and Riddle escapes.  Ciampa hits Riddle and Chad and sends their heads together.  Ciampa kicks Riddle and he sends Gable to the floor.  Ricochet with a springboard clothesline and a moonsault for a near fall.   Ricochet gets Ciampa on his shoudlers but Ciampa escapes.  Riddle with a fisherman’s buster to Ricochet for a near fall.  Gable with a slam for a near fall on Riddle.  Ciampa with a reverse DDT to Gable for a near fall.  

Ciampa with a rolling elbow and Ricochet gets Ciampa on his shoudlers and hits Recoil for a near fall.  Ricochet pulls Ciampa into position and Ricochet goes up top.  Riddle stops Ciampa  and sets for a German superplex.  Ciampa stops them and goes to the ropes.  Ciampa sets for a German suplex on Riddle.  Gable with a Tower of German suplexes.

We see Gunther in BACK watching MONITOR.

Ciampa avoids Chaos Theory and Gable with an ankle lock.  Ciampa goes to the ropes but there are no breaks due to the rules of the match.  Gable pulls Ciampa into the center of the ring.  Riddle with a kick to Gable followed by a power bomb and knee for a near fall.  Riddle with an exploder to Ricochet.  Riddle with a knee to Ciampa.  Riddle puts Ciampa on the turnbuckles.  Riddle sets for a superplex and he hits it.  Gable with a splash but Ciampa gets his knees up and Ricochet with a shooting star press but Riddle gets his knees up and he gets a near fall at the same time.  All four men gets back to their knees and they exchange punches and chops.  They go with forearms.  Riddle with kicks to Ciampa and Ciampa blocks a kick and stomps on his foot.  Riddle is sent to the apron and Ricochet is sent to the floor by Gable.  Riddle drops down and Gable goes to the floor.

Riddle with an Asai Moonsault onto Gable.  Ciampa with Willow’s Bell to Riddle.  Ricochet with a flip dive onto Gable.  Ricochet comes off the turnbuckles but Ciampa meets him with a knee.  Ciampa with Project Ciampa and Ricochet kicks out.  Riddle with Bro Derek to Ciampa and Gable breaks up the cover with a diving head butt from the turnbuckles.  Riddle and Chad exchange forearms and Riddle with punches.  Ricochet stops Chaos Theory on Riddle with Recoil.  CIampa with a Fameasser to stop Chaos Theory on Ricochet.  Chad with Chaos Theory on Ciampa for the three count.

Winner:  Chad Gable

After the match, we see Gunther still in BACK in front of MONITOR and he smirks. Chad goes up to his family and carries his son around the ring on his shoulder.

– We take a look back at Cody and Brock from Saturday.


We see Cody and Sami talking in the back and Seth complains about discussing strategy behind his back.  Seth says he doesn’t want to be on a team with Cody.

Sami says he knows there is history between Cody and Seth.  He says he doesn’t expect them to solve their problems, but they can do something tonight.  Sami says he is sick of THE Judgment Day and he reminds them of what happened to their friend Kevin Owens.  They can do what’s best and take care of THE Judgment Day.

Cody says he is cool with that and Seth says he is cool, but he doesn’t shake Cody’s hand.  Cody walks away as well.

– We take a look back at Tribal Combat.

– A “Hail to the Chief” segment with Roman Reigns and Jey Uso is announced for SmackDown.


We return live backstage and we see The Miz on the phone. He is stopped and told he has to wait for his photo shoot. The camera pans over to show LA Knight taking pictures. Miz storms off and says he is not going to wait for a man who wins one battle royal.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bronson Reed

They lock up and Reed with a clean break.  They lock up and Reed backs Nakamura into the corner and Reed pats Nakamura on the top of the head.  Reed with a side head lock.  Reed with a shoulder tackle.  Reed mocks Nakamura and tells him to COME ON.  Nakamura with knees and he takes Reed to the mat and connects with a knee and kick.  Nakamura misses a round kick and Reed with a waist lock.  Reed with a back elbow.  Reed with a head butt.  Reed with shoulders in the corner.  Reed gets Nakamura on his shoulders and Nakamura goes for a sunset flip but Reed stays on his feet but misses a seated splash.  Nakamura with a sliding knee and a sliding boot to Reed.

Nakamura chokes Reed in the corner.  Nakamura tells Reed to COME ON.  Nakamura with a leg lariat and a baseball slide to Reed on the floor.  Reed hits the announce table.  Nakamura picks up Reed and Reed pushes Nakamura away.  Reed gets in the ring and Nakamura returns and Reed catches Nakamura but Nakamura gets back to his feet.  Reed with a body block and elbow drop.  Reed knocks Nakamura off the apron.  Nakamura gets back in the ring and Reed stands on Nakamura’s chest.  Reed works on the neck and he takes Nakamura to the mat.  Reed with a reverse chin lock.  Reed with a head butt and Nakamura avoids a slam.  Nakamura with a side kick off the turnbuckles and both men are down.

Nakamura with kicks to Reed and Reed blocks a kick.  Nakamura with a round kick and Reed blocks an Irish whip.  Nakamura with a jumping kick to Reed for a near fall.  Nakamura goes to the turnbuckles and Reed catches Nakamura and hits a power slam.  Reed sets for a power bomb and he hits a Liger Bomb for a near fall.  Reed goes up top and Nakamura stops Reed with a kick and then hits a running knee to Reed on the turnbuckles.  Reed with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.  

Nakamura escapes a power bomb and Nakamura with a kick.  Reed with a clothesline and he goes up top and misses Tsunami.  Nakamura with a kick to the head and he hits Kinshasa for the three count.

Winner:  Shinsuke Nakamura

– We take a look at what happened between Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez over the last few weeks.

– We see the doctor telling Adam Pearce that Raquel is not cleared yet.  Adam tells Raquel to hang in there.  Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae wish her luck and say they have this.

– Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring as we go to our first commercial of the evening.


We go to Maxxine in the back on the phone with Otis telling him to get things.

Ludwig Kaiser shows up and he wanted to congratulate Chad on his win and that The Ring General is looking forward to wiping Gable’s body all over the ring.  He says he has had his eyes on Maxxine for a while.  She has all the potential, but some of the people around here are better than her.  Look at the European aesthetics and then look at the freak you are hanging out with.

Maxxine slaps Kaiser and Otis shows up after Kaiser calls her feisty. Otis challenges Kaiser to a match and Kaiser accepts.  He says he will see Maxxine around too.

In the Arena:

We go back to the ring where Becky is waiting.

She says she is so close to the end.  It has been months of doing everything in her power.  She has been fighting, talking, scratching, winning, losing, overcoming obstacles, and failing but she is ready to end this saga and charade when she gets her match next week against Trish.  The greatest of THAT generation against the greatest of THIS generation and any generation going forward.  No Zoey Stark to deal with.

Zoey Stark interrupts and makes her way to the ring.

Zoey asks if Becky is obsessed much.  She says that has been over for a while.  Trish beat you and Zoey says she beat Becky.  This is all about The Man being afraid of Zoey Stark.  

Becky wants to know what Zoey is doing.  She says she knows how good and how gifted Zoey is.  You never had to work for it and maybe that is why you hitched your wagon to Trish.  Regardless of how good you are, you are too stupid to realize that Trish has been dragging you in the wrong direction.  You could be fighting for titles, but you are playing second fiddle to Trish.

Zoey says she is second fiddle to no one.  She says that Becky is jealous.  You are mad that the greatest of all time kicked you to the side and picked Zoey up.  Zoey says she is the fasting rising star in WWE and the baddest in the locker room.

Shayna Baszler’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Becky says Shayna looks rough and Shayna says you should see how Ronda looks, but she won’t be here so you can’t see her and she drove Ronda out of WWE.

Shayna says she wasn’t invited to this party but she thought she heard her being mentioned when Zoey asked who is the baddest.

Zoey says Shayna is the baddest punching bag.  If you keep running your mouth, she will send Shayna packing.

Becky says that sounds like fighting words so why not have a match tonight.  She asks Adam to come out to make this a match.

Adam says that sounds good and he calls for a referee and this match is official.

We go to commercial.


JD McDonagh is talking to Finn Balor in the back and Damian Priest shows up and says that they have THE Judgment Day business to discuss.  Finn says that Damian can say it in front of JD. Priest says that Balor didn’t come out at the start of the show and that wasn’t the plan. Balor says Priest didn’t follow the plan. Priest says he was there to make sure that Finn won. Balor says maybe Priest cost him on Saturday.  He says the contract is in the way.

Rhea stops them and she tells Balor that Priest was there to help Balor.  She tells Priest and Balor to get on the same page to run Raw. Priest and Balor say they are good now. JD says he might be out of line and he says the briefcase has come between them and maybe Priest should get rid of it. Priest wants to confront McDonagh but Ripley stops him.

Shayna Baszler vs. Zoey Stark

They lock up and Shayna with a waist lock take down and a second one.  Zoey avoids a kick and Zoey with an arm bar while Becky drinks some lemonade.  Shayna with an ankle pick when Zoey goes for a leap frog.  Shayna with an ankle lock and Zoey escapes.  Shayna with a waist lock and Zoey with an elbow.  Zoey backs Shayna into the corner.  Zoey with a forearm and a snap mare.  Zoey with a boot to the head and she kicks Shayna again.  Zoey runs the injured eye along the ropes.  Zoey with a snap mare and she gets a near fall.  Zoey with a reverse chin lock.  Shayna with elbows and Zoey with a knee.  Zoey with a rear chin lock.  Shayna with kicks to Zoey.  Shayna with a Saito suplex to Zoey and a clothesline that sends Zoey over the top rope to the floor.

Becky pours someone a glass of lemonade while Zoey and Shayna return to the ring.  Zoey wtih an Irish whip and Zoey kicks Shayna and pulls the arm into the ropes.  Zoey with a springboard drop kick.  Zoey with an arm bar.  Zoey sends Shayna into the turnbuckles and she kicks Shayna.  Zoey gets a near fall.  Zoey returns to the rear chin lock.  Zoey stomps on the injured arm and then wraps the arm in the ropes.  Zoey with divorce court and she kicks Shayna.  Zoey ties up Shayna in the ropes and we go to commercial.

We are back and Zoey with a reverse chin lock.  Shayna with elbows but Zoey with a knee.  Zoey with an Irish whip but she misses a splash in the corner.  Shayna with clotheslines to Zoey and follows with a knee into the corner and a German suplex.  Shayna with a running knee for a near fall.  Shayna misses a knee and Zoey with a thrust kick for a near fall.  Zoey slams the arm into the mat.  Zoey kicks Shayna and continues to work on the injured arm.  Zoey with a kick and she tries to stomp the elbow but Shayna knows how to avoid that move.  Shayna with punches and Zoey with a super kick.  Shayna escapes Z360 and Shayna with a gutwrench suplex for a near fall.  

Zoey comes off the ropes for a springboard move but Shayna catches Zoey and applies a Kirifuta Clutch.  Zoey sends Shayna to the floor and hits a pescado.  Zoey sends Shayna back into the ring and Becky gets up from her seat at the announce table.  Shayna applies a Kirifuta Clutch on the apron and Zoey drops the arm on the ropes.  Shayna with a kick and she gets Zoey on her shoulders and hits Piper’s Pit for the three count.

Winner:  Shayna Baszler


Byron Saxton is in the back with Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura says he is tired of people getting in his way.  Tonight he won.  From now on, he carves his own path.

We hear metal in the background and we see JD McDonagh attacking Sami Zayn and Sami appears to have injured his elbow.

We go to commercial.

Otis vs. Ludwig Kaiser

Kaiser has some words for Maxxine before locking up.  They lock up and Otis with a clean break.  Kaiser with a kick and punches.  Otis starts to jiggle while Kaiser punches him.  Kaiser with a side head lock and Otis with a shoulder tackle and slam.  Otis misses a splash and hits the ring post shoulder first.  Kaiser with a running kick to the chest.  Kaiser with punches and then Maxxine gets on the apron and in Kaiser’s face.  Otis grabs Kaiser and punches him in the corner.  Otis sends Kaiser into the turnbuckles and he hits a fallaway slam.  Otis with a splash into the corner and Kaiser goes down.  The shirt comes off and it is time for the Caterpillar but Vinci gets on the apron and Otis punches Vinci and suplexes him in the ring.  Gunther hits Otis and Kaiser with a running kick for the three count.

Winner:  Ludwig Kaiser

After the match, Kaiser and Vinci attack Otis while Gunther leads traffic. Chad Gable makes his way to the ring and Gunther goes to the apron while Vinci and Kaiser leave the ring.

– We take a look back at JD McDonagh’s attack on Sami Zayn.


Jackie Redmond is outside the trainer’s room and Seth and Cody come out.  She asks them about Sami’s condition. Cody and Seth both talk and Cody tells Seth to handle the interview.   Seth says Sami wants to go but the doctor is not going to let Sami wrestle.  It is three on two and he does not know if he can trust Cody.

Shinsuke Nakamura shows up and says that he is there to help Seth if he wants it. Seth says he respects Nakamura and he is their new partner. Seth walks away and Nakamura has a smirk on his face.

– Miz makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Miz looks at highlights from the Battle Royal.

Miz asks what has happened to showing industry leaders the proper respect.  He came to the show tonight and he saw LA Knight taking priority over him.  Miz says he is a veteran and a locker room leader.  He says he was taught respect.  You introduce yourself and shake the hands of the veterans who led the way.  LA Knight eliminated him on Saturday and he did not introduce himself or shake his hand.

LA Knight interrupts and makes his way to the ring.

Knight wants to talk to ya.  He says he thought they had a great introduction in the battle royal, but if that doesn’t work for you, Knight introduces himself (well the crowd did).  Knight offers his hand and Miz tells Knight ‘No’.

Miz says Knight does not deserve to shake his hand.  MIz says he has seen people trying to ride his coattails.  You take away the Miz and what you take away from him is his success, money, hot wife, and charisma.  You take that all away and you get LA Knight.  You are a flash in the pan and flavor of the month.  The crowd loves you and they will for the next five months.  Miz says that Knight is an Attitide Era fanboy cosplaying in Miz’ ring.

Knight says he doesn’t have a problem with Miz but you don’t want to make this personal.

Miz says he takes his career personal and he has taken it personal for twenty years.  He still takes it personal despite what he has done in WWE.  Miz asks Knight what has he done for the past 20 years.

Knight says he guesses it makes it personal.  He says he has been making himself a dangerous man.  He has been clawing and scratching on the outside looking in.  He was doing while WWE was betting on the wrong horses, including Miz.  He says he was waiting on the outside waiting for that opportunity.  He says Miz got the 20 year head start because you are safe.  They could kick you around and kick you out of the locker room and you took it.  They said that they couldn’t trust Knight because he is a dangerous man.  He says he is not to be messed with.  That is the difference between them.  You became every champion you could and did it many times over.  Good on ya.  Knight says his career is on the rise while Miz’ career is in the toilet.  

Knight says if you want to make it personal, he has no problem making Miz a stepping stone, not the tiny ones down below.

Miz says he is the main event and Knight is not on his level.

Knight says that is an interesting theory because he is looking Miz in the eyes.  Prove him wrong because he ain’t going anywhere.

Miz takes off his jacket and tosses it at Knight and punches him. He goes for a Skull Crushing Finale but Knight counters and connects with his Blunt Force Trauma finisher. He taunts Miz as he’s laid out.

– We go to the Viking Raiders earlier today. Erik and Ivar say who they are.  They say the Gods call and they answered.  Valhalla says they made a challenge for a sacrfice.

We go to commercial.

The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day

When we return from the break, we see The Viking Raiders in the ring as we wait to find out who will answer their open challenge.

The familiar sounds of The New Day’s theme song. Out comes Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to a huge pop. Michael Cole points out it has been months since we have seen them. Woods plays his trombone to a big pop.

Woods and Erik start things off and Woods with forearms and a clothesline in the corner.  Kofi tags in and Woods with a belly-to-back suplex followed by a splash from Kofi for a near fall.  Woods tags in and Woods with a kick followed by a splash from Kofi and a splash from Woods for a near fall.  Woods with a back heel kick and Valhalla gets on the apron and distracts Woods but he leaps over Erik.  Erik with a forearm to Woods and Ivar tags in.  Ivar with a spin kick of doom to Kofi.  Erik with a choke slam and Ivar with a frog splash for a near fall.  Erik tags in and they connect with a flurry of forearms.  Ivar with a slam and he punches Woods.  Erik tags in and Ivar with a knee to the midsection followed by a knee from Erik for a near fall.  Erik with a reverse chin lock.  

Woods with an elbow to Ivar on the apron and then he hits a tornado DDT on Erik.  Kofi tags in and hits a spring board clothesline followed by a splash in the corner.  Kofi with a double jump cross body to Ivar and then he sets for the Boom Drop and hits it.  Kofi looks around and sets for Trouble in Paradise.  Kofi misses when Ivar ducks.  Ivar misses a spin kick of doom.  Kofi with SOS for a near fall.  Ivar with a seated splash in the corner and Erik tags in.  Ivar with a forearm and Erik with a knee for a near fall. 

 Ivar tags in and Kofi with a head scissors to Erik and a kick to Ivar.  WOods tags in and Kofi with Trouble in Paradise and a flip dive onto Erik.  Woods with a springboard elbow drop for the three count.

Winners:  Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods


Becky Lynch is with Byron and she asks about next week’s match but Shayna Baszler interrupts. Shayna says she doesn’t need Becky’s help.  She says she has a list of scores to settle and she will be coming for Becky. Becky says she isn’t hard to find and she will be waiting.

We go to commercial.


We are back with highlights from the return of the New Day. They walk in the back and Jackie stops them and they don’t know who she is so she introduces herself. They say they feel good coming back.  Kofi says the Viking Raiders said they were going to make a sacrifice to the gods but they are the gods.  Woods mentions the Street Profits and Usos so they are here to bring some positivity and they are going to be the new tag team champions.

– Michael Cole mentions Sonya Deville’s torn ACL.

Damian Priest, Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, Seth Rollins, and Cody Rhodes

Raquel Rodriguez attacks Rhea when The Judgment Day make their way to the ring and she punches Rhea.  Officials come out to pull Raquel away.  Rhea gets away from security and she goes after Raquel.  Indi and Candice come out to help and Rhea takes care of both of them.  Candice punches Rhea and so does Indi.

We go to commercial.

Nakamura and Balor start things off but Priest tags himself in before anything happens.  Dom tags himself in and we get a three man discussion group.  Nakamura with knees to Dom and he stands on his face.  Nakamura with a knee drop.  Priest pulls Dom to the floor and Nakamura tells another man to COME ON.  Dom tags in Finn and Finn tries to hit Nakamura from behind and Nakamura stops him.  Finn with punches.  Nakamura with punches and he puts Finn on the turnbuckles and hits a knee to the midsection.  Cody tags in and Cody punches Finn.  Cody with a knee to the midsection.  Cody with a wrist lock and he tags in Nakamura because Seth does not look interested.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Balor gets a near fall on Nakamura.  Priest tags in and he kicks Nakamura.  Priest with another kick and Balor with a scissors kick.  Priest with a reverse chin lock.  Nakamura with elbows and Priest with a punch.  Priest with an elbow in the corner followed by a snap mare.  Balor with a slingshot boot and Dom with a slingshot senton.  Finn with a back breaker and Priest with a leg drop for a near fall.  Priest sets for South of Haven but Nakamura with a knee and kick.  Seth tags in and he knocks Finn and Dom off the apron.  Seth leaps over Priest and hits sling blade.  Priest has a suplex blocked and Seth has a suplex blocked.  Seth with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.

Seth with a suicide dive to Priest and they return to the ring.  Seth with a suicide dive to Finn and then he comes off the ropes for a springboard move but Priest with an uppercut and leaping flatliner.  Balor tags in and he hits a running drop kick that sends Seth into the ringside barrier.  Finn with an arm bar.  Seth with a jaw breaker.  Finn with an arm bar as he tries for an abdominal stretch but he cannot lock it in.  Seth with a hip toss to escape.  Priest tags in and he stops Seth from making the tag.  Priest with a knee.  Priest with a forearm and jabs in the corner.  Priest talks the referee while Dom and Finn double team Seth in the corner.  Priest with a forearm and Seth falls into the ropes.  Seth with a kick to the chest but Priest stops Seth from making the tag.  Seth with forearms but he cannot make the tag.  Priest with a hammer lock clothesline for a near fall.  

Dom tags in and he chokes Seth in the ropes.  Rhea hits Seth with her title belt.  Dom with a suplex and he holds on for a second one.  Dom rolls through and shimmies before trying a third.  Dom knocks Nakamura off the apron and Seth with a clothesline.  Finn and Cody tag in and Cody with a back elbow.  Cody with a kick and drop down uppercut.  Cody with Beautiful Disaster to knock Priest off the apron.  Cody with a power slam to Finn.  Finn blocks a CodyCutter and Finn with an elevated elbow drop for a near fall.  Finn runs into a thrust kick and Cody hits the CodyCutter for a near fall.  Priest kicks Nakamura and Rollins with a forearm to Priest.  Balor clotheslines Seth to the floor.

Cody sets for CrossRhodes but Priest hits Cody with the briefcase.  Sami attacks Priest and sends him over the announce table.  Seth with a super kick into the briefcase and Finn’s face.  Cody with CrossRhodes for the three count.

Winners:  Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, and Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Seth tells Sami to join them in the ring. While they celebrate in the ring, Seth and Cody have some words about one more match. Sami raises Cody and Seth’s hands and then Seth and Cody shake hands.

Nakamura looks at the other three men on the turnbuckles and Nakamura with a running boot to Seth and he leaves the ring. Cody looks shocked as he watches Nakamura walk off.

Nakamura smirks as we go to credits.

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8/7 WWE RAW Results

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