NXT Results (2/7)

NXT Results (2/7)

NXT Results (2/7) – Tonight’s NXT episode opens up with a video of highlights from last Saturday’s Vengeance Premium Live Event from Charlotte, NC.

We’re now live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Vic Joseph welcomes us and shows us footage of Bayley arriving earlier today. She’s wearing a sling on her arm and she doesn’t look happy following last night’s RAW Steel Cage loss to Becky Lynch. Vic is joined at ringside by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

– We go right to the ring and out comes Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams as Alicia Taylor does the introductions. They strut to the ring and Trick takes the mic, calling for the music to be cut.

Trick says they have arrived.  He says Vengeance Day will be written down as the day that Carmelo Hayes turned Apollo Crews from seer to Stevie Wonder.

Melo says he said he would get two straight and that is what he did.  He says Apollo had the right vision but with the wrong one.  He is what he says he is.  He is the one.  He says he am HIM.  Hayes says he did everything he said he would do.  There is one more person to be put on the t-shirt and only one place to hold them.  That man is . . . 

JD McDonagh interrupts.  

He says his ears were deceiving him because he thought he was going to hear Carmelo challenge for the title.  You come from an entitled generation and you feel like you are the coolest member of the roster.  You might be the coolest, but in the ring, you cannot hold my jockstrap.  You are not ready for the big title or to be the face of this brand.  

Hayes says it is the UK barsetter coming off the bench to face him.  

JD tells Carmelo that he counts entrances and t-shirts but JD counts body parts.  You want a private room in the club but I send people to the emergency room.

Hayes says they can find out who is the best in the ring tonight. JD says GAME ON.

– Kiana and Fallon are in the back and Fallon poitns out that she rewatched the match and Kiana cheated.  Fallon says they are giving Kayden and Katana a rematch.  Fallon asks Kiana who is going to tell Brooks about the phone call. They go into a room and there is a surprise party for the new champions.

We go to commercial.

– We are back with a look at Grayson Waller interrupting the post show press conference with Shawn Michaels.  Vic mentions that Waller is currently suspended for a week.

Sol Ruca vs. Zoey Stark

They lock up and Zoey with a punch and Sol punches back.  Zoey works on the arm.  Zoey with an Irish whip and Sol floats over and gives Zoey an arm drag into an arm bar.  Sol with a shoulder tackle and she lands on her feet on a hip toss attempt.  Sol with an X Factor and a clothesline that sends Zoey over the top rope to the floor.  Sol with a split on the apron to avoid Zoey.  Sol with a kick and they return to the ring.  Zoey with a forearm and Irish whip.  Zoey with another Irish whip and snap mare followed by a sliding clothesline for a near fall.  Zoey with a crossface and a cravate.  Sol tries to escape but Zoey holds on.  Zoey with forearms and a snap mare but Sol lands on her feet.  Sol with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Zoey with a clothesline and Zoey gets a near fall.  Zoey with forearms and Sol punches back.  Sol with a shoulder tackle or two.  Sol with a drop kick.

Sol with a round off into a splash in the corner.  Zoey with a thrust kick that sends Sol to the apron.  Sol with shoulders from the apron and a springboard splash that lands on Zoey’s knees.  Zoey puts Sol in the turnbuckles and then hits the 360 knee for the three count.

Winner:  Zoey Stark

After the match, Zoey attacks Sol and sends her into the turnbuckles.  Zoey tries to send Sol into the turnbuckles again but Sol counters with the Sol Snatcher.

– We take a look back at the return of Dabba Kato to NXT to help Apollo Crews and then turn on him.

– Dabba Kato walks slowly in the back as we go to commercial.

– We are back at the party and Kiana thanks Brooks for doing this and Brooks says he wants to make it special for Kiana and she is special to him.

Pretty Deadly show up and they look like crap.  Kit says they haven’t slept since Vengeance Day.  They want a rematch.  They see Andre, Duke, and Thea and they argue about losing the tag title match.  Andre says he is pissed off and Andre says Pretty Deadly is getting the s*** kicked out of them by Chase U.

Dabba Kato vs. Dante Chen

Kato grabs Chen by the throat and sends him to the mat.  Dabba backs Chen into the corner and he chops Chen in the chest.  Kato with shoulders in the corner.  Chen with a punch and Dabba with another shoulder.  Dabba sends Chen into the air and face first to the mat.  Chen with punches and Dabba with a head butt.  Dabba grabs Chen on the apron and brings him back into the ring.  Dabba runs into a boot in the corner.  Chen with punches.  Dabba sends Chen to the mat but Chen with clotheslines in the corner.  Chen with a boot and Kato is down to his knees.  Chen with the double chop but it has no effect.  Kato with a chop and a sit out choke slam for the three count.

Winner:  Dabba Kato

Kelly Kincaid asks Dabba why did he attack Apollo Crews. Kato says Crews knows what he did and that is why he kicked his ass.

– We take a look back at last week’s match between The Creeds and Indus Sher. Julius apologizes to Ivy for what happened last week.  Brutus says they need to get revenge on Indus Sher.

– Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre walk in the room and Isla says that Tatum is not part of Diamond Mine and she attacked Nikkita Lyons. Tatum says that she was doing film study and needed some air and she saw Nikkita down. Isla says an innocent person would say NO. Julius tells Tatum to admit it if she did it and Tatum says she didn’t do it.

We go to commercial.

– McKenzie is with Roxanne Perez and she asks about having her first title defense.  Roxanne says she was very nervous but she is excited after beating Toxic Attraction. Kayden and Katana show up and talk about losing their titles.  Roxanne says they will win the titles back.  Kayden and Katana talk about how they were cheated and no one talked about it.  They say that Roxanne has no friends.  Roxanne points out that she was a former tag team chamipon and then Kayden and Katana ask how that went.  Roxanne says she will call someone to prove she has friends.

Isla Dawn vs. Tatum Paxley

They lock up and Isla pushes Tatum away.  Isla with a wrist lock and arm wringer.  Tatum with a reversal and arm wringer.  Tatum with a shoulder tackle and she gets a near fall.  Tatum goes for a rollup but Isla blocks it and connects with a leg drop.  Isla drops Tatum on the top rope and kicks her.  Isla with Meteora for a near fall.  Isla stomps on Tatum.  Tatum punches Isla and connects with a jaw breaker.  Tatum with an elbow and rollup for a near fall.  Isla with a forearm.  Tatum with punches.  Tatum with a back elbow and enzuigiri.  Isla with a boot in the corner but Tatum with a kick and a gutwrench suplex for a near fall.  Tatum goes ot the turnbuckles and misses a cross body when Isla moves.  Isla with an elevated clothesline for the three count.

Winner:  Isla Dawn

After the match, Fyre enters the ring and… Ivy Nile comes to the ring to help Tatum and Isla and Alba go to the floor.

– We have a video package for JD McDonagh and Carmelo Hayes.

– We see a car arrive at the building and feet emerge from the vehicle.  

We go to commercial.

JD McDonagh vs. Carmelo Hayes

They lock up and JD with a wrist lock and Hayes with an arm wringer but JD lands on his feet.  Hayes with a side head lock and Hayes lands on his feet on a hip toss.  JD with a wrist lock and he tries for a Northern Lights suplex but Hayes lands on his feet.  Hayes goes to the ‘free throw line’ and JD kicks the ball ‘away’.  Hayes with a shoulder tackle and JD with a kick and chop.  JD with an Irish whip and chop.  JD is sent to the apron and JD falls to the floor.  Hayes with a pescado onto JD.  They return to the ring and he gets a near fall.  Hayes with a chop and punches in the corner.  Hayes  with forearms but JD with kicks.  JD sends Hayes into the air and face first to the mat.  JD with a forearm and Hayes with a kick.  JD with an elbow drop and forearms.  JD stomps on the hand and he hits a belly-to-back suplex.  JD goes for a suplex but Hayes blocks it.  JD sends Hayes onto the middle rope on a gourdbuster and he gets a near fall.

JD chokes Hayes and then he sends Hayes shoulder first into the ring post.  JD with a bow and arrow around the ring post.  Hayes with a punch and JD goes for a uranage but Hayes blocks it and gets a near fall with a back slide.  JD with a uranage and a standing moonsault for a near fall.  JD with an elbow and a reverse chin lock.  JD sends Hayes into the turnbuckles.  

 JD misses a chop and Hayes with chops in the corner.  They both go to the floor and Hayes continues to hold his ribs.  JD with a knee drop to the ribs.  JD rakes the face with his boot and then he has some words for the referee.  JD with a seated abdominal stretch.  Hayes with punches to JD but JD with an Irish whip that sends Hayes ribs first into the turnbuckles.  Hayes with an Irsih whip and a back body drop.  Hayes with a slam.

JD kicks Hayes away and then he goes for a slam but Hayes counters with an inside cradle.  They alternate near falls in the inside cradle.  JD with a standing Spanish Fly for a near fall.  JD with a snap mare and double stomp to the ribs.  JD goes up top but Hayes with a kick to stop him.  Hayes with a kicck to the back of the head and he hits Fade Away but cannot capitalize.Hayes with a puncch and JD punches back.  Hayes with a bicycle kick and forearms.  JD with forearms.  Hayes with punches and Hayes with a springboard clothesline and a swinging cutter for a near fall.  JD goes for a uranage but Hayes with an arm drag.  Hayes with la Mistica for a near fall.  Hayes with a crossface.  JD gets to the ropes to force a break.

JD with a jackknife cover for a near fall.  JD with a sit out power bomb for a near fall.  Hayes kicks JD and he lands on his feet when JD pulls him up.  Hayes with a Codebreaker for a near fall.  JD grabs Hayes’ ankle to keep him from going up top.  JD with a head butt and both men are down.

Ilja Dragunov’s music plays and he kicks Williams. Hayes with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Carmelo Hayes

After the match, Dragunov goes after JD while Hayes leaves the ring.  JD goes into the crowd to avoid Torpedo Moscow and Ilja follows JD into the crowd.

– Tiffany Stratton is with Thea Hail and Thea talks about Tiffany’s Tik Tok about Chase U.  Thea asks why doesn’t Tiffany like Chase U. Thea mentions that she hasn’t finished her paper but it isn’t due until tomorrow. Tiffany says Chase U is tacky and no one wants to go there.

Thea has to take some deep breaths before she calls Tiffany ‘blondie’.  She says Tiffany only cares about herself.  Thea says all she cares about is Chase U.  They open their arms to everyone.  They don’t care about anything.  Thea says if you don’t like that she has two words for Tiffany. Let me guess, Chase U? No, SUCK IT!

– We see Gigi Dolin arriving at the Performance Center earlier today.  Jacy walks through the back by herself.

We go to commercial.

– We are back at the party and Fallon tells Josh and Brooks they didn’t have to do it.  Fallon tells Brooks she has to tell him something.  Brooks says he has a date with Kiana for Valentine’s Day.  He says he found the love of his life.  Brooks asks Fallon what she had to say and Fallon hesitates before thanking Josh and Brooks.

Valentina Feroz vs. Lyra Valkyria

They lock up and Lyra with a wrist lock take down and Feroz with a wrist lock take down.  Lyra with a hip toss and she gets a near fall.  Lyra with a front face lock.  Feroz with a rollup for a near fall.  Feroz with a judo throw or two.  Feroz screams and so does Lyra.  Lyra with a back heel kick and another kick.  Lyra catches Feroz on a cross body attempt.  Valentina goes for a guillotine but Lyra counters into a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.

We see Elektra Lopez make her way down the aisle to watch.

Feroz with a wrist lock take down but Lyra lands on her feet.  Feroz with a head scissors take down.  Lyra with an Irish whip and they bump heads and go down.  Elektra gives Feroz brass knuckles and Wendy tells Feroz not to use them.  Lyra with a kick followed by a spinning heel kick for the three count.

Winner:  Lyra Valkyria

– We take a look at Wes Lee’s time in Charlotte for Vengeance Day.

We see Wes with his wife and she says that being the champion has meant a lot for him.  Wes says the world will see that the North American Championship lives and stays on the Wes Side.  His wife says that Wes does not understand the impact that he has on other people.  She says she wants to see him successful.  Wes says all of the sacrifices have brought him here and this is the biggest moment of his life.  Wes says he is ready for it.  Wes says he busts his ass every day.  If you are in his way, he will go around, over, or through you.

– McKenzie is with Wes and she asks him about the weekend. Wes asks McKenzie if she saw Dijak’s finger. Tony says that they deserve to be compensated for their actions. Wes says he will have an open challenge next week for the North American Title and maybe they will answer it.

We go to commercial.

– Tyler Bate says we all deal with losing from time to time.  You couldn’t do that Grayson and you acted like a child and disrespected Shawn Michaels.  Many of us won’t be here without Shawn Michaels.  If you want to disrespect someone next week, why not disrespect me?

Odyssey Jones vs. Channing Lorenzo

Lorenzo goes for the leg but Jones tosses him aside.  Channing with a kick in the corner and Jones with a side head lock.  Lorenzo with punches to the ribs and Lorenzo goes for shoulder tackles but have no effect.  Jones with a clothesline.  Jones with punches in the corner followed by a biel.  Jones with shoulders in the corner followed by a slam attempt but Channing gets to his feet and he applies a side head lock.  Jones sends Channing into the turnbuckles and puts Lorenzo onto the turnbuckles and connects with forearms.  Channing goes to the apron and Channing kicks Jones and hits a neck breaker in the ropes.  Channing with a Northern Lariat and he kicks Jones in the ropes.  Channing with a slingshot leg drop to Jones on the apron.

Lorenzo with punches and he works on the neck.  Jones with elbows but Channing returns to the head lock.  Jones with shoulder tackles and a side slam.  Jones with an elbow into the corner and Lorenzo goes to the floor.  Jones follows Lorenzo and hits a clothesline.  Jones sends Channing back into the ring and Lorenzo with a DDT to Jones followed by a running forearm.  Channing with a knee drop curb stomp for the three count.

Winner:  Channing Lorenzo

– Jinder Mahal says that Veer and Sanga have earned the respect they deserve.  Sanga tells Julius and Brutus that they lost before the bell rang.  Jinder says they expect to be treated the same way they are back in India.  Veer says they are on their way to bigger goals.  There is no tag team in NXT that can beat them.  Jinder says their NXT takeover is on.  Phase One is over and Phase Two ends when they are draped in gold.

– Andre and Duke wonder where Thea is as they walk to the ring.

We go to commercial.

– Roxanne Perez is in the Parking Lot she’s asked about next week. Roxanne says she got off the phone and she has a partner for next week.  Kayden and Katana will face her and Meiko Satomura.

 Andre Chase and Duke Hudson vs. Pretty Deadly

Elton and Duke start things off and Duke with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Duke sends Elton into the corner and connects with a punch.  Duke sends Elton into the turnbuckles and he bounces across the ring.  Duke with forearms and Elton goes over the top rope to the floor.  Kit tags in and Chase tags in and Chase with a drop toe hold and Duke with an elbow drop.  Chase gets a series of near falls.  Chase rolls Kit around the ring and gets a near fall.  Kit pushes Chase away and says he does not care.  Chase punches Kit and he swings in the ring.  Chase sends Elton into Kit’s feet.  Elton tags in and Kit grabs Chase by the leg.  Elton misses Chase a few times.  Kit pushes Elton into Chase for a back elbow.  They hit a splash and leg drop combination for a near fall.

Chase lands on his feet on a suplex and Duke tags in and he slams and kicks Kit.  Duke with a side slam.  Duke goes over the top rope when Elton pulls down the ropes.  Duke sends Elton into the ring steps while Kit sends Duke into the steps and ring post.  Kit sends Duke back into the ring and he kicks Duke.  Elton tags in and he kicks and punches Duke in the corner.  Elton with more kicks in the corner and a front face lock.  Kit tags in and they hit a double suplex.  Kit gets a near fall.   Kit with kicks and punches to Duke.  Elton tags in and kiccks Duke and follows with a forearm to the back.  Duke with punches and Elton with a forearm to the back.  Elton with a splash to the back and a rear chin lock.  Elton gets a near fall.  Duke with punches.

Elton with a Northern Lariat and he pulls Duke to the corner.  Duke kicks Elton and makes the tag to Chase.  Kit tags in and Chase with reverse atomic drops to Elton and Kit.  Chase goes for the figure four leg lock on Kit and he hits a back body drop on Elto.  Chase with another back body drop to Prince while Chase applies the figure four leg lock.  Prince misses a splash.  Chase with a DDT and flatlliner combination and he gets a near fall on Kit.  Kit with an arm drag and Prince tags in.  Prince with a hot shot and a toss gutbuster for a near fall.  Duke with punches and the Bionic Elbow.  DUke clotheslines Wilson over the top rope to the floor.  Pricnce sends Duke to the floor with a clothesline.  Chase with a side Russian leg sweep followed by the C-H-A-S-E-U elbow.

Thea Hail runs to ringside creaming and she says they are coming for her.  Duke checks on Thea.  Kit gets a near fall on Chase.  Prince tags in and they hit Spilled Milk for the three count.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

We see Gallus standing on the HBalKony to have a stare down with Pretty Deadly.

– Hank Walker asks Drew about the new gear and Drew says he likes it. Charlie Dempsey says it does not matter what you wear in the ring, it is what you can do.  Charlie asks Drew if Hank is ready for Wes Lee. Drew says that Hank is ready for a rematch against Charlie.  Charlie tells Drew not to let Hank use any short cuts like Drew does.

– Bayley is in the hallway as we go to commercial.

– We are back and next week, Wes Lee will have an Open Challenge, Bron Breakker will be in the building, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter versus Roxanne Perez and Meiko Satomura, and Tyler Bate faces Grayson Waller.

– Bayley makes her way through the Ding Dong Door.  

Bayley says she is here because she is the Ultra Role Model and she loves these girls.  Bayley says she saw the NXT Women’s Championship slip through their fingers.  Bayley brings out Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne.

They are not excited to see each other and they have some words before entering the ring and they enter the ‘room’ through the door.

Bayley asks them to sit down.  She asks them what happened on Saturday.

Jacy asks Gigi what happened and Gigi asked Jacy what happened.  Gigi says Jacy cost her the title.  Gigi says that Roxanne won and cost her the title.  Jacy says Gigi was not a team player.  You magically slipped away.  Gigi says it was sink or swim.  If she won the title, Jacy would have sunk into obscurity.  Jacy says she is a star on her own.  Jacy says Gigi looked like a hobo who banged a Chucky doll.   

Bayley asks if there is a split between them.  She asks what would happen if they were out there as individuals. 

Gigi says the sky is the limit for her.  Jacy says she would go to the top.

Bayley asks if it is easier, quicker, and better if you had a ride or die by your side?  Someone with the same goals as you?

GIgi says Toxic Attraction has been her life for three years.  She alienated everyone and they all hate her.  Jacy says what does the locker room think about her since said worse things.  Jacy says that there is strength in numbers.

Gigi says this place is a shark tank.  She needs someone who has her back.  Jacy says someone who has been through the wringer with her.  Jacy says she aims right for the jugular.  She can says that she will change, but that is a lie.  Jacy says no matter what happens, you will be her sister.  Gigi says that Jacy is her sister too.  Jacy says they have two options.  They can go their separate ways and see what happens, or they can have one more run?  Gigi says one more run at the NXT Tag titles.  GIgi suggests going after the WWE Women’s Tag Titles.

Bayley says they are focusing on the now and you are better because of her.  She wants Gigi and Jacy to hug it out.

GIgi and Jacy hug and Bayley is happy.

Jacy with a super kick to GIgi.  Jacy says it has never been about them, it has been about her.  Jacy sends Gigi into the door and she kicks Gigi against the door.

Jacy stands over Gigi while she cries.

We go to credits.

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NXT Results (2/7)

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