WWE SmackDown Results, Draft Edition (10/1) Baltimore, MD

WWE SmackDown Preview - WWE Draft Night 1

WWE SmackDown Results, Draft Edition – We are live from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, MD, as Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to the show and detail the Draft.

WWE Draft:

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville make their way to the ring to announce the 1st picks for Smackdown and RAW.

Smackdown selects Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair.
RAW selects: Big E and Bianca Belair.

In the Arena:

Roman Reigns’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman. During the looong entrance, we see what happened last Sunday at Extreme Rules, when ring rope brokes under Finn Balor’s feet and Reigns retained the Universal Title.

Paul says that isn’t loud enough for Roman.  Paul says it does not surprise him from a room of Baltimorons.  It should not surprise the number one draft pick.  Before Extreme Rules, we had to say the UNDEFEATED demon, but not any more because that demon went up against an exorcist named Roman Reigns.  Like a shark that circles around the Island of Relevancy, this shark only looks forward.  This shark looks forward to Crown Jewel which will not be held in Suplex City because Paul assures you that beast will come up against the Suplexorcist, Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns will remain your Universal Champion and he will smash at Crown Jewel Brock Lesnar.

The music plays and Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring!

Brock bounces in the ring and he has some words wtih Roman but there is no mic so we cannot hear. Roman punches and kicks Brock but Brock sends Reigns to Suplex City! The Usos runs to the ring to make the save but Brock clotheslines an Uso and then hits a German suplex on the other.  Roman goes to the floor.

Lesnar stands tall and challenges Reigns to come back in as Reigns stares at him from ringside, seething. Reigns comes back to the apron and Lesnar tells him to bring it. Reigns backs off the apron as fans boo. Lesnar scoops Jimmy Uso and drops him with a F5 as Reigns fumes on the ramp. Lesnar grabs Jey Uso and drops him with the F5 next. A furious Lesnar stares Reigns down as Reigns heads to the back with Heyman. Fans cheer Lesnar on.

— We see Kayla Braxton backstage preparing for an interview with RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. We go to commercial.


We are back and Kayla Braxton is with the current Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.  Kayla asks how will things change for Charlotte now that she is on a new brand.  Charlotte tells Kayla to congratulate her as the first women’s pick of the draft.  Charlotte says that Fox knows who they need.

Kevin Owens vs. Happy Corbin

We go back to the ring and out comes Kevin Owens. Cole shows us how Owens interrupted Happy Baron Corbin’s “Happy Talk” premiere last week, and was then double teamed by Corbin and a returning Riddick Moss. Owens seethes in the ring now and waits for his opponent. The music hits and out comes Corbin by himself. Corbin comes out and then waves out his new associate, Madcat Moss. We get a pre-recorded video of Corbin introducing Moss. Corbin talks about how Moss always keeps him happy by telling jokes. Moss tells a bad joke and we go back to the ring.

The bell hits and Owens unloads to start, beating Corbin down in the corner. Owens sends Corbin to the floor but puts the brakes on before leaping out. Owens goes on and looks to launch himself back in from the apron but Moss takes his leg out. Owens goes down on the apron and clutches his knee. We go back to commercial with Moss and Corbin laughing at Owens.

We are back and Owens with a kick and enzuigiri.  Corbin runs into a boot and Owens with a tornado DDT for a near fall.  Owens wit a kick and he goes for a stunner but Corbin with a rollup for a near fall.  Corbin with Deep Six for a near fall.  Corbin punches Owens.  Owens with a chop and Corbin with a punch.  Corbin with a forearm and Owens bounces off the ropes and connects with a forearm.  Owens with an Irish whip and Corbin goes for a Happy Slide but he runs itno a super kick.  Owens with another super kick and cannonball for a near fall.  Owens goes up top Corbin goes to the floor so Owens follows after Corbin.  Moss distracts Owens and Corbin with End of Days on the floor.

They return to the ring and Corbin with End of Days for the three count.

Winner:  Baron Corbin

— We take a look back at the Smackdown Women’s Championship match. Back to commercial.

— Next week we will see the starts of the King of the Ring and Queens Crown Tournament on the season premiere of Smackdown.

WWE Draft:

 Back from the break and out comes Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce for the second round Draft picks. Deville reminds us that half of the roster will be drafted tonight, and the other half on RAW. 

SmackDown selects Drew McIntyre
RAW selects RK-Bro
SmackDown selects The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavie Wood)
RAW selects Edge


Kayla Braxton is in the back with Drew McIntyre and he has his sword.   Kayla asks Drew what is his mindset now that he is on Smackdown.  Drew says he is proud of what he accomplished on Raw.  Drew says he started on Smackdown and he was so immature as the Chosen One.  Things did not work out and there is unfinished business.  Drew says there is a dark cloud over the show and it is time to flip over the table.  He says he is coming after the Universal Championship.

— Edge, the newly drafted member of the Raw roster, makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Edge thanks Baltimore for the reaction.  He says earlier today, it dawned on him and he is the only person here who was on the first episode of Smackdown.  It has felt like his home, but he was drafted to Raw.  It will be a challenge and that brings him to Seth Rollins.  You saw that Seth hit the stomp on him three weeks ago and he was stretchered out of MSG.  Seth has challenged me and he knows that i am not cleared.  Seth knows if I accept that challenge, he enters the match with an advantage.  Seth knows he has to accept the challenge.

Edge says he is almost at 100 percent and if Seth wants me to say that he is better, he better come to the ring.

Seth appears on the TitanTron and he says he is impressed that Edge said he would be at Smackdown.  There you are in the center of the ring.  There is one small problem.  You are not saying that I need you to say.  You are not announcing your retirement, you are not saying that I am not Edge Light, and you are not accepting my challenge.  I do not believe what you say because you are a liar and I am not.  I am an honest man.  I am not at Smackdown this week.

In fact, I am… We see Seth outside Edge’s house.

Seth knocks on the door but the door is unlocked.  Seth says he knows that Edge lives in the middle of nowhere, but lock your doors.  Seth walks into the kitchen and checks out the fridge.  Seth takes some orange juice and an apple as he sits down at the table. Seth admires Edge’s kid’s art work.Seth makes his way into the hallway and he sees the kid’s backpacks.  Seth says that Edge is a lucky man.  We move into the living room. Seth says he could stay here all night and then he litters.

We go to Edge in the back and he calls Beth and tells her to go to her brother’s.  Edge tells Beth that Seth is at the house and he is calling Daniel and David.

Carmella vs. Liv Morgan

Carmella and Liv Morgan make their way to the ring, but the match is after a break!

Liv punches Carmella before the match starts and Carmella calls Liv a bitch and she says that is the last time you will get to hurt my face.  Carmella puts on a face mask. Carmella with an X Factor and then she takes off the mask. The match never started.

WWE Draft:

SmackDown selects Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss
RAW selects Women’s Tag Team Champions Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H.
SmackDown selects Hit Row (“B-Fab” Briana Brandy, Ashante “Thee” Adonis, “Top Dolla” AJ Francis, NXT North American Champion Isaiah “Swerve” Scott) from NXT
RAW selects Keith “Bearcat” Lee

 Alpha Academy, Dolph & The Dirty Dawgs vs. The New Day & Street Profits

Ziggler and Kofi start things off and Ziggler goes for the leg and Kofi with a front face lock.  Ziggler and Kofi with waist locks.  Ziggler with a side head lock and Kofi with a jumping back elbow.  Kofi gets a near fall.  Woods tags in and he goes up top and hits a double sledge to the arm.  Ford tags in and he goes up top and hits a double sledge to the arm.  Ziggler with a knee to the midsection and Gable tags in but Ford with an arm drag.  Ford with a wrist lock and Gable with an arm bar.  Ford with an Irish whip and Gable with a Booker T float over into a sunset flip for a near fall.  Ford goes for a leap frog without looking and Gable stops short and goes for an ankle lock but Ford kicks Gable away.

Otis makes the blind tag and Ford with a back body drop to Gable.  Gable kicks Ford after Ford knocks everyone else off the apron.  Ford goes to teh apron and he goes for a cross body but Otis catches Ford and drops him onto the apron and then sends Ford into the ringside barrier.

We have a stand off on the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Gable with a belly-to-back suplex to Ford.  Ford with a shoulder from the apron.  Ford with a blockbuster but Gable catches Ford and gets a near fall with a Northern Lights suplex.  Gable goes for a belly-to-back suplex and Ford lands on his feet and Gable blocks it and Ford kicks Gable over the top rope to the floor but Ziggler makes the tag.  Ford with a back fist and enzuigiri.  Dawkins does his Hammer Dance on the apron to wait for the tag.  Dawkins tags in and so does Roode.  Dawkins with clotheslines and then he hits a corkscrew back elbow.  Dawkins with an exploder to Gable follwoed by a swinging butterfly neck breaker for a near fall.

Otis with a back fist to Woods and then Otis goes over the top rope to the floor when Dawkins moves.  Ford with a plancha onto Otis.  Ziggler with a super kick to Ford.  Kofi with a clothesline off the steps to Ziggler.  Roode with a spinebuster to Dawkins for a near fall.  Roode sets for the Glorious DDT but Dawkins escapes and connects with a punch and Kofi tags in and so does Woods.  Kofi with a a back breaker and Woods with a double stomp for the three count.

Winners: The New Day & Street Profits

— Bianca Belair is in the back getting ready for her match against Sasha Banks.

We go to commercial.

WWE Draft:

SmackDown selects Naomi (and Sonya Deville isn’t happy with this)
RAW selects Rey & Dominik Mysterio
SmackDown selects Jeff Hardy
RAW selects Austin Theory


Kayla Braxton is with Jeff Hardy who is happy to be on SmackDown and… Brock Lesnar shows up. Jeff leaves.

Brock apologizes for interrupting and he says he has a public service announcement.  Brock thanks Paul Heyman and he says that he is a free agent because of Paul Heyman.  Brock Lesnar gets to do whatever Brock wants to do.


The Usos are on the sofa with Roman Reigns.  Roman asks his good friend Paul Heyman if he is friends with Brock Lesnar.  Roman asks if they are good friends. Paul says Roman is his tribal chief. Roman says if you are my friend, you look out for me and you look out for my family.  Roman asks if his cousins were drated to Smackdown. Paul says they will be drafted on Monday.  Paul says he is the wise man and Roman gets in a good laugh.  Roman says that Paul is the wise man when he says he is the wise man.  Roman tells the wise man to follow the strategy and follow the plan.  Roman tells Paul to go to Raw and make sure that his cousins are drafted to Smackdown.  

Roman tells Jimmy and Jey to go with Paul and he tells them that they are to be drafted to Smackdown.  If they are not, leave him for dead at Raw.

 Bianca Belair vs. Sasha Banks

The two make their way to the ring but their match is next, after a commercial break.

We are back and before the match starts, Becky Lynch joins the commentary table. As noted, these three women will be wrestling at Crown Jewel for the Title.

They lock up and they go into the corner and Sasha pushes Bianca on the break.  They lock up and Sasha with a side head lock.  Sasha with a head scissors take down.  Sasha goes for a monkey flip and Bianca lands on her feet.  Bianca with a shoulder tackle.  Bianca with a splash in the corner and she tries for a slam but she does dips instead and Sasha gets to her feet.  Bianca catches Sasha and presses Sasha above her head and drops Sasha to the mat.  Sasha sends Bianca into the turnbuckles.  Bianca blocks a lungblower and Bianca gets Sasha up for a KOD but Sasha lands on her feet.  Sasha with a knee and Bianca comes off the ropes with a clothesline and Sasha goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bianca with shoulders in the corner.  Bianca puts Sasha on the turnbuckles and Bianca sets for a superplex and Sasha pushes Bianca off the turnbuckles but Bianca lands on her knees.  Sasha with a double knee strike.  Sasha with forearms in the corner.  Bianca pushes Sasha off the turnbuckles and Bianca with a Glam Slam for a near fall.  Bianca with kicks in the corner.

 Bianca biels Banks and she misses a splash into the corner.  Bianca with a delayed vertical suplex.  Bianca with a handspring moonsault for a near fall.  Sasha slaps Bianca and then hits a running double knee strike in the corner.  Sasha with another double knee strike.  Sasha sets for a tornado DDT but Bianca blocks it and Sasha with a tornado DDT for a near fall.

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