WWE SmackDown Results (9/3) Jacksonville, FL

Live WWE SmackDown Results (9/3) Jacksonville, FL

We start of with a look back at last week’s episode and how we got tonight’s main event for the Universal Championship between Roman Reigns and Finn Balor.

— We are live from the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL, as The Usos make their way to the ring for our first match of the night.

The Usos vs. The Street Profits

We see Roman Reigns looking at the monitor in the back while Paul Heyman watches Roman Reigns.

Before the match, Jey says the Bloodline is now in your city.  Jimmy says all last week, all he could think about was why would the Street Profits want to stick their nose in family bidniz.  Maybe they are trying to make a name for themselves.  Maybe they are trying to prove themselves.  Jey says they disrespected the Head of the Table and the Bloodline.  Prove yourselves to the seven time tag team champions.

The Street Profits are out next and they also have something to say before entering the ring.

Montez says they are fools and they embarrassed the Usos in front of the Head of the Table last week.  Dawkins wants to know what the Usos are doing in the ring without their permission slips.  Montez says they are the ones, the ones about to get their asses whooped tonight in Jacksonville. 

Dawkins and Jimmy start things off and Jimmy with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Dawkins with a drop kick and Irish whip.  Dawkins with a twisting splash into the corner.  Ford tags in and hits a drop kick on Jimmy and then Jey.  Ford goes to the apron when the Usos move.  Ford with a drink and he tries for a cross body but JImmy and Jey catch Ford and they send Ford into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jey with a reverse chin lock on Ford and Jey with a forearm to stop Ford from making the tag.  Ford lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Ford follows with an enzuigiri.  Jimmy tags in and he knocks Dawkins off the apron to prevent the tag.  Jimmy charges into the corner and hits the ring post shoulder first as Ford moves.  

Roman watches with complete disinterest.

Dawkins and Jey tag in and Jey with a Samoan drop for a near fall.  Jey kicks Dawkins in the corner.  Jey with a running hip into the corner and Jimmy tags in.  Dawkins is put on the turnbuckles and they set for a double superplex but Dawkins witih elbows to knock Jey off the turnbuckles.  Dawkins leaps over Jimmy and Jimmy with an enzuigiri.  Dawkins with Anointment and Ford with a Seven Star Frog Splash but Jey breaks up the cover.  Jey sends Ford into the ring post a few times and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners by DQ: The Street Profits

After the match, Dawkins is sent into the ring steps.  Ford with a plancha onto Jimmy and Jey and then the Street Profits celebrate on the announce table.


Roman and Paul are in Roman’s dressing room and Roman tells Paul to bring him his cousins.

Paul goes into the hallway and Kayla ambushes Paul and freaks him out.  She mentions what is going on and Paul tells Kayla to have fun.  Paul’s phone rings and the ring tone is Brock’s entrance music.  Paul does not answer the call so they call back.  Paul answers the call and says the timing is a little off.  Paul says he doesn’t have a lot of privacy right now and he says he will deliver the message.  The person on the other side hangs up.

Kayla says Paul is so right and she is enjoying this moment. Paul bumps into a janitor and he tells him if he wants to take out the trash, he can start with her.  We see that it is Big E and he is a gigglepuss with his briefcase.

In the Arena:

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring to a huge pop, but first… We go to commercial.

We are back and Becky says the Man is in Jacksonville.  Becky says she came to the ring last week, but with no “You Deserve It” chants.  She gets a few tonight.  Becky says she should have been here last week.  She says she was interrupted by the entire women’s locker room.  She says she did not get to talk about Bianca Belair.  She is one hell of an athlete.  Probably the most athletic woman we have ever had in WWE.  She is the only other woman to win the main event of Wrestlemania.  She says she was excited to go one on one with Bianca at SummerSlam.  Now she is being portrayed as the bad guy.

Becky says her return saved your match at SummerSlam.  When Sasha went down, the powers that be called for the biggest name.  I have been wanting my title back since i left and you were not ready.  You cannot cry that you are not ready.  Because I haven’t played this game in a while, it doesn’t mean I can’t win.  You can call yourself the EST and think you are the best, but we know that is a lie.  You can fake it with some tricks and flips but you cannot fake experience.

Bianca Belair makes her way to the ring. 

Bianca says that championship was more to her than a title.  It was a part of her for 132 days and that moment at SummerSlam is etched in her mind.  She came so far and lost all of it in 26 seconds.  You know what?  I was embarrassed and I am still hurt.  What I want to do is build myself up by bringing another woman down.  I will never make excuses for myself.  You stand here mentioning my name like you know me but you don’t know me.

Bianca says she will explain why she is called the EST of WWE.  I was the strongEST by beating three people.  I proved I was the toughEST by rising to the top and then I will prove I am the greatEST.  I earned a title match because you did not give me a match.  It is a matter of when.  Roman is defending his title tonight, so why not do the same thing as Roman because you are Big Moments Becks.  

Becky looks around and tells Bianca she doesn’t give a damn what Roman Reigns does and she says no. Becky leaves the ring.


Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode walk in the back and Dolph stops to talk to Toni Storm. Dolph asks Toni if she is going to check out his match.  He offers to give her a front row seat. Toni says Dolph is great, but she is rooting for Rick Boogs. Dolph says we are all ‘rooting’ for him because he is a nice guy. Dolph walks away.

— Rick Boogs introduces King Nakamura for his match against Dolph Ziggler, next! We go to commercial.

Rick Boogs vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler goes for the legs but Boogs blocks it.  Ziggler with a body scissors and chin lock.  Boogs gets Ziggler on his shoulders and he presses Ziggler over his head and drops Ziggler face first to the mat.  Boogs with a kick and he goes for a pump handle power slam but Ziggler escapes and hits a hesitation DDT for a near fall.  Ziggler sets for a super kick but Boogs blocks it and Boogs with a pump handle slam for the three count.

Winner:  Rick Boogs


Becky Lynch walks in the back and Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce stop Becky and tell her Bianca will have a title match and Becky says it will happen when she is ready.  Adam says the match will happen at Extreme Rules.  Sonya says there will be a contract signing next week in Madison Square Garden.

— Cesaro makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

— Seth Rollins is in the back staring up at the lights and Kayla asks him why did he choose this match against Cesaro. Seth says it is time for a new beginning.  He says he has watched his match against Edge many times.  I found what led Edge to victory over him at SummerSlam.  I am going to use that information to defeat his nemesis and prove why he is a visionary and a revolutionary.

Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

They lock up and Rollins with a side head lock.  Cesaro with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and Seth goes to the floor.  Cesaro follwos and he hits a running European uppercut against the ringside barrier.  Cesaro sends Rollins into the ringside barrier many times before they return to the ring.  Cesaro with a side head lock and Rollins with a drop kick.  Rollins with a side head lock and Cesaro with a drop kick.  Cesaro sets for the Giant Swing but Rollins gets to the ropes.  Rollins lands on his feet and Cesaro with an enzuigiri.  Rollins with a kick and an Edgecution for a near fall.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro punches Rollins and Rollins with a flatliner in the turnbuckles.  Cesaro with a European uppercut when Rollins goes to the turnbuckles.  Cesaro goes for a superplex but Rollins goes under and hits a buckle bomb and he gets a near fall.   Rollins with a front face lock into a neck breaker attempt but Cesaro blocks it and sets for a back slide.  Rollins escapes and he hits an Edge-O-Matic.  Rollins goes for the Black Out but Cesaro counters with a power bomb.   Cesaro with European uppercuts to Rollins as he backs him into the corner.  Cesaro with an Irish whip and European uppercut in the corner followed by a clothesline for a near fall.

Cesaro looks around and he tries for a Giant Swing but Rollins counters with a rollup.  Rollins gets his boot up and Cesaro counters Slingblade into a Giant Swing.  Cesaro with a Sharpshooter and Rollins gets to the ropes to force a break.  Cesaro blocks a kick from Rollins and he sends Seth over the top rope to the floor.  Cesaro goes to the floor for a running European uppercut but Seth has a chair.

Winner by DQ:  Cesaro

After the match, Rollins hits Cesaro with the chair and then sends Cesaro into the ring post.  Seth has another chair and he breaks off one of the parts of the chair and he puts Cesaro in a crossface with the chair piece and Cesaro taps because it doesn’t mean anything to tap out. Seth with Black Out to Cesaro.  Seth gets another chair and he sets for a Conchairto, but… Edge makes his way to the ring after his music plays to make the save for Cesaro. 


Roman Reigns is in the locker room and he is telling the Usos to stay to the script and game plan. Paul tells Roman they have a problem. Roman says they have no problem because he is going to smash Finn Balor. Paul says we have a problem with Brock Lesnar. Roman says Paul has a problem with Brock because he will smash Brock. Paul says Brock will be at Madison Square Garden since Brock called him for the first time in a while. Roman asks where Brock is.  He asks Paul how does he know that Brock isn’t here tonight?

— A Rolls Royce drives up to the building and Baron Corbin emerges. McKenzie Mitchell ambushes Baron and he thinks she is the valet.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring for the KO Show with his guest Baron Corbin. Back to commercial.


We are back and Edge walks in the back and Kayla ambushes him.  She asks him about his comments that he was done with Seth Rollins. Edge says they are similar and if I lost to Seth, I would be doing the same thing.  Seth is playing a dangerous game and it has to stop.  Edge tells Seth that he is challenging him to a match next week at Smackdown.  I burned you down once, and when I do it again, you won’t be the same.  This doesn’t end well.

The KO Show:

Kevin Owens is in the ring and he welcomes everyone to the Kevin Owens Show.  He says his guest is not someone you would expect.  He brings out Baron Corbin… Dorry, Happy Corbin.

Corbin says he is happy to be part of the Kevin Owens Show.  Corbin thanks Kevin because he would not be where he is today if not for Kevin.  Kevin says Baron isn’t going to put any of this on him. Corbin says he has a special guest who can pay Kevin back the $100 he owes him.    Baron brings out Logan Paul.

Kevin asks Baron if Logan insulted him after losing at Wrestlemania.  Baron says they are good now.  Logan says they hung out to watch his brother’s fight. Kevin says they have a lot in common.  You have one of the most self centered, egotistical, usless pieces of trash to step in a WWE ring.  And you have Baron Corbin here.

Logan asks Kevin if he wants to talk to him that way if he is going to be giving Kevin $100.  Logan says Kevin could use it more than him. Kevin says he doesn’t need Logan’s money.  He tells Logan to get out of his ring and keep walking and never show his face in WWE again.

Kevin pushes Logan and Logan turns his hat around.  The two are ready to fight but Corbin punches Owens and then he hits a choke slam.  Logan says Owens is not that guy.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with Carmella who is trying some sexy moves for her entrance. We see Liv Morgan on the side and she cannot believe what she is seeing.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Sami Zayn

Dominik blocks a kick and he applies a wrist lock.  Zayn tries to reverse but Dominik holds on to the wrist lock.  Zayn with a take down and he gets a near fall.  Dominik with a springboard arm drag and Sami with a clothesline.  Zayn with a punch but Dominik with a kick and head scissors that sends Zayn into the ropes but Zayn is able to unglue himself from the ropes to get to the floor.  Zayn goes up the ramp and Rey Mysterio comes out and Zayn is scared of Rey and he goes back to the ring.  Dominik flips over the referee and hits a flip dive onto Zayn.  Zayn with a Helluva Kick for the three count.

Winner:  Sami Zayn


Sonya Deville is in the back on the phone and she is talking to someone about next week’s Smackdown. Naomi shows up and Sonya quickly tells Naomi that she forgot about what she told Naomi and to stop by next week.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and next week, Brock Lesnar returns to Smackdown.  We will also see Edge versus Seth Rollins.  We will also have a main event of the Contract Signing between Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch.

— Before his match, Kayla asks Finn Balor if he has any final thoughts before his match.  Finn says he will answer the question about what would have happened if he did not get injured in 2016.

Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship

Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso attack Balor while Finn is posing on the turnbuckles after his entrance. They the run the ring steps into Balor.  Jimmy goes up top but The Street Profits are out to make the save. They chase the Usos through the crowd as Roman Reigns’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. 

Back to commercial.

We are back and the medical staff checks on Finn and we can finally get the introductions.

Roman backs Balor into the corner and he biels Balor across the ring.  Roman with kicks to the ribs.  Roman with punches an he sends Balor into the turnbuckles.  Roman sends Balor into another turnbuckle.  Balor with NeverEnding Story.  Balor drop kicks Reigns in the knee and then he kicks the back of the leg to take Roman down.  Balor grabs the leg but Reigns with a head butt.  Balor with slingblade and then Balor runs into an uppercut.  Roman with a choke slam for a near fall.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roman sets for the Superman punch but misses.  Balor with a chop  Balor kicks Roman and connects with a forearm.  Roman with a punch and Balor with a Pele Kick and both men are down.   Balor gets to his feet and he punches Roman.  Roman with a knee to the midsection.  Roman goes for a power bomb but Balor gets to his feet and he takes Roman down and hits a double stomp.  

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