4/22 WWE RAW Results

4/22 WWE RAW Results

4/22 WWE RAW Results – We are live from the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH, where Pat and Michael are in the ring and they welcome everyone to Raw. Cole reminds us of Rhea surrendering the title last week and that a new champion will be crowned in a Battle Royal.

We take a look back at last week’s Raw with Mami vacating her Title.

In the Arena:

Jey Uso makes his way to the ring and he has something to say.

Jey says that he is in your city.  He says Backlash is in two weeks so he has a lot to prove.  He needs to prove to the world who he says he is… Main Event Jey Uso.  Jey says he has to beat Damian Priest to make sure everything is worth it.  He needs to prove… 

Raw Champion Damian Priest makes his way to the ring.  

Priest tells Jey to take it easy.  He is not out here for what Jey thinks he is out here for.  He says the presentation, Yeet, and Main Event Jey Uso vibe suits you.  Priest says they went to war last year.  He says he wants to talk about one night.  He says there was one night when you whooped his ass so bad that he went up to him in the locker room and he told Jey that he earned all his respect.  That is why he wanted Jey in THE Judgment Day.  Then he told Jey they were going out and drinks were on him.  He says he didn’t remember that much but he did pay the bill.  Jey told him that they were next.  

Priest says he stands in front of him proud to stand with him.  He says that Jey was right.  He was half right.  Priest says he was next.  This shows why he was next as he holds the title belt.  That is why he is now.  You are just the first on a list of people the machine is going to feed him to make sure the title looks good on him.  You will be the first to fall.  Then you will be the first to lead these people around the world to make sure that they ALL RISE for el Campeon.

Jey tells Priest to take it easy.

Priest tells Jey to go ahead. Jey asks if Priest sees him as another tag team guy.  He says that is tough talk from the leader of THE Judgment Day.  You are the leader only because Rhea got hurt.  He tells Priest to tell Rhea that he says hi.  Jey says Priest is Dom’s bitch.  You cashed in at Wrestlemania to become champ.  Jey says Priest is being fed to him.  Jey says he will be the next champion.

They get face to face and JD tries to attack Jey from behind.  Jey hits Priest with a super kick.

– Backstage, we see GUNTHER, Chad Gable and Sami Zayn both arriving to the building today for this week’s show. Back inside the arena, the theme for DIY hits and out comes the duo of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa for our first match of the evening. As they settle in the ring, we head to a pre-match commercial break.

DIY vs. Awesome Truth for the World Tag-Team Championships

Johnny and Truth start things off and they do a fist bump before locking up.  Truth with a wrist lock and Johnny with a reversal.  Truth rolls through to escape.  Truth with an arm drag into an arm bar.  Johnny with an arm drag but Truth with a leg sweep.  Truth with a split to avoid a leg sweep and Johnny is impressed.  They lock up and Johnny with a side head lock.  Miz tags in and they hit a double hip toss.  MIz and Truth with a double elbow drop and Miz gets a near fall.  Miz with an Irish whip and Johnny floats over and rolls up Miz but misses a round kick.  Ciampa tags in and Ciampa with an elbow to avoid a Skull Crushing Finale.  Ciampa avoids a kick and he chops Miz.  Ciampa goes for a reverse DDT but Miz blocks it.  Ciampa with a back slide and Miz with a double leg take down and he locks in a figure four leg lock.  Gargano with a drop kick to break up the hold.

Johnny sends Truth to the floor.  Miz sends Johnny to the apron and Ciampa with a rollup for a near fall.  Johnny tags in and hits a slingshot spear.  Ciampa with a knee to Truth and Johnny with a pescado to Miz.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Truth sends Ciampa to the mat.  Miz tags in and he clotheslines Ciampa a few times and then he kicks Ciampa into the corner.  Miz with an Awesome Clothesline and then he drops Johnny onto the apron.  Miz with a shoulder and a springboard move but Ciampa with a jumping boot for a near fall.  Ciampa sets for Fairy Tale Ending but Miz escapes.  Miz kicks Ciampa away and Truth tags in.  Truth with a clothelsine to Ciampa and a punch to Gargano.  Truth with two flying shoulder tackles and a Blue Thunder Bomb.  Truth goes for the Five Kncukel Shuffle but Johnny with a super kick.  Ciampa with a Pedigree and he gets a near fall.

Ciampa with a knee to Miz to knock him to the floor.  Johnny with a suicide dive.  Truth with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Truth misses the scissors kick and Ciampa with a knee.  Johnny tags in and they hit the running knee and super kick combination but Miz pulls Johnny off Truth on the cover and pulls Johnny to the floor.  Miz sends Ciampa over the ringside barrier.  Miz tags in.  Johnny goes for La Mistica but Miz blocks it.  Miz with a victory roll for a near fall.  Truth and Miz hit the Truth Crushing Finale on Johnny for the three count.

Winners:  Awesome Truth

 After the match, Johnny shakes hands and hugs Miz and Truth.  Ciampa refuses the handshake.


JD is trying to talk to Priest and Priest says he never asked JD for help.  Priest says he got kicked in the face. Dom walks over with his arm in a sling and Santos Escobar.  He says that he asked Santos to take his place in the tag match tonight and he talked to Pearce.  Priest asks Dom if he talked to him.  Santos says he will take care of it. Priest tells Dom to take care of business and stay out of his. Priest tells JD to handle his business and they walk away.

– Gunther walks to the ring with Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci behind him.

We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Gunther makes his way to the ring and he is joined by Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser. Kaiser hands Gunther the mic.

Gunther says he knows what you expect to hear from him.  He is not going ot talk about Wrestlemania and his loss to Sami Zayn.  Gunther says he took some time to digest it and he says for 666 days, he elevated the Intercontinental Title to heights it has never seen before.  He became the greatest champion in its history.  His name will be forever embedded in the Intercontinental Championship.  However, that also means for two years he was walking with a big target on his back to live up to his and everyone else’s high expectations for him.  That weight has been lifted off his shoulders.  Gunther thanks Sami.  Now he is not a target.  He has gone from being the hunted to being the hunter.  It is a new era.  He will ensure that his name will be embedded into this new era.

Gunther says he is going to be part of the King of the Ring Tournament.  After that, it is up to him to decide which championship to take next.  Will it be Sami and his Intercontinental Championship or one of the other titles.  He says that you will be hunted and targeted by a challenger who is able to win titles and hold them longer than anyone else.  He says he is the general of the ring, soon to be the king of the ring.

The New Day’s music plays and Woods wants them to sound the alarm.  Kofi says Gunther is correct.  It is a new era.  What better way to usher in that new era than The New Day.  Woods says you are looking at the current King of the Ring.  They enter the ring.  Woods says that makes Gunther a usurper for his throne and a pretender to the throne.  Woods says he will cement his legacy by becoming a two time King of the Ring.

Gunther says he will re-establish the King of the Ring tournament while you are remembered a man who won by accident and then acted like a champion.

Woods points out that Gunther is no longer a champion and they ask where is Gunther’s gold. Gunther says this is beneath him.  He tells Gio and Kaiser to finish this. Woods says they have fought they so many times.  If your boys want a match right here and right now… they will beat them.

We go to commercial.

New Day vs. Imperium

Kaiser and Kofi start things off and Kaiser with a side head lock.  Kofi with a monkey flip and drop kick.  Kaiser sends Kofi into the turnbuckles and Kofi with a kick but Kaiser blocks it for the Nein punch.  Vinci tags in and he connects with a shoulder in the corner.  Vinci misses a chop and Kofi with chops.  Woods tags in and he connects with a double sledge to the arm.  Woods works on the arm and tags in Kofi.  Woods with a rollup and Kofi with a cross body for a near fall.  Vinci with a kick to Kofi and Kaiser tags in.  Vinci sends Kofi into the ring post and they hit the double drop kick combination.  Kofi with a punch and jaw breaker.  Kaiser is sent over the top rope and Vinci runs into an elbow.  Kaiser with a clothesline and then they knock Woods off the apron.  They get a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kaiser picks up Kofi.  Kofi with punches and forearms.  Kaiser keeps Kofi from making the tag.  Kofi with a clothesline off the turnbuckles and both men are down.  Vinci and Woods tag in and Woods with clotheslines and a jumping side kick.  Woods with a satellite move into a suplex.  Kaiser is sent to the floor and Woods with a drop toe hold to Vinci to send him into the ropes.  Woods with a splash through the ropes onto both men.  Woods gets a near fall.  Woods with a chop and Kofi tags in.  Vinci with a kick to Woods and he blocks a kick from Kofi and hits a short arm clothesline for a near fall.  Kaiser goes to the turnbuckles but Woods pushes Kaiser off the turnbuckles into Vinci and Kofi.  Woods with a clothesline off the apron to Kaiser.  Kofi kicks Vinci and Woods goes up top for an elbow drop after a back breaker for the three count.

WInners: New Day

Afer the match, Gunther does not like his chair and throws it aside.  He walks up to Kaiser and stares at him before he walks to the back.  

Kaiser returns to the ring and he checks on Vinci.

Kaiser rubs Vinci’s head and he helps him back to his feet.  Kaiser sends Vinci into the apron.  Kaiser kicks Vinci and then he sends him into the ring post.  Kaiser kicks Vinci in the midsection and connects with a forearm to the back.  Kaiser sends Vinci into the announce table.  Kaiser asks Vinci ‘how many years’ and he connects with a forearm and he sends Vinci into the ring steps.  Kaiser puts Vinci on the ring steps and officials come to ringside to stop the assault.  

Kaiser rubs Vinci’s head and he helps him back to his feet.  Kaiser sends Vinci into the apron.  Kaiser kicks Vinci and then he sends him into the ring post.  Kaiser kicks Vinci in the midsection and connects with a forearm to the back.  Kaiser sends Vinci into the announce table.  Kaiser asks Vinci ‘how many years’ and he connects with a forearm and he sends Vinci into the ring steps.  Kaiser puts Vinci on the ring steps and officials come to ringside to stop the assault.  

Kaiser starts to walk away and then he makes his way up the aisle but Kaiser escapes the security like Michigan did with the Ohio State Defense and he hits a running drop kick to Vinci on the steps.

Kaiser walks to the back and Gunther stands there. Kaiser says he told Gunther he would get it done.

Drew McIntyre walks in the back as we go to commercial.

– We are back with Andrade.  Be careful what you hear.  He says he is many things.  The one thing he is not is someone’s fool.  He didn’t betray them.  How can you pressure someone when they were never loyal?  They didn’t want to do business with him.  They didn’t want a business partner.  They wanted a server.  Nobody tells him what to do.  Now, they are right.  He is their problem.

– We take a look at footage from the UK tour.

In the Arena

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring.

Drew listens to CM Punk chants before he starts to speak and then he takes the Punk position.  He tells the cameraman not to shoot up his kilt.  Drew wants to know why do they chant his name every time he is out.  He says if you look through the years, he hates you and the only person he hates more than the fans is himself.  Have you ever loved something that it doesn’t love you back.  He says that is his relationship with pro wrestling.

You don’t understand complex relationships because most of your most complex relationship is with you right hand.  He was attacked from behind by CM Punk and Damian had to use the briefcase to beat him.  Then he doesn’t get his one on one rematch and Punk helps Jey win the match.

Drew says his back is against the wall and he is going to target his next prize.  He is coming for the King of the Ring.

Sheamus interrupts and asks Drew what is going on.  You are in the ring sulking how everyone is a coward.  Sheamus tells Drew all he sees is the only person who is not going to take responsibility for his mistakes.  Some might say that makes you a coward.  Sheamus asks if Drew is going to sit there or stand up.

Drew gets to his feet and Sheamus says he deserves that respect.  He says he has known Drew for twenty years and for the last four he has heard you talk about being denied your moment at Wrestlemania.  You got that moment this year, in front of a live crowd.  Your brother and wife were there to see it.  Then you blew it.  Over some stupid social media spat.  You should be standing here with that title around your waist.  Over a meme and a t-shirt you threw it away just like that.  Sheamus asks if he should wear black after that burial at Wrestlemania.  Sheamus says he is Drew’s fan.  He says they have boozed it up and they have had banger after banger after banger after banger in the ring.

Sheamus says he isn’t surprised CM Punk kicked your arse. Drew says Sheamus knows how Punk affected his career. Sheamus tells Drew to get it out of his head. Drew says before you were injured, it was banger after banger.  Now it looks like it has been burger after burger. Sheamus likes the joke while Drew mocks Sheamus’ pose.

Sheamus tells Drew since he has been out, Drew has gotten good at those one liners.  Sheamus says he can lose the weight but Drew can’t lose stupid.  He tells Drew to stop blaming everyone else for his mistakes.

Drew says it is everybody else.  He talks about what the people in the back were saying about Sheamus last week.  Drew says he was sticking up for Sheamus and Sheamus says he doesn’t care but Drew says he did.  Drew says he is Sheamus’ only friend.  Drew says he only fights if it is worthwhile.  Drew says this isn’t worthwhile.  He says he is going to sit at ringside and watch his back.

– We see Shayna Baszler in LOCKER ROOM. Also in LOCKER ROOM is Ivy Nile.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sheamus

Nakamura with a forearm to the back and kick to the chest.  Sheamus charges at Nakamura and Nakamura drops down and Sheamus goes to the apron.  Nakamura with back elbows and Sheamus blocks a kick.  Sheamus with a forearm and he goes up top.  Nakamura kicks Sheamus in the leg and Sheamus falls onto the turnbuckles.  Nakamura with a running knee to the midsection.  Nakamura tells Sheamus to COME ON.  Sheamus tells Nakamura the same thing.  Sheamus blocks a kick and connects with forearms.  Nakamura with kicks and an axe kick.  Sheamus with a double sledge and the referee checks on Nakamura.

Sheamus sets for the forearms on the apron and he does it.   Sheamus goes to the apron and connects with a running knee to knock Nakamura off the apron.  Sheamus sends Nakamura back into the ring but Nakamura rolls to the floor in front of the announce table.  Nakamura escapes a slam attempt and Nakamura with a kick and he sends Sheamus into the announce table many times.  Nakamura goes to the ringside barrier and hits a knee drop to the back of the neck on the announce table.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus with elbows and back breakers.  Sheamus goes up top and hits a flying clothesline for a near fall.  Sheamus gets Nakamura on his shoulders and Nakamura gets to his feet and he connects with an enzuigiri.  Nakamura blocks boots in the corner and sends Sheamus into the ropes for a sliding German suplex.  Nakamura goes to the turnbuckles and hits a knee for a near fall.  Nakamura with a sleeper.  Sheamus with back elbows in the corner.  Sheamus gets Nakamura on his back and he goes to the turnbuckles for a Super Air Raid Crash and hits it for a near fall.  Nakamura with a running knee to the head against the turnbuckles and Nakamura gets a near fall.

Nakamura sets for Kinshasa but Sheamus with a tilt-a-whirl power slam.  Sheamus looks around for the Brogue Kick and misses it.  Nakamura with a round kick.  Sheamus avoids a series of kicks and Sheamus with a jumping knee for a near fall.  Sheamus sets for the Celtic Cross but Nakamura escapes and connects with a knee and kick.  Sheamus with a Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner:  Sheamus

After the match, Drew applauds Sheamus’ victory.


Cathy Kelley is with Sami Zayn and she asks him about last week. Sami says he feels betrayed and hurt.  He says there is a lot he wants to say but he is biting his tongue.  He is interested in what Chad Gable has to say and he doesn’t know how he can defend what he did.

Bronson Reed shows up and tells Sami that he has bigger problems than Chad. Sami tells Bronson any time and any place.

Bronson attacks Sami from behind when Cathy tries to ask another question. Bronson says if he wants that title, he is taking it.  Reed says he is the new Intercontinental Champion. Sami is helped up and Reed with a splash against a storage case.

– Chad Gable makes his way to the ring and he is joined by Akira Tozawa, Maxxine Dupri, and Otis.We goto commercial.

– We are back and we take a look at Charles Barkley on the Pat McAfee Show talking about Chad Gable.

In the Arena:

Chad says after what happened to Sami in the back, it is safe to say Sami has had a few tough weeks.  Chad says what he did was justified.  Capacity crowd in Montreal, Chad Gable versus hometown hero Sami Zayn.  They tear the house down and Sami walks out as champion.  Chad says he could live with that.  Sami had to rub it in.  Sami says he saw Chad weeping in the corner and then Sami put the title in front of his face.  Chad says he gave Sami his moment, but that wasn’t enough.  Sami found his wife in the front row and celebrated with her.  Chad says Sami know that was his moment.  It should have been him at Wrestlemania with his daughter, celebrating in the front row.  

Chad says he wasted his time training Sami and he has wasted his time training a buch of losers.  He asks Tozawa if he has a problem.  Chad says all Tozawa does is do his dance and rack up loss after loss.  Maxxine, pretty as a princess, but dumb as a box of rocks.  What else does he have to do?  He gave her everything and got nothing out of it.  Chad tells Otis not to start with him.  His prize pupil, his number one guy.  You have proven yourself to be the biggest disappointment of them all.  

Chad says this is why you signed up.  For feedback and to be better.  He tells them to get on the same page and know that they are going to focus on Gable.  They are going to win his Intercontinental Championship together, no matter what.

Chad says he wants to hear it together from them.  Chad says he didn’t hear Otis.  He tells Otis to say it.  Otis looks around and he says ‘no matter what’.  Chad drops the mic and leaves the ring.


We see Ricochet in the back and Dominik shows up and he says he would show Ricochet if he was cleared to wrestle. Ricochet says there is no one more upset that Dom isn’t cleared than him.  He says he was looking forward to beating him, but they will settle on Santos and JD.  Ricochet tells Dom to tell JD he is looking forward to their match on Speed. Dom turns around and he sees Liv Morgan.

They stare at each other as we go to commercial.

– Nia Jax mentions that there are thirteen females and one monster in that battle royal.  She is that monster.  She will terrorize each of them and eliminate them one by one by one until she is the last woman standing and she becomes your Women’s Champion.

Santos Escobar and JD McDonagh vs. Ricochet and Andrade

Andrade starts with JD and Andrade with a punch and arm bar.  JD misses a chop and Andrade with a chop.  JD goes to the floor and tags in Santos.  Andrade with a waist lock and Santos with a back elbow.  Andrade with a shoulder tackle.  Ricochet tags in and they hit a double back elbow.  Ricochet gets a near fall.  Ricochet with a European uppercut and a snap mare.  Ricochet with a springboard elbow drop for a near fall.  Ricochet gets a near fall.  Santos misses a punch and Ricochet with a handstandcanrana and a drop kick for a near fall.  Santos sends Ricochet into the ropes and JD tags himself in despite Santos’ reaction.  JD with kicks to Ricochet.  

JD with a back elbow and he gets a near fall.  JD with a belly-to-back suplex.  Ricochet with a punch and Dom distracts Ricochet.  JD knocks Ricochet to the floor and he knocks Andrade off the apron.  Santos with a rana off the apron to Ricochet.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Santos with a drop kick to Ricochet.  Ricochet is sent into the turnbuckles and Santos with a running double knee strike and JD tags in.  JD with a suplex and a leg drop.  Santos tags in and JD punches Andrade on the apron.  Santos gets a near fall.  Ricochet with a back elbow to Santos and an enzuigiri to JD.  Andrade tags in and hits a series of dragon screws on Santos followed by a flying clothesline.  Andrade sets for a running double knee strike in the corner and connects.  Andrade gets a near fall.  Santos backs Andrade into the corner and Ricochet tags in.  Andrade with a kick and RIcochet with a springboard clothesline and a shooting star press for a near fall.

JD with a head butt and then Santos and Ricochet go for cross body presses at the same time and both men go down.  Andrade and JD tag in and they exchange forearms.  JD with a kick and Andrade with a suplex and he holds on for a second one.  Santos stops ANdrad and they hit a double suplex on Andrade.  Ricochet with a springboard cross body but Escobar gets his knees up to stop Ricochet.  Santos and JD put Andrade and Ricochet on the turnbuckles.  Andrade stops JD and sends him into the ropes.  Santos with a hurricanrana but Ricochet lands on JD.  Andrade with a back elbow and La Sombra for the three count.

Winners:  Ricochet and Andrade

After the match, Priest attacks Andrade and sends him shoulder first into the ring post.  Priest with a super kick to RIcochet followed by a Razor’s Edge.  Priest with South of Heaven to Andrade.  Priest tells Dom something in Spanish.  JD wants to know what Priest says.  Priest says he doesn’t need anybody, they need him.

– We see Kayden Carter and Katana Chance in LOCKER ROOM preparing for the battle royal. Nattie is in DRESSING ROOM as she prepares.

We go to commercial.

– Zoey Stark says it has been a year since she was drafted to Raw.  She was told to stand in the corner, watch, learn, and be patient.  She hit Trish with Z360.  She beat Becky Lynch.  She was inches from the briefcase at Money in the Bank.  She was this close to becoming champion against Rhea Ripley.  The scariest part of it all is that she is just getting started.


Jackie Redmond is with Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell. Jackie asks about their recent tactics. Candice asks what is she implying.  Candice says they are not here to defend their victories.

There is turmoil in the back as Liv and Nia have to be separated by officials.

Becky Lynch stops by and she takes the mic and walks to the ring as she talks about the chaos.  She says this is going to be the biggest and most important battle royal in Raw. Becky tells Maxxine to show why this won’t be her last chance to fight for a title. Becky tells Rhea when she is ready, she will be waiting.  Becky says she is looking for a fight.

She heads to the ring as we go to commercial.

– We are back and next week, Logan Paul will be on Raw.  Ricochet, Jey Uso, and Andrade will face Finn Balor, JD McDonagh, and Damian Priest.

WWE Women’s World Championship Battle Royal

The ring starts filling up with the competitors who will be vying for the vacant WWE Women’s World Championship, where the winner of this match will become the brand new title-holder. After we see Maxxine Dupri eliminate Indi Hartwell, we shift gears and head into a mid-match commercial break.

As we settle back in, we see Zoey Stark eliminate both Kayden Carter and Katana Chance by herself. Nia Jax eliminates Ivy Nile moments later in brutal fashion after smashing her into the ring post like a baseball bat. Maxxine Dupri gets her in face to defend her friend. Dupri hits Nia with several big kicks but Nia ends up eliminating her seconds later.

Eight women remain in this one until Becky Lynch eliminates Piper Niven. Now we’re down to seven. Niven drags Lynch under the bottom rope and sends her into the steel ring steps before hitting a big cannonball splash onto her against the steel. Niven clears off the commentary desk. Nia Jax ends up on the floor after going under the rope as well.

She chokeslams Piper onto Becky on the table, but it doesn’t break. Nia Jax hits a Samoan Drop on Piper onto Becky on the table and again it doesn’t break. Chelsea Green is eliminated but none of the referees seemed to see it, so she hops back on the apron. We head into another mid-match commercial break as this high stakes battle royal continues.

We are back and Becky Lynch is down and being checked out by a referee.

Green pushes Nattie off the turnbuckles but Nattie pulls Green onto the apron.  Nattie punches Green but Green punches back.  They go back and forth and Green kicks Nattie into the ring post.  Zoey clotheslines Green over the top rope to eliminate her.  Zoey eliminates Nattie.

Shayna with a knee to Nia and Zoey with a spinning heel kick to Liv.  Zoey sends Liv into the air for a jumping knee from Shayna.  Zoey with a super kick to Nia while Shayna has Nia in a sleeper.  Nia sends Zoey to the apron and Zoey with a forearm to eliminate her.  Shayna is sent to the apron and Nia knocks Shayna off the apron and Zoey cannot keep her feet off the floor.

Becky pulls herself back into the ring with Nia and Liv.  Becky with punches to Liv and Nia.  Liv with a head scissors to Nia and a drop kick to the back.  Liv misses a hip into the corner and she goes for a Codebeaker but Nia blocks it.  Becky with a neck breaker to Liv and all three women are down.  Becky sends Liv to the apron but Nia with a Samoan drop to Becky.  Nia picks up Liv and hits a Samoan drop.  Becky with forearms and a back heel kick.  Becky sends Liv to the apron and Nia sends Becky to the apron.  Becky and Liv send Nia onto the top rope and then they both set for a double suplex on Nia.

Nia blocks it and she hits a double suplex of her own.  Nia goes to the turnbuckles and Bekcy and Liv recover and push her to the apron.  Becky with forearms and Nia fires back.  Liv with a Codebreaker in the ropes and Becky with a leg drop to the back of the neck to eliminate her.

We are down to Liv and Becky.  

Lynch hits a Man-Handle Slam on Morgan on the hard part of the ring apron outside of the ring ropes. Morgan bounces down to the floor at ringside. Lynch’s theme hits. We have a new WWE Women’s World Champion. For the seventh time in her career, Lynch is a world champ. She is handed the belt, which she celebrates with in the middle of the ring.

Winner and NEW WWE Women’s World Champion: Becky Lynch

After the match, Becky celebrates her victory and goes into the crowd to do it with the people.

We go to credits.

–– Here is what’s in store for tonight ––

  • Battle Royal to determine new WWE Women’s World Champion
  • World Tag Team Championship: Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth) vs. DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano)
  • Andrade & Ricochet vs. The Judgment Day (Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh)
  • Gunther returns

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4/22 WWE RAW Results

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