Impact Wrestling Results – June 30, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - July 30, 2020

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! Before the first match starts, Mathews announces that there’s been a change made to the main event match at Slammiversary.

Since the Impact World Championship is currently vacant, the main event will now be a four-way match between Eddie Edwards, Ace Austin, Trey and a mystery opponent. After they make that new announcement, the first match kicks off!

Chris Bey (with Johnny Swinger) vs. Suicide

Some nice action early on with Suicide controlling Bey. He wailed away on Bey with chops in the corner and dropped him on his face from an Electric Chair position. Suicide missed a moonsault, allowing Bey to work him over with a series of right hands. Bey peppered Suicide in the corner with right hands but Suicide battled back with chops. Suicide rebounded off the ropes but was clobbered with a lariat for a two count. Bey worked him over with chops.

Suicide caught him with an Octopus but Bey escaped and locked up Suicide in the ropes, drilling him with a kick to the back and followed up with a spinning kick for a two count. Bey was kicked off as he charged into the corner and hit with a big dropkick.

Suicide nailed a series of strikes and chops. Bey caught him with a spinning kick but Suicide nailed a clothesline, followed by a flying forearm and a running boot. Bey evaded a German suplex but was caught with a double stomp for a two count. Bey tried to recover. He missed a clothesline and went sent to the floor. Swinger hit the ring but was thrown out. Suicide nailed a Trust Fall dive off the top to the floor on Swinger and Bey.

Bey was tossed back into the ring. He was nailed wth kick to the face. Bey failed at a back suplex and was turned inside out with another toss. Suicide ascended to the top as Bey complained his knee was hurt. That distracted the referee long enough for Swinger to shove Suicide off the top. Bey nailed the Famouser and scored the pin.

Your winner, Chris Bey!

The right person won given he is challenging Willie Mack at Slammiversary. A well fought bout with some good bell to bell action.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne discussed that they are guaranteed a new World Champion at Slammiversary. Madison Rayne refused to pick a winner since we don’t know who the mystery man is, but argued Ace Austin has the most momentum.

Gia Miller interviewed TNA Champion Moose. He said that he has a big match tonight against Crazzy Steve and it’d big because Moose is in it. He said Steve is all about fun and games, but fun and games didn’t get him through the NFL and to the TNA title. He said that tonight Moose is going to show Steve why he’s the five star athlete and the real World Champion. He said he’s the best damn wrestler on the planet and the legend known as Moose. Good promo.

Backstage, Swinger told Bey he followed the plan to a “Tee” and they had great ring psychology distracting the referee. He said he could buy the ref for $30. Ref Brandon Tolle heard all this and said that at Slammiversary it’s going to be fair and one on one. He said he was going to make sure Johnny Swinger is banned from ringside. Tolle stormed off. Swinger tried to calm Bey and said that he always has a plan.

Reno Scum vs. TJP & Fallah Bah

Scum attacked Bah and TJP before the bell. Bahh and TJP double teamed Luster the Legend. TJP nailed a splash for a two count. He dropkicked Luster into the ropes but missed a move coming off the ropes. That allowed Adam to nail with a clothesline. Reno Scum worked over TJP for a long time, even pulling out The Pit Stop. They knocked Bah off the apron, preventing him from being there when TJP attempted to make a tag. TJP finally fought off Reno Scum and made the tag. Bah cleaned house and nailed the hip attack on Adam. Luster saved him with a big boot to the face, followed by a running big boot to the shoulder. Everyone battled. TJP hit a springboard dropkick on Adam but Luster KO’d him in the top. Bah nailed a Samoan Drop. TJP hit a top rope frog splash and Bah scored the pin.

You winner, TJP & Fallah Bah!

Locker Room Talk is next with Madison Rayne hosting and being completely exasperated as usual by Johnny Swinger, who complained he was banned from Slammiversary. Rayne blew this off and introduced John E. Bravo as their special guest this week. She said things are heating up in the love department for him with Taya and Rosemary. He said he didn’t know what she was talking about. She prodded about Rosemary and Bravo said that they’ve hung out a bit. He seemed oblivious to the idea they were dating. Rayne said they had another guest who could add clarity to this – Bravo’s #1 woman. She introduced Rosemary. She said Bravo is playing coy. She said explaining mortals can be a little confusing. Swinger said you could feel the chemistry between them…himself and Rosemary. Bravo said the lady isn’t interested. Swinger said he had better watch himself because Frenchy Martin can’t save him. Madison asked Bravo if he was in love with Rosemary but before he answered, Taya came out and said she wanted to ask Rosemary to be her tag team partner. Rosemary agreed and they left. Bravo was just happy to be there and was completely oblivious. Rayne said they were out of time. Lots of good character stuff here. Rayne is completely, 100% underrated as both an announcer and as a host here. She has really leaned into the roles and does a great job.

They aired a promotional video on Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace at Slammiversary.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The North addressed their attack on Ken Shamrock last week. The North came out dressed in street clothes. Josh Alexander said he was here to talk about the World’s Most Dangerous Man, the man who never found a fight he didn’t back down from. Alexander said that ended last week because he couldn’t even make it to the ring at their hands. Ethan Page said Shamrock will never have any friends, much less a tag team partner, because he’s crazy, has rage issues and can’t control his temper. He asked why anyone in the locker room would want to be his friend. He said Shamrock is nuts and mocked Shamrock’s nickname. He said that having a friend makes Ethan Page the most dangerous man. Shamrock hit the ring but before he could do anything the lights went out. Sami Callihan appeared and asked, “Who needs friends when you have enemies?” Callihan and Shamrock ran The North out. Well, Slammiversary is confirmed. Callihan disappeared, leaving Shamrock alone in the ring.

Backstage, Scott D’Amore was on the phone and told a few “good brothers” this would be a good deal for everyone. The North complained he let his staff jump them from behind when they aren’t prepared to wrestle. D’Amore said that was unacceptable and something had to be done. He said there was no way he was going to let this happen on his watch and he’s going to give them what they want, a chance to defend against Shamrock and Callihan at Slammiversary. Josh Alexander wasn’t thrilled with Ethan Page.

The Impact+ segment was Magnus vs. Eric Young.

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs tried to interview Trey of the Rascalz. Trey was very cautious opening the locker room door. Jacobs said this was the first time he’s spoken to anyone since he was attacked the second time by Madman Fulton. He said he was going to take him down no matter what. This was a more serious promo than you’d expect from Trey and it was short but good.

TNA Champion Moose vs. Crazzy Steve

Moose made Dave Penzer do the official championship introductions. Moose kept trying to make Penzer give him a better introduction. Hey Moose, I can get you Stephen DeAngelis if you want.

Moose kept avoiding Moose’s moves early. He nailed a few shots and avoided Moose as much as he could until nailing a right hand. Moose wasn’t happy about that and charged. Moose went over the top to the floor. Steve went for a pescado and Moose almost missed catching him but saved it and slammed him on the apron. Moose worked him over on the floor, swinging Steve’s head into the ring steps. Steve began coughing out blood after the spot. Moose began working over his ribs and kidneys with punches. Moose picked up Steve and dropped him across the top rope, continuing to work over his midsection.

Steve tried to fire back but was nailed with a big knee to the mid-section, flipping over to the mat. Moose continued to torment him, doing a great job of making Steve a sympathetic underdog. Moose placed him on the top and attempted a superplex. Moose fired back and scored a two count. Steve followed up with a running knee. Moose was down and out in the corner, where he was hit with a cannonball. Steve sold how hurt he was after every move but still kept pulling himself up. He went to the top rope but Moose caught him coming off and nailed a big Fall Away Slam.

Moose KILLED him with an excellent looking spear and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Champion, Moose!

Moose kept beating up Steve. Tommy Dreamer came to ringside to check on Steve. Moose attacked him and left Dreamer laying as well.

A solid match with the exception of Steve almost crashing and burning on the pescado. Moose continues to show a new confidence as the TNA Champ and Steve was very good as the babyface fighting from underneath here.

Steve was taken out. Dreamer, who was bleeding, cut a promo, saying Moose used his God-given talent to the NFL and did it because his friends told him to come and play and he became a NFL player for six years. When football said goodbye to him, he became a pro wrestler looking for a paycheck. His God-given ability made him a star but just like he didn’t listen to his coaches and fellow players in wrestling, he doesn’t want to listen to anyone in wrestling. He couldn’t cut it in Impact and created a title for himself. He said Moose looks at Impact as a paycheck. He doesn’t look at it with heart and passion. He said everyone is unhappy and scared and Impact did their best to make everyone happy and he’s the only one complaining about catering. He told Moose to be a locker room leader, not a cancer. Dreamer said that like his idol, Dusty Rhodes, his belly and his hynie may be a little big, but he’s a violent man. He said no one ever paid to see Moose and he’s going to be a footnote in pro wrestling, because he’s a waste of talent. Hell of a promo.

The Deaners are gambling with Hernandez in the back over armwrestling. Cody takes the challenge and is getting killed. He turns his hat around and tries to go “Over the Top” like the old Terry Funk movie but fails. Yeah, I said Terry Funk movie. Happy birthday Terry!

Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) vs. Havok (with Neveah)

Hogan went right after Havok, firing away on her with kicks. She trashtalked Havok, allowing her to make a comeback, tossing her across the ring and clotheslining her. Havok picked Hogan up and carried her around the ring, slamming her as they went to commercial…

When they returned, Hogan had Havok in a sleeper. Havok smashed her backwards into the buckles but Hogan kicked her off during a charge and locked the sleeper back on. Hogan used her long braids to choke out Havok until being forced by the referee. Hogan conferred with Steelz, allowing Havok to slam her off the top into the ring. Havok nailed a big Uranage, then went after Steelz.

Havok nailed a running knee and followed up with a Facewash. She nailed another. Steelz grabbed Havok’s gasmask and put it on to mock her. Havok went after her but Steelz tossed it into the ring. The referee admonished Steelz, allowing Hogan to nail Havok with the mask and then drill her with a running knee to the face for the pin.

Your winner, Kiera Hogan!

Backstage, Moose knocked Tommy Dreamer. He said he’s not a kid and Dreamer doesn’t know anything except what he read on Wikipedia. He said he was going to sue Dreamer and Impact for slander unless Dreamer gives him a public apology.

Josh and Madison ran down the Slammiversary PPV lineup. Obviously, we’ll have live coverage here at!

NEXT WEEK: Josh Alexander vs. Sami Callihan

Trey vs. Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin)

Trey came out with far more purpose and serious intensity than he usually would have with the Rascalz gimmick.

Trey charges and ducks under a Fulton clothesline, hitting a dive to Austin at the same time. Fulton grabbed him but Trey ducked and Fulton went to the floor. Trey went for a dive but was caught and sent back into the ring.

Trey ducked a series of strikes and nailed Fulton. It was strength vs. angry speed as Trey kept taking the fight to him while also ducking Fulton’s big punches and clotheslines. He springboarded off the ropes but Fulton caught him and chokeslammed Trey.

Fulton stalked around the ring, then pressed Trey one-handed before sending him down to the mat. That was damn impressive. Trey tried to fight back but it wasn’t really registering. Fulton grabbed Trey in a Dragon Sleeper style reverse suplex. Fulton stomped on Trey’s wrist. Miguel tried to fire back but was cut off and caught, tossed upside down across the ring. Fulton continued to beat Trey, who kept kicking up and trying to survive but was obviously fighting a losing battle.

Trey grabbed a sleeper. Fulton tried to swing him off. Fulton nailed a sidewalk slam but Trey refused to release the hold. Trey finally nailed a neckbreaker variation. Trey nailed a series of kicks to the chest, trying to wear down Fulton. Trey nailed a series of superkicks and went for a springboard tornado DDT. Fulton stopped it and nailed a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Hiroshi Hase would be proud.

Fulton regained control and worked him over but Trey grabbed a stick that Ace Austin carries to the ring and nailed Fulton with it.

Your winner by DQ, Madman Fulton!

Trey nailed Austin with a chair, then returned to the ring, beating down Fulton over and over with the chair as they went off the air.

There was a stinger after the episode showing the Super Eric (Young) cape and someone preparing to wear it, set to dramatic John Williams-esque music.,,,


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