Thursday, April 16, 2020

Jon Moxley Talks WWE Releases

Jon Moxley Talks WWE Releases
Jon Moxley appeared on Wrestling Observer Live yesterday and commented on the WWE releases that were taking place that same afternoon.

"My heart goes out to all the people who are affected by this craziness, whether it be financial or worse," Moxley said. "I heard a bunch of news through the grapevine, people in our business got unfortunate phone calls this morning, so it's a weird time. I'm feeling very fortunate. I was not, or I will not, for a second feel sorry for myself, like poor me, during this craziness because I've got it pretty good, all things considered. I'm just stuck in the house with my wife [Renee Young], who is my favorite person to hang out with anyway.

"We're just hanging out, getting it on all over the house all day, watching movies, and she's got some cooking projects she's experimenting with. So, I'm basically hanging out and having a beautiful woman feed me meals every day. No matter how the World Title match turns out tonight, I feel like a World Champion and I am very blessed at this time."