How Much Money WWE Is Saving With Talent Cuts

How Much Money WWE Is Saving With Talent Cuts, More Releases Expected

It’s believed that the releases of several more wrestlers or staff from NXT will be revealed soon, according to Dave Metzler. It was also noted that no one else expects any further main roster departures to be made.

The talent cuts made on Wednesday will save WWE around $703,000 per month, according to Meltzer. There were rumors of WWE saving $4 million with the cuts, but that’s incorrect. Meltzer noted that the $4 million figure includes all expenses cut, including the expenses of moving WWE HQ into the new location in Stamford, CT. WWE noted on Wednesday that the move to the new building has been delayed for at least six months.

You can click here to read the current list of confirmed departures and furloughs. The list currently includes 22 wrestlers, 10 producers, 3 coaches, 2 announcers, 1 referee, 1 creative writer, and 2 other on-air talents.

As noted, the cuts on Wednesday were a part of coronavirus-related business changes that WWE announced earlier in the day. You can read WWE’s full announcement at this link. That COVID-19 business update announcement was issued by WWE right after Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon held a meeting call with employees. You can read about Vince’s call at this link.

Stay tuned for updates on the WWE business changes.


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