Sunday, February 9, 2020

Matt Riddle Calls Out Brock Lesnar Again

Matt Riddle Calls Out Brock Lesnar Again
Matt Riddle is at it again, this time making a guarantee that he will in fact be the one to retire Brock Lesnar.

Last night at an NXT Live Event in Las Vegas, Riddle grabbed a microphone to address the crowd after the Main Event match in which he teamed up with Pete Dunne, and DIY to defeat The Undisputed Era.

Riddle passionately stated, "I have never stopped. I kept training. I knew the goal, the dream, was right in front of me and I'm not gonna stop. This is just the beginning. 12 years ago it started and 12 years from now I'll still be going."

Riddle has taken some heat for his unwavering insistence that he will one day face and retire Brock Lesnar. It may have also been the reason for the backstage altercation between Lesnar and Riddle at this year's Royal Rumble and also for some heat from Vince McMahon himself over his recent social media posts regarding Lesnar. All of that being said, Riddle still believes that this in fact will happen and he was not afraid to vocalize his thoughts to the Vegas crowd who seemed to be eating it up.

"I guarantee you this Las Vegas, " Riddle exclaimed. "The Bro retires Brock Lesnar!"