Wednesday, July 31, 2019

More Speculation on Roman Reigns Attacker, Ali on Becoming a Champion, WWE 2K20

More Speculation on Roman Reigns Attacker, Ali on Becoming a Champion, WWE 2K20
- The first details on the WWE 2K20 video game will be released next week.

As seen below, 2K has announced that they will be releasing details, the cover and the first game footage on Monday, August 5.

- As noted, last night's WWE SmackDown ended with an angle that saw a large structure get tipped over on Roman Reigns.

There's been speculation on Samoa Joe being the mystery man behind the attack, to continue the Joe vs. Reigns feud for SummerSlam, but now it looks like Buddy Murphy may be the attacker.

Fans on Twitter picked up on how Murphy could be seen walking away from the scene of the attack. Murphy hasn't been used much past dark matches since being sent to the blue brand in the 2019 WWE Superstar Shakeup, but there have been rumors on WWE giving him more TV time as of late. A SummerSlam match with Reigns could be a big way for WWE to get Murphy's singles push going.

Below is a screenshot of Murphy from the post-attack fallout. It's important to note that WWE has not confirmed who is behind the attack yet.

- Below is video of Ali talking to the WWE reporter after his non-title win over Shinsuke Nakamura on last night's SmackDown. Ali, who called out Nakamura for SummerSlam in a post-show tweet, was asked what was different from this match and the loss to Nakamura at Saturday's Smackville special. That match was announced just hours before it took place.

"A heads up," Ali answered. "For the first time in it seems like a long time here, I got a heads up. I found out early today, hours before, that I had a non-title match against the Intercontinental Champion and you know what? That's the thing I needed. This entire year has been one giant roller coaster. I had the highest of highs when I came here - I pinned the then-WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, I was the guy who was supposed to be in the Elimination Chamber and then I got taken out, and I had to walk to the sidelines as Kofi Kingston, a guy who undoubtedly deserves this, I had to watch him reach the highest of highs while I sat at the lowest of lows, and I told myself when I came back I was going to pick up where I left off, and what better thing to do right now than to take the Intercontinental Championship. I said it once and I'll say it again, Ali will be a champion."