WWE Elimination Chamber Results – February 17, 2019

WWE Elimination Chamber Results

We are live from the Toyota Center in Houston, TX, for tonight’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.


The 2019 WWE Elimination Chamber Kickoff pre-show opens live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas as we see fans filing into the arena. Jonathan Coachman welcomes us. He’s joined by Sam Roberts, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who receives a hometown pop. We see the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles on display behind the panel. Coach reveals that Phoenix will be a guest commentator for tonight’s Chamber match for the women’s division.

The panel goes over tonight’s card. Coach leads us to a video recorded earlier today by Mustafa Ali. Ali says he’s not cleared to compete tonight but what hurts more than the injuries is watching someone else get your spot. Ali says he will be rooting for Kofi Kingston tonight but he’s coming back for what is his. The panel talks about WWE Champion Daniel Bryan defending his title in the Chamber tonight. Coach goes over the rules for the men’s Chamber match. We see Bryan pacing backstage in his locker room as Rowan stands by. Coach leads us to a video to hype tonight’s No DQ match between Braun Strowman and Baron Corbin, which includes comments recorded earlier by Strowman. Strowman says when The Monster faces The Coward tonight, there are no rules and that means that The Monster will continue his path of destruction while The Coward gets these hands. We go back to the panel and see the Chamber structure hanging high above the ring. Coach shows us footage from Tuesday’s SmackDown where The Usos were guests on McMizTV with SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Miz and Shane McMahon. The Usos laid the champions out with superkicks. The Bar, Cesaro and Sheamus, have interrupted the panel now. Sheamus takes a shot at Shane and Miz, saying their team just doesn’t work. Sam asks about their win over The Bar and Cesaro calls it a fluke. They also downplay the loss to Strowman and 10 year old Nicholas at WrestleMania 34. Heavy Machinery, Tucker and Otis, interrupt The Bar on the panel now. This leads to words between The Bar and Heavy Machinery before Coach thanks them for stopping by.

Coach leads us to video from Monday’s RAW where Vince McMahon “suspended” Becky Lynch, pulling her from the WrestleMania 35 match against RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and replacing her with Charlotte Flair. We also see footage of Becky interrupting Flair vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka at last night’s live event in Louisiana, which saw Becky “re-injure” her left knee after the attack on Flair backfired. We go backstage to The Riott Squad, who are ready to walk out of the arena with titles for all three members tonight. Ruby Riott says the Road to WrestleMania will take a diabolical detour when she takes Rousey’s title. Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan hype up their Chamber match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles when Flair interrupts. Flair wants them to take their anger and aggression out on Rousey tonight. Flair tells Riott to change the game and come face her at WrestleMania. Flair says she will be sitting at ringside watching the match tonight. Flair wishes Riott good luck and does a “Wooo!” as she walks off. We go back to the panel. Booker, Phoenix and Roberts all agree that Riott will bring it but Rousey will retain her title.

Coach brings up tonight’s Handicap Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title next. Roberts says Finn Balor won’t win the title tonight unless he brings The Demon out. Booker believes Bobby Lashley will retain. We cut to a backstage segment with Mojo Rawley talking to himself in the mirror again, about how the WWE Universe doesn’t care about him or even know him. Mojo asks who the hell are they because they don’t even matter. Mojo says it’s time to show the real “you” to them. We cut to a video recorded earlier today by Alexa Bliss. She talks about how the women’s division has been on fire, making history, ever since she debuted. She also brings up Becky Lynch, saying Becky would still be talking about headlining WrestleMania if she would’ve taken the advice from Bliss. Bliss goes on and picks Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles later tonight. We go back to the panel for more discussion on tonight’s Chamber match for the women’s division. Coach sends us to ringside for tonight’s first match.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Akira Tozawa vs. Buddy Murphy

We go to the ring for the first of six title matches on tonight’s card. Vic Joseph is joined by Nigel McGuinness and Aiden English. Out first comes the challenger, Akira Tozawa. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy is out next.

The bell rings and they trade holds. Murphy looks to take control first but they trade holds in the middle of the ring. Tozawa with strikes but Murphy just takes them. They go to the floor and Murphy tries for a chop but Tozawa ducks and the champion nails the ring post instead. They bring it back in the ring and Murphy decks Tozawa. Murphy is still selling the hand injury. Murphy goes back out and Tozawa runs the ropes for a suicide dive. Murphy catches Tozawa mid-move on the floor, dropping him on his head with a suplex. Murphy brings it back into the ring and keeps control. Tozawa with more strikes but Murphy continues to take them. Murphy drops Tozawa.

We cut backstage to Kayla Braxton trying to get a word from Kofi Kingston outside of The New Day’s locker room. Big E and Xavier Woods come out and say Kofi is in the middle of receiving a fine massage from Mrs. Butterworth right now. Big E and Woods talk Kofi up as Murphy dominates Tozawa in the ring. Murphy with a close 2 count. Murphy keeps Tozawa grounded again as fans look to rally for him. Murphy with an abdominal stretch now. Woods goes on about how Kofi will become the WWE Champion tonight. Tozawa counters a stretch and tosses Murphy out of the ring to the floor. Murphy runs back in but Tozawa drops him with a superkick.

Tozawa with more offense now. Tozawa with a missile dropkick from the top and double knees in the corner. Tozawa misses a shot but Murphy misses the counter. Tozawa with a backdrop driver. Tozawa with a Shining Wizard for a close 2 count. Tozawa goes to the top while Murphy is laid out down below. Tozawa is forced to roll through as Murphy gets up. More back and forth now. Tozawa climbs up but Murphy headbutts him to the mat. Tozawa runs right back up but Murphy looks to counter in mid-air. Tozawa turns that into a huge super hurricanrana in mid-air for a close 2 count. They tangle again. Murphy counters and drops Tozawa onto his knee, then delivers another knee to the face. Murphy keeps control but Tozawa kicks out at 2 again. Murphy talks trash and kicks Tozawa around now. Tozawa comes back with chops fighting to his feet now. Tozawa rocks Murphy and goes for a German suplex but Murphy resists. Tozawa with a huge clothesline and then a German for a close 2 count.

Tozawa tries to rally the crowd again. Tozawa drags Murphy to the corner and goes to climb up but Murphy grabs his leg. Tozawa kicks him away. Murphy runs into a superkick. Tozawa with a big inverted hurricanrana from the corner. Murphy goes to the floor and Tozawa runs the ropes for a big suicide dive, then another dive. Tozawa brings it back into the ring as a “this is awesome!” chant starts up. Tozawa goes to the top and kicks Murphy away. Tozawa with the big senton to the back while Murphy is draping over the middle rope. Murphy still kicks out at 2 somehow. Tozawa slaps Murphy while Murphy is trying to get up from his knees. Tozawa runs into a big jumping knee. Murphy drops Tozawa for another close 2 count. Tozawa comes back with the Octopus submission. Murphy fights out and hits Murphy’s Law for the pin to retain.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

After the match, the music hits as Murphy celebrates and we go to replays.

We get a pre-recorded video from Kevin Owens, who says he will be watching Elimination Chamber tonight. Owens says he’s still about a month away from returning. He’s looking forward to seeing Finn Balor win the WWE Intercontinental Title and seeing The Riott Squad win titles in their matches. Owens tells everyone to enjoy tonight’s pay-per-view. Back from a promo and Charly Caruso is on the stage. She introduces WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry, who comes out to a big pop from the home state crowd. Caruso asks about the Chamber. Henry says he’s glad to be back in Texas. He asks the crowd to give it up again for Buddy Murphy. Henry mentions how tough the Chamber is and Caruso asks him about tonight’s matches. Henry picks The IIconics to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles in the women’s Chamber. He then predicts Kofi Kingston to win the Chamber for the WWE Title. Fans chant for Kofi. Henry says if he was in the Chamber, there would be a lot of other men getting introduced to the Hall of Pain. Henry’s music hits and he hugs Charly to end the segment. We go back to the panel. Sam believes the women’s Chamber will steal the show tonight. Phoenix believes Jeff Hardy will win that match. Booker goes with Kofi and Sam believes Daniel Bryan will retain. That’s it for the Kickoff.

WWE Elimination Chamber Opener:

The 2019 WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view opens with a video package.

– We’re live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Renee Young, Corey Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix as we see the Chamber structure around the ring. Phoenix will be the guest commentator for tonight’s opener.

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles: Naomi and Carmella vs. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose vs. Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax vs. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. The IIconics

We see the Women’s Tag Team Titles on display at ringside as Carmella is out first, followed by partner Naomi. Carmella and Naomi enter their pod. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are out next, representing The Riott Squad. Cole shows us the German and Spanish announce teams at ringside. Out next are The IIconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, as Mike Rome does the introductions. The IIconics enter their pods and the referee locks them in. Out next comes the team of Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka. Jax and Snuka taunt the other competitors as they head to their pod. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are out next to start the match. Sasha Banks and Bayley are out last. It took forever.

The bell rings as the Chamber is locked up. The two teams stare each other down. Deville and Rose strike first. Rose sends Banks into the corner and they go to double team Bayley now. Bayley counters and drops Rose. Banks takes out Deville with a dropkick. Banks and Bayley with the double team on Rose and Deville for the double pin attempt for a 2 count. Banks and Bayley continue working over their opponents at the same time. Banks drops Rose and Deville out on the steel at the same time. Bayley with a 2 count on Deville. Banks and Bayley double team Deville in the corner but she fights them off. Deville with a big slam to Banks out of the corner for a close 2 count as fans pop. Rose works over Bayley in the corner now. Rose with a backbreaker for a quick 2 count.

Rose and Deville take control out on the steel now. Rose drives Banks face-first into the steel wall. Rose brings Banks back into the ring for a 2 count as Deville works on Bayley out on the steel. Rose tosses Banks back to the steel platform. Rose works on Bayley now. Deville looks to deliver a kick to Banks but she moves and Deville kicks the steel, going down hard on her leg. Rose gets her leg stuck up in the steel wall. Bayley drops her for a big move on the steel. The timer counts down and the next team let loose is The Riott Squad.

Sarah and Liv go after Bayley and Sasha. Sarah kicks Sasha against the chamber. Liv holds up Bayley as Sarah slams Sasha’s shoulder into the pod. Liv sends Bayley to Sarah for a pop up head butt. Sonya and Mandy enter the ring and they are all on the mat as Sarah kicks Sonya and Many kicks Liv. Liv kicks back and hits Mandy in the temple. Sonya with a knee to Sarah. Liv with a punch and Sonya punches back. They go back and forth and Sonya is knocked to the mat with a slap. Liv goes for a matrix but it does not work. Liv with a rollup on Sonya.

Sonya and Liv are down in the ring. Bayley gets a near fall on Liv. Bayley with a knee to Mandy and then to Sonya. Bayley with a clothesline to Liv followed by a belly-to-belly suplex on Logan. Mandy stops Bayley on the turnbuckles and Sonya joins her partner for a double superplex. Liv and Sarah come over for the tower of doom.

The next team to enter is The Iiconics.

Billie and Peyton go for covers on Mandy and Sonya, then Sarah and Liv. They try to cover Bayley but she kicks out too. Peyton and Billie argue with the referee.Peyton and Billie with knees to Mandy and then they send Liv and Sarah into the ring post. They kick Mandy and then they go after Sonya and hit a double gourdbuster. They pull Sarah from the turnbuckles and Peyton and Billie stand over everyone. Billie with a half nelson and Peyton with a knee but Sasha breaks up the cover.

Sasha with forearms to Billie and Peyton. They connect with knees to Sasha. Peyton sends Sasha onto Billie’s knee and Peyton with a round kick for a near fall. Sasha and Bayley are pressed against the chamber by Billie and Peyton. Sasha’s head is driven into the grate. Bayley is dropped across the top rope and Billie with a forearm. Peyton with a slingshot senton onto Bayley and Sasha. Billie and Peyton get near falls on Sasha and Bayley. Billie and Peyton go after Mandy and Sonya and send them into the chamber. They go after Liv and Sarah and send them into the chamber.

The next entrants are Naomi and Carmella.

Naomi with a slingshot splash and a double drop kick. Carmella sends Sonya into the turnbuckles and then Carmella sends Mandy into Sonya. Carmella and Naomi with stereo bronco busters and moonwalks. Peyton slaps Naomi but Naomi with an enzuigiri. Carmella climbs the chamber and Billie sets for a power bomb but Carmella counters with a rana. Sarah with a waist lock but Carmella with a super kick. Naomi with a split legged moonsault on Sarah but Liv breaks up the cover. Naomi is sent to the grates. Carmella with a cross body but Bayley with a Saito suplex. Peyton with a Gory Special to Sasha. Mandy with a reverse exploder.

Logan with a fisherman’s buster to Mandy but Sonya with a spear. Carmella with a super kick to Sonya. Sonya and Carmella are the first to their feet and Sonya with a spear but Carmella with Code of Silence but Mandy breaks it up. Naomi wants a piece of Mandy and Naomi with forearms. Mandy with a knee and Naomi with springboard rear view. Peyton with a sunset flip and Billie with a bridge to pin Naomi.

Naomi and Carmella Eliminated

Billie and Peyton are surrounded.

Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka are the final team to enter the match.

Nia sends Mandy into the chamber and then back into the ring. Nia and Tamina stand alone in the ring. Peyton and Billie go into one of the pods to be safe from Nia and Tamina but Nia and Tamina open the pod and pull Billie and Peyton out. Nia and Tamina swing Billie and Peyton into the chamber and then Billie and Peyton are sent into the ring. Nia and Tamina with Samoan drops to pin Billie and Peyton.

The Iiconics are Eliminated

Sarah and Liv go after Nia and hit a double drop kick. Nia catches Liv but Liv with a rana and Logan with a drop kick to the back. Liv with an assisted Diamond Dust but Nia breaks up the cover. Sonya kicks Nia and Mandy with a knee. Sonya and Mandy get a near fall. Sasha and Bayley with Thesz Presses to Mandy and Sonya. Bayley with a knee to Tamina and a double knee strike from Sasha. Liv is dropped on the mat and then they hit a double hip toss slam on Sarah for a near fall.

Mandy kicks Bayley and Sasha sends Mandy into the corner for a hot shot. Bayley catapults Sonya into Mandy in the corner. Bayley puts Sonya in the ropes and Sasha does the same for Mandy and Sasha with a double knee strike. Sasha gets a near fall on Sonya. Nia knocks Sasha down with a shoulder tackle. Sarah and Liv go on top of a pod to watch while Nia sends Mandy into the chamber. Liv and Sarah with cross body presses onto Nia, Tamina, Sonya, and many. Sarah gets a near fall on Sonya. Liv iwth punches to Nia but Nia pushes Liv into the corner. Liv with kicks and she goes to the turnbuckles and then to the chamber pod but Nia grabs Liv’s ankle.

Nia with a super Samoan drop to Liv and Tamina with a superfly splash to Sarah and Liv

The Riott Squad has been eliminated

Sasha and Bayley go after Nia. Bayley with a drop toe hold to Tamina while Sasha hits a knee. Nia picks up Sasha and drops her onto the grate. Tamina sends Bayley onto the grates. Nia waits for Bayley to get up and she tries for a spear but misses and Nia goes through the chamber pod. Sonay goes after Tamina and Mandy with a kick to the back. Sasha with Meteora and Bayley with an elbow drop from the turnbuckles and everyone pins Tamina.

Tamina Sunka and Nia Jax Eliminated

All four remaining wrestlers make their way to their feet and they pair up with Mandy and Bayley on one side and Sonya and Sasha on the other. Mandy with a knee to Bayley. Mandy goes for an Implant driver but Sasha with a knee to Mandy. Sonya with a rollup for a near fall and Bayley with a knee. Sasha with a lungblower and Bayley with a belly-to-belly suplex but Mandy breaks up the cover.

Mandy climbs the chamber and Bayley climbs on the other side of the pod. Sasha climbs on the other side behind Mandy and Sasha with forearms to Mandy. Sasha and Bayley send Mandy against the glass above the pod. Bayley and Sasha pick up Mandy and Sonya climbs the chamber to get on top of the pod. Bayley kicks Sonya off the chamber. Mandy kicks Bayley off the pod. Sonya spears Bayley into the support beam of the pod. Sasha checks on Bayley. Mandy sends Sasha into the pod and Mandy sets for the Implant Buster for a near fall. Mandy with another near fall.

Sasha is sent shoulder first into the ring post. Mandy holds Sasha up but Sasha moves when Sonya goes for the spear and Sonya hits Mandy. Sasha goes for Banks Statement but Sonya fights to avoid the hold for a moment and Sonya taps out.

Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks (New Champions)

After the match, Banks and Bayley sit up and take the titles, clutching them as the music hits. We go to replays. Charly Caruso enters the Chamber to interview the champions about making history. Fans interrupt with a “you deserve it!” chant as they struggle to speak. Bayley says she does not know what to say. Sasha says she is so lost for words. Nobody knows how hard they fought to get these titles. They do not do this for themselves or for you, they do it for everyone on the back. This is just the beginning of more changes to come. They will do what they love and what they do best.

– Your announcers for the next match are Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

Here come The Miz who congratulates Sasha Banks and Bayley on winning the tag titles. Miz says he wants to dedicate this match to his dad, his daughter, and his wife. Maryse joins her husband on the stge. Miz says when they had a huge announcement, they would announce it in the WWE. Miz says they have a big announcement. Maryse says they are having another babyyy!

SmackDown Tag Team Titles Match: The Usos vs. Shane McMahon and The Miz

Miz brings out his partner Shane McMahon next and they head to the ring together. Out next are The Usos, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso.

Jimmy and Miz start things off. They lock up and Jimmy with a side head lock. Jimmy with a shoulder tackle. Jimmy blocks a hip toss and Miz goes for Reality Check but he only hits the neck breaker. Miz goes for a figure four but Jimmy kicks Miz away. Jey tags in and Miz avoids a double super kick. Jey with an elbow and Miz with a hip toss. Miz with a clothesline into the corner and Shane tags in. Shane goes up top but Jimmy tries to stop him and Shane with kicks and a leg sweep. Shane with a forearm and sunset flip for a near fall. Shane with ‘punches’ to Jey followed by a jumping back elbow.

Miz tags in and kicks Jey and Shane with an elbow drop. Jey is clotheslined over the top rope to the floor. Miz and Shane clothesline Jimmy to the floor on the other side of the ring. Miz with kicks to Jey in the corner. Jey with a side head lock and Jimmy tags in and they hot shot Miz onto the top rope. Jey punches Miz and Jimmy sends Miz into the corner and punches Miz. Jey tags in and he hits a forearm into the corner. Jimmy tags back in and Jey with a leg sweep and then they make a wish with Miz.

Miz with elbows but Jimmy with a clothesline. Jey tags back in and and he stomps on the chest. Jey with a reverse chin lock and he keeps Miz from making the tag. Jey sends Miz into the corner and Jimmy tags in. Jimmy throws MIz’ shirt at Shane. Jimmy with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner and he mocks the Miz in the ropes. Jimmy runs into an STO from Miz. Shane and Jey tag in and Shane with punches and a jumping kick. Shane with a back body drop to Jey and Shane shuffles around Jey. Shane with a punch and then Shane with a float over DDT to Jimmy and a DDT to Jey for a near fall.

Shane puts Jimmy and Jey in the corner on the same side of the ring. Shane with a coast to coast to Jimmy. Shane goes up top for one to Jey. Shane is met with a super kick from Jey and Jey goes up top and hits a splash for a near fall when Miz breaks up the cover. Miz tags in and hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles. Miz with kicks to Jey but Jey with a Samoan drop to Miz. Jey misses the hip strike and Miz with a DDT for a near fall.

Jey rolls to the floor and hits a drop kick through the ropes. Miz adjusts the announce table. Jimmy with a suicide dive and he hits Jey when Miz moves. Miz kicks Jimmy and Miz looks around and tells Shane to get ready for a splash through the table. Shane goes up top for an elbow drop and hits the table that Jey is on. Miz puts Jimmy in the ring and Jimmy goes for an O’Connor Roll but Miz rolls through and sets for the Skull Crushing Finale. Jimmy with a super kick and he goes for the splash but Miz gets his knees up and Miz gets a near fall. Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale for a near fall and Jimmy with a crucifix rollup for the three count.

Winners: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso (new Champions)

After the match, Jimmy takes the titles to ringside and helps his brother up as their music hits. We go to replays. The Usos exit with the titles as Miz and Shane recover, shocked at the loss. They also leave together.


Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush are talking in the back and they are asked if we are going to see a third title change tonight and whether Lio is the weak link. Lio says he knows that Finn can pin him to win the title from Lashley. They have the advantage. Finn is stepping in the ring with the top of the food chain. There is no one more dominant than them. Finn has no chance.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush vs. Finn Balor

We go to the ring and Michael Cole is back on commentary with Corey Graves and Renee Young. Lio Rush and WWE Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley are out first. Finn Balor is out next to a pop.

Rush starts off but he tags Lashley in. They lock up and Lashley with a knee and forearm. Balor kicks Lashley and connects with a forearm. Lashley kicks Balor in the chest and connects with a forearm. Balor with a flying forearm and then Lashley goes to the floor. Lashley with a waist lock take down and then he sends Balor into the turnbuckles. Lashley with a double thrust to the throat and a forearm to the back. Lashley chokes Balor in the corner. Lashley with an Irish whip but Balor goes to the apron and hits an enzuigiri. Rush distracts Balor and Balor goes for a sunset flip but Lashley does not go over and he stomps the chest. Lashley gets Balor up but Balor with a forearm and he gets to his feet and he back drops Bobby over the top rope to the floor. Rush trips Balor as he comes off the ropes. Balor chases Rush around the ring and Bobby picks up Balor and runs him into the ringside barrier.

Lashley drives him into the apron and gets him in the ring for a two count.

Rush tags in and kicks Balor in the chest. Rush talks trash to Balor and stomps him down. Balor turns him around, but Rush gets out. Lashley tags in and clotheslines Balor for a two count. Lashley applies a chin lock, but Balor fights up. Lashley takes him down and tags Rush in. Rush applies an abdominal stretch to Balor, but Balor fights out. Rush boots him back and tags Lashley back in. Lashley powers Balor to the corner and shoulders away at him. Lashley hits a pair of running shoulders on Balor before hitting a big spinebuster. Lashley sets up, and Rush blind tags in. Lashley cannot believe it. Rush goes for a top rope splash, but Balor moves.

Balor has Rush cornered and stops him from making a tag. Balor takes Rush down, knocks Lashley off the apron, and hits a double stomp on Rush. Balor catches Rush with a Sling Blade before tossing Lashley out of the ring. Balor then throws Rush out of the ring. Balor hits them with a summersault senton. Balor gets Rush in the ring, dropkicks him into the corner, and goes to the top rope for the Coup de Grace. Balor picks up the win!

Winner and new WWE Intercontinental Champion: Finn Balor

After the match, Balor takes the title and begins to celebrate as the music hits. We go to replays. Lashley is left in the ring with Rush now and he’s not happy. Lashley puts hands on Rush and then drives him into the mat to end the segment.

In the Arena:

Before we get to our next match, the current opponent for the Raw Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, makes her way to the ring.

Charlotte is asked when she found out about replacing Becky in the match at Wrestlemania. Charlotte says life is good when you are Charlotte Flair. Charlotte says she is going to Wrestlemania and she got to do what she loves and that is humiliate The Man. Becky should have learned by now because she got herself suspended from the WWE. Becky panders for your attention. She needs your cheers. Charlotte says her reflection in the mirror gives her all of the love and approval that she needs. She knows that she is the very best.

RAW Women’s Title Match: Ruby Riott vs. Ronda Rousey

Ruby Riott makes her way out first as the music hits. Ruby enters the ring as Flair exits and takes her seat from ringside. Riott waits around until the music finally hits and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Rousey is dressed as Sonya Blade, the Mortal Kombat 11 video game character she is voicing. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

Ruby with a take down and punches. Ronda with judo throws to Ruby and Ruby goes to the floor. Ruby returns to the ring but goes into the ropes to stop Ronda. Ruby with a punch but Ronda with a hip toss and Piper’s Pit. Ronda points to the Wrestlemania sign and says Flawless victory before applying the arm bar and Ruby immediatly taps out.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

After the bell, Rousey stands tall and looks down at Flair as her music hits. Flair struts around a ringside and enters the ring. Flair laughs and stares down at Rousey in the middle of the ring. Becky Lynch suddenly comes from the crowd on crutches as fans start chanting her name. Becky tosses her crutches into the ring and enters, barely able to get to her feet as fans chant her name. Flair mocks her. Fans chant “she’s The Man!” now. Becky tosses a crutch at Flair and unloads on her with the other one. Lynch beats Flair down with the crutch as Rousey watches. Lynch with another crutch shot while sending a few words to Rousey. Rousey grabs a crutch as Lynch offers her a free shot to Flair. Flair backs into the corner and pleads as Rousey backs her up. Lynch comes from behind and drops Rousey with a crutch shot. Lynch unloads on Flair and Rousey with crutch shots. Security hits the ring with referees. Lynch takes a crutch from Rousey and beats on her some more. Lynch limps around and smiles as fans chant her name. Lynch exits the ring as security helps her back through the crowd. Ronda looks on from ringside. Flair sits up in the ring and recovers.

No DQ Match: Baron Corbin vs. Braun Strowman

Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring while Ronda Rousey is still out. Braun Strowman is out next.

The bell rings and the “get these hands!” chants start up. Corbin tosses his vest at Braun and attacks but Braun drops him. Corbin goes out and grabs a kendo stick now, nailing Strowman with it. Corbin brings the stick into the ring and keeps the attack going. Corbin works Strowman around the ring and places the stick into the top turnbuckle. Corbin tries to send Strowman into the kendo stick spike in the corner but it’s reversed. Corbin also avoids it and runs back in but Strowman goes to work on him. Strowman toys with Corbin in the corner now. Strowman snatches the stick and breaks it in half, yelling out that he doesn’t need the weapon to kick Corbin’s ass. Strowman drops Corbin and sends him out of the ring for a breather.

Strowman runs around the ring and sends Corbin into the barrier with a big shoulder. Strowman plays to the crowd for a pop. Strowman runs around the ring again but Corbin throws an announce table chair at him. Strowman catches it. Strowman charges again but Corbin side-steps and sends Strowman into the steel steps at ringside. Corbin takes half of the steel steps and rams them into Strowman. Corbin with another shot with half of the steps. Corbin mocks Strowman and drops him with another steps shot to the face. Corbin mocks Strowman at ringside again.

Corbin brings it back into the ring and decks Strowman. Corbin drops Strowman with another big right hand. Corbin wastes some time and plays to the crowd for boos. Corbin charges again but Strowman swats him away with ease. Strowman overpowers and works Corbin over now. Fans chant for tables now. A table is propped up in the corner but Corbin avoids it and looks to turn it back around on Strowman. Strowman manages to catch Corbin mid-move and drive him through the table in the corner with a big powerslam. The music suddenly interrupts as Drew McIntyre makes his way out.

Drew matches to the ring with a steel chair. Strowman readies in the ring and waits for a fight. Bobby Lashley comes in from behind and drops Strowman with a steel chair. Drew enters the ring and joins in. Lashley and McIntyre unload on Strowman with steel chair shots as Corbin recovers. Strowman gets up and drops Lashley, then turns to Drew. Lashley manages to come back and level Strowman with a big Spear. Drew and Lashley bring parts of the steel steps into the ring now. Corbin is up on his feet directing traffic now. Drew grabs Braun’s face and talks trash now. Braun fights back and also grabs Lashley but Corbin makes the save from behind with a steel chair.

Corbin and Drew slide tables into the ring to Lashley now. Corbin and Lashley stand these tables up. Strowman slowly gets to his feet but Drew puts him right back down with a Claymore Kick. The heels stack one table on top of the other now, right in the middle of the ring. Lashley is standing on top of the steel steps, which are in front of the stacked tables. They bring Strowman over to the steps in the middle of the ring and put him through the stacked tables with a three-way powerbomb. Corbin covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

After the bell, Corbin stands tall with Lashley and McIntyre on top of the platform they made with the two parts of the steel steps. They raise their arms as Corbin’s music hits. We go to replays with Strowman laid out in front of the heels.


We go to the medical office and Miz says he is sorry and Shane tells him to relax. Miz says it is not okay. He says he is better than that. He broke a promise to his dad, to you, to his wife, and his daughter. Shane tells Miz to go home and chill out. He will see Miz on Tuesday.

– We go to the stage and out comes Lacey Evans. She walks down the ramp some as her music plays. She walks right back up the ramp and to the back. That was it.

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title: Kofi Kingston vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan

Back from another promo and it’s time for tonight’s main event. Out first comes Kofi Kingston as Greg Hamilton does the introductions. Jeff Hardy is out next, followed by Randy Orton. AJ Styles is out next, followed by Samoa Joe. The others enter the pods as Joe waits. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan is out last with Rowan at his side. Bryan calls for the music to be cut. He isn’t happy about being forced to start the match, blaming it on fans and the WWE officials who listen to them. Referees come up the ramp to back Rowan to the backstage area. Bryan yells “no!” at Rowan being sent to the back. Fans sing “goodbye!” to Rowan. Bryan goes on ranting before finally entering the Chamber with the WWE Title. He hands over the title to the referee and it’s finally time to go.

Bryan goes to the grating and Joe wants Bryan to get back into the ring. Bryan refuses and Joe tells Daniel to get back in the ring. Daniel thinks about going into the ring but he thinks better of it and stays outside the ring. Daniel enters the ring and kicks Joe in the leg. Bryan with another kick to the leg. Joe blocks a kick and kicks Bryan in the back. Joe with a heel hook and Bryan gets to the ropes to get out of the hold because there are no disqualifications or rope breaks. Bryan with a chop and he goes outside the ring. Joe backs Daniel against the chamber. Joe with chops to Bryan.

Joe goes for a belly-to-back but Bryan lands on his feet. Bryan goes for a rana but Joe counters with a power bomb into a Boston Crab and then an STF. Joe then turns it into a crossface and he traps the other arm. Bryan gets a near fall. Bryan with a drop kick to the knee and he sends Joe onto the grates. Bryan with a hammer lock and he sends Joe into the pod. Bryan gets a near fall. Bryan with a chop and Joe chops back. Joe with a head butt and kicks to the chest and back. Joe with a punch and Bryan with a chop. Joe with a chop and Bryan goes down.

Joe with an Irish whip and Bryan with a drop toe hold to send Joe face first into the turnbuckles. Bryan with kicks to the chest but Bryan stops when the clock gets to zero for the next entrant.

Kofi Kingston is the next entrant.

Kofi with kicks to Bryan and Joe. Joe avoids a DDT but Kofi hits a pendulum kicks. Kofi with a splash to the back for a near fall. Bryan sends Kofi into the turnbuckles and drops Kofi on the top rope. Bryan goes to the turnbuckles and hits a knee to the back of the neck for a near fall. Joe chops Bryan and Bryan goes down and he leaves the ring. Bryan climbs onto the pod to avoid Joe. Bryan decides to watch the match from his new perch.

Kofi with forearms to Joe but Joe with a chop. Kofi leaps onto the pod and stands in front of Bryan. Kofi punches Bryan and Bryan escapes and goes to another pod. Kofi and Bryan with kicks and Joe grabs Bryan and pulls him to the floor. Kofi kicks Joe to send him to the grating. Kofi with a trust fall onto Bryan and Joe but Kofi holds his back. Kofi gets a near fall on Bryan. Kofi gets a near fall on Joe. Bryan with a side head lock and a shoulder tackle. Kofi with a jumping back elbow for a near fall. Joe kicks Jofi and Joe with a back senton onto Bryan. Joe suplexes Kofi and gets a near fall.

Joe with a forearm to Bryan and he goes to the grating to chop Bryan against the chamber.

AJ Styles is the next entrant.

Joe goes after Bryan and then Kofi. AJ clotheslines Joe. Bryan sends Styles into the turnbuckles and they exchange punches and forearms. Bryan with an Irish whip but AJ with an elbow. AJ with a springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT on Bryan and a DDT on Kofi. AJ gets a series of near falls. AJ sends Kofi into the turnbuckles. Bryan climbs the chamber while AJ hits a slingshot forearm on Joe. AJ sees Bryan on the chamber and AJ with a springboard forearm to the back of Bryan and Daniel falls to the grating. AJ with a sunset flip into a Styles Clash attempt but Kofi kicks Styles to stay out of the hold.

Styles with an Ushigoroshi for a near fall. AJ goes to the grates and he kicks and chops Joe. AJ tries to send Joe into the chamber but Joe blocks it and Joe sends AJ into the chamber and back drops AJ into the ring. Joe with a forearm to Kofi. Kofi with kicks and forearms. Joe with a Coquina Clutch. Kofi goes to the turnbuckles for leverage but Kofi can only get a near fall. Joe holds on to the Coquina Clutch and Kofi with a jaw breaker and AJ with a Phenomenal Forearm to pin Joe.

Samoa Joe Eliminated

Jeff Hardy is the next entrant

Hardy with a forearm to Styles followed by a reverse atomic drop and leg drop followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Hardy with a sit out jaw breaker to Styles and a kick to Bryan. Hardy with a sit out gourdbuster on Kofi and Jeff with Poetry in Motion onto Bryan on the grating. Hardy with a kick to Styles and AJ avoids the Twist of Fate and Styles with a Pele Kick. Bryan sends Kofi into the chamber and he sends him into the post. Styles sends Hardy against the pod. Hardy kicks Styles while they fight on the top turnbuckle and then Styles lands on the turnbuckles and hits the grating.

Bryan wraps Kofi’s arm in the chains of the chamber. Hardy with a Swanton off the pod onto Styles on the turnbuckles. Bryan with a flying knee to pin Hardy.

Jeff Hardy Eliminated

Bryan kicks Styles in the Tree of Woe and hits a drop kick to Styles. Bryan puts Kofi on the turnbuckles on top of Styles and Bryan kicks Styles. Bryan goes for a superplex on Kofi but AJ with a German superplex to Bryan while Bryan hits the superplex. Styles hangs from the turnbuckles.

The final entrant is Randy Orton.

Orton clotheslines Bryan and then he kicks Styles in the tree of woe. Orton with a clothesline to Kofi and more kicks to AJ in the corner. Orton kicks Kofi and Orton sends Kofi into Styles. Bryan with a back slide to Orton. Orton with a kick and he drops Bryan on the top rope. Kofi with a drop kick. Styles with a back breaker to Kofi. Styles with an Irish whip to Kofi and Styles is sent to the apron and Styles with a forearm. AJ sets for the Phenomenal Forearm but Orton grabs Styles and hits a hanging RKO for the three count.

AJ Styles Eliminated

Kofi with a rollup for a near fall on Orton and he misses Trouble in Paradise. Kofi goes up top and Orton crotches Kofi on the turnbuckles. Orton sets for a hanging DDT and hits it. Orton twists to the mat and pounds it but he sees Bryan come at him and Orton with a power slam. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise to pin Orton.

Randy Orton Eliminated

Fans chant for Kofi as he stands tall while Bryan recovers. Bryan and Kofi unload on each other now. Bryan with big kicks while Kofi is on his knees, bringing “no!” chants from the fans. Kofi ducks the roundhouse kick and drops Bryan with a SOS for another close pin attempt. Kofi leaps in the corner but hits the turnbuckles face-first as Bryan moves.

Fans chant for Kofi but Bryan taunts him and talks some trash. Bryan with more big kicks in the corner now as fans chant “no!” again. Bryan with two corner dropkicks, and a third, and a fourth. Bryan runs in for another dropkick but Kofi cuts him off and drops him for a very close 2 count. Kofi can’t believe it. Fans chant Kofi’s name again. Bryan rolls to the steel platform for a breather as Kofi approaches. Fans boo. Kofi comes to the steel instead and they go at it. Kofi slams Bryan’s face into the steel wall over and over. Kofi gets hyped up as fans pop for him again. Bryan counters a move and launches Kofi into the side of one of the pods, cutting off the energy from Kofi’s supporters in the crowd. Bryan waits for Kofi to get up and then hits the big running knee. Kofi still kicks out at 2 and Bryan can’t believe it.

Fans chant for Kofi again but Bryan just shakes his head. Bryan stands over Kofi and stomps away on his head while holding his arms. Bryan covers for a 2 count. Bryan charges but Kofi levels him out of nowhere for another close 2 count. Bryan drops Kofi into the LeBell Lock. Bryan transitions as Kofi tries to break free. Fans chant for Kofi again as he reaches for the bottom rope. Kofi finally gets the rope and the hold is broken. Bryan is exhausted, laid out on top of Kofi. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now.

Bryan goes to the top rope but Kofi crotches him. Fans chant for Kofi as he climbs up to the top with Bryan. Bryan escapes to the top of the pod. Kofi joins him on top of the pod and works him over. Kofi smashes Bryan back into the glass of the pod. Kofi stands up with Bryan on top of the pod now. Kofi looks to hit a superplex from the top of the pod to the ring but Bryan fights back. Bryan smashes Kofi’s head into the pod glass now, both Superstars still up high on top of the pod. Bryan tries for a superplex now but Kofi resists. Kofi beats Bryan down on top of the pod. Kofi kicks Bryan to the top turnbuckle and then down to the mat with a boot to the face.

Kofi stands on top of the pod as fans cheer him on. Kofi leaps out with a big crossbody but nobody is there as Bryan rolls out of the way. Kofi gets up but Bryan charges in with the running knee to the face. Bryan covers for the pin to retain.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (retains Championship)

After the match, the energy has been sucked out of the arena as everyone is shocked at the finish. Bryan recovers and stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Bryan exits the Chamber as Rowan comes to the ramp to help him back to the back. Kofi is trying to get to his feet in the ring now as the referee checks on him. Fans start chanting for him. Xavier Woods and Big E run down to the ring now to check on Kofi. Fans chant “thank you Kofi!” as Big E and Xavier help him to his feet. The New Day’s music hits as they all stop to have a seat on the steps of the Chamber, taking everything in. The New Day heads up the ramp together as fans cheer Kofi on. The 2019 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view goes off the air with The New Day standing tall on the stage while a “Kofi!” chant rings out.

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