WWE Smackdown Results – Mar 28, 2017

Daniel Bryan’s music hits to loud “YES” chants as the Smackdown Live general manager makes his way to the ring.

We see a table and two chairs in the ring as it’s time for the contract signing. The crowd starts with the “Daniel Bryan” chants as he thanks the crowd and asks them if they’re ready for Wrestlemania. Bryan welcomes Shane McMahon as “Here comes the money” plays and the Smackdown Live commissioner gets ready for the contract signing. Bryan introduces Shane’s opponent for Wrestlemania, AJ Styles! Styles gets in the ring as both men sit.

Shane starts off by saying that 8 months ago when Smackdown became Smackdown Live, he and Bryan had a vision to make it the land of opportunity. Where management wouldn’t push their own agendas. And no matter what has happened between them, he thinks he is one of the greatest talents to ever step foot through the ropes. And that he truly is phenomenal. AJ says they actually agree on something and that yes, he is phenomenal. AJ says they actually agree on something and that yes, he is phenomenal. The crowd starts an “AJ Styles” chant. Shane says he used the feel from the crowd and it catapulted him into winning the WWE championship. But after that, he got arrogant. And it was that arrogance and ego which cost him the WWE championship. And since he wasn’t supposed to be at Wrestlemania, AJ put himself on the card by attacking him. Shane says if AJ doesn’t bring his A game, how phenomenal will he feel when it’s his hand being raised at Wrestlemania?

AJ asks Shane if he knows what kind of match they’re having. Not a HIAC match, not falls count anywhere. Where if he’s out of the ring for more than 10 seconds, he’ll lose. No tables, ladders or chairs. If he uses anything, he’ll be disqualified. It’s what we call a “traditional match” and he doesn’t know if Shane has ever been in one. And when he gets in the ring with him, he’ll have entered the world of AJ Styles. And that in the ring, he is untouchable. AJ says he will embarass him on every level. He says Shane has been in the ring with Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock and last year with the Undertaker. But here’s the thing, he’s never been in the ring with somebody like AJ Styles before. He is all around the best performer to ever step foot in a WWE ring. And at Wrestlemania, Shane will find out how phenomenal he really is. AJ signs the contract and moves the table as Daniel Bryan interferes.

Bryan tells them to calm down and asks for them to shake hands. Shane extends his hand and AJ walks out of the ring.

– Later tonight, Luke Harper against Bray Wyatt. Up next, Becky Lynch against Carmella.

Becky Lynch vs. Carmella

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James are at ringside for this women’s match. Becky Lynch comes out first and James Ellsworth’s music hits. He tells the fans to listen up. He says he is the handsom specimen called James Ellsworth and he demands respect as he presents the princess of Staten Island New York, Carmella.

The bell rings and we’re under way. Carmella calls James to the ring apron as she takes gum out of her mouth and gives it to James who puts it in his mouth. She slides in the ring and takes Becky down. She slams her head onto the ring and goes for the cover but barely a 1 count. Becky gets up and fires back with an inziguri.

Alexa and Mickie James are arguing on commentary. They both get up and start fighting each other outside the ring. Alexa and Mickie both slide in the ring and Mickie James hits Carmella as the referee calls for the bell. All four women fight in the ring. Carmella slides out and Mickie gives the Mick kick to Alexa. Mickie and Becky are left in the ring as James points to the Wrestlemania sign and we go to a commercial break.

Winner: No contest

Mickie James and Becky Lynch vs. Carmella and Alexa Bliss

During the commercial break, the women’s match turned into a tag team match. Mickie James and Becky Lynch against Carmella and Alexa Bliss. Carmella and Mickie James are the two legal women in the amtch. Carmella goes for a slap but Mickie ducks and delivers a kick. Alexa goes to attack Mickie on the ring apron but Mickie hits her off. She turns around and Carmella knocks Mickie down and delivers forearms. She goes for the cover but a 2 count.

Carmella tags Alexa in. Alexa with a European headlock on Mickie James. Mickie gets up and hits Alexa to get out of it. Alexa takes her back down and goes for the cover and another 2 count. Alexa with another headlock on Mickie James. Mickie lifts out of it but Alexa takes her down right a right hand and Natalya’s music hits as she comes down to the ring and another commercial break.

We come back and Natalya is on commentary as the match continues. Mickie makes the tag to Becky Lynch and Alexa tags Carmella in. Becky with a flying forearm. Natalya gets off commentary and into the ring as Becky hits her with a forearm. The referee is distracted as Carmella sends Becky to the ropes, James trips Becky and Carmella gets the cover, 1, 2, 3! All five women now in the ring fighting. Naomi’s music hits and Natalya runs to the ramp and Naomi lands a flying hurricanrana. She gets in the ring and cleans house taking them all out.

She grabs the microphone. She says she knows they were wondering if she would be back for Wrestlemania. And she’s back. She enters the Smackdown Live! Women’s title match. She points to the Wrestlemania sign and says on Sunday in her hometown, they will feel the power.


Daniel Bryan is on the phone and Tylor Breeze comes in dressed as Nikki Bella and asks if he wants him (or her) at Wrestlemania. Bryan says no as Fandango comes into the picture. Bryan asks them if they would like to compete tonight where the winner would be included in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. They both agree. Back to commercial.

The Miz TV:

The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with his wife Maryse. The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with his wife Maryse. The Miz welcomes everyone to The Miz TV. He says last week we got a glimpse into the personal lives of John Cena and Nikki Bella. This week is the shocking conclusion. Highlights of last week are shown.

The parody ended with Nikki proposing to Cena. We go back to the ring and Miz wonders if Cena will accept the proposal. Back to commercial.

The conclusion of the skit. In the skit, Cena says “I do… Not ever want to marry you. It would damage my brand.” The skit ends with The Miz and Maryse saying they know that Cena and Nikki are watching and they will make sure that Wrestlemania is their curtain call. Miz says without WWE, Cena is done (in Hollywood). Maryze says tells Nikki to enjoy the Kids Choice awards because it’s the closest she will be with kids with Cena.

Back in the ring, Cena’s music hits. He comes down with Nikki. They get in the ring and Cena grabs a microphone. Cena says he was laughing with everyone else. He says The Miz nailed it with the skits. Cena says it’s one of the few good things he’s done. Cena says they have a problem with them because they believe that what they are saying is true. Cena mentions how Maryse blamed Nikki for Maryse not coming back earlier. Cena states the reason why Maryse didn’t come back sooner was because she wasn’t any good. He says he is as brand loyal as Vince McMahon. Half of the people hate Cena for it. He says he is going to do a movie and come back. He mentions a list of superstars who have done it, including The Miz himself.

Cena says at least The Miz is doing something but he doesn’t know what Maryse is doing. There’s a women’s revolution going on but Maryse does nothing. He calls her a waste of space. The only reason she is back is because The Miz begged WWE to hire her back so he (The Miz) can be on Total Bellas. Cena states that The Miz is using Maryse to be on Total Divas.

John tells The Miz he isn’t real but real will hit him at Wrestlemania. Cena gets serious and tells The Miz he is looking at the man who will beat him at Wrestlemania. And how he and Nikki will destroy them at Wrestlemania. Cena calls The Miz a p*ssy. He calls The Miz and Maryse the sh** couple.

They go face to face but The Miz and Maryse back away and leave the ring. The Miz takes off his jacket and makes his way back to the ring but Maryse stops him. Nikki grabs the microphone and calls them fake jealous haters. Back to commercial.

American Alpha, Heath Slater, Rhyno and Mojo Rawley vs. The Usos, Dolph Ziggler, Tyler Breeze and Fandango

Jason Jordan of American Alpha starts the match with Dolph Ziggler. Jordan takes Ziggler down with a drop kick and tags Chad Gable in. Gable with an arm lock on Ziggler but Ziggler kicks Gable and gets out of it. Gable reverses it and takes Ziggler down with an arm bar. Slater gets tagged in and delivers an armbar himself and tags Rhyno in. Rhyno with a clothesline on Ziggler. And another one. He delivers a belly to belly and gets ready for the gore. He goes for it but Ziggler slides out of the ring. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial break and it’s Gable in the ring with Fandango. Fandango throws Gable into the turnbuckle. He goes for the cover, 1, 2 and a kick out. He tags in Jimmy Uso. Jay goes for a running splash but Gable moves out of the way. Jimmy tags in Jay. And a back body drop by Gable to Jay. Gable tags in Mojo Rawley and he cleans house taking out everyone. Mojo goes for the cover on Breeze but Jay breaks it up and a fight ensues between them all. Rawley hits Breeze with the running forearm smash and gets the win.

Winners: Heath Slater, Rhyno, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan and Mojo Rawley

– We go backstage to Luke Harper. He cuts a promo on Bray Wyatt and says he has seen the truth, and the truth is Harper doesn’t need Wyatt. Harper is free and if he was Wyatt, he would… run. Back to commercial.

Bray Wyatt against Luke Harper

Bray Wyatt’s music hits and the cell phones in the audience come out. They show scenes from last week’s Smackdown Live where Wyatt is speaking to Randy Orton. Back to commercial.

Back from commercial break and the match is under way. Both men exchange right hands. Bray delivers a running forearm. He runs to the ropes but a dropkick by Luke Harper as Bray rolls out of the ring. Outside, Luke with some right hands. He backs up and delivers a running splash. Luke gets up on the announce table and we go to a commercial break.

Back from commercial break and Bray Wyatt is kicking Harper in the ring. A senton by Wyatt onto Harper. Harper gets up and tries to go for Sister Abigail but Wyatt rolls out of the ring. Harper runs and jumps through the ropes and takes Wyatt out. He throws him back in the ring and Harper delivers a big boot onto Wyatt. He goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. A running elbow into the corner by Harper. Harper goes for another one but Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail, Harper gets out of it and delivers a running clothsline. He goes for the cover but Wyatt puts his hand on the ropes.

Harper and Wyatt both looking at each other. Wyatt runs at Harper and hits him with Sister Abigail. He goes for the cover and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match, Wyatt takes the title as we get replays. Wyatt sits on his knees in the middle of the ring as his music plays. Wyatt raises the WWE Title until a creepy music hits and Randy Orton appears on the big screen. Orton is at the same place where he burned down Wyatt’s compound a few weeks ago, destroying Sister Abigail. Orton sends a warning to Wyatt and has a crucifix stake to drive into the remains of Sister Abigail. Orton says this will end her and seal Wyatt’s fate. Orton says he’s coming for Wyatt and the WWE Title at WrestleMania, and nothing will stand in his way. There’s an explosion from the crucifix as SmackDown goes off the air.


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