Impact Wrestling Results – September 22, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results – September 22, 2020

This week’s Impact Wrestling on AXS opened with a look at everything that has gone down in recent weeks.

TJP vs. Chris Bey vs. Trey Miguel

The winner will become the top contender to X-Division Champion Rohit Raju. Raju is at ringside.

Miguel was knocked to the mat. Bey attacked TJP but was caught with several kicks. Trey flipped into the ring with a head scissors takedown. Bey used the ropes to transition TJP into a lucha-style armdrag. He whipped Miguel towards the corner but Miguel used a baseball slide to save himself and unloaded with offensive maneuvers, culminating with a standong moonsault for a two count. TJP broke up the pinfall and locked Miguel into an Octopus and then brought him down into a pinfall combination. Bey returned to the fray, breaking it up. Bey nailed a double DDT and scored two counts on each of his opponents.

Bey nailed a flying back elbow into the corner and nailed a neckbreaker for a two count. TJP locked on some unique submissions, locking Miguel in a Cloverleaf while also holding a Camel Clutch variation on Bey. He turned Miguel into a Great Muta Lock but Bey attacked him to break it up. Miguel fired up with right hands and peppered Bey with forearms. Bey ducked an enziguri but was caught with the follow through kick.

TJP returned to the battle and nailed a springboard elbow on Bey, then nailed a trifect of suplexes. TJP ascended to the top but Miguel met him there. They all battled. Miguel went for a flying headbutt but Bey caught him with a brutal looking cutter for a close two count. TJP broke it up and locked on a cross armbreaker. He transitioned into a leglock. Bey tried to get to the ropes but above them, Miguel came off the top with a double knee strike on TJP for the pin.

Your winner, Trey Miguel!

A good, athletic bout.

Rohit Raju entered the ring.

X-Division Champion Rohit Raju vs. Trey Miguel

Miguel charged Rohit, who ran him into the ropes and rolled him up, hooking the tights and scoring the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion Rohit Raju!

A total ripoff of a match, but that was the idea, showing that yet again Raju is a hypocrite for complaining about his lack of opportunities, then doing everything in his power to prevent others from getting theirs. I would think this leads to a Bound for Glory bout with the two or maybe an Ultimate X with all four of these competitors.

Impact Champion Eric Young said he’s had a few days to think about everything and going forward, his conscience is clear. He places the blame on Rich Swann and Scott D’Amore. Everything that happens going forward is their fault.

Gia Miller attempted to interview Tenille Dashwood but out came Kaleb with a K. He said she’d be up for her big return tonight and would be winning. Caleb Konley is playing the role perfectly.

We go to the most underrated announcing duo currently, Madison Rayne and Josh Mathews. They preview everything scheduled for tonight.

Kimber Lee (with Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Susie (with Kylie Rae)

Lee tried to kick Susie at the bell but was shoved down. She went into a split and caught Susie with an inside rollup for a two count. Susie used a jackknife for a two count and took her over with a side headlock, controlling Lee. Susie ran up the buckles to take her down again and nailed a bulldog for a two count.

Lee regained control after Deonna Purrazzo got involved. Lee stomped away at Susie. Lee trapped Susie on the mat, working over her knee and leg. Susie fought back but was caught in a Boston Crab in the center of the ring. Kylie rallied Susie to make it to the bottom rope, breaking the submission attempt. Lee began drilling her with a series of kicks to the chest. Susie finally caught the leg and snapped it into the ropes to give herself a respite.

Susie fired back with chops and a palm strike, then a Lou Thez Press. Susie pulled her into the buckles, smashing Lee’s face, then scoring another two count. Susie rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a powerbomb for a two count. Lee dragged Susie towards the corner and went up. Susie nailed her but Deonna grabbed her. Deonna went to strike Susie but she moved and nailed Lee instead. Susie nailed the Panic Switch and scored the pin.

Your winner, Susie!

After the match, Susie began to “transition” into Su Yung but stopped when Kylie hugged her. Deonna attacked Kylie and tried to snap Susie’s arm but Kyle made the save and threw her out of the ring.

Kylie took the mic and said if she wants to try and bully them, that’s fine. She said he’s the number one contender and come Bound for Glory, the Knockouts title is going to be hers. She challenged Deonna to face her at the PPV for the title. Purrazzo lost it. Behind Kylie, Susie continued to show signs that Su Yung was peeking out.

They aired a new Heath commercial. THIS WAS AWESOME. He said he used to have a last name but now a billionaire keeps it in a safe. His kids even made a cameo. It was very well done but then he found Rhino in the jungle. We were told that by Heath a job, we’d be supporting Rhino conversation. That was hilarious. But then, they went to celebrities who support this cause, including DAVID HASSELHOFF, NANCY KERRIGAN, CHUCK NORRIS and MY MAN Flavor Flav!! This was better than anything on Raw in terms of just pure entertainment and that was before D’Lo Brown cut a hell of a promo for Heath, who’s daughters then closed us our by warning Scott D’Amore he’d be an idiot if they didn’t hire their dad.

Backstage, The Good Brothers meet the Motor City Machine Guns. They said they needed to thank them after The Rascalz got taken out. The Rascalz took issue with that and challenged them to a match later on, saying they aren’t young boys to push around.

The Impact+ flashback was AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray from Bound for Glory with Dixie Carter at ringside.

They went to another great EC3 promo about controlling the narrative. He said that we have the technology via cellular phones to send Moose information. He gives out a number that is said to be Moose’s 407-457-8494, asking fans to basically harass him.

Taya found Rosemary and asked where she was last week as she left her alone to be double-teamed by Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan. Rosemary said she was unconscious backstage and could have used her help with Havok. Rosemary said they need to be on the same page. Taya offered to help Rosemary with her issue first and then Rosemary can help her. Rosemary noted that Taya was suppsed to help John E. Bravo. Taya said Bravo told her he has it all in hand. We go to Bravo with his Groomsmen – The Deaners, Fallah Bah, Johnny Swinger, Crazzy Steve and Alisha Edwards. Swinger and Bah got into it about being the true best man. Tommy Dreamer stuck his head in and yelled for Match Time. Bravo told him this wasn’t Wrestlehouse and it doesn’t work that way and to go take his schtict to the 2300 Arena. Dreamer slinked away. That was funny.

Backstage, Gia Miller tried to interview Brian Myers about losing last week. He noted he beat Willie Mack twice so it doesn’t matter, then flipped a table over in frustration. Dreamer showed up and counseled him that this place is supposed to be a new start for him. He told Myers to clean up the room and not to disrespect the company. He told Myers to clean it up. Myers told him he wasn’t. Dreamer got in his face. Myers said he wouldn’t let his own father speak to him that way. He told Dreamer he’ll clean it up but if Dreamer sees him going forward, he better walk the other way.

Cody Deaner was heading to the ring with Cousin Jake when Eric Young attacked them on the stage with the Impact title belt. Young brought Deaner to ringside and beat him down and tossed him into the guard rail and ring apron. Young continued to beat Deaner and left him laying in the ring. He said that Deaner reminds him of Rich Swann and his conscience is clear. He locked Deaner in an anklelock. Cousin Jake hit the ring to make the save and nailed a series of right hands that sent Young to the floor. Young told Jake that he did this and was lucky. He told him he’s going to end up like Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann and it will be Scott D’Amore’s fault. He walked away. Jake checked on Deaner but Young bolted back to the ring and attacked Jake, then went back and forth putting the boots to the Deaners. Young nailed a piledriver on Jake, mirroring the one he gave Deaner a few moments ago. Young cut a promo directly into the camera asking if Swann and Eddie were watching. He again blamed Scott D’Amore. He kept kicking and beating down the Deaners as he asked if they were watching and paying attention. He said this was all on them. He said it was his world now and it’s all by his design. He dumped Cody to the floor and locked an anklelock on Jake. Security finally came out but got smashed by Young. Scott D’Amore came down and told him to stop. He finally got into the ring to make Young break the hold. Young was going to beat him up but Eddie Edwards, hobbling on a bad ankle, attacked Young and chased him from the ring. This was a great throwback segment to the days where heels got to pulzerize people to showcase how evil and dangerous they were. Obviously, this sets up Edwards vs. Young in a rematch.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards demanded his rematch with Eric Young. He screamed at Scott D’Amore until Scott told him he could have a rematch at Victory Road. Edwards said he was going to end Young.

They announced Victory Road would air on Impact+ on 10/3.

Rob Van Dam (with Katie Forbes) vs. Sami Callihan.

They said RVD’s Whole Fn’ Talk Show aired on social media last week. That was news to me. They said Sami Callihan will have to spend five minutes in the ring with Katie if he loses. That seems like they have the gimmick backwards. They started brawling all over the ringside area with RVD being tossed into the guard rail. Sami reversed it and sent RVD into the rail. Sami tossed RVD back into the ring but was caught with a dropkick when Forbes grabbed his leg. Callihan was nailed with Rolling Thunder on the floor. Van Dam nailed him with a spinning kick against the ring steps. He tossed Callihan into the ring and the bell officially rang. Callihan exploded and fought Van Dam off, choking him against the ropes. Callihan nailed him with a headbutt and ran him into the buckles. The announcers discussed the idea that time has caught up to RVD but Van Dam nailed a springboard Ryder Kick after Forbes got involved.

After commercial, RVD continued to work Callihan over as Forbes trashtalked him. Van Dam nailed a big running dropkick in the corner. Van Dam covered Callihan for a two count but he grabbed the ropes. RVD shouted out Sabu and locked on a Camel Clutch. Sami bit his hand to escape. RVD locked on a body scissors, trying to squeeze Callihan into submission. Callihan fought back and went for a piledriver but Katie got on the apron and sprayed hairspray in Callihan’s eyes. RVD rolled up the blinded Callihan for the pin.

Your winner, Rob Van Dam!

Katie told Rob that she had this and began working over Sami with kicks to the face and then hit a hip attack. She began twerking but Sami grabbed her for a piledriver. RVD attacked Callihan. Forbes went back to stomping him as RVD went looking for a chair on the floor. They placed the chair on Sami’s chest and started well, making out. RVD was going for the Five Star Frogsplash but Sami flung the chair in his face. RVD crashed to the floor. Callihan piledrove Forbes and counted his own pinfall.

Your winner, maybe, Sami Callihan?

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Austin pinned Chris Sabin last week which means they are next in line for a shot at the Tag Team titles. The North showed up and said they were champs for over a year and they get to run the tag team division. They as a team won last week but the North was responsible for it. They all went at each other. Ethan Page said they can take care of this next week. Fulton and Austin agreed.

Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood.

Kaleb with A K came out and took over the ring announcing duties from David Penzer.

Dashwood caught Grace with a shoulderblock and began kicking away at her. Grace was sent into the buckles and whipped hard into the opposite corner. Grace reversed a whip and returned the favor, then chopped her hard. Grace sent her again into the buckles and nailed a shot arm clothesline. Dashwood was hit with a big hiptoss. Dashwood went to the floor and cut off Grace as she followed, yanking her out of the ring to the floor by her hair. Dashwood nailed a series of elbows when Grace returned to the ring and covered her for several near falls.

Grace was run into the buckles again. Grace rolled to the outside on the apron and was nailed with a neckbreaker in the ropes for another two count. Dashwood continued to control and worked over Grace. Tenille nailed a DDT for a two count. Grace’s arms were tied up but she was able to power her way out. Grace nailed a sit-down Michinoku Driver for a two count. They battled to the ropes. Grace was trapped in the tree of woe. Dashwood nailed a double stomp and drilled Grace with the running splash in the corner. Dashwood threw a small tantrum when Grace kicked out at the last second. Grace scored with a powerslam for a near fall. She attempted a DVDR but Dashwood battled her off. Grace went for the Gracedriver again but Kaleb with A K got on the apron. That distracts Grace, allowing Dashwood to nail her finisher, the Spotlight Kick. Dashwood scored the pin.

Your winner, Tenille Dashwood!

As they went off the air, someone attacked Eddie Edwards as he left the building, but it wasn’t clear who the culprit was.

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