6/15 AEW Collision Results

6/15 AEW Collision Results

6/15 AEW Collision Results – We are live from the Covelli Center in Youngstown, Ohio, where AEW celebrates one year anniversary of Collision.

Blackpool Combat Club vs. TMDK, Lio Rush, & Rocky Romero

Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the one year anniversary show as Blackpool Combat Club make their way through the audience.

Rush and Danielson start off the match. They exchanged holds. Danielson kicked Rush in the yam bags. Rush responded with a headscissors takedown. Yuta tagged in and Rush immediately took him off his feet. Romero tagged in and they exchanged forearms and chops. Romero kicked Yuta behind the ear and Wheeler suplexed him. Castagnoli tagged in and did a headscissors takedown. Nichols tagged in and TMDK double teamed Romero. Castagnoli took out both members of TMDK after Haste tagged in.

Danielson dropkicked Haste and did a running kick to the head. Haste took Danielson down with a dropkick. Multiple men are in the ring and some are on the outside. Danielson and Haste are still in the ring. Danielson kicked Haste in the chest repeatedly while the crowd chanted “Yes!” Nichols pulled Danielson out by his legs, so that Haste could do a running dropkick.

After the break, Romero did the forever lariat on Danielson. Danielson jumped down and hit his knee in Romero’s yambags. Haste and Casagnoli tagged in. Castagnoli his Nichols in the corner with a European uppercut. He laid into Haste and did a back bodydrop. Castagnoli ran around the ring and did another uppercut to Nichols. Yuta with a dropkick and a tope suicida. Nichols shoved him into the barricade. Mox tagged in and slammed Nichols. In the corner, he rained down punches. Mox with a piledriver and a rear naked choke. Nichols back elbowed out. They both take each other down. Rush with a frog splash for two on Mox.

Rush went for another, but Mox rolled out of the way and hit with a big boot. Mox went for a Death Rider and Rush shoved him into TMDK, who took him down. Blackpool keeps teeing off on their opponents until Castagnoli puts Romero in The Giant Swing. Rush put Castagnoli in a sleeper. Castagnoli tossed him to Mox who hit the Death Rider for the win.

Winner: Blackpool Combat Club

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Thunder Rosa

The Acclaimed cut a promo about Bowens being fined $5000 for “disparaging the EVPs”. They aren’t the same team they were four years ago when they last faced one another. Caster told the EVPs to shove their fines, but were interrupted by Brandon Cutler before Caster could rap. He reminded them of the fine. Christopher Daniels interrupted him to say Tony Khan reversed their fines. Cutler took a Scissor Me Timbers.

Purrazzo went after Thunder Rosa before the bell rang. Rosa jumped off the turnbuckle onto Purrazzo on the outside. She then put her into the steps three times. Rosa threw a trash can and chain into the ring. She went Purrazo with a trash can lid. Rosa went for a dropkick, but Purrazzo moved and hit the steps. Purrazzo smashed Rosa’s arm with the steps.

Purrazzo put chairs in the ring and placed one between the ropes. Rosa with a back elbow and a Death Valley Driver. Rosa got a table and as she put it in the ring, Purrazzo did a baseball slide into the table to hit Rosa in the face.

Following the break, Purrazzo swung at Rosa with a chair and missed, allowing Rosa to kick it into her face. Rosa with a back body drop onto the table in the ring (without its legs up). The women fight in the corner. Purrazzo with a Cheeky Nandos and a shoulder tackle while Rosa was in the Tree of Woe.

Purrazzo got spiked with a DDT on the chair. Rosa shoved her in the corner and placed a trash can on Purrazzo’s head. She then set up the table as a ramp so she could do a running dropkick into the trash can. Rosa set up the other side of the table. It fell, so Rosa shoved it into her gut. Purrazzo did a tombstone to Rosa and followed with the Venus de Milo. She rained down blows on Rosa. Purrazzo kicked the camera man and took something from his equipment and threw it at Rosa’s face. Purrazzo did a Venus di Milo over the ropes for the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Hechicero vs. Dalton Castle

The Outrunners are Castle’s Boys for the night. Hechicero was accompanied by Gates of Agony.

Hechicero put his face against Castle before shoving him. Castle is forced into the opposite ropes. They exchanged forearms. Hechicero followed him across the ring and put him in a sleeper hold over the ropes. Hechicero dove off the ropes onto Castle. Castle with a kick and sitting DDT. Castle put him in a waistlock and then a bangarang. Hechicero flipped him over and did some crazy move and put him in a rear naked choke. He put Castle in a second rear naked. Hechicero with body shots in the corner. Castle suplexed Hechicero. Hechicero with a sunset flip. Castle with a pumpkick to the jaw. Hechicero with a knee lift against the rope and followed with a twisted leg drop for the win.

After the match, Hechicero and Gates of Agony attacked Castle. The Outrunners attempted to help save him, but were taken out. Daniel Garcia and Daddy Magic made the save.

Winner: Hechicero

Christian Cage’s Father’s Day Special

Shayna and Nick Wayne are in the ring with Killswitch to welcome “the greatest father who ever lived”, Christian Cage. Cage sat in a special chair with The Patriarchy behind him. Cage acknowledged that today is the anniversary of Nick’s biological father passing away. He said Buddy’s death led Nick directly to him.

Nick made him a homemade card. Killswitch painted a picture of Cage. Cage said it was okay and told Nick that his homecard was better. The crowd chanted “Luchasaurus!” Cage asked Killswitch why he can’t be more like Nick. Killswitch attempted to leave the ring, but Cage said he didn’t excuse him. Cage said that he got his shoulder up and he should still be champion. His gift to Nick and Killswitch is that they’re going to compete for the Trios titles. Cage said he is the greatest signing in AEW history and that he is Tony Khan’s father now.

Lee Moriarty vs. Dante Martin

Morarity and Martin sized each other up and do a test of strength. Moriarty took Martin down. Martin with two headscissors takedown. Moriarty rolled out and asked for a time out as Martin already dove out. Morarity was on the side of the ring, calling for another time out. Martin slid the ropes and kicked Moriarty. Martin followed with a chop to the chest. Martin put him back in the ring and went up top. Morairty made him fall to the outside.

Following the break, Morarity had Martin in a headlock. Martin with an armdrag and a forearm. Martin jumped from the top rope onto Moriarty. Martin put him in waistlock and Moriarty reversed and snapped Martin’s arm. Moriarty with a face plant into the Border City Stretch. Morarity stomped Martin’s hand to keep him from getting to the rope. Martin got his leg on the rope. Moriarty took Martin down again. Moriarty went for a superkick, but Martin with a knee lift and a pump kick and another knee lift. Martin did a dropkick from the top rope and followed with a splash from the other corner.

Following the match, STP attacked Martin. Darius and Action Andretti made the save. Rush came out to join Darius and Andretti.

Winner: Dante Martin

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Anthony Henry

O’Reilly and Henry tried taking each other down, but O’Reilly got him down first. They kicked each other down. Henry took KOR down and KOR did the same. Henry with double wristlocks. They continued to keep each other on the mat. Henry with a headlock and kicks to the head. Henry continued with kicks and body shots. KOR took Henry down and smashed him in the corner. O’Reilly put Henry in the armbar until he tapped.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

Bang Bang Gang vs. House of Black

All six men stand eye to eye. Robinson and Black start off. Black takes Robinson off his feet, but Robinson took him down with an armdrag. Black with a headscissors. Robinson went for Black and missed. Black sat in the ring, so Robinson pretended to pee on him and Black took him off his feet.

Austin tagged in and stepped to Black. King tagged in, so Austin tagged his brother in. Colten punched King in the jaw. King shoulder tackled both Gunns and then again simultaneously. He clotheslined over the top. All six men in the ring. HOB took their opponents down.

After the break, Colten was isolated while HOB assaulted him. Black tagged in and Matthews threw Colten’s arm so it would get kicked. Black isolated in the corner while the Gunns attacked him. The Gunns double team Black and Robinson pinned him for two. Black was isolated in the corner. Robinson with a swinging neckbreaker. Austin tagged in. Robinson held Black so Austin could kick him. Colten tagged in and kicked Black down to the mat. Robinson back in and he headbutted Black. Black punched the Gunns and fought with Robinson. Robinson with a leg lariat and put Black in a half nelson.

Black got to his feet and Robinson jabbed him in the throat and made him fall into the corner. Robinson went for a cannonball, but Black rolled out of the way. Colten tagged in and sent Black to the corner. He went for a splash, but Black moved. Austin tagged in and grabbed Black’s legs. Austin stumbled back into Colten. Matthews tagged in and hit him with kicks and knee lifts. Then he lawn darted Austin into Colten. Matthews with a jackhammer to Austin. Robinson broke up the pin and knocked King off the apron. Robinson sent Murphy over the rope, but Murphy caught himself. Matthews kicked Robinson in the head and kicked him a second time before doing a Meteora. Matthews hurt his knee and tagged in King.

After the break, Matthews was helped to the back. The Bang Bang Gang attacked Black and King. Robinson blew snot rockets on King and then hit him with a cannonball. He pinned him for two. The Gunns double team King, but King turns the table. King with a slam to Robinson. Black tagged in and he took out Colten. The Gunns try to double team him. Black with a leg sweep. Robinson pushed Austin out of the way and took a moonsault from Black. Black with a second rope springboard and a German suplex to Colten.

Robinson grabbed Black’s leg. Colten clubbed Black in the back of the head and covered him for two. The Gunns tried to double team him. Robinson pulled him back and wrenched him over the top rope. Austin did the FameAsser. The Gunns hold Black while Robinson goes up top. King got in and they put him in the 3:10 to Yuma, but King isn’t legal. Robinson was on the top turnbuckle and PAC knocked him down. Black hit a Black Mass on Austin for the win.

Winner: House of Black

The Patriarchy congratulated HOB on becoming the No. 1 contenders for the Trios titles. Cage said they’re not a Trios anymore and the camera panned to Matthews laid out on top of two chairs. Killswitch threw the picture of Cage onto Matthews.

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6/15 AEW Collision Results

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