AEW Rampage Results (12/16)

AEW Rampage Results (12/16)

Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur greet audiences at home as Jon Moxley and Sammy Guevara wait in the ring.

Jon Moxley vs. Sammy Guevara (w/ Tay Melo)

The bell rings and Guevara wastes no time going after Moxley. He delivers a chop before Moxley returns the favor and follows it up with a lariat. We see Daniel Garcia watching on from backstage as Guevara delivers a leaping knee strike on the outside. He hits a chop, but Guevara tosses him back in the ring. Moxley delivers a cutter, then sits Guevara on the top rope and delivers a superplex. He goes for a pin, but Guevara kicks out. Moxley delivers a chop, but Guevara fires back with a corkscrew dropkick. The two men teeter on the top rope before Guevara bites Moxley’s earring off his year (which sends him off the top) and delivers a stomp.

Back from the break, Guevara delivers a chop and several right hands. He delivers a kick to his thigh, then kicks Moxley’s ear and bites it. Moxley delivers a chop, but Guevara fires off several right hands and chokes him on the middle rope. While the referee is distracted, Melo grabs Moxley’s ear and slaps him across the face from the outside. Guevara and Melo kiss, but Moxley takes out Guevara with a tope suicida. Moxley tosses Guevara back in the ring, then delivers a lariat in the corner and fires off a series of right hands. Moxley delivers a snap suplex, but Guevara fires back with an enziguri and a cutter off the top rope. He goes for a pin, but Moxley kicks out. Guevara looks for GTH, but Moxley escapes. Guevara then manages to lock in The Walls of Jericho, but Moxley escapes and delivers a series of forearms. He follows it up with a stomp, then goes for a pin but Guevara kicks out.

The two men spill to the outside before Guevara delivers a high knee and a thrust kick that sends Moxley onto the timekeeper’s table. He climbs up to the top rope, then delivers a Senton Atomico to Moxley through the table. He tosses Moxley back in the ring, then climbs to the top and delivers a crossbody. Moxley rolls through and delivers a piledriver. He goes for a pin, but Guevara kicks out. Moxley transitions into the Bulldog Choke, but Guevara escapes. Guevara delivers a Death Rider, then climbs to the top and delivers a Senton Atomico. He then gets Moxley on the top rope and delivers a Spanish Fly, but Moxley transitions into the Bulldog Choke once again. Guevara fades.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, Moxley grabs a mic and calls “Hangman” Adam Page to the ring. Page heads down and the two men begin to brawl. Officials try to restrain the two men, but Page breaks away and looks to deliver the Buckshot Lariat to Moxley. He accidentally hits an official, then goes after Moxley. Officials manage to separate the pair.

We head to a video of Saraya addressing Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker.

We Hear From FTR

Back from the break, FTR wait in the ring. Cash Wheeler says last week sucks not because they lose both the AEW and ROH Tag Team Championships or because Dax Harwood broke his “ass bone”, but because they feel like they let fans down. He says fans have made this year the best year of his career, and says it’s been a legacy year for them. He addresses the Gunn brothers and says while they promised to end their legacy, they won’t. Harwood then recalls having his daughter approach him after “Final Battle” and says his daughter asks why fans liked them which got him thinking. He says he doesn’t have an answer, but he’s known he’s wanted to wrestle since he was 8. He says he wants to make fans feel a certain way, and since the Gunns ruined that feeling at “Final Battle”. He then says they will beat them this Wednesday on “Dynamite”.

Britt Baker vs. Skye Blue

The bell rings and the two lock up. Baker delivers a suplex, but Blue fires back with an arm drag.

Back from the break, Blue delivers a thrust kick. Baker delivers a slingblade, followed by a sitout facebuster. Blue delivers a running knee strike, followed by an enziguri. Baker fires back with a thrust kick and a Curb Stomp for the win.

Winner: Britt Baker

After the match, Baker locks in the Lock Jaw. Hikaru Shida heads down to the ring with a kendo stick in hand to make the save.

We head backstage to an interview between Preston Vance and Jim Ross talking about Vance’s return.

Back at ringside, Wardlow heads to the ring with Exodus Prime waiting in the ring.

Wardlow vs. Exodus Prime

The bell rings and Prime slaps Wardlow. He delivers an uppercut and a headbutt, but Wardlow no-sells it and delivers a vicious lariat. He delivers the Powerbomb Symphony for the win.

Winner: Wardlow

After the match, Wardlow calls out Samoa Joe. Joe appears on the screen and Joe says he won’t defend a championship in Texas, but he will in Colorado on December 28. He says that “The King has spoken.”

Orange Cassidy, Best Friends and Dustin Rhodes (w/ Danhausen) vs. Kip Sabian, Trent Seven, The Butcher and The Blade

Beretta and Seven begin the action. The bell rings and Seven delivers a chop. The two men exchange elbow strikes before Seven delivers three more chops. Beretta delivers a series of forearms, but Seven fires back with a right hand. Both men level one another. Cassidy and Sabian brawl on the outside as Butcher tags in and delivers a back body drop to Beretta.

Back from the break, Rhodes tags in and delivers a clothesline to Seven. He hits a powerslam, then delivers several jabs to Seven’s jaw. He delivers an elbow to Seven’s head before Beretta tags in and delivers an elbow. The two men teeter on the top rope before they go flying. Rhodes and Sabian tag in. Rhodes delivers a Dallas Destroyer, then sits Sabian on the middle rope. Seven tags in and Rhodes delivers a Bulldog for the win.

Winners: Orange Cassidy, Best Friends and Dustin Rhodes

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