11/1 NXT Results

11/1 NXT Preview - Mandy Rose Celebrates One-Year As Champion

11/1 NXT Results – Tonight’s WWE NXT opens up live on the USA Network, from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Vic Joseph welcomes us and he’s joined at ringside by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

– The sirens immediately start and out comes NXT Champion Bron Breakker as Alicia Taylor does the introductions. Fans cheer Breakker on as he takes the mic.

Bron says Halloween Havoc was a monumental night for NXT, for the entire locker room, for guys like new NXT North American Champion Wes Lee, Julius Creed… the music interrupts and out comes NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly. They have heard enough of this nonsense. Fans boo. The champs taunt and mock Breakker, accusing him of barely getting out of Halloween Havoc with the title. They hit the ring now and Breakker wants to know what these two wankers want.

The champs go on taunting Breakker and say their recent title defense was bigger than Bron’s, so where is their glitzy parade? Thankfully they re interrupted by Lee, who can’t listen to this anymore. Lee tells Pretty Deadly to shut up and fans pop. Lee appreciates what Bron had to say about him. Pretty Deadly doesn’t appreciate Lee, they want to get back to talking about them. Breakker mocks them for combing their hair for 3 hours before the show, which is why they weren’t out here first. Lee gives them credit for having beautiful hair.

Elton Prince and Kit Wilson show off their hair to Bron and Wes. Bron admits he takes it too far sometimes, so he will take a step back and let Pretty Deadly have the spotlight. They thank him. Lee says he will even give them an introduction. Pretty Deadly pose for the crowd now as Lee gives them an introduction, with Bron’s help. Some fans pop and the champs pose, then thank Lee and Breakker. Prince says now things are finally in order where they should be, so it’s time for a Survey Check? They dance around some. Bron says if they are going to start the show, it’s inevitable someone interrupts them. Lee and Bron go on about how someone always interrupts the opener, then likely challenges for the titles. Bron and Lee want the titles. Lee says he misses the titles, and Bron has never had them. Fans chant “Wes Lee 2 Belts!” now.

Bron says if they’re the best champions in NXT, how about putting the titles on the line? They have some more words and Bron says they will see who’s smiling when he and Lee are the new NXT Tag Team Champions later on. Pretty Deadly now says opening the show sucks, they’re not sure how this opener could suck any more. The music interrupts and out comes R-Truth rapping his way to the ring. Truth hits the ring and dances around with Lee and Breakker as we go to commercial.

R-Truth vs. Grayson Waller

The bell rings to “asshole!” chants for Waller. Truth and Waller have some words in the middle of the ring. Waller unloads on Truth and beats him up against the ropes. Truth fights back with an elbow, then he drops Waller in the middle of the ring.

Fans do dueling chants now, then ask “what’s up?!” to Truth. The announcers confirm Bron Breakker and Wes Lee vs. Pretty Deadly for the main event. Truth with some of his signature offense on Waller now. More back and forth now. Truth with a suplex and a big hip toss across the ring. Truth plays to the crowd some more now but Waller drives him into the mat.

Waller with a shoulder tackle. Waller mocks Truth’s childhood hero John Cena with a Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Truth trips him. Truth takes Waller down but Waller comes back with forearms. Truth with a shoulder. Truth with a jumping leg lariat, then a scissors takedown. Waller goes on and stalls some, and goes to ringside. Truth shows off in the ring to a pop, then nails a big dive to the floor. Waller almost didn’t catch Truth as he should, and they land hard as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial with Truth clutching his knee.

Back from the break and we see medics checking on Truth at ringside, holding him up as it appears he suffered an injury to the leg. It’s announced that due to referee stoppage, Waller is the winner.

Winner: Grayson Waller

After the bell, Truth walks away with two medics. Waller celebrates as his music hits. Waller takes the mic and says he’s not surprised because he’s the most dominant Superstar in all of WWE, and he’s sick and tired of people sleeping on him. Waller says he just beat a 20 year veteran on his own. Fans chant “you got lucky!” and Waller says yeah, he gets lucky every night of his life. Waller says NXT is all his and nothing is going to change that. The music starts back up and Waller celebrates.

— Vic Joseph introduces the members of the Schism.

Vic says that Ava is the talk of social media. Vic says he has known her since she started at the Performance Center. He asks why Schism.

Ava says nobody thought it was her. She showed everyone it was her. She has been around WWE her whole life. These men were the only ones to find out her for who she really is. She mentions her injury and that Joe Gacy was the only person who contacted her. Ava says you didn’t asks Rip or Jagger why they joined Schism. You are making assumptions about why she joined.

Vic asks Joe if he is loving the spotlight since Ava joined.

Joe says Vic is missing the point. People have been asking her for things her entire life. They are asking for things they don’t deserve or earn. They accept her for who she is. That is why she joined The Schism. Rip says they have received ridicule. We have been compared to other groups that have never achieved the togetherness of The Schism. He offers a pin to Vic. Jagger says it is something to be welcomed into the Schism.

Vic asks about a Cameron Grimes tweet suggesting they have brainwashed Ava.

Ava says no one brainwashed her. She says she saw that the Schism can bring so much more to her. Ava says you don’t get to reject the Schism and walk away. They will make an example of Cameron Grimes. Next week, Cameron faces Joe for the final time.

Joe says they are four roots.. one tree.

— We go to Javier Bernal and he is talking to Malik and Edris. He says they came close but are not championship material. Javier says he wants to give them some big body advise. He tells them not to waste time talking to Shawn Michaels. They should watch his match. Javier says he has a match tonight.

Odyssey Jones comes out of Shawn’s door and he says he will be facing Javy tonight.

— Kiana James is with her assistant and she gives her something before walking into commercial.

— We are back with a look at what happened earlier when Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons entered the locker room. Indi asks her what her problem is.

Indi says she got dropped by Elektra Lopez and she isn’t pouting. Indi says you are getting another title match. Zoey says that Indi hasn’t had a title match in a while. Zoey says title matches aren’t given out, they are earned.

Zoey and Indi have to be separated.

— Andre tells Thea to make sure she is hydrated and that her head is in the game. Andre asks Thea how she feels. Thea says something doesn’t feel right. She asks who will carry the flag. Duke Hudson comes through the ‘wall’ and he says he will do it.

Kiana James vs. Thea Hail

They lock up and James with a knee to the midsection. James slams the arm into the ropes. James with an arm wringer and she sends Hail shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Hail with forearms but James with a knee. James works on the shoulder and she gets a near fall. James goes for a seated abdominal stretch into a top wrist lock. James with knees to the arm. James sends Hail face first to the mat. James returns to the top wrist lock. Hail with an arm drag and she blocks a boot in the corner. Hail with a short arm clothesline and back elbows. Hail with a clothesline into the corner followed by a knee and a flip neck breaker. Hail goes up top and hits a cross body but James rolls through. Hail with an inside cradle for a near fall.

James with a kick and she sends Hail to the mat. Hail with a wraparound flatliner but Duke puts Hail’s foot on the ropes. Chase yells at Hudson and tells him they don’t cheat at Chase U. He tells Duke to get his ass to the back. Duke goes to the back.

James chokes Hail in the ropes and hits another wraparound flatliner for the three count.

Winner: Kiana James

After the match, Charlie Dempsey attacks Chase from behind and applies a sleeper. Hudson goes to the ring and Dempsey releases the hold. Duke checks on Chase and then he helps up Thea. Duke winks at Thea while helping Chase.

— McKenzie Mitchell is with Josh, Brooks, and Fallon and she asks about the tag titles. Josh says they are pulling for Bron and Wes. Kiana’s assistant hands some papers to Fallon. Fallon tells them to read it and Josh and Brooks are shocked at what they are looking at.

— Odiseey Jones makes his way to the ring for his first match after 10 months of absence as we go to commercial.

— Bron and Wes are in the locker room and Bron congratulates him on his victory last week. Wes says he thanks Bron for helping him.

Robert Stone shows up and says that Bron cares more about winning the tag titles than defending his title. Stone says Bron will not face the man bigger and stronger than him, Von Wagner. When you get that second title, Von will take the title from you. Bron tells Stone to tell Von to come to him, not his errand boy.

Odyssey Jones vs. Javier Bernal

They lock up and Bernal with a bear hug and Jones with a forearm to the back. Jones with a wrist lock and he sends Bernal to the mat. Jones with a slam. Jones with a series of rolls over Bernal. Jones misses a knee and Bernal with forearms to the back. Bernal with punches but he gets on Jones’ shoulders. Bernal gets to his feet and Bernal with a drop kick to the knee and then he clips Jones. Bernal with elbow drops to the leg. Bernal with a sleeper. Jones backs Bernal into the corner but Bernal gets back on Jones’ back for another sleeper. Jones backs Bernal into the corner. Bernal with a side head lock but Jones tosses Bernal to the mat.

Jones with clotheslines. Jones with a shoulder tackle. Jones with a splash and a Bossman Slam for the three count.

Winner: Odyssey Jones

— Toxic Attraction makes their through the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and the ring is full of furniture and people with beverages for Toxic Attraction.

NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose makes her way to the ring with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne.

Jacy tells everyone to bow in the presence of greatness. One year of proving everybody wrong. Three Hundred Sixty-Five days of being the baddest bitch in the game. Three Hundred Sixty-Five days of being the most dominant champion in NXT history. Gigi says that Mandy is untouchable. You have doubted her and mocked her. She has proven that she is better than anyone in the locker room.

Jacy says that Mandy is the measuring stick of the division. You faced legends, underdogs, and unified the titles. You helped make Toxic Attraction the most decorated faction in NXT history.

We have a video package for Mandy.

Mandy thanks Jacy and Gigi. She says all that is not bad for a piece of eye candy. That’s all I was to you people for four years. I was a peach. I was a barbie doll. I was a bottled blonde made in a lab. I was a centerfold bitch. That is why two years ago I realized I needed to bet on myself. It was the best decision I made in my life. With her girls, Jacy and Gigi, Toxic Attraction has risen to the top. The numbers do not lie. You thought I couldn’t hold the NXT Women’s Championship. Why? This title represents the greatest women’s wrestlers in the world. I have proven for a year.

I don’t say put some respect on my name as a catchphrase, it is the truth. I have given a chance to everyone and I have stepped on everyone to make it to the top. It feels good to have sat on my throne for the last year and no one is kicking me out of it.

If anyone has a problem, you know where to find me.

Smoke rises from the front of the ring and Alba Fyre takes care of Gigi and Jacy. Mandy gets out of the ring and Alba super kicks one of the servers and then hits the Gory Bomb on Gigi through a table.

Alba tells Mandy that this week, I took out Gigi. Next week, I take out Jacy. In two weeks, I am taking that title.

— Apollo Crews is in the back with McKenzie and she asks him about Bron’s comments. Apollo says that Pretty Deadly get their moment in the sun tonight. Everyone wants to see Apollo Crews and Bron Breakker, but does Bron want to face him? Apollo says he is a problem for any matchup. He told Bron he is coming for his title but Bron has not mentioned his name. Crews says he did not expect to put on his running shoes to face Bron.

Von Wagner shows up and he says that he is the future so you don’t have to chase after Bron.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with another voicemail by “Scrypts”.

He says you can screen my calls, but you cannot screen my fury. One by one you will all fall. Coming to NXT almost feels like home because in side those ropes. I will leave my mark and I warn you all on my imminent start. It is from Scrypts. We see some spray painting on the walls.

Indi Hartwell vs. Zoey Stark

They lock up and Zoey pushes Indi away. They lock up again and Indi with a shoulder tackle. Zoey pushes Indi. They lok up and Indi with a shoulder tackle. Indi with a wrist lock and she works on the shoulder. Zoey with shoulders in the corner followed by a chop. Indi with an Irish whip and Zoey floats over and hits a springboard cross body for a near fall. Zoey with a reverse chin lock. Zoey with repeated Irish whips into the corner followed by a wrist lock and snap mare. Zoey misses a sliding clothesline when Indi moves. Indi with a slam or two. Indi sends Zoey to the floor and Nikkita has to calm her down as we go to commercial.

We are back and Zoey with a reverse chin lock. We see footage from the commercial break when Zoey kicked Indi in the back of the head and choked her in the ropes. Back to live action, Indi and Zoey exchange forearms. Indi with a boot to the head while Zoey is in the ropes and Indi gets a near fall. Zoey with a clothesline and back elbow. Zoey with a sliding knee to the head for a near fall. Indi sends Zoey to the apron and Indi with a forearm but Zoey with a leg sweep and a springboard hesitation senton for a near fall. Zoey kicks Indi in the corner and chokes her. The referee warns Zoey and Nikkita tries to calm Zoey down. Zoey sets for the knee to the head but Indi blocks it and hits a short arm clothesline or two. Indi pulls Zoey up and hits a third one. Zoey with a super kick and Indi goes to the apron. Zoey sends Indi to the floor.

Zoey slams Indi’s head into the announce table and then she pulls off the hood of the table. Zoey sets for a power bomb onto the table and Nikkita tries to talk Zoey down. Zoey sends Indi into the ring. Indi with a boot to the head and a forearm to the back of the head for the three count.

Winner: Indi Hartwell

After the match, Nikkita and Zoey discuss what happened.

— T-Bar says his powers are no longer shielded. His business is not finished. High justice is upon NXT. It is not about frustration. It is about authority.

— With Wendy Choo in the background, Valentina wants to know if Sanga will be in her corner. Sanga says that Valentina is very strong. Veer shows up and Sanga says he cannot do it. Valentina says she understands. Veer tells Sanga they will take his kindness for weakness. Veer says that is why he is here.

— We are back and Nikkita tries to talk to Zoey and Zoey says it is getting in her head and it is getting the best of her. Zoey says she will be fine next week. Katana and Kayden show up and they say that someone is going into their match on a losing streak.

Valentina Feroz vs. Cora Jade

Cora pushes Feroz and pie faces her. They lock up and Feroz backs Jade into the ropes and gives a clean break. Jade with a leg trip but Feroz with arm drags. Feroz with a rollup and a double knee drop. Feroz sends Jade to the floor and Feroz with punches and she sends Jade into the apron. Jade drop kicks Feroz off the apron to the floor. Jade sends Feroz into the apron and then back into the ring. Jade kicks Feroz and gets a near fall. Jade with a forearm to the back. Jade with a running back elbow to Feroz’ back for a near fall. Jade sends Feroz into the ropes and chokes her. Feroz with an inside cradle for a near fall. Jade with a clothesline. Jade with an Irish whip but she runs into a boot.

Feroz kicks Jade from the corner but misses a cross body when Jade moves. Jade with a back senton followed by a DDT for the three count.

Winner: Cora Jade

After the match, Cora gets her kendo stick and Feroz pushes Jade away. Wendy Choo’s music plays and she comes to the ring and is met with a kendo stick ot the midsection. Choo with a forearm and double sledge. Choo gets the kendo stick and misses Cora.

— Tony and Channing are in the back. Tony says it is like seeing his son take his first steps. Tony tells Channing about his match against Hank Walker next week. Elektra Lopez shows up and she says it is good to be her own boss. She tells Tony to watch how dangerous she is now. Channing doubts what Elektra said but Tony does not dispute what she said.

We go to commercial.

Wes Lee and Bron Breakker vs. Pretty Deadly for the NXT Men’s Tag Team Championship

Kit and Wes start things off and Kit with a wrist lock. Lee with a reversal but Kit reverses back. Lee rolls through to reverse the hold into an arm bar. Lee with a side head lock and Kit with forearms to the ribs. Lee with a sunset flip for a near fall. Lee with a rollup for a near fall. Lee flips over a leg sweep and Kit shows some frustration. Elton tags in. Lee with an arm drag into an arm bar. Lee adds more pressure to prevent Prince from punching Lee. Bron tags in. Breakker with a standing moonsault. Prince slaps Bron and then floats over and connects with forearms. Bron with a back body drop.

Breakker with a running clothesline. Lee tags in and he punches Elton. Prince with punches but Lee punches back. Prince sends Lee into the air and face first to the mat. Kit tags in and they go for a double suplex but Bron grabs Lee and helps him to the mat. Bron and Wes punche Kit and Elton and they hit stereo ranas. Breakker and Lee with drop kicks through the ropes to Elton and Kit. Lee with a waist lock on Kit but Kit with a wrist lock and punch. Elton tags in. Elton kicks Lee in the ribs. Elton works on the shoulder. Lee floats over on an Irish whip and he gives Prince an arm drag. Bron tags in and they hit a double back elbow and Lee follows with a shooting star press. Bron gets a near fall.

Lee tags in and he returns to the wrist lock and he gives Elton a belly-to-back suplex. Lee gets a near fall. Prince sends Lee into the corner and Lee with a slingshot rana followed by a rollup for a near fall. Lee with a drop kick to Prince. Wilson makes the tag and Lee goes after Prince on the floor. Wilson hits Lee from behind and drops him on the apron. Wilson gets a near fall. Wilson with European uppercuts to Lee and a flying back elbow. Wilson with a punch. Wilson with a neck breaker for a near fall. Prince tags in and hits a running back elbow on Lee in the corner. Prince kicks Lee. Prince with a slam and an elbow drop. Lee rolls out of the way and Prince misses an elbow drop. Wilson tags in but Lee makes the tag. Bron with shoulders to both men.

Bron with a flying shoulder and a spinebuster to Wilson. Bron with a clothesline to Prince in the corner. Bron with a bulldog to Prince. Bron with a double suplex. Lee tags in and they give Prince and Wilson a rocket launcher. Lee with a super kick to Wilson. Bron brings Prince into the ring and sends him to the floor. Hayes knocks Lee off the turnbuckles and Wilson with a crucifix for the three count.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

After the match, Pretty Deadly take their title and recover to celebrate. Hayes is talking trash to Lee from ringside and pointing at him. Lee runs and leaps out of the ring, attacking Hayes on the floor. Lee brawls with Hayes to the back now.

Bron is standing in the ring now, raising his NXT Title in the air . Bron turns around to a big running boot from Von Wagner. Von yells out to boos from the crowd. Von stands over Bron and motions for the title belt around his waist.

We see Apollo Crews backstage watching what just happened, shaking his head. JD McDonagh walks up and he also looks at the screen, then turns his attention to Apollo. JD says that vision Apollo has, of him being the man around here, it will be pretty tough to see with a detached retina. JD says he will see Apollo around. JD walks off as Crews shakes his head and turns his attention back to Von standing over Breakker in the ring.

NXT goes off the air.

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11/1 NXT Results

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