FTR Requested Tony Khan Book One-On-One Match Between Them

FTR Requested Tony Khan Book One-On-One Match Between Them

FTR joined the Wresting Perspective Podcast to talk about their recent hot streak and their upcoming match against each other in the Owen Hart Cup. Both members of FTR confirmed the match was their brainchild, and one they had to fight for.

“That was our idea, totally,” Wheeler said. “We had to fight for it, but that was completely our idea.”

“We’ve always wanted to have a match, but we didn’t just want to have a match just to have a match,” Harwood said. “There had to be a reason. This is the perfect reason to do it. The Hart Family means a lot to both of us, personally and professionally. So being able to show respect to Owen Hart and his whole family, what better way to do it than allowing the two biggest Hart Family fans in the world to compete.”

Cash Wheeler further revealed that this was a match both guys wanted for a long time, though they wanted it to make sense and not to be something that led to a breakup. The Owen presented the perfect opportunity for FTR, and they convinced AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan to book it after he agreed that the Owen was the perfect place for it.

“There was no way for Owen to get the tribute he deserved, and now we have the platform for it,” Wheeler said. “And as Dax said, we wrestled the one time, and when we did, I’ve never felt the electricity of when we locked up and when we started working around, how easy it was. We want to be the best. I think Dax is the best wrestler in the world, and I’ve said that on Instagram or whatever. So for me to get better, I want to wrestle him. I don’t want to do a ton of singles stuff, but I want to do something that matters to me and this is one, for me, for years, we’ve been like, ‘how can we make it make sense? How can we have a singles match against each other? Just a straight-up, back and forth wrestling match in our vision?’

“There was no way to really make it make sense any time before because we don’t ever want to tease a breakup, do a breakup. I have no interest in that. I’ll retire before I even entertain that idea, I’ll say that right here and right now. Credit it, tattoo it, I don’t care; we’re never going to do a breakup anymore. So when we heard about the Owen, we were like, ‘we’ve got to go to Tony with the idea of the singles match.’ And he did like it, but he was like, ‘okay, I’ve got to see if I can make it make sense.’ And we just stayed on him about it. ‘Hey, can we? Can we? Can we?’ Finally, he was like, ‘alright, I’ve got a way where we can make it all work. Yes, we can do it. I’ll announce it and in Philly, it’s going down.’ So yeah, he liked the idea but we had to make sure. ‘Please let us, this means a lot to us.’ And he finally gave us the nod and here we are.”

Dax Harwood then talked about what to expect from the match. He believes FTR will bring some great wrestling working against each other, but that they’ll also bring some strong physicality to the proceedings.

“I think that match, I know him and he knows me probably better than almost anybody in the world,” Harwood said. “And I know he’s got a short temper, and god knows he knows I have a short temper as well. So I would expect on Wednesday for there to be some great wrestling. But I’d also expect for there not to be a shortage of physicality and live rounds being thrown too.”

FTR has made no secret of their love for Owen Hart’s brother, the legendary Bret Hart. Asked if he would like to see Hart accompany either guy for this match, Harwood stated that having a match out of respect for Owen was enough for him and Wheeler.

“I think about Bret Hart walking me down the aisle every day,” Harwood said. “I thought about Bret Hart walking my wife down the aisle for our wedding. But just having the match out of respect for Owen, I think is enough for me. Of course, we would love to have Bret there, but that’s not our call. But again, just having the match and only doing this match, only having this match with my best friend, my tag team partner, the guy I’ve never going to leave his side.

“The only reason we’re having this match is for Owen Hart. So I think if Bret was there, it might take away a little bit because he’s such a big star and such a beloved professional. The thing is, I’ve said it in all my interviews before, there are guys who have been and are more over than Bret. But there aren’t guys, there’s no other professional wrestler that was over like Bret. The fans just had a love for him. So if he was there, I think the focus maybe turns to him instead of the match and Owen.”

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