WWE SmackDown Results (2/11) New Orleans, LA

WWE SmackDown Results (2/11) New Orleans, LA

WWE SmackDown Results (2/11) New Orleans, LA – We begin with highlights from the face to face meeting between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey on last week’s WWE SmackDown.

We are live from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA. Sonya Deville is in the middle of the ring to address the unprovoked, unprofessional attack from Ronda Rousey. She says we are going to have a wonderful show tonight, but she wants to address Ronda Rousey’s unprovoked attack on her.  People like Ronda and Naomi think they can do what they want without regard for authority.  She says she does not care if you are Ronda Rousey or Naomi or any other superstar on the roster.  There will be consequences for your actions.  Sonya says she has petitioned that Ronda be fined $100,000 and suspended immediately.

Adam Pearce comes out and says that Vince has responded to Sonya’s request.  He says that Sonya has been taking matters into her own hands and abusing her power.  He says that he cannot stand an official who abuses their power.  The petition is declined.  You must face the consquences of your actions.  You cannot lay your hands on Naomi.  If you disobey him, your job will be in serious jeopardy.

Naomi makes her way to the ring…

Naomi makes her way to the ring and she wants to know if Sonya ever got a new one ripped by her boss before.  The funny thing is that you can’t lay a hand on me… but he never said I couldn’t lay a hand on you. Naomi slaps Sonya. Sonya wants security to get Naomi out of the ring.

— We take a look back at the photo shoot for Los Lotharios when The New Day interrupted last week.  Then we see their match.

— Kofi Kingston and Big E make their way to the ring as we go to commercial. Remember: don’t call them The New Day, even if they come to the ring with New Day graphic and music!

Kofi Kingston and Big E vs. Los Lotharios

We are back and Kayla Braxton is in Gorilla with Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo. Angel says everyone knows what Kayla said.  Humberto says they are fierce competitors.  Angel says they almost beat Kofi and Big E.  Tonight, there will be no almost. On the way to the ring, we have the Los Lotharios Kiss Cam.

Los Lotharios hit the ring and pose as we see their Kiss Cam graphic on the big screen. Big E starts off with Angel as fans chant for The New Day. Big E takes control early on with the side headlock to rally fans and get them to chant. Angel with a waistlock. Big E powers out and slams Angel for a 2 count. Kofi tags in for a double team but Angel kicks out at 2. Angel rocks Kofi with strikes, then mounts him from behind while talking some trash. Angel with crossface strikes. Humberto tags in to take over on Kofi.

Kofi trips Humberto on his face, then drags him to the edge of the apron and unloads with strikes. Big E tags in and hits the running splash on the apron. Angel comes in but gets sent over the top rope to the floor with Humberto. Big E launches Kofi out of the ring and onto both opponents for a big pop. Kofi returns to the ring to celebrate with Big E as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Humberto has control of Big E in the middle of the ring. We see how Big E took a big springboard kick to the face during the break. Angel drops Big E and dances over him, then snatches his pants off and drops them onto Big E. Angel runs the ropes but picks Big E up instead of dropping an elbow or anything, and then gets countered. Big E with a big belly-to-belly suplex.

Kofi and Humberto tag in. Kofi flies in off the top rope and then hits a big dropkick. Kofi with more offense as fans cheer him on. Angel runs in but Kofi sends him to the floor. Kofi with a Boom Drop to Humberto. Humberto ducks Trouble In Paradise and Kofi rolls him for a 2 count. Kofi comes right back with a big kick to drop Humberto. Big E tags back in for the Midnight Hour but Kofi has to leap off the apron and send Angel into the barrier instead. Humberto sends Big E to the corner and mounts him with right hands.

Kofi tags in and kicks Humberto in the head from the apron. Kofi flies off the top to knock Humberto off Big E’s shoulders for a close 2 count as Angel leaps in to break the pin up. Angel with a Backstabber to send Big E to the floor. Angel with a big moonsault from the top to the floor onto Big E. Humberto immediately hits a moonsault to Kofi in the ring but he kicks out just in time and Humberto can’t believe it. Humberto puts Kofi on his shoulders as Angel goes to the top. Kofi slides out and sends Humberto into Angel, knocking him to the mat. Kofi with Trouble In Paradise to send Humberto out of the ring. Angel tangles with Kofi and gets the pin to win.

Winners: Los Lotharios

After the match, Los Lotharios head up the ramp as the music hits and The New Day looks on from the ring.

– Megan Morant is backstage with The Viking Raiders. They start talking about momentum going into WWE Elimination Chamber but SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos attack them and beat them down. The Usos take Erik and Ivar’s Viking headgear and walk away with it.

– We see Roman Reigns backstage getting suited up for an interview. Paul Heyman is with him. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

Michael Cole thanks Roman for joining him for this interview.  Cole mentions the re-emergence of an icon and Paul says he is just special counsel.  Cole says he was talking about Goldberg.  Cole mentions what Goldberg did in WCW.  Roman says if he was in WCW, everyone would be winning because they would still be in business.  Cole mentions that Goldberg is a two time Universal Champion and he beat Brock Lesnar in 86 seconds at the 2016 Survivor Series.

Roman asks if we are still talking about these guys.  Do we even care about him?  Roman says nobody cares that Goldberg is a two time Universal Champion because he is here and he is the champion.  

Cole mentions how this match was supposed to happen two years ago at Wrestlemania.  Is there any added pressure?  Roman says there is no pressure.  It is all on Goldberg.  Two years ago, he might have had a chance.  Things change.  Roman says he is untouchable.  He says he will smash Goldberg.  Paul tells us what Roman says next is not a prediction, it is a spoiler.  Roman says he is going to ‘Goldberg’ Goldberg.

— We take a look at the feud between Natalya and Aliyah. Back to commercial.

Aliyah vs. Natalya in a Dungeon Rules Match

This match can only be won by pinfall or submission. Natalya with a side head lock take down.  Aliyah with a head scissors and Natalya escapes.  Natalya wit a kick and side head lock.  Natalya with a shoulder tackle and she gets a near fall.  Aliyah with a side head lock.  Aliyah floats over and then taunts Natalya.  Aliyah with a rollup for a near fall.  Natalya with a thrust kick.  Natalya with a forearm to the back followed by a Michinoku Driver as she continues to taunt Aliyah.  Natalya gets a near fall.  Aliyah escapes a slam and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Aliyah with a Thesz Press and punches.  Aliyah with a bulldog out of a wheelbarrow for a near fall. Aliyah with a single leg crab.  

Natalya with a sharpshooter and Aliyah tries to get to the ropes but there are no breaks and Aliyah taps out.

Winner:  Natalya

After the match, Natalya attacks Aliyah and she tries for another Sharpshooter but Xia Li’s music plays and she runs to the ring.  Li with forearms and a jumping knee and back heel kick.  Li with more kicks and Natalya goes to the floor.  

— We take a look at Rocky Johnson for Black History Month, in a video package narrated by Rocky’s son, Dwayne Johnson.

— Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Sami is in the ring awaiting his guests.

We see Johnny Knoxville at the WWE shop in Los Angeles and he vandalizes a photo and puts a Sami Zayn shirt in a wood chipper.

Sami says he will not dignify that because Johnny has spent too much time getting in his head.  He needs to worry about getting back his Intercontinental Title.  Sami welcomes us to his podcast and asks the people not to boo.  Sami says he will have some vegan creole recipies for the people of New Orleans.

Rick Boogs is on the stage and he introduces Shinsuke Nakamura.

Sami is shocked Nakamura showed up because he’s been ducking him as the #1 contender for weeks, but next week they will face off for the title. Sami can’t wait to see the look on Nakamura’s face when he wins the title back. Fans boo louder. Sami accuses Nakamura of secretly working with Knoxville to distract him… Nakamura hushes Sami. Nakamura asks if he saw the movie… Sami says he was thrown off the Jackass Forever red carpet, so no. Nakamura says no, the movie they are making next week called… Jackass Defeated. Boogs loves the joke but Sami not so much. Sami used to have so much respect for Nakamura, he had Sami in his corner, but now Nakamura has gone from Sami to this Boogs guy. Sami rips on Boogs but Boogs yells at him to shut up. Fans pop.

Boogs grabs one of the mics but he falls out, electrocuted it appears. Sami acts like he’s concerned for Boogs. Nakamura is distracted by Boogs going down, allowing Sami to hit him with a Helluva Kick. Sami exits the ring and continues to act like he’s concerned for Boogs and Nakamura, calling for help to come out. Sami gloats on the ramp as fans boo him.


We see what happened last week with Drew McIntyre taking out Madcap Moss while Happy Baron Corbin watched. Corbin and Moss are backstage now. Moss has a shiner from last week. Corbin is ready for his match tonight with Cesaro but Moss says he has to sit this one out so he can go get his eye checked out. He says maybe the doctor won’t medically clear him for the WWE Elimination Chamber match with McIntyre. Corbin walks off as Moss touches his eye.

–We go back to the ring and out comes Happy Baron Corbin by himself. Corbin laughs on his way to the ring as we go back to commercial.

Cesaro vs. Happy Baron Corbin

Cesaro with forearms and a European uppercut.  Corbin sends Cesaro into the turnbuckles and punches Cesaro.  Corbin with a punch.  Corbin with a suplex.  Corbin with elbows to the collarbone and a half nelson and chin bar.  Cesaro with punches and Corbin with Deep Six for a near fall.  Corbin puts Cesaro on the turnbuckles and Cesaro with punches.  Cesaro with a tornado suplex off the turnbuckles.  Cesaro with European uppercuts.  Coarbin with an Irsih whip and Corbin with a Happy Slide but misses the clothesline.  Cesaro with a European uppercut and a clothesline that sends him over the top rope to the floor.  Cesaro with an Irish whip into the ringside barrier and European uppercut.

Cesaro with a springboard corkscrew European uppercut for a near fall.  Corbin with an elbow but Cesaro with an elbow.  Corbin with a clothesline and End of Days for the three count.

Winner: Happy Corbin


Madcap Moss is in the trainer’s room.  He says everything is blurry and he is seeing spots.  Moss asks to have the match at Elimination Chamber canceled.  The doctor says he needs to do some tests.

Drew shows up with his sword.  Drew says he knows that Moss is perfectly fine and can go at Elimination Chamber.  Moss says his vision is better.  Drew says their match at Elimination Chamber is now Falls Count Anywhere.  Drew says maybe he will Claymore the other eye to even out the black eyes.  Remember that anything goes.

Back to commercial.


We go to Michael Cole with Bill Goldberg.  Bill tells Cole not to take it personally but he loves him like a brother.  Cole mentions they have known each other for years.  Cole says people say this might be one comeback too many.  Bill says he has listened to the people and it hurt his game.  He says he does not give a damn what anybody says.  Not you, not Roman Reigns, not anyone.  Bill says this comeback will stick and will be everlasting.  It will bring back the old Goldberg.  

Cole mentions this match was supposed to happen two years ago.  Bill says it might be different for Roman, but for him he is the same Goldberg.  Bill says that Roman will get what he deserves.  It is finally going ot happen.  

Cole says that Roman said he would make Goldberg acknowledge him and he said that he would “Goldberg” Goldberg.    Bill reminds us that he acknowledged Roman as his next opponent.  Bill says he will make sure Roman acknowledges him after winning the title and then he will take care of Brock at Wrestlemania.

— Naomi makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.

— We are back with footage of Sheamus at the NASCAR race in Los Angeles.

— Next week, there will be a face to face segment with Roman Reigns and Bill Goldberg.  Sami Zayn will get his Intercontinental Title Match against Shinsuke Nakamura.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Naomi vs. Charlotte Flair

Flair and Naomi meet in the middle of the ring and size each other up, then lock up. Flair takes it to the corner and mushes Naomi in the face as she backs off. Flair taunts Naomi and talks some trash. Naomi locks up and Flair applies a headlock. Naomi fights out but Flair drops her with a shoulder tackle. Flair runs the ropes and slams Naomi by her hair. Flair shows off to a mixed reaction. Naomi kips up and mushes her back in the face. Naomi runs the ropes and takes Flair down with a head-scissors.

Naomi sends Flair to the apron and then kicks her off with a enziguri, barely connecting. Naomi charges and leaps over the top rope, taking Flair down at ringside. Naomi stands tall and poses for the crowd as we go back to commercial.

We are back and Charlotte sends Naomi into the turnbuckles and chokes Naomi in the corner.  Naomi with boots to the jaw and Charlotte falls into the corner.  Charlotte sends Naomi to the apron and Naomi with a round kick.  Naomi goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall.  Naomi with a waist lock and Charlotte with a back elbow.  Charlotte misses a clothesline but she pulls Naomi off the ropes on a springboard move.  Charlotte gets a near fall.  Charlotte with a head scissors and she drives Naomi’s head into the mat.  

Charlotte misses a boot in the corner and Naomi kicks Charlotte in the back of the other leg.  Naomi with a spinning sit out jaw breaker for a near fall.  Naomi with a jackknife cover.  Charlotte with chops and a back breaker for a near fall.  Charlotte with a bow and arrow around the ring post.  Naomi with a kick.  Naomi with a springboard round kick and she goes up top.  Naomi with a blockbuster for a near fall.  They go to the floor and Charlotte sends Naomi into the ring steps.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Charlotte with a reverse chin lock.  Naomi with a jaw breaker to escape.  Naomi with a lateral press to counter a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall.  Naomi with a springboard round kick for a near fall.  Naomi with a bulldog into the turnbuckles and then Naomi goes up top and Charlotte moves.   Naomi rolls through.  Charlotte with a power bomb for a near fall.  Charlotte walks over Naomi to go to the turnbuckles for a moonsault attempt.  Naomi moves and Charlotte with the Andrade but Naomi gets her knees up.  Naomi with Rear View for a near fall.  Naomi polls Charlotte into the corner and Naomi goes for a split legged moonsault but Charlotte gets her knees up.  Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall.

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