AEW Dynamite Results (9/8) Cincinnati, OH

AEW Dynamite Preview: Jon Moxley Faces Minoru Suzuki

This week’s show kicks off with the signature opening package, which has been updated to include some of the new notable names in AEW. We then see a recap highlight video showing some of the key moments from All Out this past Sunday night.

We are live from the Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio, as Malakai Black makes his way to the ring to start the show.

Malakai Black vs. Dustin Rhodes

With both men in the ring, the bell sounds and we’re off-and-running. Dustin charges across the ring and immediately starts duking it out with Black. He hits him with an atomic drop and then a boot to the face. Black pops up and hits a big kick to the dome of Dustin.

Dustin fights back after the kick and hits a German suplex to bring Malakai out of the corner of the ring. He drops an elbow on Black to follow-up on the suplex. He then whips Black out to the floor and follows out after him. The two brawl over to a table set up at ringside and Malakai back body-drops Dustin through it. The crowd responds with a “Holy sh*t” chant.

Back in the ring, Malakai tears the turnbuckle pad off the top rope in one of the corners of the ring. He heads back out and starts blasting Dustin with kicks before bringing him back into the squared circle to deliver additional punishment. The fans try and rally behind Dustin and it works momentarily, however Black cuts his comeback short and continues to beat him down.

Black gets Rhodes on the ground and works a couple of different submission holds on him. A heel hook nearly finishes Dustin off, however he eventually makes it to the ropes to force the hold to be broken. Once back standing, Black chops away at Dustin’s legs with leg kicks over-and-over again.

Malakai starts getting arrogant, shoving Dustin’s head down to the mat with his boot in cocky fashion. Dustin fires up and starts making a comeback, blasting Malakai with punches and kicks and even his trademark super-quick snap-bodyslam for a near fall. Dustin looks for a Canadian Destroyer, however his leg gives out on him before he can pull it off. Black focuses his follow-up attack on the bum wheel of Dustin.

He then charges across the ring and blasts him with a running knee strike for a near fall. Malakai goes under the ring afterwards and grabs a boot from under the ring, which Tony Schiavone explains is the one that Cody Rhodes took off when it appeared he was going to retire the night Malakai debuted and attacked him. He throws the boot at Dustin on the mat and laughs at him, leaning down in his face. Dustin gets pissed and fires up for a comeback, including the Canadian Destroyer he was looking for earlier, however Malakai kicks out.

Dustin goes for a bulldog out of the corner but Malakai avoids it and sweeps Dustin’s legs out, resulting in him smashing face-first into the turnbuckle that Malakai exposed the padding off of earlier in the match. He follows this up with his trademark roundhouse kick for the pin fall victory. The camera shows a close-up of Dustin bleeding from the mouth after the loss.

Winner: Malakai Black

A Special Look At New AEW Tag-Team Champions

Following the opening bout, the commentary team throws it to a vignette which shows The Lucha Bros capturing the AEW Tag-Team Championships from The Young Bucks in their Steel Cage Match at the All Out 2021 pay-per-view this past Sunday night near Chicago, Illinois. After this video package wraps up, we head to a commercial break.

Eddie Kingston & Miro Aren’t Done Yet

When we return from the break, we immediately shoot to a vignette looking back at the opening match at the All Out pay-per-view on Sunday night for the TNT Championship between Eddie Kingston and Miro. Both guys are shown talking about the match and each make it clear that they aren’t done with the other just yet.

CM Punk Talks Fallout From All Out

Now we head back inside the Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati, OH. where the familiar sounds of “Cult of Personality” plays and the fans in the building sing along as CM Punk makes his way out.

“The Best in the World” heads down and settles into the ring to address the fallout from All Out. He says he’s gonna get right down to it and might step on some of the fans’ chants. He talks about returning to the ring after seven years being like riding a violent bike.

Punk says he’s back on the bike and ready to get his gear on again. The fans chant “You still got it!” He brings up Minoru Suzuki being here tonight and mentions the bout scheduled for tonight with Jon Moxley. He asks where “Aunt Linda” is. The camera zooms in on here and he calls her a “legitimate angel.” The fans chant for her as Tony Schiavone brings up her raising “Flyin’” Brian Pillman. Punk mentions seeing her on Dark Side of the Ring.

Now he asks who saw the PPV this past Sunday night. He mentions the names of Ruby Soho, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson — all of whom made their AEW debuts at the PPV event in Chicago this past Sunday night. Punk mentions texting AJ Lee as soon as he defeated Darby Allin in his comeback match.

CM Punk says now the question is what is next. He says he’d like to let the fans have some input. He asks the fans what should be next. He brings up fans chanting Moxley. Before he can say anything else, Taz steps up from his spot at commentary. Punk asks if he’s seriously interrupting him. The fans boo.

Punk tells Taz to never interrupt him again. Taz says if he wants to get tough how about this — don’t ever mention anyone from Team Taz again. Punk says he never did. Taz claims he did in interviews. Team Taz members Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook come over to join Taz by his side. Punk says he can send him Ricky Starks, Hobbs and Hook. He says to all of Team Taz — “Beat me if you can, survive if I let you” — stealing Taz’s old catchphrase to end the segment. We head to another commercial break.

Ruby Soho & Dr. Britt Baker Have Words

We return from the break to a vignette where Santana & Ortiz talk about being ready to take over the tag-team division. From there, we shoot to Tony Schiavone who is standing by with Ruby Soho. He brings up her open challenge for tonight when in walks Dr. Britt Baker with Jamie Hayter and Rebel. Baker says Hayter is going to beat Soho tonight.

Soho talks about helping Baker break into the business. She claims that AEW is her block now. Baker tells Soho to run-away to catering — where she spent the last four years of her life. Baker again warns Soho that Hayter is going to beat her. They walk off. Soho tells Schiavone she knows Baker is his girl, but she’s gonna whoop her ass.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Dante Martin

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running. Martin charges right at the big man coming out of the gate, but the Team Taz big man reverses things into his favor real fast.

The action spills out to the floor and Hobbs starts bouncing Martin off the barricade over-and-over again while shouting out taunts to CM Punk. Tony Schiavone talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break we see Hobbs dominating the action in the ring, taking it to Martin as he is laid out on the mat. On commentary, J.R. talks about Taz being in Excalibur’s chair tonight because the normal Dynamite commentator is out getting married.

Martin ends up showing signs of life, fighting back into competitive form. He climbs to the top-rope and hits a shotgun missile drop kick. He then hits a running punt kick that knocks Hobbs out to the floor at ringside. Martin builds up a head of steam looking for a dive but Hook hops on the apron and cuts him off.

Dante turns and runs and leaps over Hook’s head to splash on Hobbs on the floor. Moments later we see the action resume in the ring where Hobbs takes over and hits a big powerslam to score the pin. After the win we see some officials hit the ring to check on Martin as the camera pans over to the commentary section.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Dan Lambert & The Men Of The Year Trash AEW Fans

As the commentators talk, we hear American Top Team founder and owner Dan Lambert talking from up in the rafters. He is standing alongside The Men of the Year — Scorpio Sky and “All Ego” Ethan Page. He talks trash about AEW and mocks them signing CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and others and dares anyone with the guts to try and shut him up and get through Sky and Page.

Orange Cassidy & HFO Talk The Buy-In At All Out

This wraps up and we head down to the commentary section again where the ten-man tag-team match from The Buy-In is brought up. Orange Cassidy and The Best Friends react to Matt Hardy and the Hardy Family Office talking about trying to cut Cassidy’s hair. Cassidy simply reacts by saying “Whatever.” We head to another commercial break.

MJF Addresses The Final Fight From All Out

We return from the break and a clearly annoyed Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his way down to the ring along with Wardlow as highlights are shown from his “Final Fight” loss to Chris Jericho at this past Sunday night’s All Out pay-per-view.

MJF demands his music be cut off and then talks about the loss to Jericho. He says he beat him for the fourth time at All Out but then due to an extreme bias against him, the match was restarted and he was robbed. He says everyone in the locker room wants to beat him.

Friedman calls Cincinnati “Shit-cinnati” and calls the city the biggest dumpster fire in the world. He talks about Twitter losers likely citing him for “cheap heat.” He says it’s called the mid-west because every single thing in it is mid. Skyline chilly — mid. The Cincinnati Reds who haven’t won a World Series since 1990 — ma-ma-ma-mid. Every single person who lives there is mid.

After trashing the area some more he points out Linda, the same mother of Brian Pillman that Punk brought up earlier in his promo. He brings up the woman standing next to her and mocks her being pregnant. He goes down and talks to her and she introduces herself as Brian Pillman’s daughter. He mocks her looks and then Brian Pillman Jr’s theme hits.

One-half of The Varsity Blonds comes out and the proud Cincinnati native gets a nice reception from his hometown fans. Pillman Jr. calls him Maxwell Jerkoff Friedman. He brings up MJF talking trash about his hometown and his family. He says MJF had a good silver-spoon upbringing. He says he’s from a city that breeds bad-asses. Bad-asses like Brian Pillman and Jon Moxley. He says welcome to the jungle and the fans pop.

MJF brings up Pillman Jr. making the mistake of taking on him on the microphone. He brings up his mother “Meth-anie Pillman,” later correcting himself saying he meant to say Melanie. He talks about Pillman Jr’s mom some more and then makes Wardlow get out of their way, as he was standing between them. He does. MJF makes an abortion comment about Pillman Jr. and his mom and this leads to Pillman Jr. beating down MJF.

Wardlow finally sees enough and he pulls Pillman Jr. off MJF and beats him down. Griff Garrison, the other half of The Varsity Blonds, hits the ring. Wardlow takes him out as well. MJF tells Wardlow to hold him while he blasts him with his Dynamite diamond ring.

Jamie Hayter vs. Ruby Soho

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this match in the AEW women’s division. Soho, the number one contender to Baker’s AEW Women’s Championship, takes an early lead over Hayter as the fans in Cincinnati chant her name.

After Soho enjoys the early offensive lead, we see Hayter start to take over as we hear Taz and Tony Schiavone goofing off back-and-forth on commentary. As Hayter starts to dominate the action, we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

We return from the commercials and are informed that it has been Hayter dominating the action and taking it to Soho throughout the duration of the break. We see much of the same going on as we settle back in live in the ring and then finally a back elbow from Soho shifts the momentum back in her favor.

Soho uses the top-rope to transition into a huge DDT for a near fall. Hayter hangs on. The action continues as Hayter hoists Soho up but ends up falling and eating the mat. The commentators call it a modified flatliner with Taz speculating that some balance was lost in the midst of it being executed. The fans rally behind Soho again as Hayter pulls into the offensive lead once more. Out of nowhere, Soho blasts Hayter with a big kick to the dome and follows up with the pin fall victory.

Winner: Ruby Soho

After The Match: Dr. Britt Baker Attacks, Riho & Kris Statlander Make Save

After the match, as Soho was hugging the referee, Britt Baker and Rebel attack her from behind. Riho runs out to make the save but she ends up getting beat down too. As they go for a curb stomp on the belt, Kris Statlander runs out with a steel chair and makes the save, running the heel trio off to the back.

Things Aren’t Done Between Ricky Starks & Brian Cage

The Team Taz-heavy edition of Dynamite continues with another vignette, this time looking at the ongoing rivalry between “The Machine” Brian Cage and “Absolute” Ricky Starks. Both guys make it clear things are far from over between them. After this, we head to another commercial break.

AEW Trios Match
The Pinnacle vs. The Dark Order

FTR makes their way down to the ring along with Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard for scheduled AEW Trios action. As they settle into the ring, their music dies down.

From there, The Dark Order theme hits and out comes the trio of Stu Grayson, Evil Uno and John Silver. Other members of the group accompany them out and down to the ring. As they head to the ring, a split-screen interview airs with Alex Marvez talking to the group, who bickers and argues among themselves until Anna Jay comes in and tells them to stop arguing.

The bell sounds in the ring and we’re off-and-running. Spears and Silver kick things off for their respective teams after Silver keeps tagging in and out before anything happens.

After some back-and-forth action early on, we see The Pinnacle trio jump into the offensive lead. Silver ends up doing a good job fighting all three off by himself but ultimately some miscommunication among The Dark Order group leads to Spears hitting a Death Valley Driver for the pin fall victory.

Winners: The Pinnacle

After The Match: The Dark Order Continue To Fight

Once the match wraps up, we see Evil Uno get in the face of John Silver. Other members of The Dark Order hit the ring and we see more in-fighting among members of the group. Finally the two female members of the group Anna Jay — and Tay Conti, who isn’t officially a member yet — come out and watch with disdain as they continue to argue.

We shoot to a video package that shows those who competed in the Women’s Casino Battle Royale talking about various happenings from the match.

Tully Blanchard Makes Match And Wants Sting

We shoot backstage where Tully Blanchard is interviewed. He talks about how he wants Tony Khan to make a match between Shawn Spears and Darby Allin. He talks about leadership and how he wants to teach Sting a lesson, teasing that before it’s all said and done, there will be a time where there gonna have to get it on — one more time.

Matches Made For Arthur Ashe Stadium & Friday’s Rampage

We shoot backstage when we return from the break and we see Griff Garrison being checked on by the trainers as Brian Pillman Jr. talks about going to Tony Khan to get a match against MJF when AEW heads to Arthur Ashe Stadium later this month. Dante Martin comes in and talks about how he also got a match made between he and Pillman Jr. for Friday’s Rampage.

Tony Schiavone Interviews The Elite & Adam Cole

We head back inside the Cincinnati venue where Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he introduces his guests at this time — The Elite.

On that note, Don Callis comes out along with Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers. Once in the ring, Callis thanks Schiavone for the intro and begins yapping.

Callis talks about Omega being named No. 1 in the 2021 list of the PWI Top 500. He then brings up The Young Bucks losing their titles and it being an injustice that they will make right.

They go on to introduce Adam Cole, who makes his way out to his own theme song and joins The Elite in the ring. Cole asks who is ready for story time with Adam Cole.

He gets on the mic and says he knows Tony Schiavone is friends with Britt Baker, but if he even looks at her weird, he will whoop his ass. He then kicks Schivone out of the ring, “get out of the ring, nerd!”

Cole says All Elite Wrestling is the greatest professional wrestling company in the world. It’s because of The Elite! He continues that he may be new here, but he’s shown for 14 years, he’s a once in a generation wrestler. Now he’s with the best. The Young Bucks are the greatest tag team of all time. He says Omega is a once in a lifetime wrestler. Now, The Elite has Adam Cole, bay bay. Cole announces he’s going to make his AEW in-ring debut on next week’s show.

Omega goes to talk and mentions how he hates being interrupted. He brings up being interrupted by Bryan Danielson at All Out this past Sunday night and as he’s saying this, the theme for one Bryan Danielson hits to interrupt him yet again.

The fans go nuts and break out in Yes! chants as J.R. puts over Danielson as one of the best wrestlers in the world on commentary. Omega excuses the rest of The Elite from the ring and tells Danielson that he doesn’t bite, asking him to enter the ring. Danielson does.

Danielson yanks the mic out of Omega’s hand. He asks the fans in Cincinnati a quick question — do they want to see Bryan Danielson fight Kenny Omega. Danielson says that Omega just told him off-mic that it doesn’t work that way here.

Danielson says Omega claims to be the best wrestler who has ever lived. Danielson says he knows Omega is afraid to take a match against him because he’s better than him. He says he’ll kick his head in and tells Omega that he’s not on his level. Omega takes his jacket off and goes to swing at Danielson but Danielson takes him down and puts the Yes! lock on him. As he does, The Elite re-enters the ring and attacks him. Jurassic Express, Christian Cage, Frankie Kazarian hit the ring to make the save.

Minoru Suzuki vs. Jon Moxley

The theme for Minoru Suzuki hits and out comes the Japanese legend for tonight’s main event with his trademark black towel on his head. He heads down to the ring as fans chant “Holy sh*t!” He settles in the ring and his music dies down.

Now “Wild Thing” plays as the hometown man himself, Jon Moxley, makes his trademark ring entrance through the crowd inside the Fifth Third Arena.

With both guys in the ring, the bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our final match of the evening here on the Fallout from All Out on AEW Dynamite on TNT.

Things get off to a hot start with these two going right at it to the delight of the Cincinnati crowd. We see some back-and-forth action and just as things start to settle in a bit, we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break.

We’re back from the break and we see both guys exchanging headbutts back-and-forth, over-and-over-and-over again until they both slump down to the canvas and the crowd roars with approval. From their knees, they start trading shots with forearms and punches. This is essentially how the match started with their interaction at All Out and the early goings tonight.

Mox goes for a lariat but Suzuki avoids it with a waist lock. Suzuki slaps the sleeper on Mox but Mox escapes. He goes for the package pile driver but Mox avoids it. Mox hits a Paradigm Shift and we see Suzuki badly bleeding from his eye. Mox looks shocked when he goes to pin Suzuki and he hangs on.

When Suzuki gets back to his feet, Mox runs the ropes and hits the bloody Japanese legend with repeated lariats. Suzuki stays on his feet and ends up decking Mox with a drop kick. He goes for the sleeper again but Mox escapes again and starts drilling the bloody Japanese legend with big punches. He hooks Suzuki’s arms and hits him with another Paradigm Shift for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After an extended exit through the crowd in his hometown, Mox’s victory celebration takes us off the air. Thanks for joining us!

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