AEW Dynamite Results – April 14, 2021

AEW Dynamite Preview: Two Title Matches, Mike Tyson, Kris Statlander

AEW Dynamite Results – April 14, 2021 – This week’s show kicks off with AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks talking about turning on Jon Moxley last week. Matt says they chose friendship and thanked Moxley for pushing them over the edge. Matt says they are family, and finally understands what Don Callis was telling them. They haven’t been the same and let others change the narrative of them. Matt says maybe it’s time to show a newer, better version of themselves (as we see their old gear getting clipped up).

— We shoot backstage to Mike Tyson, who talks about being proud to be the special enforcer for the match tonight between Chris Jericho and Dax Harwood, when in walks MJF.

MJF tells Tyson to slow his role as “Iron” Mike got in his face. He tells him he’s too young to know him, but his father told him he used to be great. He tells Mike that there is no better time that tonight than to get even with his longtime enemy Chris Jericho. Tyson tells MJF that he’s staring at his enemy right now. Friedman attempts to give Tyson a blank check. Tyson rips it up and bites it, then spits it in MJF’s face. He tells Tyson that he will remember that and walks off.

AEW Tag-Team Championships
Rey Fenix & PAC vs. The Young Bucks (c)

Death Triangle theme song plays as “The Bastard” PAC and Rey Fenix make their way down to the ring. As they settle into the ring their music fades down and then the theme of The Young Bucks plays.

Nick and Matt Jackson come out dressed in special all-white outfits with Don Callis clapping and accompanying them to the ring. Schiavone says this is proof that they know all they need to know about The Young Bucks, as they do their famous pose and confetti and streamers fall from the ceiling.

The tag-team titles our on-the-line in our first of many high-profile matches on tap for tonight’s show, as the bell sounds now to get this match off-and-running. It will be PAC kicking things off for his team. Jackson circles around him and then the two lock-up. PAC pushes him against the ropes and gives him a clean break.

They lock-up again and Jackson takes PAC down twice in a row, so “The Bastard” gets in his face and they go nose-to-nose. Jackson backs into the wrong corner so he drops down and rolls to tag his brother. PAC also makes the tag and Fenix flips over the top rope to get ready for action. The fans react with a big pop for the masked veteran.

These two lock-up and Fenix hits some cartwheels to side-step Nick. Nick hits a back-flip and then rolls to the floor. Fenix goes out after him and back in the ring he goes for the hook kick but misses. They each go for a drop kick but miss. Jackson blasts him with a clothesline. Callis has joined the gang on commentary for this match as Jurassic Express and other teams in the AEW tag-team division are shown watching in the crowd.

Nick makes the tag and Fenix fires up and goes to work on Matt Jackson. He tags in PAC who builds up a head of steam and hits a crazy dive to the floor. Fenix hits one as well to the other Buck on the other side of the ring. The fans break out with loud pops and chants. Fenix and Jackson go back to work in the ring with the Death Triangle member blasting him with a big shot and then body-slamming him in his corner and tagging in PAC.

As PAC and Fenix take turns dominating the action, we see SCU shown in the crowd, leading to Callis talking about how The Young Bucks are trying to limit how many friends they have these days. Meanwhile, The Young Bucks fire up on offense in the ring and The Butcher & The Blade are shown watching this match along with The Bunny. Jackson goes for a “half-assed” cover, which the commentators point out is a first and is further proof of the new attitude of the Bucks now that they’re hanging out with Kenny Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers.

Finally, “The Bastard” gets the hot tag that the Death Triangle duo needed as Fenix takes his spot on the ring apron and PAC fires up on offense, taking it to Jackson as The Best Friends are now shown watching on from the crowd as the action continues to remain in the favor of the challengers. Now Fenix and Jackson end up on the floor and after the numbers game favors the Bucks, we see them start to dominate the match in violent fashion, as they power bomb both of their opponents into the corner of the ring apron while brawling on the floor.

Back in the ring, the Bucks continue to control the action by keeping PAC cut off and on their half of the ring, all-the-while utilizing frequent tags to keep a fresh man on the weakened UK veteran, whom J.R. is comparing to The Dynamite Kid on commentary as this match continues to develop. On that note, we head to a picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues with The Young Bucks continuing to keep PAC isolated on their half of the ring.

When we return from the break we see The Young Bucks still working over PAC with double-team action as the commentators continue to talk about the personality changes shown in Nick and Matt in recent weeks. PAC finally buys himself some time but as he nears his corner to make the tag, Nick Jaclson yanks Fenix off the apron from behind on the floor. Back in the ring, Jackson mocks the fans by pretending to “Hulk up” like the Ultimate Warrior or even PAC, and eventually it backfires as “The Bastard” turns him inside-out with a huge clothesline.

Both guys are down now and crawling to their respective corners. They each make the tag, but it is Rey Fenix who comes in hot and starts taking out any-and-everything that moves, hitting a crazy high spot that takes out both members of The Young Bucks. He follows that up by blocking a lariat attempt and hitting a double cutter on both Bucks as Excalibur informs us that Don Callis literally jumped out of his seat during that sequence. PAC and Fenix now hit a double-team spot that culminates with PAC hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb directly into a pin fall attempt. Somehow Jackson managed to kick out.

We see a crazy sequence where Fenix hit an enormous dive to the floor on one Buck while PAC hit a German suplex into a close near fall on the other inside the ring. This leads to a series of back-to-back-to-back super kicks that culminates with a rebounding destroyer that looked unbelievable. The crowd is definitely fired up for this one, as well they should be. PAC and Jackson are now duking it out in back-and-forth exchange. Each member is pulled to the floor and hit with stereo poisonranas by opposite members. Some more high spots on the floor take place leading to a loud “AEW! AEW! AEW!” chant. This match is reaching epic levels, quick, fast and in a hurry.

The pace picks up even more as the action resumes in the ring. We see PAC hit the Black Arrow off the top and go for the pin as Fenix fought off the other Buck as the fall was counted, but then the two being pushed onto the others before the count of three, breaking it up just in time. We see Fenix’s mask yanked off and he covers his face and eats double super kicks for doing so. 1-2-3. Awesome match, awesome way to finish it and continue to get these two over as bastard heels. You’ve got to love it. Great, great stuff. Callis leaves his seat and comes down the ramp clapping at the performance of the Bucks as replays are shown of some of the action during the bout, including the maskless finish.

Winners and STILL AEW Tag-Team Champions: The Young Bucks

Alex Marvez Interviews “Hangman” Adam Page & The Dark Order

The commentators send it to Alex Marvez, who is backstage with “Hangman” Adam Page and “some of his new friends.” On that note, we see Page standing by with the entire Dark Order. He talks about getting something to eat. Marvez said he wanted to ask him about something else. We head to a commercial break.

Alex Marvez Interviews The Inner Circle & Mike Tyson

We return from the break and the commentators send it over to Alex Marvez once again, this time as he is standing by with The Inner Circle and Mike Tyson.

Jericho talks by first addressing the Pineapple, leading to Marvez to correct him and as he says it’s the Pinnacle. Jericho goes on to talk about his history with “Iron” Mike and then he says he called him to apologize to him in case things didn’t go smooth last week.

He says just because Tyson is the special enforcer tonight, he doesn’t expect any special treatment. Tyson tells him not to worry because although he doesn’t want to, he will knock him out again if he has to. Jericho says he doesn’t want that either.

Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill

As soon as Jade Cargill hops the top rope to enter the ring, the fight is on, as Velvet jumps on her and the brawl ensues. She hits the ropes but runs right into a big scissor kick from Cargill. Cargill is thrown out to the floor and Velvet follows her out by splashing onto her with a tope suicida through the ropes.

The brawl continues at ringside, however it is Cargill who turns the tables and slams Velvet into the front row, taking out several fans in the process. With both back in the ring, Cargill hits a big suplex and gloats to the fans as Excalibur talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

We return from the break to see the match still in progress. Velvet goes for a high spot off the top but misses. This leads to Cargill hitting her finisher and scoring the pin fall victory.

Winner: Jade Cargill

Tony Schiavone Interviews Dr. Britt Baker

We are taken to a backstage interview, as Tony Schiavone is standing by with Dr. Britt Baker and Rebel. Baker shows the AEW women’s division rankings and talks about only being ranked third with a 7-1 record. She informs us that she will continue to rise now that Red Velvet just lost and announces she will be competing on Monday’s episode of AEW Dark: Elevation.

Anthony Ogogo vs. Cole Carter

Olympic medalist Anthony Ogogo makes his way out accompanied by QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto and the rest of the gang to make his professional wrestling in-ring debut.

We are shown highlights of his involvement in a recent Cody Rhodes match at the AEW house show event and then back live, the bell rings as his opponent, Cole Carter, a rookie of only seven months in the business, is already waiting for him.

Ogogo immediately goes to work as the commentators sing the praises of Ogogo while pointing out that Carter is a newcomer. Literally a minute or two, tops, into the match, we see Ogogo land one swift body shot that dropped Carter and led to the referee immediately calling off the match.

Winner via Ref Stoppage: Anthony Ogogo

“The Best Man” Miro With A Message For Kip Sabian & Any Champions

We shoot to a vignette that shows “The Best Man” Miro talking to the camera as he addresses Kip Sabian, noting he hasn’t seen him since the Arcade Anarchy match and he just wants to smooth things over.

He says with or without him, however, he has his sights set on gold. He says anyone holding a title in AEW, as graphics of each title holder is shown, better run and hide.

Chris Jericho vs. Dax Harwood (Special Enforcer: Mike Tyson)

As Jericho’s music fades down, we see Tully is still in the corner with Dax and Cash. Referee Aubrey Edwards ejects him and sends him to the back. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this high-profile contest.

Dax and Jericho circle each other and then start wildly exchanging punches. Jericho sends him to the ropes and blasts him down. He hits him with another shot and Dax rolls out to the floor to regroup. He comes out after him and grabs a chair but is stopped by Tyson and then attacked as he does by Dax.

We see Harwood grab Jericho’s bat and go to continue to go to work on him, but Tyson grabs the bat from his hand and as he does, Jericho turns the offense back into his favor as he blasts Dax and sends him into the steel guard rails.

Back in the ring, “Le Champion” continues to pummel Dax with rights and lefts in the corner. He sends him into the ropes and decks him so he again rolls out to the floor to regroup. We see him dealing with something as Excalibur talks about the stitches he recently received after a match. Jericho comes out after him but we learn that Dax was suckering him in as he gets him with a cheap shot.

Jericho turns the offense back into his favor as he sneaks in a cheap shot of his own. He grabs the camera from one of the camera men and points it at Dax as he writhes in pain on the floor. Jericho sets it down and takes Dax back in the ring where he continues to dominate the action until Dax reverses him and sends him shoulder-first into the steel ring post.

He heads out to the floor after him and sends him into the steel guard rail. Tyson gets in his face for doing that as we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break we see that Jericho has returned in the offensive driver’s seat in this one. He heads to the top-rope and hits a double-axe handle on Dax. He follows that up with a running bull-dog and an old-school lionsault into a near fall.

Cash Wheeler nearly jumped in to break up a pin attempt, leading to Tyson yelling at him and the commentators praising him for doing his job as a good special enforcer in this match. Meanwhile Jericho and Dax break out into a slugfest. Dax hits a power bomb off the top on Jericho for a close near fall of his own. He slaps Jericho and then heads to the top-rope. He goes for the diving head butt but nobody is home upon his uncomfortable landing.

Jericho capitalizes on the missed diving headbutt by locking Dax in his Liontamer. As he yanks down on the submission hold, in walks Cash Wheeler to attack Jericho. Tyson is heading over to deal with Wheeler but before he can, Sammy Guevara flies past him and takes him out himself.

Back in the ring, we see Dax still going to work on Jericho. He hits a nice brainbuster and goes for the pin but “The Demo God” manages to kick out at two. The fans inside Daily’s Place start breaking out in pro-Jericho chants as the action continues. Jericho hits the Codebreaker out of the blue on Dax as he was recovering himself. As soon as he does out comes The Pinnacle led by MJF but immediately behind them are the rest of the members of The Inner Circle.

All hell breaks loose among the two factions. In the ring, Wheeler has Floyd the bat and he goes to get involved but is stopped by Tyson and blasted by a knockout punch from the boxing legend that drops him and leaves his arm completely stiff. Meanwhile back in the ring the match culminates with Jericho hitting his Judas Effect for the pin fall victory while The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle members continue to brawl at ringside. Jericho is shown bleeding as he celebrates with the Inner Circle after the bout.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, “Le Champion” celebrates with The Inner Circle and Mike Tyson in the ring as his theme plays. He declares Tyson an anscilary member of The Inner Circle.

Alex Marvez Interviews The Elite

We head outside where Alex Marvez is standing by with The Elite. He talks to Don Callis who vows that the story didn’t end with The Young Bucks rejoining The Elite last week. He says it’s just beginning. Omega talks a bit and then the Bucks do as well. The Elite are about to make things interesting. Callis ends by saying be prepared to be surprised again. They hit a super kick on the camera man to end the segment, as we head to another commercial break.

Thunder Rosa With A Message For All Champions

We shoot to a special message from Thunder Rosa, who touts being back in the top five rankings in the AEW women’s division and notes that whether it’s Tay Conti or Hikaru Shida, she’s coming after either one of them because she wants to capture the AEW women’s title as soon as possible. She then tells Serena Deeb that she wants the NWA Women’s title back as well.

Kris Statlander vs. Amber Nova

The bell sounds to officially get this match off-and-running and we see Statlander jump off to an early offensive lead as the commentators sing her praises and also school us on who Amber Nova is.

Nova starts to turn the tide in her favor and uses some heel tactics while doing so, which prompts the commentary trio to question why that was necessary. Regardless, Statlander quickly recovers and takes back control of the action, which leads to a big thumbs up from “The Freshly Squeezed” one.

Statlander catches Nova with a big kick and then hits her super nova finisher for the pin fall victory, winning her first match back here in her return on Dynamite as the fans give her a nice reception.

Winner: Kris Statlander

Dasha Gonzalez Interviews Team Taz

We shoot backstage where we see Dasha Gonzalez standing by with Team Taz. Taz talks about looking to lock down Christian as part of Team Taz.

This prompts Ricky Starks to speak out of turn. Taz tells him he hears him but asks him to hang back during Christian’s match tonight. Brian Cage agrees with Taz but “The Human Suplex Machine” tells him to hang back as well. He vows again to lock down Christian as part of Team Taz.

Team Taz Attacks Christian Cage After He Turns Down Their Offer

We return to an introduction of Tony Schiavone standing in the ring as he welcomes us to his guest at this time — Christian Cage. He makes his way out and talks about this being the first time he had the opportunity to talk to Schiavone for an interview like this.

He goes on to mention having an open contract tonight from Tony Khan. He says he’s in his ring gear for that reason. Before he can say anything else, he is interrupted by Taz, who makes his way out accompanied by two of the Team Taz members. He talks about being offended that he hasn’t even received a response from him in over a week.

Christian goes on to talk about how he could’ve handled this in the back like a gentleman but he’s fine to do it now in front of the world. He says he’s glad first of all to see Taz standing on the third step on the ramp so they can talk eye-to-eye. He says he never liked him and the answer is no. Taz says if he was standing on his wallet he’d be ten feet taller than him. Christian says from what his bingo hall money? Taz says he has other money, too.

The two trash-talk a bit more and then things turn violent as Powerhouse Hobbs hits the ring and attacks Christian Cage, ragdolling the wrestling legend and dumping him out to the floor at ringside. He continues to Donkey Kong the veteran at ringside as the fans chant “Hobbs sucks!” over and over again and boo him loudly. Hobbs isn’t done yet, however, as he takes Christian over and bashes his head on the steel ring steps. He lays his head on them and stomps on it with his foot. He and Team Taz walk off as Christian is left laying.

Falls Count Anywhere TNT Title Main Event
“Big Money” Matt Hardy vs. Darby Allin

The TNT Championship will be in the main event spot as after the commentators run down the matches for next week’s Dynamite (see the newsboard for the rundown) and then flash the graphic across the screen for tonight’s main event, which is up next. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

When we return from the break and music plays as “Big Money” Matt makes his way down to the ring to his updated theme song. He settles into the ring and the music fades down.

Hardy waits in the ring as the familiar sounds of the theme of “The New Face of TNT” plays as TNT Champion Darby Allin makes his way out holding the title up to the camera. As he continues to make his way to the ring we are shown highlights from recent weeks to explain the story of how this main event for tonight’s show came to be.

We’re back live and we see Allin seated in the corner and Hardy standing and staring in the other with a steel chair in his hand. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this anything goes, falls count anywhere main event for the TNT title.

Immediately we see the non-rules come into play as Allin comes off the ropes but directly into a big shot from the steel chair. Hardy whacks Allin across the back with another huge chair shot. We keep seeing the camera flash up to the rafters to show Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky watching on as Hardy continues pummeling Allin on the floor at ringside.

The action is brought back in the ring by Hardy, who is still carrying the steel chair. He blasts Allin across the back with a chair again and then bashes him in the bread basket with it a few times. Seconds later we see Allin recover from all of that as Schiavone points out how amazing it is to see him endure that pain and engage on offense so quickly. Regardless, a neckbreaker later and Hardy is right back in control of this contest.

Hardy unfolds the steel chair after blasting Allin in the dome with it once again. He goes to pick Allin up but he’s lifeless so he drops him, folds the chair back up and whacks him with another shot right in front of the referee, who is strictly out here to count any potential pin falls or confirm any submissions. Hardy sticks Allin’s head through the unfolded chair. He picks him up for a Twist of Fate with his head through the chair, but Allin counters and blasts Hardy with the chair. And again. And again as the fans chant “One more time!”

As Allin stands over Hardy, we see The Butcher, The Blade, as well as Private Party hit the ring and attack Allin. They beat him down and drag over the giant steel steps and position them outside of the ring at a different spot. As the brawl continues, we see some members of The Dark Order come to the aid of Allin, as does “The Icon” Sting. He blasts Private Party in the ring with a trash can before double-clotheslining them to the floor. He goes out after them as Excalibur excitedly talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as this anything goes, falls count anywhere main event continues.

When we return from the break we see Hardy whip Allin into the steel guard rail. The camera cuts over to the ring to show Sting still beating down Private Party. As Page and Sky come to the ring we see Lance Archer stand in front of them and stare them down. As one of the members of Private Party heads to the top-rope, Archer steps in front of Sting and deals with them. Sting and Archer lock eyes for a moment as the commentators remind us of their recent promo exchange.

The main participants return to the focus on camera as Allin is now taking it to Hardy. Sting throws his legendary bat to the TNT Champion. He heads over to Hardy and as he goes to hit him with it, Hardy hits him before he can with a low blow. Hardy finally does put Allin’s head through the steel chair and connects with a Twist of Fate on the entrance ramp. He goes for the cover but somehow Allin was still able to kick out. We see Hardy whip Allin through the entrance tunnel as the camera man follows them all the way backstage while they walk past Tony Khan and BJ Whitmer. Allin is thrown into the GOAT position taking out some monitors.

Hardy clears off a table that is laying next to a ladder. He lays Allin on it and pounds away at him with vicious punches before ascending the ladder and flying off with a leg drop that puts Allin through the table. He turns right around and covers him and yet again somehow Allin still found it in himself to kick out before the referee could reach the count of three.

Now the action gets going again as Hardy throws Allin through the entrance tunnel again, this time back out on to the stage. Allin is over next to the edge of the stage. Hardy goes to hoist Allin up to power bomb him off the stage, however “The New Face of TNT” escapes and splits the up-rights with a vicious low blow of his own. He heads over and grabs the bat left out there by Sting. He smashes it into the ribs of Hardy and then across his back. He blasts him in the jaw with the handle of it. He blasts him across the back with it as he is grounded. Allin now blasts the bat destroying production equiptment. He lays Hardy on the table and blasts him with a knockout shot with the bat. He leaves the scene, only to return as the camera catches him high above scaling the rafters. He leaps off of it with his Coffin Drop, putting him through the table. He makes the cover. 1-2-3. He retains. Excellent, excellent main event.

Winner and STILL TNT Champion: Darby Allin

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