AEW Revolution Results – March 7, 2021

AEW Revolution Results - March 7, 2021

AEW Revolution Results – March 7, 2021 – We are live from the Daily’s Place with Tony Schiavaone and Excalibur on the commentary for The Buy In. They ran down the official lineup for the PPV, then looked at The AEW Tag Team Title bout.

They announced that Britt Baker, on her own letterhead, sent in a doctor’s note that Rebel was not cleared to appear tonight.

Baker came out on the stage and said that Rebel was “brutally injured” by Nyla Rose and can’t compete but her own note wasn’t good enough to have her removed from the match. She had to go to the Jaguars’ doctor, who agreed with her. Rebel came out with a crutch. Rebel said she found the perfect replacement and partner. Out came Maki Itoh, surprise return from Japan. She did her entire singing entrance.

Britt Baker and Maki Itoh vs. Thunder Rosa and Riho

Rosa and Itoh started out and have some nice sequences early.  Itoh nailed a bulldog out of the corner, which Excalibur said was “Gran Naniwa-esque.”  I’ll take it.  Rosa made a comeback and smashed Itoh into the buckles face-first.  She and Riho teamed on Itoh for a close two count. A little rough at times but OK so far.

Riho and Itoh battled with forearms.  Itoh missed her diving headbutt and tagged out to Baker.  Baker locked in a cravate and nailed Riho, then antagonized Rosa.    Itoh tagged in and continued the attack, sending Riho into the corner.  Riho avoided a charge in the corner and snapped Itoh on the ropes.  Riho nailed a flying bodypress for a close two count.  Riho tagged out but Rosa was taken down.  Itoh nailed her signature headbutt.   Rosa made a comeback and tagged Riho.  Everyone battled.  

Itoh nailed a swinging DDT (Excalibur namechecked Super Delphin!) for a close two count on Rosa.  She went to the top but missed a diving headbutt.  Riho went for a running knee strike but Itoh rolled her into a single-leg crab.  Riho fought and made it to the ropes to force the break.  They battled in the center of the ring with forearms and strikes.  Itoh nailed a headbutt but it stunned each of them.  

Baker tagged in and nailed an Air Raid Crash for another two count.  Rosa nailed a kick on Britt.  Rebel got on the apron to argue with her.  Britt was sent into Rebel and hit with a DVDR but Itoh broke the pinfall up.  Riho took out Itoh.  Britt sent Rosa to the ropes, where Rebel smashed her with the crutch and Britt drilled and pinned Rosa.

Winners, Dr. Britt Baker and Maki Itoh

— After an Exploding Barbed Wire video package, Jim Ross joined the announcers as they went off the air.  He sounded like he has been fighting off a cold or something and his voice was hoarse.

AEW Revolution Results:

Pyro and fireworks explodes throughout the venue as the camera pans around the limited-capacity crowd in attendance for tonight’s show. Jim Ross, still horse as hell with a completely shot voice, talks about how some times you just expect big things on certain nights, and he informs us that tonight has that exact feel.

AEW World Tag Team Championship
Chris Jericho & MJF vs. The Young Bucks (c)

Nick and Matt with double legs on MJF and Jericho and get the advantage early. MJF and Jericho try to escape from the outside but the Buck drag them back in. MJF and Jericho turn the tables on the Bucks and throw them into the barricade and then back in the ring. the Buck take advantage with a double suicide dive. Teh Bucks with stereo sharpshooters on MJF and Jericho. Matt with a spear to Jericho, Nick with a dropkick to MJF. Nick with a senton to Jericho, MJF breaks up the count. MJF thrown to the outside. Jericho with a springboard dropkick. Wardlow and MJF beat up Nick on the outside. Thrown back in the ring, Jericho hits a back body drop.

MJF tags in and hits a double flapjack with Jericho. They do the Young Bucks pose and step over Nick. Nick gets the tag to Matt, Matt runs wild on both men with kicks and chops, big DDT on MJF. Wardlow brings Matt to the outside and Jericho hits a suplex on the outside. Back in the ring, MJF stomps on the arm. MJF rakes the back and tags in Jericho, Jericho with chops and a suplex. MJF tags in, double delayed vertical suplex, 2 count. MJF with a headlock. Matt tries to get out but MJF pulls the hair, Matt with a elbow to Jericho but MJf gets a drop toehold and a headlock on Matt.

Quick tags from MJF and Jericho, double DDT Matt plants both men. Nick gets the hot tag and runs wild on both men. Superkicks on both men, rising knee strike, Nick with a X Factor on MJF and a Canadian destroyer for a 2 count. MJF tries to fight out of the corner but Nicks gets a superkick. The Bucks hit a sliced bread for a 2 count. Jericho tags in but Matt gets the advantage with punches to the face. Jericho sweeps tehe legs and goes for the Walls, Matt rolls him up for a 2 count, Jericho goes of a Judas effect but Matt gets out, Nick mistimes a dive and Jericho gets the Walls.

Nicks gets the tag while in the Walls and Matt goes for a superkick but Jericho counters into another Walls. Matt fights out and drives Jericho intot he corner. MJF tags in and goes for a backslide for a 2 count. MJF with a sitout powerbomb for another 2 count. MJF jawjacks with the crowd and does the “suck it” to Matt. Young bucks go for the Meltzer Driver and Jericho counters into a codebreaker for a 2 count. Jericho hits Matt with the bat, MJF hits the heatseeker for a 2 count.

Jericho tags in, gets hit with a boot from Nick, Nick from the top hits and diving crossbody for the 2 count. Matt with a crossbody to the outside on MJF. Jericho misses a Judas Effect on Nick and hits Wardlow, Jericho goes for a lionsault and gets hit with a double superkick, Bucks hit the BTE Trigger, MJF breaks up the count. Superkicks on MJF from the Bucks. Double superkick on Jericho. Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver for the victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks

The commentators run down the lineup remaining for tonight once again and also one more time, Jim Ross apologizes for his voice.

Casino Tag-Team Royale
Bear Country, Alex Reynolds/John Silver, Evil Uno/Stu Grayson, Santana/Ortiz, The Butcher/The Blade, Private Party, Top Flight, PAC/Rey Fenix, 5 and 10, The Pretty Picture, Matt & Mike Sydal, Jurassic Express, Varsity Blonds, Natural Nightmares, SCU, and Gunn Club

Order of entry is selected by a lottery. Two teams will start things off and then every 90 seconds, a new team enters. Elimination is when one wrestler is thrown over-the-top, while tag-teams are eliminated when both members of a team are ruled out of the match. The winning team will receive a shot at the AEW Tag-Team Championships.

Out first comes The Natural Nightmares — Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall, as well as The Dark Order numbers 5 and 10. The bell sounds and the first two teams in the Casino Tag-Team Royale are about to collide. They shake hands in a sign of respect first and then the fight is on.

10, 5, and the Natural Nightmares get things started. Neither team is eliminated as Santana and Ortiz make their way out to the ring. QT hits a diamond cutter and eliminates 5 from the match (both members of the team have to be sent out to be eliminated). QT is nearly sent out by 10 as Matt & Mike Sydal enter. The two go right after Santana and Ortiz. Lots of action, but nobody eliminated as Uno and Grayson head in. Mike Sydal gets dropped and sent out by Santana and Ortiz.

Gunn Club run out and go after everyone. Teams pairing off and swinging away at each other in the corners. The Pretty Picture make their way into the match. Avalon and Bononi dropping everyone around them with Bononi hitting some power moves in the middle of the ring. Varsity Blonds make their way in and they go right after Bononi, they try for a double suplex, but end up getting suplexed by him. Austin Gunn fameasser to Avalon and sends him out. Marshall ends up throwing Gunn Club out. Dustin Rhodes telling him they were Nightmare Family! QT eliminates himself and spits at Dustin, then walks to the back. Bear Country out to the ring. Uno and Garrison both get picked up by one of them and slammed to the ring.

Grayson then picks Boulder up for a moment, but he’s kicked and then sent out by Bear Country.  Jurassic Express out to a nice pop. JB with a hurricanrana on Ortiz, then a dropkick to Santana. Luchasaurus with double chokeslams on Varsity Blonds. Luchasaurus sends Garrison out of the match, and Bononi, too. JB tosses Ortiz and then Santana. Stunt jumps up and hits a hurricanrana on Uno for the elimination. The Blade and The Butcher head out next. Jack Evans shows up and pulls 10 off the apron for the elimination. He wasn’t even in the match!

Bunny helps pull Dustin out of the ring as Blade and Butcher kick him out. Next out is Private Party. They take their time getting to the ring, they go after Jungle Boy but Jungle Boy gets the upper hand momentarily. Butcher and Blade attack Boulder in the corner. Private Party try to eliminate Jungle Boy. Next out is SCU. They go after Private Party. Double team slam on Cassidy. Chops to Luhcasaurus, Luchasaurus dominates but gets eliminated by Bear Country. Butcher eliminates Bear Country. Bear Country attack Butcher.

Next out is Fenix and Pac. They eliminate Blade. Fenix and Daniels strikes in the middle of the ring. Fenix avoids elimination. Next entrant is Silver and Reynolds. Silver with a boot to the back of the head, Reynolds with a piledriver onto Daniels. Knee lift from Silver, Dark Destroyer on Cassidy and Dark Order eliminate Private Party, SCU eliminate Butcher. Fenix with strikes in the corner on Daniels, Fenix eliminates Daniels. Jungle Boy eliminates Reynolds by throwing him over the corner post. Pac eliminates Kaz, Kaz hits hard on the outside. Final four are Silver, Jungle Boy, Fenix and Pac. Silver with a kick on the apron, Fenix with a dive but Silver hangs on with one hang. Jungle Boy almost eliminates Fenix.

Siler and Pac go head to head, back and forth strikes. Big kicks from Silver but Pac hits him with a German suplex. Silver hang on from elimination. Fenix walks the tightropes with a kick to Silver to eliminate Dark Order. Death Triangle double team Jungle Boy, Jungle Boy outspeeds Pac and eliminates him. Back and forth chops, armdrags, Jungle Boy slides to the outside and Fenix hits a suicide dive. Jungle Boy with a Superkick, and a clothesline. Jungle Boy with a poisonrana. Fenix with a superkick and the elimination.

Winners: Death Triangle

— Dasha is backstage with Paul Wight. Wight says only he and Tony Khan know who the signing is. Wight says he is the one with the scoops. Hints that nobody can outwork the new signing. Next up is the women’s championship match. Ryo Mizunami makes her entrance. Shida enters next.

AEW Women’s Championship
Ryo Mizunami vs. Hikaru Shida (c)

We see the two in some back-and-forth striking exchanges coming out of the gate, however it is Mizunami who ends up pulling ahead, taking it to Shida in the corner of the ring before having some fun with her mime tight-rope pulling routine as the fans cheer her on. Shida ends up firing up, coming out of the corner back to life and with a purpose, as she takes it to the challenger.

Shida gets the action out on the floor, where she continues to beat down Mizunami. The AEW Women’s Champion reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. She sets it up and runs to jump off of it, only for the challenger to catch her and launch her over the top of the ringside barricade and into the crowd. Mizunami picks Shida back up and brings the action back into the ring, delivering a big leg drop to the back of Shida’s neck as she lays lifeless on the mat. Now she hits the ropes for some repeated speedy dropkicks.

She goes for a half-clutch submission after a pin attempt follow-up only gets her a count of two. Shida eventually makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Back on their feet, the two trade chops. Shida goes for a hip-throw, however Mizunami counters it. Moments later, however, she runs right into a big kick from the champ in the corner. This starts the shifting of the offensive momentum into the favor of the defending champion. She climbs to the top-rope and hits a flying missile drop kick for a near fall.

Ryo with a clothesline to the outside but Shida lands on her feet. Ryo goes for a superplex but Shida counters and hits a backwards piledriver on the ramp. Shida with a superplex for a 2 count. Ryo with strikes to no effect, Shida with a big strikes knocking Ryo down. Ryo with headbutts, and a huge clothesline. And another clothesline. Ryo spikes Shida for a 2 count.

Shida with a rollup and a strike, then a running knee, Ryo fires back with an elbow, Shida with a running knee. Double down. Ryo grabs Shida’s hand and they strike back and forth. Ryo asks for more and and hits more elbow strikes. Uranagi from Ryo. Spear from Ryo, Ryo with a diving legdrop for a 2 count. Shida rolls through a inside hook, Shida with an enziguri, Shida with a straightjacket German suplex and a clubbing blow to the back of the head. Shida with a falcon arrow. Knees and elbows to Ryo, Falcon Arrow from Shida for a 2 count.

Shida with a running knee. Shida with a poke to the eye and an inside cradle, Ryo rolls through and gets a 2 count. Shida with an enziguri for a 2 count. Shida flattens Ryo and gets the running knee for the 2 count. Shida with a corkscrew knee strike for the victory.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

As soon as the match ends, we see all hell break loose, as Nyla Rose hits the ring and starts attacking. Moments later, Maki Itoh and Britt Baker hit the ring, with Rebel hobbling behind them on crutches. We see all the heel women beat down both Shida and Mizunami until finally Thunder Rosa hits the ring to make the save as the heels scramble out to the floor where they walk off.

— We see a backstage segment where “The Best Man” Miro and Kip Sabian ambush Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. Miro throws Chuck into and through a glass door. He turns to the camera and intensely demands that someone play his music.

Miro & Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor

Someone does play his music and we head back inside the arena where Miro knocks Taylor out through the entrance tunnel and onto the entrance ramp. He is covered in blood. Miro follows out behind him. Miro beats him down the ramp as his music cuts off.

As they get into the ring, Miro demands a microphone. He beats Chuck down and tells him that all of this can stop if he just says the word. Chuck, barely able to speak, says, “Wait!” Miro does. Now Chuck recovers enough to say, “Ring the damn bell,” he then blasts Miro with a b*tch-smack that echo’s throughout the venue.

The bell sounds and “The Best Man” beats down Chuck some more as the commentators point out that Orange Cassidy, Chuck’s scheduled tag-team partner for this match, is nowhere to be found. Kip tags in and he picks up where Miro left off, taking it to an already weakened and softened up Chuck Taylor. He stomps him down in the corner like Stone Cold Steve Austin in his prime. As he walks away for a second, Miro drops down on the ring apron from his corner and shouts trash-talk right in his face.

Miro ends up tagging back in where he gets right back down and talks more trash in the face of a badly bloodied Chuck. Sabian comes back in and he picks up again where Miro left off, however he ends up running right into a big kick from Chuck. And another. As Chuck starts finally showing signs of life, we see Orange Cassidy limping out in pain as he finally shows up. He fires up after seemingly being unable to barely move, and flies down the entrance ramp, connecting on an Orange Punch. He finally makes it to his corner where Chuck falls over and slaps his hand, tagging him into the match.

Cassidy takes the hot tag and flies all over the place, stopping every once in a while to sell his lower back. Cassidy has Sabian locked, looking for the Beach Break, however his back gives out. Sabian takes back over and hits a nice launching gut-buster. He follows up with a big kick for a close two count. Finally, he takes back over and hits a Beach Break as Chuck hits a top-rope spot at the same time. Chuck is back in as the legal man and he hits a follow-up shot and goes for the cover, only for Miro to finally come back to life from the Orange Punch from earlier, as he hits the ring to break up the pin.

As Miro looks over at Orange, we see classic Cassidy, as he raises his hands and triumphantly puts them in his pockets. He hits Miro with some wimpy shin kicks and then Miro snaps, only to be caught off guard with the Stun Dog Millionaire from Cassidy and then another Orange Punch. Cassidy goes to hit the ropes for a follow-up spot but sees Penelope Ford on the apron so he stops. Miro ends up shoving Cassidy right into Ford on purpose, knocking her off the apron. This allows him to bash Cassidy over the head and turn him inside out with a power spot.

He takes out Chuck next and then looks for the tag as he is not the legal man. He finally finds Chuck over checking on Penelope. He gets him in the ring and gets him to tag him. He is now the legal man and he puts his camel clutch submission finisher on Chuck, who has no choice but to tap out. As soon as the match ends, we see Miro look upset about something while Chuck is back to tending to Penelope as the commentators focus on “The Best Man” not seeming to care much about the well-being of Penelope Ford.

Winners: Miro & Kip Sabian

— We shoot backstage to Alex Marvez, who is standing by with Chris Jericho and MJF. He talks about them failing to capture the AEW Tag-Team Championships from The Young Bucks in tonight’s opening contest. Jericho takes offense to the word failure and scolds Marvez briefly before turning his attention to Inner Circle business, which he claims needs addressed. He goes on to announce that on AEW Dynamite this coming Wednesday night, there will be a special Inner Circle War Council segment where some big changes will be made to The Inner Circle. He says it’s time and it’s necessary. “Ain’t that right, MJF?” MJF agrees but doesn’t seem to do so with much joy.

Big Money Match
“Hangman” Adam Page vs. “Big Money” Matt Hardy

It’s bell time as this match is now officially underway. Hardy and Page trade shots early on while the commentators go over the story leading up to tonight’s match once again for fans who may not have followed the story over the past several weeks on Dynamite.

Things don’t take long to escalate in terms of violence levels, as Page takes Hardy out to the floor and continues his beat down at ringside. He launches Hardy into the barricade and then sends him over it. Page climbs up to another level and jumps off of it, crashing onto Hardy to set the limited-capacity crowd on hand at Daily’s Place on fire.

He brings Hardy back to the ring and rolls him in, however as he comes in after him, Hardy rolls out to the floor on the other side. Page shrugs his shoulders, rolls his eyes, and heads out after him. This time, however, Hardy was ready for him as he yanks him into the steel ring post. Now he takes over the offensive momentum in the bout as the fight continues on the floor.

Hardy immediately focuses his attack on the arm of Page, which the commentators point out is to take the Buckshot Lariat out of the offensive equation for Page. Hardy slams Page’s arm onto the steel steps after softening it up. Now back in the ring, Hardy yanks at the knuckles and even bites at the hand and arm of Page. With Page grounded, Hardy yanks backwards on the arm some more.

Page tries fighting back, but forgets and after swinging with his hand, he immediately shows signs of pain on his face. Hardy takes back over and once he gets the action out to the floor again, he hits a Twist of Fate on Page on the floor and rolls back in the ring, letting the ref count to nine until Page just barely jumped into the ring at the last second to break the ref’s count and keep the action going.

Things build to another high spot where we see Page lay out Hardy on the floor and head to the top-rope, where he connects with a crazy top-rope moonsault from the ring to the floor. Back in the ring, Page connects on a follow-up diving cross body splash off the top-rope for a close near fall. Page looks for Dead Eye, but Hardy blocks it and blasts Page with a big shot.

Hardy drops him and hops to the middle rope. Page comes to life and climbs up after him. Hardy ends up coming down and scooping Page up from under him and hits a BT Bomb for a close near fall. We see a Twist of Fate attempt from Hardy countered into a Dead Eye from Page. Page goes for the cover but Isiah Kassidy, in street clothes, hops up on the ring apron to distract the ref. On the other side, Marq Quen hops on the apron in street clothes.

This provides a distraction long enough for Hardy to recover. Page goes to go back to work on Hardy, however Private Party gets on the apron on opposite sides again. Page knocks one off and runs through to knock the other off. He comes back into the ring looking for his Buckshot Lariat, but Hardy counters it into his Twist of Fate. He goes for the cover, however Page kicks out before the count of three. Hardy calls for Private Party to help, but as they get ready to invade the ring, out comes The Dark Order running down. Hardy knocks Page off the apron but he falls, crowd-surfing style, onto the waiting hands of all of The Dark Order guys. They put him right back on the apron and Page hits his Buckshot Lariat. 1-2-3. Page wins the “Big Money Match” and earns Matt Hardy’s first quarter earnings in the process.

Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page

— We head to the video package for our next match of the evening, which J.R. describes as a ladder match that he doesn’t think we will soon forget.

Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match
Cody Rhodes vs. Penta El Zero M vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Lance Archer vs. Max Caster vs. Ethan Page

Justin Roberts appears in the ring and begins the formal pre-match introductions, where he reveals that the winner of this match earns himself a shot at the TNT Championship this coming Wednesday night on AEW Dynamite on TNT.

Max Caster from The Acclaimed is out first doing a rap-style promo. Lance Archer comes out. Next out is Scorpio Sky. Now Penta El Zero M, aka Pentagon JR. from Death Triangle, makes his way out.

After that, we get to the ring entrance of the man with the familiar entrance music, as “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes makes his way out and down to the ring to a good reaction from the limited-capacity crowd inside Daily’s Place in AEW’s home base of Jacksonville, Florida.

Finally, the mystery sixth entrant is introduced as “All Ego” Ethan Page is brought out by Roberts. Page makes his way out with a big smile on his face as the commentators inform us who Page is, noting he is a former IMPACT Wrestling title-holder as a tag-team alongside Josh Alexander.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match with a shot at the TNT Championship this coming Wednesday night on Dynamite hanging in the wings, as a brass ring — literally — hangs above the middle of the ring that the winner of the match must retrieve with the use of a ladder.

Cody’s shoulder is heavily taped up for this match, which the commentators point out is the result of the table spot from the high-profile mixed tag-team bout on Dynamite this past Wednesday night that saw the in-ring pro wrestling debut of NBA Hall Of Fame legend Shaquille O’Neal.

Early on we see groups of two wrestlers splinter off into different sections of the ring and ringside area, with each group getting a moment or two to shine before the camera pans over to someone else. In the ring, we see the first appearance of a ladder as “The Murderhawk Monster” brings one into the squared circle during a big offensive spree he goes on.

As the action continues with other members of the match coming to life, we see Jack Evans run out from the back with a boombox that he is about to use as a cheap shot, however instead, “10” from The Dark Order hits the scene and takes him out.

Cody hits a big spot while Page sets a ladder up inside the ring and begins climbing. Nothing happens as three other men come to life and they start trading shots and moving on from any attempt to make the climb up the ladder.

Archer gets a Slingblade through the ladder and he rolls out of the ring. Caster blocks a German Suplex attempt and Scorpio Sky takes a bow. Cody with the Disaster Kick over the ropes! Archer brings Ethan Page and Cody Rhodes off the ladder, and looks for a Double Choke Slam to no avail as Cody and Ethan team up momentarily to take down Archer.

Moments later, a ladder bridge is set up from the ring apron to the ring barricade. Pentagon JR. ends up calling for a Canadian Destroyer, which he hits from the ring apron onto the ladder on Cody. The ringside medics immediately jump on the scene to tend to Cody, as the commentators speculate about his shoulder enduring even more punishment during that spot.

The focus goes away from that scene back into the ring, where Scorpio Sky keeps the match alive by making a cut-off from a climb attempt by Page. Now the medics are shown helping take Cody to the backstage area. Schiavone informs us on commentary that he is in the entrance tunnel area and wants to continue, however they point out that Arn Anderson and others are telling him there’s no way they’re letting him back out there.

Back in the ring, we see Sky and Page on opposite sides of the ladder set up under the brass ring when up comes Archer on a second ladder setup right next to the original one. In comes Page who climbs up as well, so now we’ve got four bodies all up the ladders. Caster joins the picture and knocks Archer off. Caster is thrown off now, leaving Sky and Page alone. Sky knocks Page off now and nearly gets the brass ring down, only for Pentagon JR. to hit the ring and stop him, keeping the match alive.

Pentagon is taken out now and is on the floor selling, leaving only Sky and Page in the ring alone. Sky ends up closing a ladder and setting it on the mat in the ring. He slams Page on it and climbs to the top-rope. He connects on a top-rope frog splash onto Page while he was laid out across the ladder. After this, more bodies enter the ring. Sky is launched but lands feet-first on the ladder, only to be knocked off. Now Archer sends Sky flying out to the floor where he crashes hard.

Page and Pentagon fight back-and-forth now until finally Page gets the better of the exchange. Out of nowhere, Cody re-appears selling his shoulder and ribs as he heads down the ramp with a purpose. He takes hit weight belt off and whips away with it, blasting Page and going to work on him a bit in the ring before stopping to sell his shoulder some more.

He sets the ladder up near the corner of the ring. He climbs up the ropes and then the ladder, only for Archer to stop him. Archer ends up hitting a superplex on Cody off the top-rope / ladder. Caster follows up with a big Claim To Fame top-rope Mic Drop elbow on Cody. Pentagon and Caster are on opposing sides of the ladder duking it out as Archer comes over and knocks the ladder over, sending both guys flying. He hits a chokeslam on Ethan Page and then another one on Cody. He follows that up with a chokeslam on Pentagon JR. He finally hits a Blackout on the ladder on Caster.

Archer climbs up the ladder as Jake “The Snake” Roberts hops on the ring apron to cheer him on. Page tops Archer and hits a Razor’s Edge on him. This brings Jake Roberts into the ring as he hits Page with a short clothesline and then a DDT. Pentagon JR. re-enters the ring and takes out Jake “The Snake” and begins climbing the ladder. Cody comes alive and stops him. Cody hits a Cody Cutter leaping off the ropes as Pentagon JR. simaltaneously leaped off the ladder. They botched the execution of that a bit. Pentagon JR. grabs a steel chair and blasts Cody in the injured arm with it as he was climbing the ladder.

Pentagon climbs now but behind him comes Sky with a chair to the back and then a second shot to the ankle. Excalibur points out that if Pentagon can’t walk, he can’t climb. Cody and Sky begin climbing the ladder on opposing sides. Sky ends up shoving Cody off, where he crashes down below to the mat. Sky pulls the brass ring down. We have our Face Of The Revolution. Scorpio Sky advances to challenge the TNT Champion Darby Allin for the title on AEW Dynamite this coming Wednesday night.

Winner: Scorpio Sky

— Justin Roberts, who hypes up the introduction of the newest member of the AEW roster. A video starts playing on the big screen that reads, “OUT. WORK. EVERYONE.” Finally, the name Christian Cage appears and out comes Captain Charisma himself.

Christian makes his way down to the ring holding a clipboard as his AEW theme music plays. He settles into the ring as the fans chant his name and the commentators react to him arriving on the scene in AEW.

Finally, we see Christian Cage pull a pen out and sign the contract that was attached to the clipboard. Without saying a word, Christian sets it down in the middle of the ring and unbuttons his shirt to show a t-shirt under it that reads, “OUT. WORK. EVERYONE.” This ends the segment as we switch gears and get ready for our co-main event of the evening.

— We return to live action as the video package airs telling the story leading up to tonight’s co-main event of the evening, which features TNT Champion Darby Allin and “The Icon” Sting joining forces to take on Brian Cage and Ricky Starks from Team Taz.

Street Fight
Brian Cage & Ricky Starks vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Cage and Starks are introduced to a special location that this bout will take place, which looks like an empty, old, broken down boxing gym / abandoned building that was turned into a make-shift boxing gym. Meanwhile, the leader of Team Taz, “The Human Suplex Machine” himself, joins Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur for guest commentary of this match.

From there, an elaborate entrance video airs before Darby Allin and Sting make their way out, which is in trademark black-and-white for Allin, and shows him riding around on a skateboard as other hooded men are walking around.

Finally, we get to the super unique and bad-ass ring entrance of Sting and Darby Allin, who make their way to the ring set up inside the aforementioned abandoned building / empty boxing gym looking room. A ton of Darby Allin look-alikes are walking behind Sting and Allin as they approach the squared circle.

Our co-main event Street Fight is now officially underway, as all four guys start brawling. We see Allin putting his body in harm’s way almost instantly, launching himself all over the place regardless of circumstances or repercussions.

Sting ends up getting his trademark baseball bat and he stalks Starks. He throws it at him. As he finally catches up with him, Starks tells Sting to listen. He tells him that he’s nothing without that bat. He dares him to try him without it. Sting throws the bat down and starts beating the crap out of Starks just fine without any weapons.

Now the camera pans over to catch up with Cage and Allin in a separate part of the abandoned building they are fighting in. Cage is gaining the upper-hand over the TNT Champion. He hoists him up in the suplex position and while holding him in that position, he walks up a set of stairs. The commentators fawn over the power display by “The Machine.”

As Cage stomps on Allin in the upstairs part of this abandoned fight location, up comes Starks and Sting. Starks helps Cage out with the beatdown until “Absolute” is forced to re-focus his attention and physical efforts on “The Icon,” who still has some fight left in him. Cage comes over to blast Sting as he starts gaining the upper hand over Starks, however Starks moves and Cage takes out his own partner.

Now as Cage and Sting trade shots, Allin runs over and launches himself onto the back of Cage. “The Machine” does a good job early on of fighting off both Sting and Allin by himself. He goes to power bomb Sting until Allin sprays him with a fire extinguisher to stop him. Now he breaks a glass bottle over the head of Cage. Allin and Sting now put Cage through a nearby table. Starks comes up behind them and starts duking it out with Allin.

Allin is holding his own, however. He runs into a well-timed knee from Starks. Starks charges at him but Allin moves and Starks crashes shoulder-first into a big pole. Allin climbs up the pole and hits his Coffin Drop spot. From there, Powerhouse Hobbs appears wearing a mask and attacks Allin from behind. We also see Taz’s son show up to add to the numbers advantage owned by the Team Taz crew. Sting is still standing, for now, as Cage heads over to deal with him.

As he does, we see Hobbs holding Allin while Taz’s son and Starks take turns hitting him with free undefended punches. Cage joins Hobbs now as Starks turns his attention over to Sting, where Taz’s son joins him. Cage and Hobbs both throw Allin through a glass door or window of some kind as glass shatters all over the place and Allin is shown completely laid out. Cage now has a steel shovel which he uses to blast Sting from behind.

Now in what looks to be some movie style editing, we see Allin looking like a zombie, as the camera catches his shadow walking like a horror movie. The camera shows an odd close-up of Sting and now Allin throws the bat to “The Icon.” Sting hits anything that moves with the bat until finally Allin hits an even crazier Coffin Drop than ever before. He leaped backwards down one or two full floors to crash onto his intended target. Sting finally catches up with Starks in the ring. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash, but Starks moves in time and Sting splashes onto a corner where the turnbuckle has been torn off.

Starks hits a big follow-up move and tries covering Sting. An on-site referee makes the count, however Sting kicks out before the count of three. Sting now takes back over the offensive side of things. Starks tries power-bombing him out of nowhere, but Sting goes up and over and out the back door, taking Starks down and rolling him up for a close near fall attempt. Sting blocks a back-elbow attempt from Starks and hits the Scorpion Death Drop. 1-2-3. Sting and Darby Allin win!

Winners: Sting & Darby Allin

— It’s time for the highly-anticipated Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match between former champion Jon Moxley and current title-holder Kenny Omega! The video package for our main event of the evening here at AEW Revolution 2021 is airing now. Our final championship bout of the evening is just moments away.

AEW Championship, Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match
Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (c)

Justin Roberts begins the first of his final two ring introductions as the challenger, Jon Moxley, makes his way to the ring from his special part of the venue as his familiar entrance theme plays. The commentators point out that the special leather jacket that Mox is wearing is a tip of the cap to Atsushi Onita, who was featured in the pre-match video package. They also speculate that Mox hit a flask with some alcohol in it as he makes his way to the ring.

J.R. tells a story of Terry Funk calling him and telling him about Exploding Barbed Wire Death Matches. The commentators point out how the official for the match is in a fire-hazzard suit. The camera pans around to show some of the crazy, chaotic setup around the ring for this extremely unique, first-ever Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match here in AEW.

With Mox settled into the squared circle now, his music dies down and cuts off. Now the familiar theme of the reigning, defending AEW World Champion plays as Kenny Omega makes his way out through the entrance tunnel and to the top of the entrance ramp where his over-the-top fireworks and pyro explodes and erupts as Don Callis joins Omega by his side and they begin making their way down to the ring for our main event of the AEW Revolution 2021 pay-per-view.

As Omega settles into the ring, Don Callis joins J.R., Schiavone and Excalibur for special guest commentary of tonight’s main event. Callis starts off by saying, “Gentlemen, it’s a good night to die!” They bring up the fact that Callis seems overly enthusiastic and in a good mood for such a violent showcase about to take place. Omega’s music dies down and Justin Roberts does his final, formal introductions of the challenger and champion for this main event. Mox does a shot of Jack Daniels as he is introduced. The commentators laugh as they note he is taking one final shot for good luck before this one gets underway.

The introductions are out of the way and all that’s left is a whole lot of violence and either a new champion to be crowned or a current champion to solidify his position as the king of the mountain in AEW. The fire-suit ref calls for the bell and ladies and gentlemen, we’re off and running with our featured headline bout of the evening, as the first-ever Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match starts off with a “This Is Awesome!” chant before a single thing happens.

Now the two circle each other and finally, we get our first action of the match. The two immediately take the action over to one of the barbed wire covered boards in the ring. They fight over control trying to avoid having their skin and flesh torn by the barbed wire nearby. Not a lot of action happens early on, as there is very little room to move without potential disasterous consequences. Finally, Omega throws some salt or powder into the eyes of Moxley, temporarily blinding him just as he was about to attack the champ with a barbed wire baseball bat.

Mox swipes in Omega’s direction with the bat he is still holding, but because he can’t see, he isn’t coming close to hitting Omega. The AEW champ takes advantage of this and starts taunting Mox. He ends up throwing him into the ring ropes, and when Mox hits, an explosion goes off. Callis enjoys this quite a bit on guest commentary. Moments later, we see Omega lock Mox in a figure-four leg lock in the middle of the ring. Mox appears stuck but eventually grabs a nearby steel chair wrapped in barbed wire, which he uses like a saw, scraping it back-and-forth on Omega’s knee to free himself from the hold.

The commentators point out that Mox has been busted open already, as the camera closes in on his face, which is now becoming a crimson mask. Mox tries getting back into competitive form in this match, however Omega ends up reversing him and whipping him into the corner with authority. Mox lands back-first into a big board of barbed wire that he gets stuck to. Omega and Callis both enjoy this one. Omega continues to gain more-and-more confidence, while at the same time, Moxley’s face is becoming bloodier and bloodier.

Out of nowhere, Mox springs to life and shoves Omega with his feet, which launches him back-first into the ring ropes. This sets off an explosion that gets Omega and freaks Callis out on commentary. Literally seconds later Mox does the same thing and another explosion goes off on Omega. Callis is sounding increasingly nervous as Mox continues to gain confidence and more offensive momentum on his side. The camera gets a good shot that shows Mox’s entire face covered in a ton of thick, dark blood of his own. Mox smiles, however, and gets a shoulder-catch throw style suplex on the champ.

Mox follows up with another big spot and now he stalks Omega, waiting for him to get up so he can hit him with the Paradigm Shift. Omega had it well-scouted, however, as he reverses his way out of it. He hoists Mox up looking for the One-Winged Angel, however Mox avoids it. Now Mox sends Omega into another barbed wire board. Now Mox takes some of the loose barbed wire and he wraps it around his own forearm and wrist as the commentators point out how much cutting that is doing to Moxley’s own skin on his arms. Mox sets Omega up for a Barbed Wire lariat, however Omega avoids it.

Omega suckers Mox in for another attempt on purpose, successfully avoiding it and hitting Mox with a dragon suplex. He goes for another but Mox avoids it and counters. The fans break out into a “This Is Awesome!” chant as both guys are slow to get back to their feet. The commentators point out we’re only ten minutes away from the ring exploding, as it is timed to blow up 30 minutes after the start of the match. Now we see Mox looking for the Paradigm Shift, but Omega pushes him forward like an offensive lineman in the NFL until Mox’s back hits the ropes. This sets off an explosion that they were both in.

This results in Omega calling for a towel to wipe his eyes immediately, which the ref does. Mox is shown in a close-up camera shot and the commentators speculate that he may have had a tooth knocked out. On the ring apron outside of the barbed wire covered ring ropes, Omega looks to hip-toss Mox on a barbed wire board laying on the floor outside of the ring. Mox avoids it. Omega tries again. Mox avoids it again. Mox blasts Omega with a big shot. Now Mox hooks Omega with the Paradigm Shift and the two go flying off the apron and crashing down below on the barbed wire covered board where he connects on the way down with the intended Paradigm Shift, as the replays show Omega landing right on his head upon impact.

After being stuck on the barbed wire board for a while, we see Moxley and Omega break free and finally make it back into the ring. The fans break out into dueling chants showing support for both guys. Now on their knees in the ring, Mox grabs Omega by the hair with one hand and blasts him with a punch in his barbed wire wrapped fist with the other. We hear some loud noise as he hits him again. The commentators point out that the noise is a warning about the ring explosion pending, as we’re drawing close to the 30 minutes allotted before the scheduled mega-blast goes down. Callis calls back to the plan he and Omega hatched heading into this match, noting Omega was prepared to kick it into another gear when he heard the ring explosion warning sounds.

Out of nowhere, Omega fires up and begins fighting back. With both men back standing on their feet, Omega charges at Mox and blasts him with a V-Trigger. He hoists Mox up and connects with a One-Winged Angel, which the commentators point out that nobody has ever kicked out of. Omega goes for the cover afterwards, but Mox gets his foot on the ropes before the count of three, which avoided him being pinned and put away, but also purposely set off the explosion that happens anytime someone touches the ring ropes. Essentially, Mox purposely blew himself up to avoid being finished off. The commentators make this point clear as both men are down selling the effects of the explosion. Omega calls for his eyes to be wiped again. Finally, Mox is back to his feet.

The fans start chanting “Moxley! Moxley!” as he gets a sadistic smirk on his face while stalking Omega and waiting for the champ to get up. As he does, out of nowhere, we see The Good Brothers — Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson — hit the ring. With the numbers advantage on the side of the champion, this leads to the finish as we see Omega hit another One-Winged Angel for the win.

Winner and STILL AEW Champion: Kenny Omega

After the match, things don’t end there, as Callis soaks in the victory on commentary and then The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega begin a post-match beat down of Moxley, complete with barbed wire wrapped baseball bats. As they continue the post-match attack, a countdown clock appears on the big screen and Callis notes on commentary that he’s just going to scoot back real quick.

The other commentators point out the obvious, which is that the 30-minute explosion is about to happen.

Finally, The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega exit the ring and head to the back and out of nowhere, Eddie Kingston sprints down to the ring.

We hear the commentators note that Kingston is a longtime friend of Moxley’s and is likely here to save his friend from potential life-changing disaster as a result of the timed ring explosion that is about to hit, as he throws himself over Mox just as the explosion hits, sacrificing himself to protect his friend. Both guys remain lifeless, with Kingston unconscious while laid out on top of an also unconscious Moxley.

Ringside doctors come to the ring to check on both guys as they remain lifeless and motionless. The commentators put their serious voices on as more officials, including Jerry Lynn, who is mentioned by name, come from the back to check on Mox. The commentators point out that Mox appears to at least be communicating with the help in the ring despite not moving, while Kingston doesn’t appear to be moving or communicating at all.

That does it for the AEW Revolution 2021 pay-per-view.

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