WWE Smackdown Results – November 6, 2020

WWE Smackdown Results - November 6, 2020

We are live from the WWE Thunderdome at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL, as Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring.

Banks poses on the apron with the title as pyro explodes. Cole sends us to a video package on recent happenings between Banks and Bayley.

Back from the video and we see Bayley in the gorilla position with Kayla Braxton.

Bayley is asked about her working relationship with Sasha and if it gave her any emotions.  Bayley says she had joy when she wrapped the chair around Sasha’s head.  She was angry after being forced into signing the contract.  Bayley mentions that Sasha has a history of never successfully retaining the title.  Bayley says she hopes Sasha had all of those photo shoots to remember her 13 day title reign.  Sasha will be crippled in the ring by her own failure. Bayley heads to the ring and we are ready for our first match of the night.

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

The bell rings and they lock up, tangling and going to the corner. The referee counts to force them both to break. They trade some aggressive strikes. Banks with a big arm drag after coming off the top. Banks ends up going for an early pin attempt but Bayley immediately kicks out. More back and forth on their feet. Bayley takes Banks down for a 1 count. They tangle some more and Bayley avoids the Bank Statement, getting to the bottom rope. Bayley retreats to the floor for a breather as Banks taunts her from the ring. We go to commercial.

We are back and Bayley kicks Sasha from the apron and misses a baseball slide.  Sasha pulls Bayley off the apron and Sasha with a spinning kick on the apron.  Sasha with a hesitation double knee drop for a near fall.  Sasha with a running double knee strike against the ring post on the apron.  Sasha goes for a second one but Bayley sends Sasha into the air and Sasha lands on the apron before hitting the floor.  Bayley with knees to the back and she chokes Sasha in the ropes.

Bayley with kicks and she gets a near fall.  Bayley sends Sasha into the corner and then misses an elbow.  Sasha goes for a double knee strike but Bayley blocks it.  Bayley is sent into the turnbuckles.  Sasha with a running double knee strike for a near fall.  Bayley with a clothesline for a near fall.  Sasha is put on the turnbuckles but Sasha kicks Bayley away and hits Meteora but cannot make the cover.  Bayley rolls to the floor to avoid being pinned.  Sasha with a cross body off the apron and we go to commercial.

We are back and Sasha is on the turnbuckles and she goes up top while Bayley goes to the apron.  Bayley with a forearm and she climbs the turnbuckles.  Sasha goes for a sunset flip power bomb on the floor but Bayley counters into a rana that sends Sasha into the announce table.  Bayley goes up top and Sasha stops Bayley.  Sasha knocks Bayley off the turnbuckles.  Sasha with a running knee and she goes through the ropes to the floor.  Sasha with an elbow drop to Bayley hanging on the apron after Sasha runs up the ring steps.  Sasha with a frog splash for a near fall.  Sasha with a lungblower but Bayley rolls through and tries for a belly-to-belly suplex but Sasha escapes.

Sasha with a Banks Statement and Bayley goes to the floor and she sends Sasha into the ringside barrier.  Bayley grabs a Mysterio Family Kendo stick and tosses it into the ring and the referee takes it.  Bayley uses the distraction to try to use a chair.  Sasha prevents Bayley from using the chair and throws the chair into the crowd and Bayley with a lungblower and belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.  Bayley goes up top and hits the elbow drop for a near fall.  Sasha sends Bayley into teh turnbuckles but Bayley wtih a boot and a running knee to the head.  Bayley with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. 

 Bayley with a crossface on Sasha and she leans back to add more pressure. Bayley keeps Sasha from getting to the ropes and Sasha with a jackknife cover for a near fall.  They go to the apron and Bayley misses a shoulder on Sasha and Bayley hits the ring post.  Sasha with a kick and Sasha with a lingblower into the Banks Statement and Bayley taps out.

Winner:  Sasha Banks

After the match, the music hits as Banks takes her title and stands tall, raising it in the air. We go to replays. Banks celebrates and exits with her title in the air, taunting Bayley who is still in the ring. Banks suddenly turns around on the stage and is dropped by a superkick from Carmella. Fans immediately start booing her. Carmella capitalizes while Banks is down and the boos get louder. Carmella fixes her hair and makeup, and stands tall over Banks before heading to the back.

— The announcers hype Seth Rollins vs. Otis and Rey Mysterio vs. King Baron Corbin in tonight’s Survivor Series qualifiers for the men’s team.


Jey Uso is backstage preparing for an interview, with a cup of coffee in hand, when Kevin Owens walks up. Owens jokes about Jey getting coffee for Roman Reigns. Jey asks if Owens thinks his family is a joke. Owens doesn’t think any of this is a joke. Owens came over because they’re partners at Survivor Series and Owens doesn’t have much success at that event, and he’s hoping they can change that. Owens says but clearly Jey has other stuff on his mind and he will leave Jey be. Owens jokes about the coffee again, saying maybe Jey should switch to decaf, and then walks off. We go back to commercial.

— We are back and Kayla Braxton is with Jey Uso and before she asks her first question, we have a video package recapping what happened since Hell in a Cell.  


Kayla asks Jey to explain his actions. He says it was business. He considers DB a friend but he isn’t family. Kayla asks about what Roman said to him about not being part of the family. Jey says everyone has jokes. Paul Heyman stops by and asks if Roman okayed this interview and he says it is rhetorical. Paul tells Jey that Roman needs him. Kayla says that Paul has a better position in the family than Jey. Jey points out Kayla’s attitude and leaves.


Rey Mysterio is backstage on the phone. Dominik Mysterio walks up and tells his dad that his match is up next and he’s not dressed to wrestle. Rey is trying to get in touch with Aalyah Mysterio but is having no luck. Dominik says he hasn’t seen his sister today either. Dominik tells his dad that he’s due up in the ring. Rey tells Dominik to go get his gear. Dominik walks off and King Baron Corbin suddenly attacks Rey from behind and takes him out. Corbin runs away as Dominik comes back and checks on his dad. We go to commercial.


Back from the break and Jey Uso is with Paul Heyman outside of Roman Reigns’ locker room. Heyman says he really respects what Uso is trying to do but if he’s going to do something like that, he needs to run it by Reigns first. Uso can’t believe he has to get permission from his cousin to do an interview on TV. Heyman confirms. Jey says let’s go talk to him then. Heyman tells Jey to stay here, in the hallway, and he will go check with Reigns and come back. Heyman walks in and Uso waits.

Reigns comes back out and asks Uso why he’s talking to Kayla, trying to tell his story or something? Uso says he was just giving an interview. Reigns says there’s a chain of command. Uso has to come to him first and if he can’t find him, go to Heyman next. Reigns asks what’s going on with Kevin Owens. Uso says he was just making bad jokes. Reigns says it sounded like Owens was disrespecting him, which means he was disrespecting Reigns and their entire family. Reigns goes on and asks Uso if he’s going to just let that slide. Uso says he’s going to handle it. Uso walks off.

Reigns asks Heyman if he knew about this. Heyman says he kind of found out as it was happening. Reigns says Heyman is supposed too know everything, that’s why he’s here – to handle everything so Reigns doesn’t have to. Reigns is upset now. Heyman says he understands. Reigns tells Heyman to go find WWE Producer Adam Pearce so they can handle this KO problem tonight. Heyman walks off.

Baron Corbin vs. Rey Mysterio in a Survivor Series Smackdown Team Qualifying Match

Corbin with a spinebuster for a near fall.  Corbin works over Rey in the corner and Rey falls to the floor.  Corbin punches Rey and sends him back into the ring.  Rey with shoulders but Corbin with knees.  Corbin stands on Rey.  Rey is sent to the floor and Dominik checks on his father.  Corbin goes for a shoulder against the ring steps but Rey moves and Corbin hits the steps.  Rey with kicks to Corbin followed by a punch  Rey with forearms and a kick but Corbin with a back elbow.  Ret gets a near fall.

Rey with a head scissors that sends Corbin to the floor and . . . Seth Rollins’ music plays and Dominik Mysterio goes up the aisle to confront Seth as Rey forgets he is in a match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rey sends Corbin into the ring post.  They return to the ring and Corbin pushes Rey into the turnbuckles.  Corbin runs into an elbow and Rey with a boot to Corbin.  Corbin runs into another boot.  Rey with a quebrada but Corbin catches Rey and hits a back breaker.  Baron with a forearm to the back while Seth is talking to Dominik along the legnth of the ramp.  Corbin with forearms to the lower back.  Rey catches Corbin on a cross body and he hits a back breaker.  Baron with another back breaker and a power slam for a near fall.  Corbin with a rear chin lock on Rey and Rey falls to the floor.  Corbin sends Rey into the apron.

They return to the ring.  Corbin punches Rey while Dominik cares more about staring at Seth up the ramp than the well-being of his father.  Corbin with an elbow to the back.  Corbin with a punch.  Corbin misses a clothesline and Corbi with a bear hug.  Rey with elbows and he bites Corbin.  Corbin runs Rey into the turnbuckles.  Corbin misses a splash into the corner and Rey with a kick from the apron.  Rey goes up top and hits a seated splash and a drop kick to the shin and head.  Rey goes to the apron for a springboard seated splash for a near fall.  Rey drop kicks Corbin into the ropes but Corbin escapes the ropes to get to the floor.

Corbin hits Dominik from behind and Rey with a drop kick through the ropes and a pescado.  Dominik holds his knee but he tells his father, Rey, that he is fine.  Rey sends Corbin into the ring and he checks on Dominik before returning to the ring.  Corbin sets for a power bomb and Seth makes his way downe the ramp.  Rey with a rana to send Corbin into the ropes and Rey with a 619 while Seth attacks Dominik.  Rey goes after Seth and Aliyah and Buddy Murphy show up.  Rey yells at his daughter and Corbin hits End of Days for the three count.

Winner:  Baron Corbin

— Graves has some breaking news now. Jey Uso vs. Kevin Owens is now official for tonight. We go back to commercial.

Ruby Riott vs. Natalya vs. Zelina Vega in a Survivor Series Smackdown Women’s Team Qualifying Match

Vega with a rollup on Natalya for a near fall.  Ruby goes for an O’Connor Roll and Zelina holds on to the ropes and Natalya with a rollup.   Vega kicks Ruby and Natalya pulls her to the floor.  Ruby with an inside cradle on Natalya for a near fall.  Natalya with a slam to Ruby and Natalya goes for a surfboard.  Vega gets a near fall on Natalya in the surfboard.  Vega tries for a head scissors but Natalya blocks it and Natalya spins Zelina.  Ruby with an STO to Vega.

Ruby goes up top and Natalya tries to stop her but Ruby kicks Natalya.  Ruby misses a back senton and Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter.  Vega with a bulldog and a running double knee strike to Ruby.  Vega with a spike head scissors and Ruby rolls to the floor.  Natalya with a rollup on Vega for a near fall. Vega with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter and she applies it.  Vega tries to get to the ropes but it doesn’t matter because there are no rope breaks.

Ruby with a crossface and Natalya releases the Sharpshooter and Vega taps out.

Winner:  Ruby Riott


Big E is in the back and he is playing Trivial Pursuit until The Street Profits show up.  Big E asks if The Street Profits are trying to get a scoop about Kofi and Woods.  Big E tells them if they lay down in the ring, Kofi and Woods won’t beat them up too bad . . . and then they all laugh. Billie Kay shows up and laughs like Big E and The Street Profits.  They stop laughing and Billie gives The Street Profits her resume and tells them she can give them some inside information about the red brand.  Angelo reminds Billie they were on Raw together. Back to commercial.

Otis vs. Seth Rollins in a Smackdown Men’s Survivor Series Qualifying Match

We see Rey, Dominik, and Aliyah Mysterio watching a monitor in the back.

Rollins with double sledges to the back and Otis blocks an Irish whip attempt.  Otis with an Irish whip and Rollins does a Michaels Flip.  Otis with waist lock take downs and Rollins goes to the floor.  

Buddy Murphy walks to the ring and the Mysterios watch in the back.  

Otis blocks a kick and Rollins is sent face first to the mat.  Ortis sends Seth into the turnbuckles.  Rollins with a kick and he is sent over the top rope to the floor with a back body drop by Otis.  Rollins sees Buddy standing there and Otis with a running shoulder tackle to Rollins.  Otis looks at Buddy and then he returns to the ring.  Rollins with Slingblade.  Rollins with shoulders in the corner but Otis is enjoying it and he rubs his belly.  Rollins with kicks to the midsection and Otis marches around the ring and he bulks up.  Rollins with a chop and Otis starts dancing.

Otis with a head butt and clotheslines followed by a face plant into the mat.  Otis with a slam.  Rollins gets a boot up when Otis goes for a splash.  Rollins goes to the turnbuckles and Otis catches Rollins and hits an Exploder.  Otis with a splash and it is time for the Caterpillar but Murphy gets on the apron and stares at Otis.  Buddy looks at Seth and Otis goes after Murphy but Buddy goes to the floor.  Rollins with a knee and Black Out for the three count.

Winner:  Seth Rollins

We go to the Mysterio Family Reaction Shot and Aliyah appears to be disappointed. We go to commercial.


We are back and Buddy Murphy is walking and Seth Rollins catches up to him and he says he knows what he saw tonight.  Seth wants to know that he saw what he saw.  Buddy tells Seth messiah and then calls himself a disciple.  Seth wants to hear it again.  Seth says he knew that Buddy would see the light and that the Mysteiros would never accept him.  Seth welcomes Buddy back home.

Seth walks away and then Aliyah runs up to him and pushes him and yells at him for what he just did after defending him to her family. Buddy tells Aliyah to trust him and it is for the greater good.

— We go to Michael Cole’s interview earlier today with Lars Sullivan.

Lars is now without a shirt and Cole reminds Lars about his interview last week.

Lars says he hates bullies and he has been bullied his entire life.  For the way he looks, for the way he talks, for the way he dressed.  Those bullies would push him down and they would kick him.  They would steal his lunch and they would mock him and call him freak.  The other kids would stand there and watch at his expense.  Then I started lifting weights and put on 50 pounds of muscle in a few months.  The bullying stopped and he became the bully.  He bullied the bullies and it was so much fun. I bullied the kids who would stand there and watch.  They deserved it.  I learned that I could bully whoever I want.  I could make them do whatver I want.  I could make them eat whatever I want.  Dirt, glass, bugs.  I could do whatever I want.  I could do this… Lars screams and he says that is intimidation and bullying and I love it.  Lars starts to laugh. Back to commercial.

— Kayla Braxton is with Kevin Owens in the Gorilla Position and she asks if things got out of hand.  Kevin says he didn’t expect he had to fight his partner at Survivor Series.  Kevin says he has a habit of speaking his mind.  If Jey Uso or Roman Reigns or Roman’s special counsel have a problem, so be it.  What Roman made Jey do to Daniel Bryan last week was out of hand.  Kevin says he has done some questionable things for his family.  The difference between he and Jey is that he made the decision on his own.  Kevin says the beating you have coming is 100% from me.

Match Number Five:  Jey Uso versus Kevin Owens

They lock up and Owens with a side head lock.  Owens with a shoulder tackle and Jey rolls to the apron as the monitor has been rolled outside Roman’s locker room so he can watch with Heyman.  Jey with a wrist lock and Owens with a forearm and side head lock.  Jey with punches but Owens with a slam and back senton for a near fall.  Jey sends Owens to the apron and Owens with a forearm to stop Jey.  Jey with punches and he drops Owens on the top rope.  

Paul gives Roman the belt and Paul goes to the ring.

Jey with a suicide dive but Owens catches Jey and sends him into the ringside barrier.  Owens with a frog splash off the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Jey kicks Kevin in the corner.  Owens punches Jey but Jey punches back.  Owens with a kick and Jey tries for a Samoan drop but Owens escapes and hits a neck breaker for a near fall.  Owens goes up top and he sees Paul Heyman walk to the ring.  Jey with a running boot to the head and Owens falls to the floor.  Jey with a suicide dive.  They return to the ring and Jey kicks Owens.  Jey with a super kick.  Jey punches Owens. Jey with a reverse chin lock.  Owens with an arm drag and Jey tries for a super kick but Owens blocks it and Kevin with a super kick.

Jey misses a splash in the corner and hits the ring post.  Owens with a super kick and cannonball.  Owens goes up top and hits a swanton for a near fall.  Jey avoids a pop up power bomb and Jey with a super kick and neck breaker for a near fall.  Jey goes to the apron.  Jey goes up top and Owens with punches.  Jey leaps over Owens but Owens with a pop up power bomb and Jey gets his foot on the rope to break the count.  Owens kicks Jey and…

Roman Reigns’ music plays and Jey hits a head butt to the ding ding and a super kick.  Jey goes up top and hits a frog splash for the three count.

Winner:  Jey Uso

After the bell, fans start booing as Uso stands tall with the music playing. We go to replays. Uso exits the ring and Heyman is waiting at ringside. Reigns never came out. Reigns’ music starts back up as Uso and Heyman march up the ramp. Reigns greets them at the top of the ramp. Reigns stands with Uso and raises the title in the air as they stare back at the ring, where Owens is trying to recover. Reigns poses with Uso on the stage as SmackDown on FOX goes off the air.

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