Tuesday, June 2, 2020

WWE Source Says Nia Jax Should be Fired

WWE Source Says Nia Jax Should be Fired
Last night's WWE RAW saw Kairi Sane suffer a bad cut to the head during her loss to Nia Jax, which came after Jax sent Sane into the steel ring steps.

It was originally reported last week that people within the company were not blaming Jax for what happened. However, Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that he received a text message from someone in WWE who was at the RAW taping, and they said it was "1000% Jax's fault."

The source added that they believe Jax is dangerous, and that she should be fired before she ends up seriously hurting another wrestler.

"[This was] 1000 percent Nia's fault," the text read, according to Alvarez. "She needs to be f--king fired! She is dangerous! Fire her before she cripples or kills somebody."