Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Today's WWE Tapings Cancelled, Situation Described as "an Asylum"

Today's WWE Tapings Cancelled, Situation Described as "an Asylum"
According to PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson, tapings for today have yet to begun as WWE is a solid 40 minutes behind schedule.

Johnson reported that staff and talent were still standing outside awaiting their COVID-19 test results as they’re not allowed in the Performance Center until they get word of clearance. The word is that people are reportedly frustrated with the morning as the process is evidently slow moving.

Executives and staff as well as Superstars are presently not allowed in the building. This policy that nobody can come in without a negative test has also seemingly nixed the “friends and family” in the live crowd. We have heard nothing about their presence at the show, but the Superstars didn’t even know they were there on Monday until reading about it online.

This situation was described to us as “watching the inmates run the asylum.”

PW Insider reports that WWE has decided to cancel today’s planned taping of SmackDown. Now they will have to come back on the day of the show next Friday.

Superstars have been told that they will be needed to tape on June 26th to take care of the next SmackDown taping. They will not air the show live. It will be recorded and edited together hours before it is set to air on FOX.

The company hoped to record Raw, Raw Talk, Main Event and two episodes of 205 Live today at the WWE Performance Center. They also need to record NXT tonight at Full Sail Arena. The holdups from the COVID-19 testing caused them to nix the blue brand’s show.