Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Rob Gronkowski No Longer Under WWE Contract

Rob Gronkowski No Longer Under WWE Contract
Rob Gronkowski is no longer under WWE Contract.

Gronkowski signed with WWE this past March and was expected to work a match at SummerSlam in August. The match will not be happening, according to Wrestling Inc.

A source familiar with the situation said Gronkowski had a release clause in his contract that he exercised since he is returning to the NFL to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this upcoming season. While Gronkowski could likely make some appearances for the company, he will not be wrestling for them in the near future.

While Gronkowski has no other obligations to WWE, he can't work for another wrestling company for a set period of time as part of the release clause.

Rob Gronkowski lost the WWE 24/7 title to R-Truth in his own backyard on Monday's episode of WWE RAW. Gronk had held the title since he pinned his good friend Mojo Rawley during night two of WrestleMania 36 this past April.