Wednesday, June 3, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results - June 3, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results - June 3, 2020
We are live inside Daily's Place in Jacksonville, FL.., where Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and The Excalibur welcome us on commentary.

We see Britt Baker in a Rolls Royce Wheelchair with a cast on her foot and then our first shot of the announce team, who begins running down the action scheduled for this week's show.

AEW World Tag-Team Titles - Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc vs. Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

The bell sounds and Omega and Havoc kick things off for their respective teams. Havoc pushes Omega to the ropes and gets a clean break, but takes a cheap shot to jump off to an early offensive lead, which Omega quickly cuts off with sprinting offense until Penelope distracts him from ringside. This allows Havoc to take back over. Havoc rakes the eyes of Omega and goes to work on The Elite member.

Omega finally shows some signs of life, knocking Sabian off the apron and blasting Havoc before making the tag to Hangman. We see FTR is sitting deep in the crowd where the seats around them are completely empty, as the action continues in the ring.

Omega tags back in, gets in a quick series of offense and then tags Page back in. The two each blast Havoc with chops from front and behind the challenger before cutting off a Sabian springboard attempt from the ring apron. Penelope Ford leaps off the top rope. She goes for a Hurricanrana on Page but he stops her mid-swing and just dropped her. The ref subsequently ejects her from ringside.

While Ford fights the ejection, a wrench is brought into action as the champs are hit from behind with it. Havoc takes over, taking it to Page while Omega is still out on the floor. Hangman tries fighting back but is in the corner of the heel duo and is getting eye gauged and double-teamed now while trying to survive on his own in this championship contest.

Sabian tags in and stomps away at Omega as the crowd boos. Sabian and Havoc continue to work together in effective fashion, even if they are breaking the rules on a consistent basis. We finally see Omega returning to the ring apron as Hangman starts making his comeback. He tags in Omega. Omega takes the hot tag and is hitting anything that moves in the ring, taking out Sabian and Havoc one after the other.

Now things get crazy as Havoc tries bringing a hacksaw into the fold, but is stopped before using it. Hangman and Sabian are the legal men after the chaos calms momentarily. Sabian hits a swinging DDT on Omega in the ring. Havoc hits a death valley driver on Omega into the corner of the ring. Sabian with diving double stomps off the top rope. Havoc plants Omega with his DDT finisher but Hangman just runs in to break up the pin in time.

Sabian blasts Omega with a big kick but before he can follow up, is stuck dealing with Hangman who provides a distraction on the floor. Back in the ring, Sabian spikes Omega with a reverse hurricanrana before tagging Havoc in. Omega showing signs of life again. He hits a snap dragon suplex on Havoc and a V-Trigger on Sabian. Omega then tags in Hangman.

Hangman hits a running clothesline on both guys in the corner. Omega and Page with an assisted german suplex and a power-bomb. A knee to the spine from Omega to Sabian sets up the Last Call from Hangman for the 1-2-3. Hangman and Omega retain and FTR immediately stand up in their seats and watch on. The Best Friends are also shown watching on, as they challenge Omega and Hangman next.

Winners and STILL AEW Tag-Team Champions: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

We see a previous segment with Tully Blanchard scolding Shawn Spears for needing to find out what he's going to be. Then we shoot back to AEW Dynamite where the announcers show us an "Earlier Today" segment from the parking lot that sees Tully Blanchard bring "The missing piece" to Spears in the back of a limo. Blanchard hands Spears a case. He opens it and it's a black finger-less glove, which Spears puts on before smirking.

Brian Cage vs. Shawn Dean

After highlights are shown of the Chris Jericho and Mike Tyson brawl from last week's show, we hear Taz's voice as Brian Cage makes his ring entrance to fire and pyro exploding on the stage. The Casino Ladder Match winner and next challenger to Jon Moxley's AEW title makes his way out accompanied by "The Human Suplex Machine."

As soon as Cage hits the ring and blasts Shawn Dean, his opponent who is already standing in the ring. The bell sounds as an abrupt start to this one gets going.

Cage hits a series of high-impact suplexes and before yelling "Who better than Cage?!" he hits a superplex off the top-rope and his Drill Claw for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

After the match, Taz grabs a microphone and says that Jon Moxely had the audacity to giggle at him when he was speaking to him last week. Taz says that they don’t play games and this is not a joke to them. He says that Moxley better get his head on right or Cage is going to take it off.

Moxley comes out but Taz stops him before getting in the ring and tells him to think and be careful before he steps in. Moxley shrugs Taz off and gets in the ring. He says the reason he was smiling last week and why he’s smiling right now is the thought of stepping in the ring with Brian Cage and going to war with him makes him happy.

Moxley says that’s why he’s in this business but stepping in the ring with him with his title on the line is the farthest thing from a game. Moxley looks over Cage and says he is impressive and says that Mox is no machine and he is only human and can be beat but it will take all night long to get it accomplished. Moxley says taking the AEW Title away from him is a different prospect from anything Cage has faced.

Moxley says Cage is in over his head and he will realize that he is swimming with a different breed of shark at Fyter Fest. Moxley says next time they want to name drop him on TV they better remember who exactly they are talking about.

Earlier today Lance Archer is approached in some vacant lot somewhere, by Alex Marvez, beating up a luchador. Archer says that no one is going to stop him and he isn’t here to be a spot monkey, he’s here to be a monster. Archer says he will kill everyone in his way.

Footage of the knee injury Marq Quen suffered last week is shown. Earlier today, Private Party is talking about what happened last week when Matt Hardy approaches them wearing his Hardy Boyz gear. Quen shows his knee is fine. Hardy says he enjoyed their match last week and he calls them the future of tag team wrestling. He says their bond reminds him of the bond he and Jeff have. He says a lot of guys helped them when they were young and he is willing and ready to help them with anything they need, whether it be advice or anything. Isiah Kassidy suggests they team up and call it Party Hardy.

Hardy leaves and walks into Sammy Guevara on his knee scooter. Hardy says that they are cool and walks away to Guevara’s confusion.

Colt Cabana vs. Chris Jericho

Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana makes his way down to the ring after extended highlights from backstage immediately after the Chris Jericho / Mike Tyson brawl are shown that sees "Le Champion" blaming Colt Cabana for stopping him from knocking out the boxing legend. Cabana seemed baffled by the enraged Jericho.

After Cabana's entrance, the familiar theme of Chris Jericho's theme plays as he comes out and we hear Sammy Guevara off-key-as-hell singing the lyrics, but messing them up and simply saying "badda-bup-bup-bup" and "humm humm" in spots as Jericho tries to keep a serious face on to enhance the comedic factor -- and yes, it was actually belly-laugh funny. Guevara is so good.

The bell sounds now as Jericho and Cabana are off and running with Boom Boom taking it to Le Champion with big punches in the corner before the Inner Circle leader turns the tables and delivers some fists-of-fury of his own on Boom Boom Mancin.... Colt ... in the other corner of the ring.

The action spills out to the floor where Cabana sees Jake Hager staring him down before ducking a cheap shot attempt by Jericho and taking out both with an Asai Moonsault off the ring apron. Cabana's mouth is busted open after the spot, which we see replays of as the action continues with Boom Boom and Le Champion brawling on the floor.

Cabana brings Jericho back in the ring, but is blasted from behind by Hager before he can re-enter the ring himself. Jericho taunts the audience as J.R. takes us to a mid-match commercial break.

We return from the break and see Jericho still in control of the action in the ring as the announcers inform us that Hager has gotten involved many times during the commercials in what has essentially become a handicap match behind the referees break.

Cabana finally starts making a comeback but is cut off by the cheap, cheating actions of Le Champion. He locks Cabana in the Walls of Jericho and while he lets go thinking he won, he finds out from the ref that he didn't, allowing Cabana to once again make a comeback run on offense. He hits a big Avalanche Franchensteiner off the top-rope for a close near fall. He rolls Jericho up for another close near fall moments later. Cabana leaps off the ropes and gets a little too fancy, walking right into a well-timed Judas Effect from Jericho.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Jericho gets on the mic and calls out "Iron" Mike Tyson after his win. He cuts a promo talking about having Colt Cabana's blood on his fists and he wants to have Tyson's blood next. He calls out "The Baddest Man on the Planet" over and over again, but not Mike Tyson. Got the feeling someone besides Michael Tyson is coming out momentarily.

Moments later, The Best Friends music plays and out comes "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy. Ya know. The Baddest Man on the Planet. He comes down to the ring slowly and grabs Jericho's hands, placing them in his pocket for him.

Jericho smiles and watches as Jake Hager charges at Cassidy looking to take his head off with a clothesline. Orange ducks and rolls out of the ring, where his Best Friends teammates, who are still seated front row, help him over the barricade as The Inner Circle watch on from the ring in disbelief. We head back to commercial after this.

Tony Schiavone introduces a "Dr. Britt Baker Rolls Down The Road To Recovery" video package, which shows the AEW women's division competitor and her assistant on a closed football practice field in her Rollys Royce Wheelchair "miraculously" overcoming her injury setback.

Big Swole vs. Nyla Rose

From there we shoot back inside Daily's Place where the familiar theme of Big Swole plays as she makes her way down to the ring for her advertised showdown against the former AEW Women's Champion Nyla Rose.

We see Dr. Britt Baker in her Rolls Royce wheelchair watching on inside the arena. Nyla Rose's music plays and out she comes for our next match here on AEW Dynamite. The former champ gets the fire pyro treatment on her way out.

We see Hikaru Shida, the newly crowned AEW Women's Champion watching on from ringside. Big Swole's first match back in over two months is up next, as she has the unfortunate task of facing off with a determined former champion. The bell sounds and here we go.

Swole jumps off to an early offensive advantage. She slaps a headlock on Rose and is using the tactic of making Rose work on the mat and standing, switching her gameplan up and keeping Rose up and down. She slaps on a standing submission on Rose as the crowd cheers her on.

Rose finally launches Swole across the ring. She charges after her for a follow-up, but she over-shoots it and flies over the top and out to the floor. Swole goes to capitalize, but Rose sweeps Swole's legs out from under her while she was standing on the ring apron, bringing her out to the floor with her with a vengeance.

As the action resumes in the ring, we see Dr. Britt Baker shaking her head in disgust as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return we see Rose still in control until Swole begnis a comeback that sees her nail a leaping Cutter off the bottom rope for a close near fall.

Rose avoids a charging Swole in the corner but walks into a big pump kick for another near fall. She goes for another Cutter but Rose avoids it. Swole ends up chop-blocking Rose's leg out from under her, only to moments later be leveled with a spear. Rose goes to follow-up with her Beast Bomb but Swole rolls through for a pin attempt. She only gets two. She goes for Dirty Dancing but Rose counters with a spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

After the match, Big Swole is attempting to give Tony Schiavone a post-match interview, when Dr. Britt Baker starts talking trash and charging at her in her Rolls Royce wheel chair. Swole grabs a chair and Baker freaks out about not being able to defend herself because she is injured.

Earlier today we see Tony Schiavone talking with Darby Allin. Allin tells Brian Cage that he'll get the last laugh. After that brief one-line promo segment from the ominous Darby Allin, we head to a commercial break.

Tony Schiavone sits down with FTR and asks them what their name means. Dax says it’s a way of life for them, it’s not just a name or a tag line. Cash says it’s whatever they want to mean. He says they are a part of the “revolution” right now so right now it means “For The Revolution.”

FTR talks about all of the tag teams in AEW and say that the tag champs aren’t even a real team. They call the match with The Bucks a dream match that everyone wants but they don’t think it’s a dream match. Cash says they don’t want to have the best match with them, they just want to punch them in the mouth and beat them in three seconds.

Cash says that they saved The Bucks because they want The Bucks to be 100% when they beat them, they don’t want them to have any excuse for why FTR beat them. Schiavone says he always thought FTR meant “F*ck the Revival” and they all laugh and then Butcher and Blade show up. They try to go after FTR but security separates them. They will face each other next week.

Alex Marvez interviews Colt Cabana backstage and he says that he’s in AEW to show he can hang with the big dogs. Cabana says the big victories are what has evaded him so far when Brodie Lee approaches him. Lee says that without loss you don’t grow and he says it is what he does after a loss that matters. Lee says he can help Cabana with how he responds to a loss.

TNT Championship - Jungle Boy vs. "The American Nightmare" Cody (C)

The match gets the formal pre-match introductions as a title contest and then we get things underway with this week's AEW Dynamite main event.

The bell sounds and immediately Cody uses his mat-based amateur wrestling skills here in the early goings. Back on their feet they separate and regroup before reengaging. They do now as they lock up and Cody takes the challenger down to the mat.

Back up, a shoulder tackle knocks Jungle Boy down, but a hurricanrana from the Jurassic Express member moments later puts the champion on the mat. This brings out the aggressive side in Cody, who bull-rushes Jungle Boy Jack Perry into the corner, where he blasts him with an assortment of punches and chops.

Cody goes to work on the arm of Jungle Boy before whipping him into the opposite corner of the ring with authority. Jungle Boy comes off the turnbuckle charging at Cody, who catches him and in Dustin Rhodes fashion, spins him around with his own momentum in one-quick, thrift motion as he powerslams him down to the mat with a vengeance.

Cody does the Ric Flair "WOOO!" before wrapping Jungle Boy up in a Figure-Four Leg Lock. Jungle Boy makes it to the ropes to force the ref to break the hold. Moments later, Jungle Boy knocks Cody out to the floor and hits a tope suicida. He sprints back into the ring, hits the ropes and looks to follow-up with another one, but Cody catches him coming through the ropes on the floor and hurls him into the second row. On that note, J.R. takes us to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return we are told by J.R. that a lot of violent offense took place outside the ring during the commercials. The action continues on the floor, as Cody misses a shot at Jungle Boy and bashes his own head in the wall.

Jungle Boy goes to follow-up but gets distracted by MJF, who shouts at ringside about deserving a shot at Cody before him. Jungle Boy asks him how his chest is after their recent match. MJF loses his cool and challenges him to "go right now."

As the camera pans over to Cody, we see that "The American Nightmare" is bleeding like a stuck pig. Jungle Boy goes over to the champ now and goes right back to work on him. As the action resumes in the ring, the champ turns the tide and takes over control of the offense, taking it to Jungle Boy as blood pours all over his face and body.

Jungle Boy ends up turning a bloody, battered Cody inside-out with a vicious clothesline for a near fall that only gets him two. Jungle Boy traps the right arm of Cody and to his unprotected bloody mug, shows off his own violent side by assaulting the champion with vicious punches. He goes to follow-up with something on the top-rope, but Cody recovers and meets him up there.

Cody hooks Jungle Boy and executes a nice super plex off the top-rope for a near fall that only gets two. We see replays of that spot now as Cody continues to drip blood all over the place. He stands up now and takes his weight belt off. Instead of using it, however, he tosses it to the mat. He grabs Jungle Boy's leg for a Figure Four, but the Jurassic Express member kicks him off.

A table is scooted closer to the ring and now both men are fighting on the top-rope. They both go flying off and crashing through the table. Both guys are down and out, and Cody is still a complete bloody mess. The members of the crowd at AEW Dynamite start a "This Is Awesome" chant and somehow, Cody gets back up pretty quickly, picking up his opponent and rolling him in the ring.

Cody catches a big swing from Jungle Boy and rolls through, using his momentum to execute a huge Cross-Rhodes. 1-2-3. The champion retains in what was an absolutely excellent first title defense, and AEW Dynamite main event this week.

Winner and STILL TNT Champion: "The American Nightmare" Cody

Cody’s boys and the Jurassic Express all come out. Cody helps Jungle Boy up and they hug as pyro goes off.