Impact Wrestling Results – May 5, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - May 5, 2020

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact! We kick things off with Sami Callihan making his way down to the ring.

Sami Callihan begins his speech by telling viewers watching from AXS TV and Twitch that he sees them. He says that it’s going to take a lot more to take “The Draw” down. Callihan informs everyone that he never tapped out to Ken Shamrock’s ankle lock, two weeks ago. After he makes that announcement, Callihan calls out Ken Shamrock.

Ken Shamrock makes his way down to the ring. Shamrock says that over the years, he has fought a lot of guys, and they always tapped out of his ankle lock. Shamrock agrees, Callihan never tapped out, and that he’s one tough S.O.B. Shamrock lists all the guys who have tapped out to his ankle lock. He has an idea: A. Keep their fight going from Rebellion or B. Both of them chase after the Impact World Championship. Shamrock puts his hand out for Callihan to shake (on option B). All of a sudden, Michael Elgin’s music hits.

Michael Elgin believes that the Impact fans come to see him, and that is why he has to become the Impact World Champion. He knows he’s the rightful choice. Shamrock tells Elgin that he’s sick and tired of hearing him talk; he just wants to duke it out. Callihan believes that Elgin is just going to “choke.”

Elgin takes a swing at Callihan. Elgin eats a forearm from Shamrock. Elgin rolls out of the ring and Callihan and Shamrock are in the ring. Callihan pulls his phone out, and the arena goes dark. Callihan disappears, and Shamrock is left standing alone.

Backstage: Chris Bey is going to finesse his way towards becoming the next X-Division Champion when he faces Willie Mack tonight.

Backstage: Willie Mack is still flying high off of his X-Division Championship win! He reacts to Bey’s message before the break. Mack thinks that Bey is finessing his way towards something he doesn’t want – a big boot to his a–.

The camera pans over to Mathews and Rayne. They run through tonight’s card.

Up next, some tag team action!

oVe (Madman Fulton & Jake Crist) (w/Dave Crist) vs. XXXL

Fulton is psyching himself up in the corner. Fulton and Larry D begin the match with a lockup. They reset the match. Fulton sends Larry D down with a shoulder tackle, after being locked up in a side headlock. Larry D fights back with a shoulder tackle of his own, followed by a vertical suplex. Larry D tags in Acey Romero. Fulton runs over to his corner and tags in Jake Crist. Jake runs towards Romero, Romero pushes him down. Romero grabs hold of Jake and throws him across the ring.

Romero crawls over and tags in Larry D. Larry D connects a forearm strike, then corners Jake with several more strikes. Larry D runs towards the ropes and slams on top of Jake with a leg drop. Larry D keeps Jake down with a front face headlock. Jake fights out of it. Larry D takes control again by slamming him down with another vertical suplex. Romero is tagged backed in, Dave pulls Jake to the outside. Their match will continue after the break!

Back from the break, Jake tags Fulton back in. Fulton stomps on Romero’s injured leg. Fulton distracts the referee, while Dave attacks Romero on the outside. Fulton has Romero on his shoulders. Fulton slams Romero down. Fulton dives towards Romero’s back. Fulton keeps the momentum going with a running boot. Romero fires a few forearms before Fulton corners him and tags in Jake. Jake makes an appearance in the ring real quick, then tags Fulton back in.

Fulton focuses on Romero’s midsection with multiple shots. Romero counters with a backdrop, followed by a spinebuster. Larry D is back in. Larry D flies in with a splash on Jake. Jake finds himself kicking Larry D four times. Larry D climbs to the middle rope, Fulton attacks him from behind. Jake comes off the top rope with a big powerbomb/neckbreaker combination, with help from Fulton. After some commotion, Larry D connects a right-hand strike before picking up the win.

Winners: XXXL

Up next, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It’s Mick Foley vs. Kurt Angle from Victory Road, 2009.

Madison Rayne and co-host Johnny Swinger, welcome fans to their second episode of “Locker Room Talk.” Rayne introduces this week’s guest: Havok! Rayne asks Havok how she’s feeling, after losing to Rosemary last week. Rayne doesn’t let Havok get a word in before asking more questions. Havok threatens her. Rayne backs up and asks about Nevaeh, and if she had any idea that she was going to be there last week. Havok says no. After some awkwardness, Rayne says that she has a surprise for Havok, it’s Kimber Lee. Havok isn’t too happy to see her.

Cody Deaner shows fans what he’s been up to during the “Kwaranteen.”

Next, Johnny Swinger makes his way down to the ring for some singles action!

Johnny Swinger vs. Suicide

Bell rings, Swinger wants the referee to check Suicide for weapons. As the ref heads over to check out Suicide, Swinger jumps in and attacks Suicide. Swinger tries to rip Suicide’s mask, but he doesn’t get far. Suicide goes up and over the top rope. Back in the ring, Swinger starts choking Suicide out, then elbows him in the head. Swinger slams Suicide down, then covers. Suicide kicks out at 2. Suicide puts on a display, by sending Swinger up and over. Suicide plants a codebreaker then heads to the top rope. Suicide connects a Swanton Bomb, goes for the cover, and picks up the win.

Winner: Suicide

Backstage: Ace Austin cannot believe his ears. He doesn’t think that Chris Bey deserves a chance to face Willie Mack for the X-Division Championship. Austin says this match is going to become a triple threat, and he will win back his title tonight.

Josh Mathews sits down with Moose. Mathews wants to know why Moose thinks he’s the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Moose believes he’s the champ because he’s faced all the greats in this company, including former TNA Heavyweight Champions. Starting next week, there will be a No. 1 Contenders Tournament for the Impact World Championship. Moose will be in it, but he wants to pull himself out of it because he already has the biggest title in the company.

Joseph P. Ryan (Joey Ryan) vs. Cousin Jake

Ryan slowly climbs into the ring, Cousin Jake is growing impatient. Cousin Jake throws down a few forearms as the match begins. Ryan counters with a kick to the midsection. Cousin Jake overpowers Ryan. Ryan asks for a timeout. Ryan, from the outside, bends Cousin Jake’s arm over on the top rope. Ryan is back in the ring. Cousin Jake sends Ryan down with two clotheslines. Ryan gets up and lands a missile dropkick. He’s happy that he kicked Cousin Jake right in the face. Cousin Jake rises and throws Ryan down on the mat.

Cousin Jake slams Ryan face-first onto the apron. Ryan drives his knee right into Cousin Jake’s spine. Ryan then rocks Cousin Jake with a leg sweep. Ryan lays in a few slaps, followed by a vertical suplex. Cousin Jake slams Ryan down with a vertical suplex of his own. Both men get up and Cousin Jake takes control with a powerful clothesline. Cousin Jake deadlift powerbombs Ryan then goes for the cover. Ryan kicks out at 2. Ryan catches Cousin Jake with a superkick (formerly known as Sweet Tooth Music). Ryan is looking for a suplex, Cousin Jake reverses it. Ryan pokes Cousin Jake’s eye, rolls him up in a schoolboy, and wins the match.

Winner: Joesph P. Ryan

Backstage: It looks like there’s some tension with oVe.

After the break, we see a vignette of Kiera Hogan, and how she became “The Girl on Fire.”

Up next, The North defends their Impact Tag Team Championships in Canada!

The North (c) vs. The Creeps

The North are just destroying their competitors. Their match doesn’t even last 2 minutes before they win and retain their championships!

Winners: The North

Back at the Bar: Rosemary pulls out some tarot cards and tries to figure out what’s next for her.

Backstage: Rohit Raju wants Moose’s spot in the No. 1 Contenders Tournament.

Mathews and Rayne announce the first round matches that will start the Tournament, as well as other matches that will occur next week:

Rohit Raju vs. Trey

Madman Fulton vs. Hernandez

Havok will go one-on-one with Kimber Lee

Main Event: Moose (c) vs. Suicide for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

And now, the main event!

Willie Mack (c) vs. Chris Bey vs. Ace Austin (X-Division Championship)

Ace Austin grabs the championship right from the referee’s hands. As Austin turns around, Willie Mack connects a hurricanrana on him, and a big boot on Bey. Their match will continue right after the break.

Back from the break, Mack has both men up on his shoulders and plants a double Samoan Drop, followed by a standing moonsault. Austin wants Bey to work together, Bey whispers an idea to Austin. Austin betrays Bey’s trust and throws him towards the barricade. Mack ducks a clothesline from Austin. Austin picks Mack’s ankle, grabs his card from his trunks, and gives Mack a papercut. Mack uppercuts Bey. Bey catches Mack with a pop-up rana. Mack flies over the top rope, landing on both men. Their match will continue, next.

Back from the final commercial break, Mack has Austin cornered. Mack slaps Austin down with a few chest chops. Bey from the other side flies off the top rope with a missile dropkick on Mack. Austin connects a snap suplex on Bey. Austin goes for the cover, Bey kicks out at 2. Austin kicks Bey and Mack. Bey fights back with a foot chokehold on Austin. Bey has a tight grip on Mack. Austin rolls Bey up, Bey wiggles out. Austin slams Bey face-first on the top turnbuckle. Austin goes for another cover on Bey, Bey kicks out at 2.5.

Both Austin and Bey’s roundhouse kicks connect. Mack makes his way back in the ring. Austin goes back-and-forth, striking both Mack and Bey. Mack runs through everyone with back-and-forth clotheslines. Mack flips Bey over with an exploding suplex. Mack climbs to the top, Austin comes firing in. Austin and Mack are up on the top rope. Austin is teetering. Mack slips through, Bey runs over and pushes Austin off. Mack connects a stunner on Bey. Austin sends Mack down with The Fold. Austin covers Mack, Bey breaks the count. Bey creates separation from Austin. Austin lands another Fold on Bey. Austin covers Bey, Mack breaks the count at 2.9! Austin sets Mack up in the corner. Mack holds on to the ropes, as Austin crashes to the floor. Mack lands the Six-Star Frog Splash on Austin, and retains the X-Division Championship!

Winner: Willie Mack

Backstage: Ace Austin says that after losing tonight, he is looking onward towards new horizons.


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