Randy Orton Cuts a Hell of a Promo, RKOs Beth Phoenix

Randy Orton Cuts an Incredible Promo, RKOs Beth Phoenix

This week on RAW, Beth Phoenix was there to give an update on the condition of her husband, Edge, but Randy Orton immediately interrupted Phoenix.

The Viper extended his hand to Phoenix, who refused to shake it. She called Orton a “son of a bitch.” Beth asks Randy if he thought she would hug him or shake his hand after what Randy did to her husband. Beth calls Randy a son of a bitch. Beth says she expected to see Randy tonight and if anyone needs to hear it, it is you. Beth says she is here as a wife and she needs her husband. She says she is here as a mother because her children deserve their father. Maybe, there are possibilities…

Randy gets off the turnbuckles and circles Beth.

Randy says he knows what Beth was going to say. There are not possibilities, but it is a certainty that Edge will never wrestle again. Randy tells Beth he owes her an explanation and he will give her one. Randy says he doesn’t know how to say it, but he will start with a story. Back in October 1999, WWE had a live event in St. Louis, where he lived. His father took him to the building to meet a few agents, Jack Lanza and Tony Garea. Randy says he was 19 years old and he was looking for an opportunity, but he was just a fan. To see all of the people in the back, the one person who came up to his father to show his respect was Edge. Edge shook Bob’s hand and Edge told his father he was one of the best bad guys in the business. Edge says that Bob was one of the reasons he got into the business. Randy says Bob told Edge that Randy was looking to be a wrestler. Edge wished him luck and said that he hoped to see him in the ring some day.

Randy Orton says he got more confidence after that. Randy says they were fighting all over the world and they were stealing the show. They started Rated RKO and they became tag team champions. They were flying high but Randy flew too high and he made some poor life choices. Randy says he made so many holes that he should have been buried in them. Edge is the one who pulled him out of the holes and saved his life. Edge told Randy there was more. He got to see his children doing things and it was because Edge saved his life. Randy says he saved Edge’s life.

At the Royal Rumble, the crowd and the reception for Edge . . . it gave him goosebumps. It was a great feeling, but it was not a one off. Edge thought he was back for good and start competing on a regular basis, but Randy says he knew better. Randy says he knew that someone was going to put Edge in a wheelchair or worse. Randy says he did it to allow Edge to play with their daughters. He will be there for them because of Randy. Randy says he loves Edge, Beth, and their girls.

Randy says the sad truth is that everybody blames him for what he did to Edge. People say it was Randy’s fault, but Beth knows it isn’t Randy’s fault, it is Beth’s fault. You are an enabler. Edge is a junkie for the roar of the crowd and you did nothing to stop it. Randy says he stepped in because he loves Edge like a brother. He made sure that Edge could be a father to Lyric and Ruby. Randy says he loves Beth’s girls and Edge more than you ever could. Randy tells Beth the truth hurts, doesn’t it.

Beth gets upset and slaps Orton. He tosses the mic. Orton is angry now. Beth stares Orton down and she’s fuming now. Orton is also furious as he stares her down. Orton calls her a b—h. Beth kicks him in the gut but he comes right back with the RKO in the middle of the ring. Orton makes his exit while Beth is laid out. The crowd looks on shocked as officials rush to the ring to check on her. We go to the announcers to play up the seriousness of the situation. We get replays of what happened. Natalya, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley and other officials are tending to Beth in the ring as we get another replay. Beth is sitting up now, clutching her neck as medics tend to her as RAW goes off the air.


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