AEW Dynamite Results (2/12) – Austin, TX

AEW Dynamite Results (2/12) - Austin, TX

The show opens with a video package recapiing what happened last week.

We are live from the H.E.B. Center in Austin, Texas, ready for our opening contest which is the AEW World Tag Team Championship Match.

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega (c) vs. SCU

Before the match, Dark order appear on the big screen and say they await the exalted one, but let the teams know the Dark Order is closer than they may think. Christopher Daniels was ringside for his team, but tells them he’s gonna go to the back to check it out.

Frankie Kazarian and Omega start the match off as Kaz grabs a side headlock and then he runs over Omega after getting shoved into the ropes. Omega comes back with a series of Armdrags and then he puts Kaz in an Arm Bar.

Sky kicks Omega from behind as Kaz shoves him into the ropes. Omega kicks him back and then attempts to dive onto him but Kazarian pulls him back down and rolls him up for a nearfall. Kaz drop toe holds him into the ropes where Sky kicks him again. Kaz hits a German Suplex for another nearfall.

Sky tags into the match for the first time and SCU double team him with Sky capping it off with a Leaping Flatliner for another nearfall. They go for the SCU Later but Page runs in and clotheslines Kaz to the floor. Omega lifts Sky up into the air right into a German Suplex from Page!

Page sets up for the Buckshot Lariat but Kaz pulls him to the floor and clotheslines him. Omega kicks Sky to the floor and then kicks Kaz as he tries to get back in the ring. Omega sets up for a dive but Sky trips him and then hits a beautiful Somersault Plancha onto Page on the floor!

Omega gets back in the ring and hits a Somersault Plancha of his own onto both members of SCU! Back in the ring, Omega hits a Missile Dropkick to Sky followed by a Fisherman’s Buster for a nearfall. Page tags in and the champs sidestep a charging Kazarian.

Page kicks Kaz and then Omega hits a Leg Lariat! Page hits a Fall Away Slam on Sky and nips up to his feet and tags in Omega. Omega hits a Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam and Page comes running in with a Shooting Star Press. Omega goes for a Diving Moonsault but Sky gets his boots up. Page leaps to the top but Kaz knocks him off the top.

Kazarian tags back in and slams Omega into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Omega tries to fight his way out of the corner but Kaz tosses him to the floor where Sky slams him into the guardrail and into the ring apron.

Back in the ring, Kazarian hits a Scoop Slam followed by a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop for a nearfall. Sky tags himself in and stands on the back of Omega as he’s draped over the bottom rope. Sky hits a Knee Lift to Omega and tags Kazarian back in the ring. Kaz hits a Cross Body Block for another nearfall and then puts Omega in a Waistlock.

Omega fights his way up to his feet and drops back onto his back sandwiching Kaz on the mat. Page is on the floor selling and can’t tag Omega. Sky tags himself in and SCU hit Splashes on Omega in the corner. Omega fight his way out and gets the tag to Page as he gets back up on the apron.

Page lays out SCU with chops and clotheslines and nails Kaz with a Mafia Kick. Sky dives off the top right into a Mafia Kick from Page! Page takes turns clotheslining each member of SCU and hits a Samoan Drop on Sky followed by a Standing Moonsault for a nearfall.

Sky backdrops a charging Omega over the top and then Page as well but Page lands on the apron. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Sky ducks and Kazarian destroys Page with a Lariat of his own! 1…2…NO Page kicks out!

Kazarian hits the Assisted Tornado DDT on Page for another nearfall. Kazarian hits a Backstabber on Page and then Sky hits a Slingshot Cutter! Kazarian slingshots Omega into the ring right into a Cutter of his own! Sky and Kaz put Page and Omega in Dual Dragon Sleepers! Omega is able to lean over and cause Kazarian to crash into Sky to break the holds.

Omega blind tags Page as he hits the ropes and hits a V-Trigger on Kaz! Snap Dragon for a charging Sky! Page goes or the Buckshot Lariat but Kaz ducks only to eat a Pop-Up Powerbomb! Omega hits a V-Trigger to the back of Kazarian’s head and Page dives onto Sky with a Tope Suicida! Omega and Page hit the V-Trigger/Buckshot Lariat on Kazarian! Omega gets the pin and at the last minute Kazarian grabbed the bottom rope but the referee says the three-count was good.

Winner & STILL Tag Champs: Omega and Page

The Dark Order comes out to the ring and surrounds SCU but Best Friends hit the ring, which seems to back Dark Order down. Butcher and Blade and then Hybrid2 come out, as well. The Young Bucks hit he ring and a huge brawl ensues! After a massive brawl, The Bucks stand tall in the ring and then decide to dive onto everyone on the floor.

– After running down some of the matches on tap for tonight’s show, the announcers kick it to a pre-taped one-on-one sit-down interview with Jim Ross talking to Santana of The Inner Circle’s “Proud ‘N’ Powerful” tag-team inside the ring in an empty arena.

Santana tells the story of his life and how he didn’t have things so good growing up. He talks about the hard, tough path that led to him being who he is and where he is today. The Inner Circle member talks about his father not being able to see, as he started going blind at 14 years old.

He asks people to imagine being told they wouldn’t be able to see ever again. He then talks about losing his father. All of this leads to Jim Ross talking about tonight’s “Eye for an Eye” match against Jon Moxley.

Sammy Guevara vs. Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes jumpstarts the match with a clothesline to Guevara and follows up with a Knee Lift for a nearfall. Guevara rolls to the floor but Dustin follows him and hits a Diving Clothesline off the steps. Rhodes gets in Hager’s face and asks if he wants to fight him now. As he turns around he catches a charging Guevara with an Uppercut.

Back from the break, Guevara goes for a Springboard Clothesline but Rhodes catches him in midair with a Flatliner. Rhodes whips Guevara in the ropes and connects with a clothesline. Rhodes drops down and uppercuts Guevara sending him reeling into the corner.

Rhodes charges into a boot from Guevara but responds with a gorgeous Snap Powerslam for a nearfall. Dustin goes to the top but Hager distracts him allowing Guevara to pull him down into a Go 2 Sleep for a nearfall. Hager freaks out that Rhodes kicked out.

Guevara goes to the top but Rhodes sweeps the legs out from under him. Rhodes climbs up with Guevara and backdrops him to the mat. Guevara leaps back up with Rhodes but Rhodes shoves him off again. Rhodes dives off with an American Destroyer! Rhodes follows up with the Final Reckoning for the pin!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

As Hager starts to help Guevara up the ramp, but Rhodes grabs the mic and tells Hager to turn around. He calls Hager, “Jericho’s bitch” which starts a chant of that slander. Rhodes asks Hager if he’s ever going to step in the ring or if he will just stand around collecting a check. He says that he’s failing in MMA and he’s failing here before even getting in the ring. Rhodes challenges Hager to a match at Revolution. Hager walks away without answering.

Tony Schiavone welcomes Britt Baker onto the stage and asks her how she could do what she did last week to Yuka. Baker says she did what she is obligated to do and help her dental health. Baker says she did Yuka a favor and says that tooth was going to have to come out anyway. Baker says that she extracted her tooth for free, which no other dentist would do.

Baker continues to ridicule Tony for “working at Starbucks” but Tony shrugs it off and asks her for her thoughts on Riho-Rose later tonight. She says she thinks it will be an awesome match but the true amazing thing is that whoever wins will still be No. 2 compared to her. “I’m seeing a lot of confusion in these chubby Whataburger faces, so let me clear things up for you,” Baker says. “I am a role model, I have three degrees, two Plan A’s and I was the first woman signed to All Elite Wrestling. This is my division and I am the women’s division. What I did last week was a statement.” She closes her rant with a Horns Down symbol, which results in a bunch of one-fingered salutes from the crowd.

AEW Women’s World Championship – Nyla Rose vs. Riho (C)

As soon as the bell sounds, Riho literally sprints to the other corner, leaping and splashing onto Rose to immediately kick off the championship contest. Rose uses her size and strength to move Riho around the ring, however the first time the champion’s speed put Rose on her back, she attempts a pin.

Rose kicks out and resumes her onslaught on Riho. She tries an arrogant cover, which only gets the count of two from the referee on the pin attempt for the challenger. Riho capitalizes on a mistake by Rose. Riho uses quickness and rapid dropkicks to knock Rose out to the floor. She climbs to the top and flies off with a big splash, however Rose catches her and blasts her with a back-breaker before smashing her spine-first into the ring apron.

Nyla looks down at the ring on the floor. She reaches under the ring and pulls out a table. She sets it up outside the ring as the referee scolds her. Riho charges and runs off the table, using it as a ramp-way, and dropkicks Rose into some cords near the timekeeper at ringside.

Riho jumps on Rose and fires away with punches as we are taken to a mid-match, split-screen commercial break. We return and Rose is already controlling the action again in the ring, punishing Riho with ease throughout the majority of this contest. She gets arrogant with lazy covers on pin attempts, which the announcers keep pointing out is a glaring error.

Nyla bites the face of Riho with both on the top rope. She comes off with a flying Death Valley Driver off the top and drapes her arm across the champion for the cover. 1-2…. the champion again somehow finds a way to kick out.

The fans chant “Riho! Riho!” as she continues to try and fight back on offense. Rose goes for the One-Winged Angel, ala Kenny Omega, however Riho ends up reversing into a Snap-Dragon Suplex, also ala Omega. Riho continues to deliver big moves to Rose. She charges for the running knee strike in the corner, but Rose is nowhere to be found.

Rose goes to pick Riho up for a power bomb but almost drops her. Riho grabs the ankle of the challenger and reverses her, following up with a big Northern Lights suplex for a close near fall. The champion now climbs to the top rope as the fans break out into “This Is Awesome!” chants.

Riho comes flying off the top rope with double foot stomps and a pin attempt. Rose kicks out at one. Riho does it again. She doesn’t cover her this time. She goes right back up and comes off with the double stomp again. She covers her but Rose somehow manages to get her foot on the ropes in time, forcing the referee to stop the count.

Now the champion runs right into a big-time spear from the challenger. Rose follows up with her power-bomb finisher for the pin. 1-2-3. We have a new champion.

Winner and NEW AEW Women’s World Champion: Nyla Rose

– We return from commercial to see Chris Jericho backstage. “Le Champion” addresses his upcoming title challenger at AEW Revolution — Jon Moxley. Jericho claims to have scoured the globe for a hit-man to take out Moxley after talking about being disgusted at Moxley’s attack on Santana’s eye last week on AEW Dynamite. The AEW World Champion announces that if Moxley gets past Santana in their “Eye for an Eye” match later tonight, he has brought in Jeff Cobb to take him on next week in singles action on AEW Dynamite. Jericho concludes his promo by telling Moxley that he will see him in hell.

MJF vs. Jungle Boy

We hear that Brandi Rhodes is still with the gang on commentary as the bell sounds to start this match off. The fans break out into dueling chants as MJF and Jungle Boy close in on each other.

The two collide, with neither man establishing a lengthy offensive run, however Jungle Boy is showing early on that MJF is going to need to take him serious if he wants to win this one. Brandi on commentary mentions Jungle Boy can make you look stupid real quick.

With that said, Jungle Boy lights up the arena by flying all over the place, knocking MJF from pilar-to-post until finally the heel establishes the first extended offensive run in the contest. MJF is bending the rules and getting scolded by the referee as he continues to use little tactics and heel antics to establish the lead in the match.

We are shown Arn Anderson watching on from backstage as he continues to scout MJF on behalf of Cody leading up to their showdown at AEW Revolution. MJF keeps Jungle Boy laid out on the floor and arrogantly rolls back into the ring to let the referee count him out.

As she begins her count, J.R. takes us to a mid-match, split-screen commercial break as Jungle Boy approaches the ring, where it appears the action will continue.

We’re back from the break and MJF is still in control, however Jungle Boy is starting to show signs of life. He fights his way back into the contest after knocking MJF to the floor and hitting three consecutive dives from inside the ring, finishing with a flip over the top onto MJF on the third-and-final dive.

Back in the ring, Jungle Boy follows up with some other high-impact offense. The announcers keep selling the lower back injury of Jungle Boy. MJF turns the tables on Jungle Boy in the corner, and now he is comfortably in control of the contest once again.

MJF continues to deliver punishment to the son of the late actor Luke Perry before stopping to shout — which is audibly heard on the television broadcast — to Brandi Rhodes about how she can still leave Cody and “be with a real man.” This angers Jim Ross, who loses his cool and shouts for him to “shut up” and “shut up you jerk!” on commentary.

Meanwhile Wardlow makes his way to ringside after being told to head to the backstage to let MJF go this one alone. He hands MJF a set of brass knuckles when the referee is out of position, and blasts Jungle Boy with them. He hits the Double-Cross finisher and covers him for the 1-2-3. MJF wins and moves on to Atlanta, as J.R. informs us on the broadcast.

Winner: MJF

Once the match ends, MJF calls for Wardlow to continue his beat down of Jungle Boy to add insult to injury. As he goes to do so, out comes the Jurassic Express pals of Jungle Boy to even up the numbers game.

– We head to a commercial with J.R. plugging next week’s steel cage match at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA.

– We return from the break to a black-and-white vignette that shows “The Bastard” PAC addressing Kenny Omega and all of his problems. He claims they are all because of him, and that he is “the god damn best and he knows the depth of his conviction.” PAC claims Omega fears him, as he “f*cking should be!” He tells him he can’t duck-or-dodge him for long as soon he’ll have over 40 minutes to punish him.

Eye For An Eye Match – Santana vs. Jon Moxley

“Le Champion” of AEW, Chris Jericho, along with the other members of The Inner Circle, head out and up to their special box section seats in the arena. The group will be watching on as Moxley and Santana battle it out in the headline bout of the evening.

They brawl all around the bleachers as the match hasn’t officially began.

Santana gets backdropped over the guardrail as the match spills into ringside. Moxley tosses Santana into the guardrail and rolls him into the ring as the bell rings. Moxley hits the ropes but runs right into an elbow from Santana. Moxley comes back with a clothesline that sends Santana crashing to the floor.

Moxley dives of the top with a Savage Flying Axe Handle onto Santana on the floor. Santana sidesteps a charging Moxley causing him to crash into the ring steps. Santana hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes onto Moxley on the floor.

Moxley hits a series of elbows and clotheslines and then catches Santana with a Backslide for a nearfall. Moxley transitions right into a Fujiwara Armbar, but Santana rolls over and kicks Moxley off. Moxley hits a Release German Suplex.

Moxley charges into a boot from Santana and then Santana hits a Flatliner into the turnbuckles. Santana hits a Rolling Cutter on Moxley for a nearfall. Santana spikes Moxley with a Piledriver for another nearfall. Santana goes to the top for a Frog Splash but Moxley gets his knees up.

Ortiz tries to hit Moxley with the slapjack but the referee catches him and Moxley shoves Santana into Ortiz and rolls him up for a nearfall. Santana Superkicks Moxley but then runs right into a disgusting Lariat that sends Santana flipping!

Moxley goes to the top but Ortiz spits beer into his face as Santana distracted the referee. Santana hits a Cannonball in the corner and then follows up with a Frog Splash for a CLOSE nearfall. Santana grabs Moxley and sets him up for something but Moxley pokes Santana in his bad eye! Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift for the pin!

Winner: Moxley

Ortiz immediately attacks Moxley after the match. The rest of The Inner Circle hits the ring and continue to beat down Moxley. Hager punt kicks Moxley in the balls and then Guevara hits a 630 Splash! Jericho caps the beat down off with a Judas Effect.

Jeff Cobb makes his AEW debut as Jericho calls him down to the ring. Cobb hits the Tour of the Islands on Moxley and then just stares down at him as The Inner Circle celebrates.


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