Why WWE Did Not Sign Tessa Blanchard In The Past

Why WWE Did Not Sign Tessa Blanchard In The Past

Tessa Blanchard won the Impact World Title at Hard To Kill despite several wrestlers came forward with stories about Tessa Blanchard’s backstage behavior.

Many were questioning the booking, especially after the backlash over the weekend. Heavy Metal Wrestling removed her from their upcoming event due to the controversy.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that WWE didn’t sign Tessa Blanchard to a contract years ago because of “attitude issues.” He went on to tell a short story about the impression she left during her WWE tryout.

“She did not get a developmental deal there [in WWE] because of attitude issues I guess is how you would put it and she ended up in Impact.”

“The reason [Impact] knew that they had her despite how talented she is a lot of people wanted to steer clear of her for all of the reasons that came out and she had a lot of enemies. She made a tweet and whatever the deal was it inflamed a lot of people from her past and they all came out.”

It was noted that “there was nobody in Impact who didn’t know those stories” about Tessa Blanchard. They didn’t change their plans since it had already been a year build toward the match.

During an interview with Busted Open Radio in June of 2018, Blanchard addressed reports that WWE didn’t sign her due to her attitude.

“Honestly, I have zero negative feelings towards (not being signed by WWE). Everyone has their spot; whether you are happy with it or not somebody had to do it. I honestly was not upset at all,” she said. “I saw on the dirt sheets that ‘Tessa has a bad attitude.’ I think that I am misunderstood because people perceive me to be a certain way because I am generational. They expect me to be entitled and expect me to have things early on. I think people misconstrued that honestly.”


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