Wednesday, January 29, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results (1/29) - Cleveland, OH

AEW Dynamite Results (1/29) - Cleveland, OH
This week's AEW Dynamite opens up with video highlights of the moments and matches that culminated with Jon Moxley coming out on top as the new number one contender.

Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring as the AEW fans in Cleveland chant his name. Moxley goes on to talk about knowing the vicious side of Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle was coming. He goes on to explain how well he knows Jericho, running down some of his key heel moments in his career, such as removing Rey Mysterio's mask and punching a woman (Shawn Michaels' wife) in the face.

He goes on to claim he can see the scared little boy in Jericho. He says this isn't about the type of man Chris Jericho is, it's about the type of man "Le Champion" isn't. He openly admits waiting for AEW Revolution is gonna make him have to keep an eye on the back of his head. He says he doesn't want to wait until AEW Revolution, he wants to get Jericho's ass-whooping out of the way tonight. With that said, he tells Jericho for once in his life come take your beating like a man.

With that said, Chris Jericho's theme music plays as the AEW fans in Cleveland sing along like the fans did on the Chris Jericho Cruise. He goes on to talk some trash back to Mox, claiming he looks like a jacked up Captain Jack Sparrow. He then claims to have seen Moxley's mother backstage.

Jericho admits he doesn't ever travel alone and that Moxley is right. With that said he calls out the rest of his fellow members of The Inner Circle. Moxley then says he anticipated this cowardly move from Jericho, and being that he was born right here in this great state of Ohio .. he yells "O-H!" as the fans fire-back "I-O!"

Moxley goes on to state that it's not 5-against-1, because he's got the entire packed house at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland on his side and he likes his odds. He says let's fight and drops the mic. Jericho then mentions that they brought with them some street thugs that Santana and Ortiz helped gather. Jericho points out that it's not 5-on-1, it's about 10-on-1 now.

Now the ten men begin confidently strutting down the entrance ramp. As the first "street thug" approaches Moxley, Mox blasts him in the face with a headbutt and starts swinging wildly, taking out and blasting as many of the remaining nine men that he can before a mess of security comes in and restores order.

Just when it seemed the insanity would subside, it is actually Moxley who voluntarily lunges through security to swing on another street thug before taking out another with his Paradigm Shift DDT on the floor. Moxley retreats through the crowd the same way he came, amongst his fellow OH-IO'ians, while Jericho stares on from the top turnbuckle inside the ring.

- From there, we shoot to our first live camera shot of the announcers, who begin running down some of the matches and action on tap for tonight's show.

- At a slaughterhouse, MJF and Wardlow meet up with The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny. MJF hands over an envelope with cash in it to Bunny with "Young Bucks" written on it, and heads out.

The Butcher and The Blade (with The Bunny, MJF, and Warlow) vs. The Young Bucks

The bell sounds and here we go. Early on The Butcher and The Blade use their strength advantage to jump to an early lead while MJF shows off his live verbal ability taking shots at Cody while on guest commentary.

The Young Bucks start to show signs of life as The Bunny, who is also at ringside with The Butcher and The Blade, gets involved for the first time. We head to another mid-match commercial break off a high spot.

We return and The Butcher and The Blade are still dominating the action. Finally, Matt Jackson makes the hot tag and comes in the fresh man flying all over the place hitting and taking out any-and-everything that moves.

The fans cheer him on as Matt re-joins the action with a super kick on the floor and a flying elbow smash off the top rope in the ring. The Young Bucks are now in their first comfortable offensive lead of the match.

A beautiful senton off the top gets a close two count for The Young Bucks that The Butcher ultimately breaks up. Moments later The Young Bucks pick up the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks

After The Match, MJF yells "that's what I paid you for!" as the hired hitmen resume their beat down of The Young Bucks after the match. Eventually, Kenny Omega and "Hangman" Adam Page run out to make the save as MJF yells "You're embarassing me! You're embarassing me!"

Nyla Rose vs. Big Swole

Swole avoids Rose, lands a couple strikes, low dropkick, plants her to the mat, cover, two. Rose gets sent out to the floor, Swole looks for a penalty kick from the apron, gets yanked down to the apron, then thrown into the barricade. Swole with some punches, throws a forearm and hits the ring post. Rose then swings her arm into it again.

Rose charges in the corner, misses, eats a kick to the head and Swole locks in a standing choke. Rose gets out of it, but Swole lands a bump kick. "Swole!" chant breaks out. More strikes by Swole, headbutt, slingshot cutter, pin, two-count. Swole with a flatliner, getting a whole lot of offensive on Rose. Rose lands a spear, sit down powerbomb for the victory. Swole is currently the number one ranked woman for Riho's title.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Cody (with Arn Anderson) vs. Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford)

Sabian with a dropkick, gutbuster, punches, kicks, and tries for a suplex, but Cody lands on his feet and hits an uppercut. Sabian rolls out to the floor and then shoves Anderson. Referee tells Anderson to back up. Sabian back in the ring, avoids some strikes, but then Cody lands a dropkick. Sabian then rolls out to the floor again, he's able to trip Cody up and yanks him out to the floor. Cody goes to punch Sabian and mistakenly elbows Ford. Cody picks up Ford, Sabian with a penalty kick to Cody from the apron, Ford drops down on Cody and just pops right up, she's fine. Ford then leaps on the apron and kisses Sabian. Cody gets tossed back in the ring and Sabian goes to work during the commercial break.

Both wrestlers are down as we come back from break. Both are up at six, Cody with a punch to the face, clothesline, ten punches in the corner, but Sabian slips out. He then runs right into a spinning powerslam. Cody takes off his weightbelt, Ford snatches it away. Cody with a disaster kick. Ford throws her boot in the ring, referee throws it back out to the floor. Anderson shows the referee the boot, he gets on the apron. He's had it and throws her boot out to the crowd. Anderson is in the ring now, referee yelling at him to get on the floor. Anderson then bumps the referee and ends up getting thrown out of ringside. Cody tells Arn to bounce, and that it's okay.

Sabian distracts the ref and Ford hits a hurricanrana off the steps on Cody! Sabian with a flip over the top rope to take out his opponent. Ford and Sabian go to kiss each other out on the floor and Joey Janela (hiding in the front row) gets between them and they end up kissing his cheeks, lol! Sabian swings and misses, Cody with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Sabian with a swinging neckbreaker, cover, two. They end up on the top rope, they fight back and forth, Sabian with springboards in and just yanks Cody to the floor. Tries for deathly hallows, no. Cody cutter, cross rhodes, another cross rhodes, and a third one for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Cody

Post-match, Cody celebrates a bit and then gets to toss his weight belt into the crowd.

- Last week, Britt Baker beats Priscilla Kelly, then turned heel by talking trash to Tony Schiavone. Baker brings up Schiavone was just "working as a s---ty barista" before his "meal ticket" in AEW came along.

- Britt Baker comes out to the stage to talk with Tony Schiavone. Baker says she's not offended by what happened, but was actually happy with what happened, they (well, she) was trending after their segment. She takes the microphone from Schiavone, then calls out JR for talking over her on commentary and going to break. She says JR is "smug and pretentious of my division and my division, while you sit there and we do all work." She tells JR to be who he once was, not a "sloppy BBQ salesman who can't get the roster's names straight." Crowd booing Baker pretty good. She talks trash about Riho. Baker tells Tony to pick up a toothbrush to fix that moderate gingivitis. She then lets Cleveland know "You finally have a 'Baker' you can trust in." Great promo from Baker.

- Backstage, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are interviewed. Young Bucks say they haven't forgotten about the Dark Order, but they are happy about the win tonight. Ultimately, they just want to climb back to the top of the tag division. They say nothing personal to Omega. Tipsy Page rolls in and shows off their new nameplates. He then hands Matt and Nick their own nameplates, "You made need them someday." Omega thanks Page and tries to smooth things over. Omega then announces next week it will be 8-man tag action: Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Adam Page vs. The Blade, The Butcher, and a team of their choosing.

SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky with Christopher Daniels) vs. TH2 (Jack Evans and Angelico)

All of the members of SCU came to the ring wearing Kobe Bryant’s jersey. Angelico and Kazarian start things off with Angelico taking Kaz down with a leg sweep and then a float over into a headlock. Angelico is wearing La Parka tribute gear.

Angelico and Kaz chain wrestle for awhile before Sky tags into the match and connects with a dropkick. Kaz tags back in and hits a Snap Suplex for a nearfall. Sky and Kaz enjoy some quick tags as they isolate Angelico in their corner.

Sky hits a Stomp to the back of Evans as he tags in and SCU hits a Double Back Elbow to Evans for a nearfall. Sky hits an Enziguri on Evans followed by a Release German Suplex from Kaz for a nearfall. Sky tags back in and misses a clothesline as Evans shoves him into a Jawbreaker over the top rope from Angelico followed by a Spinning Enziguri from Evans for a nearfall.

Angelico tags in and hits a kick to Sky’s face as Evans held his face up in a bride. Angelico tosses Sky to the floor as we head to a break.

Sky hits a Vertical Suplex on Evans and dives for a tag but Evans tags Angelico first. Angelico tries to roll Sky up but Sky rolls through and dives to tag Kaz. Kaz dropkicks Evans off the apron and connects with one on Angelico. Kaz hits a Neckbreaker on Evans and then tosses Angelico to the apron and hits him with a Guillotine Leg Drop as he tried to get back in the ring.

Kaz hits a Slingshot Cutter on Angelico but Evans breaks it up with a Springboard Ghetto Stomp. Evans leapfrogs Sky sending him to the floor and then Hybrid2 hits a Ghetto Stomp/Sidewalk Slam combo for a nearfall. Evans goes for a Sasuke Special onto Sky on the floor but Sky moves and hits a Pump Kick.

Sky tags in and SCU hits the SCU-Later on Angelico for the pin.

Winners: SCU

The Dark Order appears on the screens in the arena and says the “Exalted One” is unhappy with Daniels and has told them to target his friends and family.

- A vignette featuring a pissed off PAC saying that once The Inner Circle is done with Moxley he will be waiting to pluck his other eyeball. PAC turns his attention to Omega and says that he can’t stand Kenny’s arrogance and ego for pretty much saying he would just fit PAC into his schedule. “That doesn’t work for me, lad,” he says. PAC says they will do everything in his timetable starting next week. “I’m coming for blood,” he states.

Chris Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz vs. Darby Allin and Private Party

Allin and Jericho getting things going, Jericho with a slap to the face. Allin smacks him back. Uses his agility to slip around Jericho and hit a dropkick. Big springboard arm drag, kip up and Jericho quickly runs to his corner. Private Party with a flurry of double team moves on Ortiz. Ortiz recovers and drops Quen, he then tags in Santana, scoop slam, knees to the face, then tags Jericho back in.

He gets in some shot, and brings Ortiz back in, Kassidy is able to tag back in, multiple pin attempts, all are two-counts. Kassidy with a boot to Santana, kicks Ortiz, Jericho with a springboard dropkick that sends Kassidy down to the floor. Jericho taunts the crowd as we go to break. Inner Circle maintains control of the match during the commercial. Kassidy gets a roll-up for two, Jericho with a lariat, cover, two. Santana tags in and kicks away, backbreaker, pin, two-count. Jricho with a lionsault, Ortiz with a diving headbutt, cover, Quen breaks it up.

Back rake by Ortiz, Santana gets back in there, Kassidy with the comeback though and brings Allin in. He knocks Jericho off the apron, up and over stunner. Suicide dive on Jericho. Back in the ring, slaps to santana, yoshi tonic, cover, two. Allin with another pin, Jericho breaks it up. Quen in the ring, pele kick to Jericho. Quen gets flattened by Ortiz, Kassidy gets rid of Ortiz, Santana with a cutter on Kassidy. Allin is back to his feet, Jericho with the blind tag, ends up running right into a second rope moonsault, cover, two.

Allin kicks Hager off the apron. Allin with a coffin drop on Hager to the floor! Quen with a fosbury flop on Santana and Ortiz. Kassidy heads to the top rope, hits a big senton, cover, close three. Kassidy checks with the referee on that count. Jericho back up and hits Judas right to Kassidy's face, dropping him to the mat. Cover and we're done here.

Winners: Chris Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz

Post-match, Inner Circle is back in the ring and they beat up on Allin and Private Party a bit more. Jericho whips Allin and Quen with his title. Guevara grabs Allin's skateboard, Hager with a knee strike to Allin. Guevara then smashes the skateboard into Allin's stomach. He jams Allin's throat down on the skateboard. Santana mockingly rides the skateboard and tries an ollie. They go for more, Moxley runs down with a black baseball bat, and swings away on everyone to clean house. He points the bat at Jericho who yells at Moxley from the ramp.