Wednesday, December 4, 2019

WWE Makes Fun of Dana Brooke - Batista Story, Brooke Reacts

WWE Makes Fun of Dana Brooke - Batista Story, Brooke Reacts
Batista and Dana Brooke really lit up the IWC during the Thanksgiving holiday. Their back and forth tweets were quite unexpected as plenty of fans wondered what was going on between the two.

WWE Backstage highlighted their Twitter romance during this week’s show. They read the tweets between Brooke and Bautista with sultry voices to really accentuate how provocative the entire communication was.

When Dana Brooke saw this little video she had to respond. She was impressed with how hot and sexy WWE Backstage made everything sound.
Ohhhh those voices … make it sound sooooooooo hott & sexy…. – love it.. I’ll try and sweet talk to him like this today
Brooke also appeared on The Bump this morning and confirmed that she will be going on a date with Batista soon, although she didn't specify exactly when. She added that she would be open to having their date filmed.

"I would love that," Brooke admitted. "Dave and I, we understand each other's lifestyles, we understand each other's schedules. I love to support someone that is driven to their job and is passionate about what they do. We can relate on so many different levels as far as training and fitness. He also knows about the business and WWE.