AEW Dynamite Results (12/4) – Champaign, IL

AEW Dynamite Results (12/4) - Champaign, IL

We kick off with a welcome from the announcers along with some fireworks and pyro and a shot inside the State Farm Center in Champaign, Illinois.

Dustin Rhodes & The Young Bucks vs. Sammy Guevara & Proud -N- Powerful

After that, The Young Bucks are immediately heading to the ring, followed by Dustin Rhodes.

From there, “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara is introduced, as is fellow members of The Inner Circle — the tag-team of Proud -N- Powerful — Santana & Ortiz.

The advertised six-man tag-team match will be kicking off this week’s show from Champaign, Ill. The bell sounds and here we go, as Sammy Guevara and Dustin Rhodes kick things off inside the ring for their respective teams.

Dustin hits a nice arm-drag and tags in Nick Jackson. Matt joins Nick in a double-team spot, now triple-team with Dustin, on Guevara before Santana and Ortiz enter the ring to even up the numbers game.

Unfortunately for The Inner Circle trio, the baby face team clear out the ring after taking out Proud -N- Powerful and then all three hitting super kicks to knock “The Spanish God” out to the floor.

For good measure, The Young Bucks hit crazy splashes off the top rope onto The Inner Circle members on the floor. We see highlights of those spots as The Young Bucks play to the fans in Champaign before the action returns to the ring with Matt Jackson and Sammy Guevara as the legal men.

Guevara catches Matt coming in with a big kick but Matt quickly turns the tide and hits a trifecta of suplexes on Guevara before Matt joined him to finish the suplex-series off with a double-suplex.

Now the heel trio are taking over after a three-on-one attack on Matt Jackson turns things in their favor, as they are clearly in the offensive lead in this one now. Guevara hits a big splash off the top on Matt for a near fall.

Finally, Matt catches a cocky Guevara going to the well one-too-many times with a sweet super kick that landed right on the chin. He then gives the hot tag to Dustin Rhodes, who comes in like a madman, taking out any-and-everything that moves — with intensity. He even goes up to the top rope and comes flying off with a cross-body to take out all three members of The Inner Circle.

Rhodes plays to the crowd as the AEW fans in Champaign shower the ring with “Dustin! Dustin!” and “You Still Got It! You Still Got It!” chants. Dustin now sets up for “The Un-Natural Kick” (The Curtain Call / Final Curtain Kick).

He never gets to pull it off, however, as it is broken up by Proud -N- Powerful, leading to an absolutely insane 630 Senton off the top-rope from Guevara. Somehow, Dustin manages to kick out before the count of three on the follow-up pin attempt from “The Spanish God.”

Now, Nick Jackson takes the hot tag and is flying all over the ring with incredible speed and agility, taking out any Inner Circle member he sees standing erect. The Young Bucks hit a cool double-team spot on Santana for a near fall, which Ortiz hits the ring to break up just in time.

Out on the floor, Guevara goes for another crazy near-630 Senton flip off the apron, but his target moves. He hits another cool spot and re-enters the ring to another thunderous “AEW! AEW!” chant. Now Proud -N- Powerful hold up one of The Young Bucks as Guevara comes off the top with a diving knee drop for a very close pin attempt, which Dustin breaks up just before the referee’s count hits three.

The fans break out into a “This Is Awesome! This Is Awesome!” chant inside the State Farm Center as “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara grabs his cell phone to live blog his next spot off the top rope. He takes the phone up with him, prepares way too long, and finally comes flying off with a Shooting Star Press attempt right into a Double Super Kick on the way down from The Young Bucks.

They set Guevara up for The Un-Natural Kick and then all three hit it. Dustin holds Guevara up for a Senton-Piledriver combination from The Young Bucks for the 1-2-3. The team of Dustin Rhodes and The Young Bucks pick up the win in an excellent six-man tag-team match to kick off this week’s show. Highlights are being shown via replays right now as the fans are giving the six men involved a continued standing ovation inside the State Farm Center.

Winners: Dustin Rhodes & The Young Bucks

The announce team run down some of the matches and segments scheduled to take place on tonight’s episode, finishing with the build-up of our next match inside the ring — which is our first singles match of the evening.

Trent vs. Rey Fenix

The Best Friends (Trent & Chuck Taylor) and Orange Cassidy make their way down to the ring together.

Out next is the man who will square off against Trent in one-on-one action, one-half of The Lucha Brothers — Rey Fenix. Fenix makes his way down to the ring by himself, with Pentagon Jr. still in the back preparing for his own showdown against SoCal Uncensored’s Christopher Daniels later in the show.

The announcers talk about the rankings and include some notes about these two as the bell sounds to get this one officially underway.

Fenix goes for the spinning Muscle Buster almost immediately, as The Excalibur cuts off Jim Ross to point out that The Lucha Brother tag-team member was going for the finish straight out of the gate. Trent blocks it and goes for a finisher of his own, but Fenix blocks it too.

Finally, Fenix establishes the first real offensive advantage in this one as Trent misses a big spot off the ropes. Fenix starts going to work on Trent now as Jim Ross takes us to a mid-match commercial break.

We see Fenix coming off the top for a big spot as we return from the break. He misses the spot, however, which allows Trent to finally get his first offensive lead in the match established.

Trent gets in some shots on The Lucha Brother team member before knocking him out to the floor. He goes out to the floor after him and after getting thrown into the barricade, Trent toughs it out and comes off with a big spear on Fenix on the floor.

Back in the ring, Trent hits a splash on Fenix in the corner before following up with a Tornado DDT for a near fall.

As the action continues, Fenix starts to cut Trent’s offensive run short, leading J.R. to point out on commentary that this one has been so close that neither guy has had an offensive advantage for any real length of time.

Fenix comes off the top rope with a double foot-stomp onto Trent, who was laying on the apron hanging out to the floor. The big stomp sends them both crashing from the ring apron down to the floor — with impact.

We see some replays of that spot while the action gets going again inside the ring. Trent starts fighting back, hitting a stuffed piledriver on Fenix for a near fall, as the ring announcer checks in with a time limit warning.

Trent pulls down his knee pad and runs the ropes looking for some kind of a big spot, but Fenix springs to his feet for a stunner out of nowhere, setting up a spinning muscle buster for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Rey Fenix

After the Trent-Fenix match wraps up, J.R. takes us into a commercial break, teasing an interview with Cody Rhodes when we return.

We’re back from the break and the camera pans right to the entrance way as the lights inside the State Farm Center go down and Cody’s music starts playing.

Cody emerges as fireworks explode and pyro goes off while the fans give him a reception deserving of a top star. Cody finally joins Tony Schiavone in the ring as his music fades down and Tony begins his interview.

Tony asks Cody about The Bunny, The Butcher and The Blade attack from last week, and his thoughts on Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF). Cody talks about the scar above his eye as a reminder. He talks about his brother Dustin Rhodes being busy in a blood feud with The Young Bucks against The Inner Circle’s Sammy Guevara and Proud -N- Powerful, his wife Brandi being busy cutting the hair off of women with Awesome Kong.

He continues, saying he’s seen every wrestling documentary and movie ever made, and telling MJF that if he wanted, all he had to do was ask for a match against him. He brings up MJF commenting in the past about never wrestling him. He brings up MJF throwing in the towel without his permission. He claims MJF owes him a match because he hand-picked him. He claims others called him too short, and listed other apparent shoot reasons why top promotions haven’t jumped on signing MJF in the past.

Cody goes on to attempt to bribe MJF into fighting him in a match, noting he always knew MJF was a bad guy, but that he was “his bad guy.” He mentions his rolex watch, his expensive shoes, the keys to his custom 1-of-300-made truck, a suitcase filled with over $50,000 in real cash. He grabs a hundred dollar bill from the briefcase and slips it to a fan to prove the cash is real.

He closes by saying all MJF has to do is name his price. He says he and the fans are waiting. The fans chant “Cody! Cody!” as his music plays again and he heads to the back after another pretty epic promo.

– Backstage, AEW broadcast team member Alex Marvez is with Joey Janela. Janela talks about his past AEW Fyter Fest showdown against Jon Moxley and how he answered the “Call To Arms” open challenge to fight him tonight in the main event. As he continues to talk trash to Moxley while looking into the camera, a silent Jon Moxley ends up walking up. He rubs his face, takes a deep breath, looks at Marvez and simply says, “Kids!” in sarcastic fashion before simply walking off.

On that note, we head back to another commercial break.

– Another wicked vignette airs to continue to shed light on what this new cult-like movement of The Dark Order is all about. We see another helpless soul reaching out to join The Dark Order in a ceremony in the woods. He is asked what is motive is. He says he just wants to fight. They beat him down and feast on him like a pack of lions tearing into a dead hyeena.

Nyla Rose vs. Leva Bates

After that crazy vignette wraps up, Nyla Rose’s theme music hits and we watch as “The Native Beast” comes out to flaming pyro exploding beside her while J.R. and the announcers hype up Rose’s dominance already in the AEW women’s division. We see footage of her attack last week backstage as she continues her ring entrance.

The bell sounds and Rose immediately walks over and smashes a big boot in Bates’ face. She lays Bates’ lifeless body across the top rope and then climbs up in the corner. She comes flying off with a giant leg drop.

Now, Rose sets Bates up for a Nyla Beast Bomb when in walks Peter Avalon to shush her. As Rose deals with him, Bates grabs a regular book and tries hitting Rose with it from behind.

Rose no-sells that and then grabs her by the throat. She catches Avalon coming off the top by the throat as well and hits a double chokeslam before following up with her Beast Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Once the match is over, Nyla Rose hits another unnecessary Beast Bomb on Bates. After that, Shannah hits the ring and fires away at Rose with strikes. Rose no-sells them and then powerbombs her down and gives the crowd the evil eye and evil grin before going out to the floor and grabbing a table from under the ring as we head to a split-screen commercial break.

She sets the table up in the ring and grabs Shannah. Before she can put her through the table with another Beast Bomb, the referee jumps in front of her. She sets her down and kicks the ref and then Beast Bombs him through the table. If that wasn’t enough, she grabs Shannah anyways and hits her with a Beast Bomb on top of the ref laying in the broken remains of the table he was just put through.

Meanwhile, a close-up shot of Dr. Britt Baker holding her face with both hands in a look of nervousness, exactly the same face / camera-shot of her we saw during her unscheduled, unscripted cameo appearance in the crowd at WWE’s live NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019 special on the WWE Network during WWE Survivor Series 2019 Weekend last month.

– We’re back from the split-screen commercial break and immediately we hear the familiar sounds of Fozzy, as “Le Champion” of All Elite Wrestling and the leader of The Inner Circle — Chris Jericho, accompanied by Jake Hager and “A Little Bit Of The Bubbley,” makes his way to the ring.

After getting in some cheap heat insults to the fans in Champaign, Jericho squeezes in a cheap plug to and then gets down to business.He says he’s been informed by AEW officials that he must compete one more time in 2019. He says with that in mind, he has made a list. The fans explode, remembering “The List” from Jericho’s days in WWE.

Jericho mocks the fans, telling them to get out of 2016 before revealing his clipboard reads, “The Lexicon of Le Champion,” with the letters “LLC” bolded. Jericho starts reading his list of wrestlers and people he refuses to wrestle in 2019. He goes on to list a number of AEW wrestlers and comical references, such as anything that rhymes with an AEW wrestler’s name, before also including the popcorn vender in the crowd and other fans he spots from the ring.

As he continues to read the list of people he won’t wrestle in 2019, the music of someone he forgot to include, The Luchasaurus, makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Jurassic Express — Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy. The fans chant “Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus!” as the trio stares down Jericho and Hager in the ring. Jungle Boy gives Luchasaurus a microphone. Jericho cuts in before he can say anything, listing dinosaurs and other Jurassic-related items and references that he refuses to wrestle in 2019.

Luchasaurus cuts Jericho off, pretending to have a monster voice before talking completely normal and saying of course he can speak, mentioning that he has a degree. Finally, Jericho assumes Luchasaurus is saying it won’t be him or Marko Stunt, that they are there to try and get Jungle Boy the match.

The fans chant “Jungle Boy! Jungle Boy!” as Jericho cuts a promo on him, closing by saying, “I think you’re a piece of sh*t!” and telling him that he bets he couldn’t even last ten minutes with him. Jungle Boy yanks the mic out of Jericho’s hand and says he knows he can last ten minutes with him, and he’s going to kick his ass.

With that said, he slaps Jericho in the face which leads to a brawl breaking out between all five guys, with the baby face trio clearing the ring of The Inner Circle duo. Jericho is throwing things in the ring as his temper tantrum continues. Jericho says he’s going to hurt him on December 18th.

– The announcers confirm the 12/18 date and the Jericho vs. Jungle Boy match for the show as Jericho and Hager retreat to the back while Jurassic Express and The Luchasaurus stand tall in the ring.

Kris Statlander vs. Hikaru Shida

The bell sounds and these two are going at it as the match gets going and we head to a split-screen, mid-match commercial break while Statlander finally starts to establish an early offensive lead.

We’re back from the break and we see Shida in a comfortable lead now as a big missed spot on the floor led to a nice run for Shida. Shida hits a big missile drop kick off the top rope.

We see a graphic at the bottom of the screen advertising Cody & QT Marshall vs. The Butcher & The Blade in tag-team action on next week’s edition of AEW Dynamite. Meanwhile, Shida hits a superplex on Statlander for a near fall.

Statlander is finally starting to make her come back. She blasts Shida with a super kick and then hoists her up in the electric chair position. She slams her down face-first and follows up by bouncing off the ropes and blasting her with a Booker T-like scissor kick for a close near fall.

As Statlander picks Shida up, Shida reverses for a pin attempt. Statlander kicks out. Shida blasts her with a kick and covers her. Statlander kicks out. Statlander runs into a running knee from Shida but fires back with a spinnnig sit-down suplex into a pin attempt for another close near fall. She gets the Cradle Tombstone and hits it on Shida. 1-2-3.

Winner: Kris Statlander

The announcers sell the win for Statlander as a big upset, as Shida was the number one ranked contender in the AEW women’s division.

After the match wraps up, the lights go out and when they come back on, Awesome Kong appears on the ramp with Brandi Rhodes standing behind her holding a microphone. Brandi emerges as the music stops. She talks about she and Awesome Kong’s recent actions before promising to shed a little light on the subject. They enter the ring now as Statlander stands to the side in confusion and Shida remains on the ground recovering from the loss.

Brandi offers Statlander a chance to pledge herself to The Nightmare group (I missed the name). Statlander looks confused and then we hear some random lady in the front row offering to pledge. They let the fan through the barricade. She emerges and kneels down in front of Brandi and Awesome Kong. She holds her own pony tail up and Awesome Kong cuts it off. On that note, we head to a split-screen commercial break.

Christopher Daniels vs. Pentagon Jr.

We’re back from the break and we see SoCal Uncensored (SCU) member Christopher Daniels making his way down to the ring for one-on-one action next here on AEW Dynamite. As he wraps up his entrance, The Lucha Brothers tag-team member Pentagon Jr. makes his way out, pyro and all, as the announcers sing his praises and the possibility of this match being a potential show-stealer for tonight.

As Pentagon Jr. nears the ringside area, Daniels coming flying of the top rope out of nowhere, splashing onto him on the ramp. Daniels delivers some punches for good measure before clotheslining Pentagon Jr. down on the ramp. He picks Daniels up for a pile driver but Pentagon Jr. back body-drops him on the steel ramp instead.

Pentagon Jr. runs down the ramp and blasts a seated Daniels with a super kick before clotheslining him over the top rope — into the ring — where he joins him and the bell sounds to officially start this one off. A big kick to the gut in the corner from Pentagon is followed up by Daniels hitting the ropes and blasting one-half of The Lucha Brothers tag-team with a big spear. He back-suplexes him down as a follow-up.

We head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from the break, Pentagon is still going to work on Daniels until Daniels catches him coming off the ropes with a DDT. Both guys are slow to get back to their feet as the referee starts the double count.

Each guy runs the ropes now and trade clotheslines. As the action continues, the announcers inform us that next week on AEW Dynamite, The Young Bucks will meet Proud -N- Powerful (Santana & Ortiz) in a Texas Street Fight.

Meanwhile, Daniels is still in firm control of the offense in the ring. After a cheap shot low blow while the ref’s back was turned from Pentagon Jr., Daniels eats a package piledriver from The Lucha Brothers tag-team member that ends the match.

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

– Vignette for The Blade, The Butcher and The Bunny. Bunny says last week was their first order of chaos, she says they are so sick of seeing Cody’s face everywhere and want to change that. “We’re here to cut the head off the snake,” she says.

Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela

Side headlock takeover by Moxley to get things started. Janela gets out of it and uses his quickness to drop Moxley. They then trade chops in the middle of the ring. Moxley knocked out to the ramp, Janelas with a double ax handle off the top rope. Moxley then lands a lariat, flipping Janela inside out. As we go to commercial, Moxley works over Janela in the ring.

Moxley with a release suplex, Moxley looking for the paradigm shift on the ramp, nope. Janela able to hit a big swinging DDT, sending Moxley down on the ramp. Moxley stumbles over to the floor, Janela with a suicide dive on Moxley. Janela heads to the top rope, Moxley looks for the paradigm shift again. Janela counters with a crucifix bomb for a two count. Moxley lands some knees, Janela with a discus elbow, they are just trading shots now.

Janela then snaps Moxley’s head back down on the bottom turnbuckle. Moxley is near the time table, Janela hits a crossbody, sending Moxley through it! He throws Moxley back in the ring, elbow drop off the top rope, cover, two. Janela can’t believe it. The two end up at the top rope again, swinging away. Moxley finally hits paradigm, sending Janela’s face into the top turnbuckle, he gives him another paradigm shift in the middle of the ring, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall

Post-match, Chris Jericho’s music hits and Jericho comes out through the crowd (much like Moxley did last week to the champ). Jericho stares at Moxley with The Inner Circle standing behind him. Jericho holds up the title as the show closes.


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