Tuesday, April 17, 2018

WWE Smackdown Results - April 17, 2018

WWE Smackdown Results - April 17, 2018
We begin tonight's show with a look at Shinsuke Nakamura's comments to Renee Young and then his involvement in the Daniel Bryan versus AJ Styles match.

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring.

AJ says they say you can tell a lot about a man through his failures. If that is the case, we have found out everything about Shinsuke Nakamura. AJ says he dreamt about this match with Nakamura and when it happened, AJ was successful and Nakamura failed. Nakamura showed his true colors. Nakamura is not just an artist, he is a con artist. AJ says he wanted the same thing. He should have been celebrating with everyone,but he was thinking about retribution for Nakamura.

AJ says he was presented with a true dream match against Daniel Bryan. AJ says he was excited for that match but Nakamura showed his true colors and ruined that match. AJ says he is not letting it go. He will not leave the ring until he confronts Shinsuke Nakamura. AJ says he knows that Nakamura has forgotten how to speak English, but he is not here for a conversation, he is here for a fight. He tells the two faced coward to show up and fight him.

Aiden English clears his throat and he appears on the stage with Rusev. Aiden says it isn't them AJ wants, it's Shinsuke so you can make him pay. Aiden says he is sorry to say that he has gone away on an anywhere but Providence VaCay. But, if you want a fight, you can be this lion's prize. Aiden asks the crowd what day is today.

AJ says since it is Rusev Day and Nakamura doesn't have a spine, let's fight now.

Rusev vs. AJ Styles in a Non Title Match

Rusev with punches but Styles locks in the Calf Crusher. Rusev reaches for the ropes and Aiden English attacks Styles.

Winner: AJ Styles (by disqualification)

After the match, Daniel Bryan comes to the ring and he goes after Rusev. Bryan sends Rusev over the top rope and then Styles takes care of Aiden.


We see Shane McMahon watching in the office and Paige enters. Paige says she has a great idea. She channels Teddy Long and makes a tag match with Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles against Rusev and Aiden English. Paige says she cannot wait for Shane to see what she has done for the brand. We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Shelton Benjamin is in the ring. He says that last night he said Chad Gable was an inspirational partner and he expects the best for Chad. Shelton says his Twitter account was hacked. He says he does not need Chad Gable. He says he never needed Chad Gable. Chad Gable needed him. Enough about Chad. Shelton says he needs the respect for what he deserves and championship opportunities he deserves. He says he talked to Paige and he asked for some competition. Some big competition.

Out comes Randy Orton but his music stops before he gets to the ring. We hear fans chanting for the RKO. The music suddenly hits and out comes new WWE United States Champion Jeff Hardy, who won the title from new RAW Superstar Jinder Mahal last night. Jeff runs past Orton and hits the ring to pose.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Jeff Hardy in a Non Title Match

Benjamin with a kick and punches. Benjamin with more punches and kicks. Hardy with a sit out jawbreaker but Benjamin sends Hardy under the bottom rope.

Benjamin clips Hardy on the floor and sends him back into the ring. Shelton kicks Hardy in the hamstring. Shelton with a punch in the corner and then he hits a running knee to the injured leg. Shelton with a step over toe hold on Hardy as he continues to work on the leg.

Hardy with kicks and a double leg take down. Hardy goes for the leg drop to the midsection but Shelton gets his leg up to block it and he applies a single leg crab. Hardy escapes and sends Benjamin into the turnbuckles. Hardy with a drop kick into the corner.

Benjamin clips Hardy again to stop Hardy's offense. Hardy with elbows to Benjamin but Benjamin with a forearm. Hardy with a flying clothesline. Hardy with punches and then his leg gives out on an Irish whip. Hardy with a clothesline and reverse atomic drop followed by a leg drop and drop kick for a near fall. Jeff with a kick and he tries for a Twist of Fate but Shelton escapes. Hardy with an elbow and he goes to the turnbuckles but Shelton crotches Jeff on the turnbuckles.

Shelton goes for a belly-to-back superplex but Hardy knocks Benjamin off. Benjamin leaps to the turnbuckles and hits a knee to stop Hardy. Benjamin goes for a superplex but Jeff blocks it again. Jeff with a head butt and he drops Shelton on the turnbuckles and hits Whisper in the Wind for a near fall. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but Shelton blocks it and hits a Dragon whip for a near fall. Jeff blocks Paydirt and Hardy with a spinning mule kick. Shelton kicks Hardy out of the corner but Jeff with Twist of Fate and he goes up top for the Swanton and the three count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

- We go to the Miz who says Daniel Bryan directs a tweet at him about punching his face. Miz asks Providence if they want to see Daniel Bryan punch his face. Miz says that is too bad because he is not in Providence because he is in LA with his family. Miz says he is the A Lister so he deserves his own spotlight. Next week will be the premiere of Miz on Smackdown. He tells Daniel that if he trolls him on Twitter again he will kick Daniel's a... Maryse stops him because of the baby.

We go to commercial.

Jey Uso vs. Harper

Back from the break and it's announced that Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are now on the SmackDown roster, thanks to former Absolution leader Paige. The Usos wait in the ring as SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers head to the ring.

Harper backs Jey into the corner and connects with a punch. Jey with an uppercut and Harper with an elbow. Jey with an uppercut and Jimmy pulls Rowan off the apron. Rowan punches Jimmy. Jey goes for a suicide dive onto Rowan and Rowan catches him. Jimmy with a super kick to stop Rowan. Harper with a clothesline on the apron and he gets the three count.

Winner: Luke Harper

After the match, Rowan and Harper pull Jey out of the ring but Jimmy with a mallet and he hits both men. Jimmy is sent into the ring steps and Jey is sent into the apron. Rowan grabs the mallet and Naomi comes out to beg for mercy. Harper and Rowan stop their attack and go to the back. We go to commercial.

- We are back and Sin Cara waits for his opponent in the ring. Here come Samoa Joe who is now on Smackdown!

Sin Cara vs. Samoa Joe

Cara with forearms but Joe with knees and an Irish whip. Cara with an elbow and a springboard back elbow. Cara with punches. Joe with jabs and chops. Joe gets Cara up but Cara gets to his feet and he kicks Joe in the leg. Cara goes for a springboard move and Joe with a Northern Lariat and knees to the head. Joe picks up Cara and applies the Koquina Clutch and Cara taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe gets on the mic and says well, if this isn't the Land of Opportunity. To him, this place seems more like a Land of Handouts. By his mere absence, everyone here has had it easy. Smackdown has been coddled and catered to. Everyone has been convinced that they are better than they are. Joe says that all changes. He is here now and he gets all of the opportunities. He will have the opportunity to put to sleep your beloved Daniel Bryan. He will defang the Viper. He will emasculate and decimate AJ Styles.

If any of you are non-believers, watch what he will do in Saudi Arabia and at Backlash. Joe says whatever is left of Roman Reigns after Brock Lesnar beats his ass again, he will personally shred and put the Big Dog out to pasture for good. If by some miraculous happenstance, if Roman Reigns is victorious. Then he will bring back his newly won Intercontinental Championship and he will tear the Universal Championship from his waist. Joe tells everyone to b'lieve that.

We go to commercial.


We are back...stage and Daniel Bryan is asked by Renee Young about helping AJ Styles. Daniel says he did it because he respects AJ. For the three years that he was out, he made a list of people to motivate him. AJ was at the top of the list. Daniel says he wanted to prove that he was back. Nakamura ruined that. He says he is proud to fight side by side with AJ because he looks forward to fighting AJ again. Renee stops and the returning Big Cass shows up behind Daniel. He asks if Daniel is what all the fuss is about. Colin calls him little man and walks away.

In the Arena:

Carmella makes her way to the ring and she shows off her title belt. Carmella says everyone wants to jump in the Carmella Bandwagon now that she is champ but she says they weren't with her before she won the title so she does not care. She says she is not just the Princess of Staten Island any more. She is the moonwalking, trash talking, Princess of Smackdown. She says she waited for the perfect opportunity. She waited 287 long days. She says she seized the moment and took her rightful spot at the top of the women's division.

She reminds everyone that she beat Charlotte Flair. She is one of the greatest in WWE History and she beat Charlotte on her own. The woman who broke Asuka's streak... Carmella reminds us that she beat that woman. All she had to do beat Charlotte was to make sure she was blinded by her ego. Charlotte says in order to be the woman, you have beat the woman. Carmella reminds us that she is the woman. What she did last week was historic. It will be the biggest moment in all of women's history. Carmella calls for a tribute to her and we have a video package.

She says she is going to miss Frankie. She had it for 287 days but 287 days is nothing compared to how long she is going to keep Cleopatra. She says Mella is Money.

Charlotte Flair's music interrupts and she is on the stage. Charlotte says it seems like your title reign is a lot like your memory... short. Your highlight reel is missing some big pieces of history. The only reason you had the briefcase was because of that chinless freak. You cashed in because of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Charlotte says she knows the dirtiest player in the game and game respects game. You capitalized on an opportunity and Charlotte congratulates her. Charlotte says she has some words of wisdom. It is much harder to stay on the top than to get to the top. You have something of hers.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce make their way to the ring. Billie tells Charlotte this is pathetic. You are blaming them for your failure? Billie tells Peyton to do it. Peyton does her Charlotte Flair impression. Peyton acts like Charlotte is a giant baby. Billie says it was spot on and if she closed her eyes, she would think Charlotte was next to her. Billie says you asked for magic last week and you got it. The title disappeared from around your waist. Peyton says that was a moment that will last forever. It was all because of them. Peyton says you are looking at the future and it is Iconic.

Charlotte takes off her ring robe and she goes after Billie and Peyton on the floor. Billie and Peyton double team Charlotte and send her into the ringside barrier and then kick her. Becky Lynch comes out and goes after Billie and Peyton as ee go to commercial.

Charlotte Flair (with Becky Lynch) vs. Billie Kay (with Peyton Royce)

The mach is joined in progress and Charlotte chops Billie outside the ring. Billie avoids a chop but Charlotte with a forearm. Billie kicks Charlotte in the corner but Charlotte with a suplex. Billie with a forearm and she gets a near fall. Billie with an arm bar. Billie takes Charlotte back to the mat and holds on to the arm bar. Charlotte gets back to her feet but Billie with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Billie with a kick to the ribs. Billie returns to the arm bar. Charlotte with a forearm but Billie pulls Charlotte to the mat by the hair. Peyton gets in a shot and Becky chases Peyton around the ring.

Billie kicks Charlotte in the corner. Peyton gets in another shot on Charlotte while the referee deals with Billie. Billie with a chin lock. Billie with forearms and then she chokes Charlotte in the corner. Billie with an arm bar. Charlotte with a forearm and a running Harley Race knee. Billie with a back drop for a near fall. Charlotte with chops. Charlotte with an Irish whip and chop followed by a knee drop to the back of the head. Billie blocks a neck breaker and hits Sole Food for a near fall. Billie escapes a slam and gets a near fall with a rollup. Charlotte with a boot and then she sets for the figure four leg lock and she bridges. Billie taps out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the match, Flair stands tall but Carmella runs in and drops her with the title. Becky makes the save but The Iiconics take her out. Carmella goes back to beating on Flair while she's down. The music interrupts and out comes the newest member of the blue brand, Asuka. Asuka runs to the ring and Carmella retreats. Asuka takes out Peyton and then Billie. Peyton gets dropped again. Becky and Flair join in now and take turns on Billie. Asuka, Flair and Becky stand tall as Asuka's music hits. Carmella watches from the stage.

- The announcers lead us to a promo for Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson coming to SmackDown from RAW.

- Still to come, AJ and Bryan vs. Rusev Day. Back to commercial.

- We are told that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are coming to Smackdown.

- We are back and Sheamus and Cesaro say that they have been the standard of the Raw tag team division. They ended the New Day's title reign. They broke the Hardys. Cesaro says that they heard about facing all of the teams on Smackdown. They have a high level of competition, but not high enough because they are coming to Smackdown.


We see The New Day backstage and Big E is riding on the back of a much smaller staffer. They spot R-Truth and apparently he's on the blue brand roster now. Tye Dillinger appears and it looks like he and Truth are facing off but they do their own handshake and are all smiles. Truth says he's glad he's on RAW now with The New Day and Dillinger. They have to inform him that this is SmackDown. Truth says "my bad" and walks off, saying he will see them tomorrow. Truth walks off as Tye and The New Day wonder if he's going to be alright.

- The announcers go over the Superstar Shakeup changes made tonight and the post-WrestleMania 34 arrivals from last week. It's confirmed that Nikki Cross will not be with Eric Young, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe. The announcers send us to a video from NXT's Zelina Vega and Andrade "Cien" Almas. They are also coming to the blue brand.

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev and Aiden English

We go to the ring for tonight's main event and out first comes WWE Champion AJ Styles to a pop. Back to commercial.

Bryan and English start things off and they lock up. English backs Bryan into the corner and misses a punch. Bryan with jabs and punches followed by an arm wringer. Bryan works on the hand and applies an arm bar. Bryan with a shoulder tackle and he catches the leg on a leap frog attempt. Bryan goes for a surfboard and he tags in Styles. AJ with a double sledge while English is in the surfboard.

English with a punch and chops. Styles with a knee to the midsection followed by a pump handle gutbuster. Rusev comes in and Daniel tries for a Yes Lock while Styles goes for a Calf Crusher and English and Rusev go to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and English with forearms and he gets a near fall. English with a rear chin lock. Styles with elbows but English with a back body drop for a near fall. English kicks Styles and Rusev tags in and punches Styles. Rusev kicks Styles but Styles with punches. Rusev with a bear hug. Styles with a head butt but he cannot get to Daniel to make the tag. Rusev runs Styles into the opposite corner and connects with shoulders. English tags in and he is sent into the corner with a hip strike. Rusev with a kick for and English gets a near fall.

English with kicks and then he chokes Styles on the apron. English with a kick and punch to Styles. Styles with a jaw breaker and both men are down. English stops Styles from making the tag. Styles goes for a sunset flip but English stays on his feet. English misses a knee drop. English keeps Styles from making the tag. Styles with a rollup for a near fall and he follows with a Pele Kick. Both men are down and Bryan and Rusev make the tags. Bryan with punches and then he flips out of the corner on an Irish whip and hits a flying clothesline.

Bryan with a running drop kick into the corner. Rusev stops a second one but Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but English breaks it up. English is sent to the floor. Bryan with a dragon screw leg whip and then he hits the Yes Kicks and he hits the round kick. Bryan sets for the flying knee and he hits it.

Nakamura with a low blow to Styles on the apron. Bryan sees Nakamura and he loses focus. Big Cass is now on the ring with a boot to Bryan and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan (by disqualification)

After the bell, Cass nails Bryan again as Nakamura comes back over the barrier all smiles. Cass stands over Bryan and raises his fist. We go to replays as the new theme song for Cass hits. Renee interviews Nakamura on the stage and asks him what's going on but he says he doesn't speak English. Nakamura stares down to the ring before heading to the back. SmackDown goes off the air with Big Cass standing over Daniel Bryan in the middle of the ring.