5/1 AEW Rampage Results

LIVE 5/1 AEW Rampage Results

LIVE 5/1 AEW Rampage Results – The show begins with Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada in the ring, following the final segment that aired live on AEW Dynamite. Omega tells Okada they had a rivalry once. He says give him a few months and they’ll share the ring again. He asks him what he thinks. Okada says, “I’m sorry, Kenny … I’M the ‘Best Bout Machine’ now.” With that said, Jack Perry knocks out Omega with a cheap shot from behind.

He grabs a chair and Okada is taken out of the ring. He goes after Jack Perry and knees him in the gut over and over again as the commentators remind us any blunt-force trauma to his stomach could literally kill him. Omega tears his button-up shirt open and does the gun gesture to him. He hits the ropes but Okada trips him up from the floor and Perry blasts him in the gut with a steel chair.

The Young Bucks make their way out from the back looking confused. They enter the ring and tell Okada and Perry to relax. They act like the two went too far, but then Omega starts crawling up their bodies and puts himself in the EVP Trigger position.

Matthew and Nicholas drill him with the EVP Trigger and then FTR’s theme hits and out comes Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler to run them off.

The camera follows things backstage, where The Elite are shown walking over to Omega, who is in agony on a stretcher.

Omega gets stretchered out of the ring and to the back. He looks to get loaded into an ambulance, but Okada and The Bucks beat down Dax Harwood as Jack Perry attacks Wheeler. Harwood is sent crashing through the barricade, and The Bucks dump Omega off the stretcher.

Jay White vs. Dante Martin

The bell rings and Dante fires off right hands on White. The pair spill out of the ring and continue to brawl before getting back in the ring. White fires off stomps on Dante in the corner, then delivers a chop to him and follows it up with a tijeras. The pair end up back on the outside, and Dante lands another chop. He follow it up with an elbow and a tope suicida. Dante lands a knee on White and gets him back into the ring and looks to fly off the top rope, but White trips him.

Back from the break, White lands a chop on Dante. Dante responds with a dropkick and a series of chops, then clotheslines White out of the ring. He gets him back inside, but White catches him with a chokeslam. Dante lands a back elbow, but White hits a pair of chops. Dante fires off elbows and chops on White, then delivers a moonsault off the top rope. White connects with a snap suplex and Blade Runner for the win.

Winner: Jay White

After the match, White helps Dante up but sends him crashing into the mat with a double underhook flatliner.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Rocky Romero

The bell rings and the two lock up. They take turns locking submission holds in on one another before O’Reilly lands a boot on Romero. He cinches in an Ankle Lock, but Romero fights his way out of it with a kick that sends O’Reilly crashing to the outside. He follows it up with a tope suicida to level him, then looks to land a second one. O’Reilly sees him coming and sends him crashing into the mat, then locks in an Arm Bar.

Back from the break, O’Reilly and Romero take turns landing kicks on one another’s thighs. O’Reilly connects with a clothesline on Romero before the pair teeter on the ropes. Romero sends O’Reilly crashing into the mat and goes for a pin, but O’Reilly kicks out. Romero fires off more kicks on him, but O’Reilly lands a knee on his face. O’Reilly locks in a Body Scissors on Romero, but Romero counters into an Arm Bar. Romero then pins O’Reilly twice, but O’Reilly kicks out both times and rolls up Romero for the win.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

– We head backstage where Saraya and Harley Cameron taunt Mariah May and “Timeless” Toni Storm in a brief interview segment. Cameron ends up challenging Mariah for next week’s AEW Dynamite. After this wraps up, we head to another commercial break.

– When we return from the break, Arkady Aura is backstage with AEW International Champion Roderick Strong and The Undisputed Kingdom. He talks about his title defense against Will Ospreay at the upcoming AEW Double Or Nothing 2024 pay-per-view, and the five-year anniversary of AEW.

TBS Women’s Championship (Manitoba Massacre)
Willow Nightingale (C) vs. Skye Blue

Skye meets Willow on the entrance ramp and the fight gets off to an early start. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this Manitoba Massacre main event for the TBS Women’s Championship. Nightingale hits Blue with a trash can lob and dumps her over the barricade.

Nightingale delivers shots to Blue in the crowd, and then slams her into the barricade. Blue comes back and slams Nightingale’s head into the top of the barricade. Blue jumps off the barricade, but Nightingale hits her with a chair and gets a two count.

Willow puts more chairs in the ring and stomps on Blue on the floor. Nightingale delivers an elbow strike and sits Blue down in a chair on the floor. Nightingale goes for a cannonball senton, but Blue dodges and Nightingale crashes through the chair.

On that note, we shift gears and head into a mid-match commercial break with just two minutes until the 11pm hour hits, so it looks like we’re getting an overrun here. When we return, we see Willow hit a pounce to avoid a weapon shot from Skye on the floor.

Back in the ring, Willow sits Skye down in the corner leaning against the turnbuckles on the mat. She backs up and goes for a big canonball, but Skye pops up and throws a chair into Willow’s face, Sabu-style. Excalibur points out that Skye is busted open and bleeding.

She grabs a sack of thumbtacks and spreads them all over the mat for a big pop from the crowd. Willow fights back and sits Skye on the top-rope. She climbs up after her but Skye escapes between the legs of Willow. She looks to power bomb Willow off, but Willow avoids it.

Again we see Skye throw a chair in Willow’s face a second time. She heads up to the top-rope with Willow and Willow hoists her up for a big Avalanche Fisherman’s Bomb off the top-rope onto the pile of thumb tacks. She goes for the cover, but Skye kicks out. Willow sets up a table on the floor.

Nightingale heads to the top-rope and leaps off with a big flip, but lands on the raised knees of Skye. Skye heads out to the floor and reaches under the ring again. She pulls out a big barbed wire board, which she lays across the table on the floor that Willow set up earlier as fans chant “You sick f*ck!”

Skye heads onto the ring apron and grabs Willow. The two fight back-and-forth on the ring apron and then Willow gut-wrenches Skye and hits a sit-out power bomb that puts her through the barbed wire board-covered table on the floor. She covers her in the rubble for the win to retain.

Winner and STILL TBS Women’s Champion: Willow Nightingale

That’s how AEW Rampage goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

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LIVE 5/1 AEW Rampage Results

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