WWE Money in The Bank Results – Jun 18, 2017


Renee Young hosted the show with panelists Sam Roberts and Booker T. Roberts noted that it was his first Father’s Day as a father (congrats to him). They spoke about the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and played up that it was the first in history.

– Dasha Fuentes checked in from the social media lounge and said she would be joined by Jimmy and Jey Uso, who will have the pleasure of answering the worst of the questions that fans submit via social media.

– The hosts pimped WWE Network. Booker picked Samoa Joe to beat Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. Renee Young hyped Daniel Bryan’s return for Tuesday’s Smackdown. A video aired on the women’s MITB match.

– Naomi joined the panel at their spot on the main floor. She spoke about how the mood is tense, but the women are thankful for the opportunity of being in the first women’s MITB match. Roberts pointed out that she would need to be prepared to have the winner cash in at any time. Naomi also spoke about her match with Lana and said she is not underestimating her. Young brought up the 32-woman tournament. Booker brought up the possibility of someone cashing in on Naomi. She said she has a game plan.

– Young announced that the women’s MITB ladder match will open the show. Booker picked Tamina to win. Roberts predicted Charlotte will win.

– Jimmy and Jey Uso joined Fuentes in the social media lounge. They were asked what Day One Ish means. They said it was a stupid question, then said it was going through the mud and wanting it. They were also asked what makes New Day different from any opponents. They said they have been in the right with them many times and they think they have their number. The final question was which legendary team they would face. They said it was tough to answer and listed Hart Foundation, Harlem Heat, Demolition, Samoan Swat Team, Head Shrinkers, Hardy Boyz, and more.

– A video package aired on the Naomi and Lana saga that led to the title match. Roberts said fans are scratching their heads over the decision to give Lana a title shot in her first match. Booker said Lana has been around Rusev and learned a lot of dirty tricks. He still picked Naomi to win. Roberts went with Lana to win. Renee made a rare pick by going with Naomi.

– Jinder Mahal was featured in an Indian themed video package. Booker praised Jinder for working on his craft when he left WWE. Booker picked Jinder to retain even though “Randy is my guy.” Roberts went with Orton to win.

– A WWE Great Balls of Fire ad aired and focussed on the Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe main event.

– The broadcast team of Tom Phillips, JBL, and Byron Saxton checked in.

The Hype Bros. vs. The Colon

Back from the break and we go to Tom Phillips, JBL and Byron Saxton at ringside. They show us Zack Ryder’s return to TV from this past week. Ryder hits the ring with partner Mojo Rawley as The Hype Bros. have officially reunited. The Colons are waiting in the ring.

Ryder starts off with Epico but Epico gets the upperhand and mocks him. Ryder comes back with a dropkick for a 2 count. Mojo tags in for some double teaming. Mojo with a clothesline for a 2 count. Epico turns it around as Primo comes in. Primo works Mojo over and takes him to the corner.

Primo keeps control but Mojo stops him from tagging. Mojo scoops Primo and slams him. Ryder comes back in for more double teaming. Ryder readies for a Broski Boot but Epico pulls him to safety. Ryder takes them both out and brings Primo back in. The Colons turn it around and take out Ryder’s knee as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ryder tries to tag but Epico stops him and continues working on the knee. Epico runs into a big boot but drops Ryder and covers for a 2 count. Primo tags in for some double teaming. Primo works on Ryder’s knee and talks some trash. Ryder finally gets in a neckbreaker. Mojo gets the hot tag and unloads on Primo. Mojo hits the Hyper Drive but Epico breaks the pin. Ryder drops Epico in the corner and hits a Broski Boot. Primo misses in the corner and gets rocked by Mojo. Ryder tags in and nails the Rough Ryder for the pin.

Winners: The Hype Bros.

– After the match, Ryder and Mojo stand tall as we go to replays. The celebration continues as Tom sends us back to the panel.

– Young and company hyped the network and the pay-per-view, as well as Daniel Bryan’s return to Smackdown on Tuesday.

– A video package aired on the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

– We go back to the panel for discussion and a video on tonight’s main event. Sam goes with Sami and Booker goes with AJ to win the match. That’s it for the pre-show.

WWE Money in the Bank Opener:

The show opens with a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight’s show. With only five matches on the card, just about everything gets a bit of time in the promo, but the focus is on Orton vs. Mahal, and the Money in the Bank matches.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Tamina Snuka

There’s no pyro as Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show. We go right into ring entrances as Charlotte Flair’s music hits, and she makes her way down the aisle to a ton of ‘Woos’ from the crowd.

Becky Lynch is out next, and the Lass kicker gets a decent pop from the fans as she makes her way to the ring.

There are a ton of ladders along the aisle and all around ringside. Tamina Snuka is the third woman to make her way out, and she looks stoic while walking to the ring.

Carmella makes her way out with James Ellsworth in tow, and Carmella gets a pretty nice reaction as she skips with Ellsworth down the ramp.

Natalya is the final woman to make her way out to the ring, and we’re ready to kick things off.

Before the match, there’s a video package highlighting the brief history of the Smackdown Women’s Championship, and looking toward previous iterations of the Championship held by Moolah, Young, Trish, Lita, and others. The video seems built to get across that this match is historic, being the first Women’s Money in the Bank match ever.

The bell rings and everyone is just looking up at the briefcase. Everyone but Tamina bails and Tamina kicks away women as they try to re-enter the ring with ladders. Tamina uses a ladder to slam another ladder into Becky’s face, then she looks up at the case. Charlotte attacks Tamina from behind. Natalya connects with a discus clothesline on Becky before being taken out by Tamina. Tamina connects with a Samoan drop on Carmella. Tamina sees Natalya coming and Tamina kicks her square in the chest before propping a ladder in the corner across the middle rope. Tamina slingshots Natalya face first into the ladder, then goes to attack Becky in the corner. Tamina grabs a ladder and slams it against Becky’s face in the corner. Charlotte rolls in a slams Tamina into the ladder while it’s propped on Becky. Charlotte slams Tamina in the gut with a ladder before being tossed out of the ring by Natalya. Becky shoves Tamina away with the ladder on top of her.

Becky and Natalya fight over the ladder before using it to run over Tamina, striking her at the waist. Becky is able to wrestle the ladder away, but a distraction from Carmella allows Natalya to slam Becky down on the ladder. Becky rolls out of the ring and Natalya sets up the ladder under the case. Natalya climbs up the ladder slowly, getting her hand on the case, but Charlotte is up behind her. Natalya kicks Charlotte away twice, but Charlotte keeps coming and she pulls Natalya down in Electric chair position, dropping her down to the mat hard. Charlotte positions the ladder and begins climbing, but Carmella pulls her down and traps her leg in the rungs. Carmella scores with a couple elbows before kicking her in the chest. Carmella swings over to the other side of the ladder and continues to climb, but Charlotte is out and she blasts Carmella with a big forearm before slamming her face on the top of the ladder. Both women struggle for an advantage, and Tamina dumps the ladder over, sending both women crashing into the ropes.

Tamina turns her back to set up the ladder, and Natalya is in with another ladder, striking Tamina from behind and then catching her in the stomach. Becky is in and Natalya traps her in the Sharpshooter until it’s broken up by Carmella. Carmella hits Natalya with a couple of clubbing blows until Charlotte breaks it up. Natalya connects with a butterfly suplex on Charlotte, then she picks up Becky and ends up being whipped into a ladder in the corner. Becky scores with a leaping kick to Natalya’s jaw, then Becky rights the ladder. Becky climbs, but she’s pulled down by Carmella. Becky climbs a ladder propped in the corner, and Carmella pulls her out with a beautiful headscissors. Carmella picks the ladder back up and sets it up under the case, climbing up immediately. Charlotte rips Carmella down and blasts her with a big boot, then she wipes out Becky. Tamina takes out Natalya on the floor, and Charlotte climbs the ladder. Tamina is in and she’s up behind Charlotte on the same side of the ladder. Tamina knocks Charlotte off the ladder with a big head butt, and she falls off in the process.

The ladder is knocked over and Charlotte and Tamina fight out through the ropes, tumbling to the floor. Charlotte spears Tamina back into the ring steps and she falls to the floor. Charlotte kicks Natalya away, knocking her to the floor. Charlotte climbs to the top and leaps off with a twisting body press that takes out Natalya and Tamina on the floor.

Carmella is in the ring and she’s climbing the ladder up to the case. Becky comes in from behind and yanks Carmella down with a beautiful powerbomb. Becky looks at the ladder and she begins to climb. Becky is at the top, but Ellsworth is in the ring and he tips the ladder up, causing Becky to fall off into the rop rope. Ellsworth tries to revive Carmella, but then stops and looks to the case himself. Ellsworth sets up the ladder and he makes it to the top. Ellsworth pulls down the briefcase and tosses it down to Carmella. The bell rings, and Ellsworth dances around the ring celebrating. The refs look to be arguing about this one on the outside.

Ellsworth gets involved arguing with the refs, and instead he just grabs the mic and announces Carmella as the winner. Carmella’s music begins to play and she climbs the ladder holding the ladder up in celebration.

Winner and Ms. Money in the Bank: Carmella

All the other competitors look confused and JBL and Byron argue about whether or not a rule was broken, or whether one even exists to address this. Ellsworth and Carmella celebrate to the back with Carmella jumping up and down with the briefcase held tightly.


Lana is introduced for an interview. Lana says that the women are very lucky she wasn’t in the last match because what would have happened would have been very different. She also wants to point out that she crushed Naomi last week. Charlie says Naomi is ‘heavily ranked’ number 1. Lana says good, but after tonight the land of opportunity will be ruled by the ravishing Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
The Uso’s vs. The New Day

Back in the arena, New Day make their way out to the arena to a nice pop from the crowd. Kofi says Money in the Bank baby! What a historic night. Big E says we all know what, or who (who, who, who) we’re here to talk about, and it’s the Boo-so’s. Xavier says the Uso’s will see tonight that it’s not the pen, it’s the New Day’s play-pen. Big E says tonight PB and J will only be used for sandwiches, and Xavier says New Day will keep it spotless, so you don’t have to worry about dropping the soap. And they say after tonight they’ll be the Tag Team Champions because New Day Rocks!

The Uso’s are out next, and they don’t get nearly as warm a welcome as New Day.

The bell rings and it looks like Kofi and Jimmy will kick things off with a little chain wrestling. Kofi is able to take Jimmy to the mat and score with a quick splash for a two count. Kofi clamps on a headlock, but Jimmy walks into the corner to make the tag and Jey comes in and quickly bodyslams Kofi to the mat. Kofi is able to turn things around, and make the tag to Big E who hits a nasty splash on the ring apron to wipe out Jey. Kofi tags back into the match and tags Jey with a quick shot that knocks him to the mat for a two count. Jimmy makes a blind tag and low bridges Kofi, sending him crashing out to the floor hard.

Jimmy waits on the floor and blasts Kofi with a giant clothesline as soon as he stands up. Jimmy brings things back into the ring and tags in Jey who immediately stomps Kofi in the gut before dumping him back out to the floor. The Uso’s set up Kofi on the outside and double suplex him into the ring post before dumping him to the floor. Jimmy brings Kofi back into the ring and clamps on a rear chinlock. Kofi is able to fight up to his feet, but he’s quickly dropped with a right hand. Jey tags in and we get a bit of double teaming from the Uso’s with a nasty elbow drop. Kofi rolls out to the apron, and Jey drops him with a stiff right hand. Jey and Kofi trade right hands, but Jimmy gets involved and Kofi ends up yanked out to the floor where he falls hard. Jimmy rolls Kofi back into the ring and Jey hits the ropes, but ends up running into the dropkick from Kofi. Big E makes the tag and hits a couple of belly to belly suplexes on Jimmy. Jimmy tries to come back with a couple of right hands, but Big E retaliates with a giant slam to the mat for two.

Big E tries for the Big Ending but Jimmy fights out. Kofi makes a blind tag and Big E spears Jimmy out to the floor. Back in the ring, Kofi tries for trouble in paradise, but Jimmy ducks it. Jey tags in and catches Kofi with a kick to the back of the leg before locking in a single leg crab. Jimmy goes to attack Big E on the floor, but he’s suplexes for his troubles. Jey catches Big E with a superkick, and Kofi uses the distraction to lock in a dragon sleeper. Jey fights out and Kofi connects with the SOS, but Jey is able to kick out at two.

Kofi splashes Jey in the corner and Big E makes the blind tag. Jey hits a superkick and there’s a scary moment when he goes to the top rope and Big E pulls him down, almost dropping him straight on his head. Big E picks him up and hits a Big Ending, but Jimmy breaks up the pin. Theres a bit of a distraction from Xavier playing the trombone, but the Uso’s are able to maintain focus with a double knee to Big E. Big E responds with a double backdrop to send both opponents to the floor. Kofi leaps from the top rope to take out both men. Kofi tosses Jey back into the ring and New Day connect with the Midnight Hour, but Jimmy pulls Jey out of the ring before the three count.

The Uso’s walk over and grab their belts, taking the countout loss, and they walk off with their titles in hand.

Winners by countout: The New Day
STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Uso’s

The Usos leave with their titles as they still retain. The New Day looks on from the ring as we go to replays.

– After a couple of commercials, the announcer’s cover Daniel Bryan’s return to the WWE this Tuesday on Smackdown, and he’s already addressed the Smackdown Money in the Bank Women’s match on Twitter.

– A couple of Hall of Famer’s are shown backstage talking (Sgt. Slaughter and Bob Orton) before we head back out to the area for Naomi’s entrance. Naomi gets a very positive reaction.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match
Naomi vs. Lana

Lana is out next, and we get a brief recap of some of the recent history between these two women on the last couple of weeks of Smackdown Live.

The bell rings and Naomi takes Lana right into the corner immediately, blasting her with forearms and kicks. Lana charges out and knocks Naomi down, then slams her face into the mat before pulling her down by her hair. Naomi kicks Lana’s leg out from under her before slapping her across the face and driving her face first into the middle turnbuckle with a bulldog. Lana is able to avoid a crossbody and score a two count. Lana traps Naomi’s leg and drops it down hard against the top rope, causing Naomi to tumble from the ring apron and to the outside. Lana brings things back into the ring for a near fall, and she gets up and immediately buries her knee into Naomi’s back repeatedly before clamping on a modified rear chin lock.

Naomi tries to fight out of the hold, but Lana tosses her back to the mat before suplexing Naomi and sending her legs crashing into the ropes. Lana picks Naomi up and suplexes her into the ropes again and Naomi clutches at her knee. Lana wraps Naomi’s leg around the bottom rope and yanks back before kicking her across the face. Lana pins Naomi for another two count and she wrenches back on Naomi’s knee to wear her down. Naomi is able to turn things around into an arm bar, but she can’t maintain the hold. Lana charges into a rear elbow from Naomi in the corner, and Naomi is able to score with a trio of kicks to the side of Lana’s head. Naomi shoulders Lana, but Lana fights out. Lana hits the ropes and runs right into the rear view, which puts her down for a two count. Lana rolls to the outside and she boots Naomi in the side of the head when Naomi sticks her head through the ropes. Back in the ring, Lana kicks Naomi before hitting the sit-out spinebuster. Lana goes for the pin, but she only gets two. Carmella’s music hits, and she struts down the aisle with Ellsworth and another ref.

Carmella holds on to the briefcase, and she tells Lana to go ahead. Lana mounts Naomi and blasts her with repeated right hands. Lana picks Naomi up, and Naomi fights back, turning around into a nasty submission. Lana taps out, and this one is over.

Winner and STILL Smackdown Women’s Champion: Naomi

Carmella decides not to cash in her briefcase, telling Naomi maybe another night. Naomi celebrates with her title, holding it high.

The Fashion Files:

After a commercial for the Network, we (luckily) get an episode of the Fashion Files titled ‘Still Haven’t Found what we’re looking for’. Fandango is looking for the forensics, now. He says based on the sketch, they’ll find the guy who did this to Breeze. Breeze freaks out when the fax goes off. Fandango answers the fax, but is appears to be foreign. When he turns the fax over, he can read it says ‘Answer the door’. Breeze finds a VHS taps, which he immediately plugs in. Two shadowy figures are shown and they admit in disguised voices, to being the ones who trashed the office. They want to meet in the ring tonight. Breeze says it looks like they’ve been challenged to a match, and the two walk off to prepare.

In the Arena:

Mike and Maria Kanellis are in the arena! Maria has a mic and she says for those who don’t know who she is, she is Maria Kanellis. Mike introduces himself as Mike Kanellis. Maria says you’re not seeing things. The first lady is back in WWE!

Maria says she’s been searching for the perfect partner, and Mike says she found him! Maria says they’re here to educate everyone on Smackdown Live! about the power of love. Maria and Mike snuggle and dance at the top of the ramp in a romantic display before gently kissing and walking to the back.

– We get a recap of the Women’s Money in the Bank match and James Ellsworth getting involved and basically winning the match for Carmella. Shane McMahon has also tweeted disappointment with the match, saying that Ellsworth and Carmella robbed the WWE Universe.

– Next is a video package highlighting the rise of Jinder Mahal to the WWE Championship, and his christening as the Maharaja, along with Randy Orton’s quest to regain the title.

Back in the arena, St Louis legends are introduced. Greg Gagne, Larry ‘The Axe’ Henning, Baron von Raschke, Sgt. Slaughter, Bob Orton Jr., and Ric Flair are introduced, all of whom get a great reception from the fans in attendance.

WWE Championship Match
Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton

The Singh brothers are out to introduce the modern day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal. Jinder angrily stalks down to the ring for the match to a pretty apathetic reaction from the WWE Universe.

Randy Orton is out next, and the Viper gets a very nice pop on his way to the ring from the hometown crowd.

The bell rings and Jinder avoids Orton for a bit before locking up and immediately being beaten into the corner. Orton ends up whipped across the ring and he comes back trying for the RKO right away, but Jinder pushes him off and rolls to the outside. Jinder consults with the Singh brothers while Orton looks on. Jinder runs back into the ring right into the Thesz press from Orton. Orton hits a front suplex, depositing Jinder on the top rope. Orton stomps away at Jinder repeatedly. Jinder stands and hits the ropes, running into the back elbow from Orton. Orton clotheslines Jinder to the outside and then follows, stalking the Singh brothers and sending them scurrying to the other side of the ring. Orton picks up Jinder and he slams his head into the announcers table before rolling him back into the ring. Jinder rolls to the other side of the ring and tries to escape, but Orton pulls him back into the ring. He tries for the suspension DDT, but Mahal climbs into the ring and back drops Orton over the top rope and to the outside. Orton comes up grabbing his knee in pain. Mahal heads out after Orton and he hits him with a nasty chop block that staggers Orton. Jinder picks up Orton and fights him around the ring, kicking him in the knee. Orton tries to fight back, and Jinder whips him into the ring steps hard.

Jinder pulls Orton out and slams his leg against the ring apron. Jinder wraps Orton’s leg around the middle rope and yanks back. Orton tries to fight Jinder off, and Jinder breaks the hold, but he immediately drops Orton with a big right hand before choking him with his knee against the ropes. Jinder chokes Orton with his boot before Orton rolls to the outside. Jinder follows and tries to attack on the outside. Orton fights back, suplexing Jinder into the barricade and sending him crashing into the laps of the legends in the crowd. Orton bring Jinder back into the ringside area and slams his head into the announcers table again. Jinder picks up Orton and slams him down with a kneebreaker on the announcers table hard. Orton staggers off the table and Jinder is quick to bring things back into the ring. Jinder clamps on a kneebar and wrenches away on Orton’s leg.

Both men fight up to their feet and Orton is able to connect with a fallaway slam, but he comes up clutching his knee and Jinder rolls out of the ring. Orton rolls to the outside and gets a kick to the knee from Jinder. Jinder picks up Orton and drops him with a kneebreaker on the barricade.

Jinder brings things back into the ring and he mocks Orton’s pose, standing with his arms outstretched. Orton tries for the RKO, but Jinder fights it off again and hits a big kick to the chin instead. Jinder stomps away on Orton’s knees before trapping the leg and leaning all of his weight on Orton’s shin, and the back of his leg. Jinder breaks the hold and drops a big knee across Orton’s chest. Jinder pulls things back into the middle of the ring and he clamps on a figure four in the middle of the ring. Orton tries to fight off the hold, but Jinder refuses to let up. Orton tries to turn it over. Orton is able to turn the hold over and reverse the pressure onto Jinder’s legs. Jinder reaches the ropes and forces a break of the hold and the ref immediately steps in to help break up the hold. Jinder continues to assault Orton, putting his leg on the bottom rope and jumping up and down with all his weight on top of Orton’s leg. Jinder ties up Orton’s leg in the middle of the ring and he applies a ton of pressure, causing Orton to squirm in pain. Orton pulls on the hair, but he has to let go to avoid DQ. Randy is able to roll up Jinder, but Jinder kicks out and puts him down to the mat quickly.

Jinder places Orton on the top rope and he climbs up after him, trying for a superplex. Orton fights it off with a head butt, sending Jinder crashing to the mat. Jinder charges Orton, and Orton moves, sending Jinder crashing into the corner. Orton places Jinder on the top turnbuckle and he follows after him, connecting with a superplex from the middle rope. Orton climbs on top of Jinder for the pin, but he’s only able to get a two count. Orton struggles to his feet, but he gets up with an immediate right hand for Jinder. Jinder responds in kind and both continue to score with shots of their own. Each man scores with forearms and uppercuts, and Orton knocks Jinder down with a couple of clotheslines, and the snap powerslam. Jinder rolls to the apron and Orton pulls him back into the ring with a suspension DDT. Orton doesn’t go for the pin, but instead he drops down to the mat and gets in position. Orton waits for Jinder to stand and he connects with the RKO, but the Singh brothers assist with putting Jinder’s foot on the ropes. The ref looks over and argues with the Singh brothers, and Orton is pretty furious.

The ref ejects the Singh brothers from ringside, and both Orton and the crowd are happy with the decision.

The Singh brothers have a staredown with the Legends on their way out, and they have a brief discussion on their way to the back. Instead of leaving, they come back and decide to talk smack. They grab Orton’s father, and Randy is quick to respond, coming right out and blasting them from behind. Orton sends one of the Singh brothers into the apron before hitting a belly to back suplex dumping him on the apron. Orton dumps one of the Singh brothers into the timekeeper’s area before dumping another on the announcer’s table. Orton grabs the other Singh brother from behind the timekeeper’s area, and he hits an RKO on the brother that was dumped on the table earlier. Orton climbs up on the announcers table, and he waits for one of the Singh brothers to stand, hitting an RKO that sends both men crashing through the announce’s table. Orton rolls back into the ring and eat an immediate Khallas for three.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Jinder Mahal

Jinder celebrates with his title on the way to the back while Orton recovers in the ring. The Singh brothers are nowhere to be seen as the screen fades to black for some commercials.

Breezango vs. The Ascension

Back in the arena, Breezango make their way to the ring, and the Fashion Police look ready for action.

The Ascension are out next, and it appears the Konnor and Viktor are the two responsible for the bad fortune of Breezango lately.

Breeze and Voktor look to kick things off and Breeze is able to fight Viktor off quickly. Viktor gets a quick pep talk in the corner and comes out with a knee to the gut. Things break down quickly and all four men are in. Viktor scores with a knee to the face of Breeze, and Konnor gets a two count. Viktor tags back in and both men score with right hands that send Breeze to the mat for a two count. Viktor stomps Breeze and slams him with a nasty chop to the chest. Konnor tags in and kicks Breeze in the chest before grinding his boot into Tyler’s face, and dropping an elbow across his chest. Tyler is still able to kick out at two, and Konnor clamps on an immediate rear chin lock.

Breeze is able to fight out of the hold and make the tag. Fandango comes in with a series of chops to Konnor’s chest, then a spinning heel kick. Fandango is distracted by Viktor, and that allows Konnor to score with a spinebuster, but he can’t keep Fandango down for three. Viktor tags back into the mat, and Breeze is able to score a distraction, sending Konnor from the apron. Fandango rolls Viktor up for a three count, and this one is over.

Winners: Breezango

After the match, Konnor and Viktor seemed shocked & upset as Breeze and Fandango make their exit.

– After a promo for Great Balls of Fire as well as Talking Smack, we get a video package that shows the path to tonight’s Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin vs. WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

AJ Styles is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and Styles gets a great pop from the fans. It’s worth noting that there are probably about 25 ladders or so all around the ringside area, and the entrance ramp.

Dolph Ziggler is out next, and the showoff gets a decent reaction, but the fans aren’t nearly as excited to see Ziggler.

Sami Zayn is the third man out to the ring, and the crowd sings along with the music as Zayn charges toward the ring.

Kevin Owens is out next, and the United States Champion doesn’t get much love, even if he is the new face of America.

Shinsuke Nakamura is the fifth man out to the ring, and Nakamura gets a lot of love, but he’s immediately attacked from behind by Baron Corbin. Corbin picks up a ladder and blasts Nakamura in the gut a couple of times before grabbing a camera and hitting Nakamura across the back. Officials are out to check on Nakamura while Corbin walks to the ring.

The bell rings and things break down into an immediate brawl with Ziggler and Styles squaring off, and Zayn tossing Ziggler to the outside. AJ and Corbin pair off in the ring while Owens follows Zayn to the floor. Out on the floor, Owens tosses Ziggler face first into a ladder. Corbin clotheslines AJ against the barricade. Zayn hits Owens in the face with a ladder, and Nakamura is shown being carried out. Sami slams Owens’ head against the ring apron before rolling back into the ring. Sami leaps over the top rope with a tope con hilo and takes out Owens on the floor. Styles attempts to fight off Ziggler and Corbin, but he’s not able to. Corbin grabs a ladder, and he and Ziggler use it to blast Styles in the face. Corbin drops his side of the ladder and hits Dolph with a huge right hand before picking up the ladder and slamming AJ with it in the ribs. Ziggler catches Corbin with a superkick, and Zayn surprises Ziggler, bringing the ladder into the ring. Owens pulls the ladder back out, and Sami wipes out Owens on the floor.

Sami tries to bring a ladder into the ring, but he’s attacked from behind by Styles. Styles sends Sami from the ring. Ziggler props a ladder against the apron and runs up, taking Styles out by surprise. Back out on the floor, Corbin takes out Ziggler with the Deep Six before Zayn wipes out Corbin. Styles pulls a ladder into the ring, but he’s stopped by a superkick from Owens.

Owens picks up a ladder and blasts Styles in the chest before taking out Sami, then Corbin and Ziggler. Owens turns back to AJ, and AJ connects with a drop toe hold that sends Owens’ face crashing into the ladder. Owens and Styles trade blows, and Styles teases the Styles clash, but Owens fights it off, backdropping Styles out to the floor. Owens grabs the ladder and he is interrupted by Sami. Sami sends Owens out to the apron, but he’s hung up on the top rope by Owens.

Owens climbs up to the top rope, but he’s taken off the top with a body slam by Sami onto the ladder. Owens writhes in pain, and Sami picks up the ladder. The ladder is horribly bent, so Sami drops it to the outside and brings a new ladder into the ring. Ziggler is in from behind and he’s able to whip Sami into the ladder in the corner, wiping him out. Ziggler sets up the ladder under the case, and he climbs the ladder immediately. Samie pulls Ziggler down, and both men struggle to gain position. Ziggler pulls Sami down and he hits a big dropkick. Ziggler tries for a superkick, but Sami blocks it and connects with a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Sami climbs, but he’s interrupted by Corbin. Corbin pulls Zayn down and sends him to the outside. Styles takes out Corbin with a springboard forearm. Styles sets up the ladder under the case, and he begins climbing. Corbin climbs the other side, and both men slug it out at the top of the ladder. Styles fights off Corbin, and Ziggler is in, climbing over Corbin and pushing Styles off. Ziggler gets his hand on the case, but Corbin pulls him down. Corbin climbs, but Ziggler pulls him down with a Zig Zag.

Styles and Ziggler fight on one side of a ladder, and Zayn climbs the other side. All three men trade right hands and Styles is knocked away. Sami stuns Ziggler, then connects with a sunset powerbomb.

Owens pulls Zayn out of the ring and tries for the apron powerbomb, but Sami fights it off. On the apron, Sami hits a big boot, then he connects with a nasty exploder on the apron and Owens drops down like he’s dead on the arena floor.

Sami begins to climb the ladder in the middle of the ring, but he’s stopped cold after that. Corbin slams Styles head against the announcer’s desk repeatedly.

Corbin sets up a ladder between the announcers table and the ring steps. Styles tries for a running move, but Corbin blocks it and slams him down to the ladder instead. Back in the ring, Sami is climbing the ladder and he touches the case. Owens pulls Sami down and kicks him in the groin. Owens climbs the ladder and he gets his hand on the case, but Styles is in and he pulls Owens down off the ladder. Owens is able to back drops Styles to the apron and catches him with a back elbow. Owens teases a powerbomb, but Styles shoulders Owens and hits an AA that sends Owens crashing into the ladder propped between the steps and the announcer’s table. Styles sets up the ladder and he is able to grab the briefcase, as well as the support, but Ziggler pulls the ladder out from under him, and AJ isn’t able to unhook the case while hanging.

Corbin tries to climb the ladder, but Nakamura is back out. Corbin throws the ladder at Nakamura, but Nakamura runs into the ring and takes Corbin down, kicking him in the chest repeatedly while the crowd sings his theme. Shinsuke sets Corbin up in the corner and charges in with a nasty knee before knocking him off the apron with a knee to the side of the face. Nakamura comes off the middle rope with a kinshasa to Dolph, then he hits a second. Nakamura connects with a reverse exploder on Sami, then he hits Zayn with a kinshasa.

Nakamura heads to the outside and he grabs a ladder. Owens tries to block Nakamura from bringing it back into the ring. Nakamura heads to the outside and takes out Owens with a kinshasa. Nakamura heads back into the ring and he sets up the ladder under the case.

Shinsuke stands on one side of the ladder, and the crowd goes nuts as AJ stares him down from the other side. They put the ladder aside, and stare each other down. Both men trade forearms, and neither gets the edge. Both try combinations, but Nakamura locks in a sleeper, then connects with an exploder that sends AJ across the ring. Nakamura charges across the ring into a huge leaping forearm from Styles.

Styles drags the ladder back into position, and he begins climbing. Nakamura pulls himself up and he climbs the opposite side. Nakamura and Styles fight at the top of the ladder. Nakamura knocks Styles down the ladder a bit, and AJ returns the favor. Both men connect with forearms, and both reach for the case. Corbin tips over the ladder and he climbs up quickly, taking advantage. Corbin is able to unhook the briefcase, and this one is over.

Winner and Mr. Money In The Bank: Baron Corbin

After the match, Corbin stands up high with the briefcase as his music hits. We go to replays. Corbin stands tall with the briefcase while the other competitors are down around the ringside area. MITB goes off the air with Corbin raising the briefcase.


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