WWE Talking Smack Recap – Guests John Cena, Nikki Bella & Baron Corbin

Renee Young welcomes the audience to this week’s edition of Talking Smack. She is joined once again by her co-host Daniel Bryan. Before getting into the fallout from tonight’s Smackdown Live. They discuss the significance of Daniel Bryan returning home to the site of his emotional retirement last year. Nearly 1 year to the exact date that Bryan retired at The Key West Arena in Seattle. Bryan talks about his wife Brie and all the places that they visited together. Including a rainforest exhibit. Daniel starts getting into it but Renee cuts him off to talk about “rassling”. Bryan starts yelling the term rassling as they segue into the fallout from Smackdown Live.

– On a side note, If you missed the opening of Smackdown Live tonight. Daniel Bryan “Ether’d” The Miz in their verbal exchange. After The Miz questioned Daniel why he is still in a WWE ring, when he can no longer wrestle. Bryan responded by telling him that not being able to wrestle has never stopped The Miz from being in a WWE ring. You can see that segment in the video below.

– Daniel Bryan transitions into talking about The Elimination Chamber match this sunday. Bryan talks about how the match is more exciting as a spectator than as a competitor. He says that he is really looking forward to the match sunday. Renee talks about how Daniel Bryan’s pick to win the match, Baron Corbin was very impressive in winning a Fatal 4 way match tonight against AJ Styles, The Miz and Dean Ambrose.

– Nikki Bella joins the show as it’s first guest. Nikki is smiling and Renee brings it up. She says that she is surprised that Nikki is happy considering what Natalya said to her tonight in their faceoff between each other. Nikki calls Nattie bitter and is shocked by her comments. How Natalya said that John Cena would be with her rather than Nikki, if she were not married. Daniel asks Nikki why Natalya feels the way that she does about her. Nikki hints at Natalya being jealous of her. How she may want the things that she has. Natalya interrupts the show and gets slapped by Nikki. Natalya grabs Nikki and throws her into the wall and then rams her head into the glass table. Security arrives and escorts Nattie away from the set, as Daniel tends to a fallen Nikki Bella.

– The show cuts to a brief break….. When it returns, Renee and Bryan are stunned by what just took place. Renee is appalled by Natalya’s actions. Bryan says that medical personnel are looking over Nikki. He is worried about her well being after having her head snapped against the hard glass on the table. Bryan talks about how people don’t realize how fragile Nikki is. How she has been experiencing tingling in her arms lately after having neck surgery. Bryan calls this a dangerous situation for Nikki. Renee promises an update on Nikki’s condition on the show or at WWE.com.

– They transition to the next topic. Which is the 12 man tag match from SD Live. Bryan talks about how happy he is with The Ascension winning. Bryan talks about his history with Viktor from The Ascension. How they teamed back in 2005 as the team “Double Meat”. Bryan also discusses how The Ascension were a hot team back in 2015, when Bryan and Roman reigns actually were laid out by them in a tag team gauntlet match. Renee and Bryan preview this Sunday’s tag team turmoil title match.

– Renee wants to get Bryan’s take on a topic that they haven’t discussed, and it’s James Ellsworth’s relationship with Carmella. Renee asks about their whereabouts tonight, and Bryan suggests that there may have been some lovemaking going on between them. Daniel talks about James new look and Renee thinks that he is a stud now. Bryan says that he knows why Carmella is into James, and says that around the locker room. James is referred to as “James Hogsworth”. He is called “The Big Hog”. Renee starts laughing hysterically at this. She covers her face in laughter. Bryan says that the entire locker room chants “Big Hog” at James.

– Renee and Bryan congratulate Baron on his victory tonight. Corbin notes that he proved himself by beating 3 former WWE champions tonight. He brags about doing it and proving himself. Corbin talks about the effectiveness of “End Of Days” and how he expects to win The Elimination Chamber this sunday and become The New WWE Champion. Renee asks Baron about his lack of experience. Baron thinks that he has made a career of accomplishing things that he has never had experience in. He talks about winning The Andre Battle Royal at WrestleMania in front of 100,000 people. He also talks about how he hurt The Undertaker in The Royal Rumble but how he ended paying for it, but feels that he made a statement to The Undertaker by punching him. Corbin feels that he is ready to put the hurt on the 5 other guys in The Chamber. Corbin says that he is out to be the champion and make money. Baron says that he is going to leave a great legacy by becoming WWE Champion and defending the title at Mania in a year’s time of being on the roster.

– After Corbin’s interview ends…. Renee and Bryan briefly discuss the recent actions of Luke Harper against Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Both Renee and Bryan hype up his match with Orton this sunday. John Cena now joins the show. John asks them how the show has been going. He asks about Nicole being on the show, and how she did. Bryan informs John that “Nicole” was attacked by Natalya and they show him the footage of it.

– John watches the attack and calmly talks about it being concerning, in regards to Nicole’s neck. Cena calls Nikki the toughest person that he knows. John expresses concern about Nikki in a somber tone. Renee tries to transition smoothly out of the discussion and fails. John calls Renee out on it and Bryan laughs. Bryan sticks with The Nikki topic by stating that Nicole may not get medically cleared for her match sunday against Natalya. Bryan asks John if that will effect him going into his Chamber match. John talks about how he and Nikki have an understanding. How they try to keep their business lives separate from their private lives. How they both go on about their own careers individually and stay clear of each other. How they both fight their own battles. John talks about how much he loves Nikki and how he never wants to put pressure on her. Renee asks John how it is possible for them to “fight their own battles”. John talks about they have an understanding. He also mentions how they have some similar traits. How people always attack them and their integrity. Cena jokes that he has been called a “parody of a wrestler” in the past. Bryan laughs at this because it was one of his former lines about Cena. John compliments Nikki Bella for her resolve. He knows that she will be banged up but believes that she will give it her all this sunday.

– They finally get to the topic of The Elimination Chamber match. Before they get into it. Bryan brings up John’s legacy of now being a 16 time WWE champion. John brings up how Charles “Little Naitch” Robinson was the referee for his match at The Rumble. How there was significance in that. John says that even though his match with AJ was great. That his favorite match is always the next one, and he is focused on The Chamber. Cena’s goal is to keep his title and main event WrestleMania. Bryan asks John who he is most concerned with at The Chamber. John says that he is most concerned with The Chamber structure himself. John says that he is worried about the draw and surviving the structure itself. John says that he is firing on all his cylinders now and he feels that AJ Styles is also firing on all cylinders. John feels that everyone else on the roster is not on his and AJ’s level right now. John says that he knows that the internet may explode after that comment. That he and AJ are better than everyone else. He compares himself and AJ to being on a hot streak like Michael Jordan. Renee tells Cena that she likes his mindset and wishes him luck in The Chamber sunday.

– Renee and Bryan wrap up the show and plug The Elimination Chamber PPV one last time. Bryan closes by saying that they were presented by Tout. A line he used last week as well.


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