Sunday, January 8, 2017

Results of the Second Set of TNA Impact Wrestling TV Tapings From 1/8 * SPOILERS *

Thanks to Edward Ritlop for sending in the following results from the second set of TNA Impact Wrestling TV tapings from 1/8:

1. XPlosion match: “Skywalker” Andrew Everett-out by himself vs Davey Richards-also solo. Surprisingly, there was a handshake between the two before Andrew attacked from behind to start the match. Davey wins with the Ankle Lock.
JB announced that this episode of Impact would be the Genesis theme & will air Jan. 26th.

The new Grand Champion Drew is out & receives a loud “Galloway” chant. He talks about his bask injury & missing 10 weeks & says he’s a changed man & everything he does is for the greater good of Impact Wrestling & challenges anyone in the back & out comes Moose & his earrings. Moose says he’s coming for his rematch for HIS Grand Championship.

2. Moose VS Drew for the Impact Grand Championship. I’ve noticed the last 2 times the attractive female judge isn’t there, she’s been replaced by some random 30-40 something guy. This time they have the clock on the big screen from the start. Moose dominates round 1, including a powerbomb outside on the edge of the ring apron & is awarded the first round. Drew teases leaving at the start of the second round, but eventually returns. Moose goes for his finisher but is “accidentally” kicked low by Drew who tried to get his foot up to block Moose. Drew “accidentally” pushes referee Stifler, hits a low blow & nails the Future Shock DDT for the win. Crowd was split between the two..

The Hardys will defend the tag titles next. Rebecca & King Maxel are out as she plays their theme on her piano. Jeff has the green briefcase; Matt’s voice sounds a bit hoarse. Jeff says he’s number #1 & it might be time for Jeff Hardy to become World Champ again. Matt says he a PRE-MONITION & the Hardys must acquire as much gold-EVERYWHERE. Great, the DCC’s music hits & all three are out. Kingston has the yellow briefcase with him. Storm says next week is apparently OPEN FIGHT NIGHT & they want to challenge for the tag titles. Decay-all three-are out. Crazy Steve proposes a three way for the titles & Broken Matt agrees.

3. The Hardys VS the DCC-Bram & Kingston, VS Decay for the Impact Tag Team Championships. The Hardys retain when Matt pins Kingston with the Twist of Fate.

4. Madyson is out to the announce table & we’re ready for the First Ever Monster Ball for the KO Tiltle: JADE VS ROSEMARY. All kinds of weapons are out: tables, kendo sticks, garbage cans, chairs, even a barbed wire table, thousands of tacks & more! Jade used her belt at one point & German suplexed Rosemary onto thumb tacks-OUCH!! Jade uses an STO onto barb wire title then puts the table on top of Rosemary & hits a springboard moonsault from the middle rope & that’s still not enough! The finish comes with Jade getting crouched on the top rope & Rosemary hitting a superplex through a regular table set up. Gail comes out after the match to,check on Jade, but Rosemary sprays mist in her face. Great match!

5. Trevor Lee & Helms are out. Lee has his blue Briefcase & is talking normally! He wants DJZ to put his X Title up in a ladder match & it is on. DJZ is still selling his knee injury from last week. Helms passes a chair which Lee uses to attack DJZ as he’s climbing then Lee pins Z’s leg under the ladder as he climbs to get the X title & we have a new champ.

6. 30 minute Ironman Match for the Impact Heavyweight Title is next Bobby: Lashley vs Eddie Edwards. No clock on the big screen to start the match. Lashley gets the first pin with a spear at the 9 minute mark. Bobby hits a huge powerbomb on the ramp & Eddie is counted out & it’s 2-0 for Lashley at the 15 minute mark. While the referee is counting, Bobby exposes 2 turnbuckles. Edwards gets a surprising rollup to make it 2-1. Edwards the hits a Boston Knee Party, out of nowhere at the 25 minute mark to tie it. Lashley gets a tap out with an arm bar to go up 3-2 with just over 2 minutes left. Lashley goes for a spear but Edwards reverses into a submission but Lashley will not tap out or pass out & wins the match to become the new TNA WORLD Champion-cleanly. Anthem finally got something right!

7. Brooke Tessmacher VS Sienna with Maria. As usual, Madyson returns for commentary but Pope stays also. Maria pushes Brooke off the top rope allowing Sienna to hit her finisher for the win.

8. Xplosion match: Eli Drake VS Mahabali Shera. Still no Shera Shuffle-thankfully. Drake gets the win. Pope & JB were on commentary with Josh gone.

9. Another Xplosion match-Deanna VS Laurel Van Ness this with Madyson returning for commentary. Laurel with her Curb Stomp wins.

10. One last Xplosion match to end the night. Marshae “ALL DAY” Rocket VS Robbie E-another guy with crappy new music. The fans greeted Marshae with a “Sucks All Day” chant. Awesome. Robbie wins with the Boom Drop.

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