Sunday, January 8, 2017

Possible Indication that Kenny Omega May Debut in WWE, Reason Why Enzo Amore Hasn’t Been Competing on RAW

- For those that are wondering why Enzo Amore has not been in action on Monday night RAW, it’s because he has suffered a knee injury.

The injury took place back on the December 30th RAW Live Event in Los Angeles. Enzo was on the road this week with Big Cass however he has been limping heavily. At this time there is very little known, and no exact timetable for his return to the ring. He’s expected to be re-evaluated by WWE in about two weeks, and we should have an update then.

- John Cena posted a photo of Kenny Omega on his Instagram account. In the past, he’s been known to post other wrestlers (AJ Styles, Undertaker, CM Punk) to get wrestling fans buzzing and sometimes it actually leads to something more.

Una foto pubblicata da John Cena (@johncena) in data:

As previously reported, WWE has been interested for awhile now in bringing in Omega to the company. It’s also worth noting that just a couple days ago, Omega announced that he is taking a break from wrestling in Japan.


  1. Omega to WWE? Please No :( Not that Omega is not good enough to be in WWE because he is but I just know WWE will have no idea what to do with him and with his offence and style they would stick him into the cruiserweight scene when he could easily be in the Intercontinental/ US championship or even in the WWE/Universal Championship picture.

    1. Plus do you really think they would allow him to do the One Winged Angel on their "Superstars"? Not a chance and that is one of the coolest finishers in Wrestling right now :)