Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Footage of Joey Styles' Controversial Joke that Got Him Fired, Big Update on Linda McMahon in Donald Trump’s Cabinet

- As noted, the British Tabloid The Daily Star claimed last week that former WWE CEO Linda McMahon is rumored to be in the running for a position on President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet in the Commerce Department.

Additionally, NBC Connecticut also reported sources close to both Linda McMahon and President-elect Trump’s transition team confirmed McMahon is indeed under consideration to become Secretary of Commerce in the new administration which will take over in January, 2017.

According to a new report by Politico, billionaire investor Wilbur Ross is currently the leading candidate for the Cabinet position, and the report added former CEO of Nucor Corp Dan DiMicco is another leading candidate for the job.

- Embedded in the video above is footage of Joey Styles' controversial joke that got him fired from three wrestling promotions this weekend.

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