WWE Talking Smack Recap: Nikki Attacked by Carmella, Miz Shoots on Bryan, More

– Renee Young opens the Smackdown Live post show with General Manager Daniel Bryan. They both rave about the show and this week’s main event with Styles and Ziggler. Daniel Bryan mentions his weekend in New York visiting the World Trade Center, The Evolve show to watch the CWC competitors and NXT takeover.

– Daniel Bryan talked about how AJ Styles and John Cena, Smackdown’s own stole the show at SummerSlam. Renee asks Daniel about Cena leaving his wristband in the ring after that match and the potential speculation with Cena’s future.

– They then transition to what happened between Lesnar and Orton sunday. Daniel tells Renee that there are certain things he can’t say on the air tonight. That he was upset with what happened at the end of that match. Transitioning into the kayfabe side of things. Daniel gives Orton credit for not being pinned or submitted at the end of that match and how quickly he recovered from what happened to him.

– Renee brings up the two new titles and the way they look. Daniel says their belts look better than The Universal Title. How the fans liked their titles better.

– Renee welcomes Nikki Bella to the show. Daniel calls Nikki his favorite sister-in-law. Nikki points out that she is his only sister-in-law. Daniel Bryan mentions Nikki’s great comeback from her neck injury and that it should be chronicled on a 24 WWE Network special. Highlights are shown from Smackdown of what took place between Nikki and Carmella. As the match is being discussed. Carmella rushes on to the stage and attacks Nikki Bella. Knocking her off of the set. Bryan and Renee scramble away and then eventually are able to reset after the attack.

– The Usos arrive on set as the next guests on the show as Renee and Daniel reset the show. The Usos are very light hearted during the interview. Daniel Bryan asks the Usos, How they feel about the fans negative reactions to them. The Usos said that they aren’t fazed by it and that it motivates him. The Usos take issue with American Alpha saying that they are the best tag team on Smackdown. Bryan puts over The Usos as the best in ring performers in the tag team scene for 2 straight years.

– Daniel Bryan mocks Raw for having a world tag title feud centered on testicles. Bryan says that the Smackdown tag team scene is about the titles and not testicles. The Usos jokingly say that all the Raw tag teams are better than them. They mock Raw’s teams and talk about how they are hyped up and ready to become the tag champs on Smackdown. The Usos exit the set.

– Renee and Daniel then start talking about AJ Styles and the upcoming Backlash world title match between Styles and Ambrose. Bryan puts over Ambrose and compares Styles to himself. As they are discussing the Backlash match, The Miz interrupts the show and says that he is fed up that he is being overlooked and that the IC title is not being featured on the show. Daniel Bryan says he has nothing against The IC title. Just the guy who is holding it. Miz asks Bryan why he doesn’t like him. Bryan goes off on Miz saying that he doesn’t like the way he wrestles. He calls Miz a coward. Calls his wrestling style soft and that he needs to get with the times. Daniel tells Miz that the fans don’t like how Miz wrestles. Miz mentions his match with Crews at SummerSlam. Daniel tells Miz that he was more impressed with Apollo Crews.

– Daniel tells Miz that he wrestles like someone who doesn’t want to get hurt. Like Miz is afraid to get hit. Bryan says that Miz embodies the soft wrestling style that the WWE used to have.

– The Miz snaps. He is fuming with anger. He goes into a loud and long verbal tirade on Daniel Bryan. Takes issue with being called soft. Miz says the reason why he has lasted 10 years in the ring is because of his wrestling style. That he has never been injured. A red faced Miz stands up and tells Daniel Bryan that he is the coward. That Bryan is the one who promised his fans that he would come back for them and because of injuries, He couldn’t. Daniel snaps back and says that the WWE won’t let him come back. Miz continues on a tirade. He tells Bryan that if he wants to wrestle so badly, Then why doesn’t he just quit. “Go to the bingo halls with your indy friends”. Miz says he is not the coward, Daniel is because he won’t get back in a WWE ring. That leads to an infuriated Daniel Bryan walking off of the set while Miz continues to yell about what he has done and how he much he means to the WWE and the IC title.

– Renee Young tried to defuse the situation but to no avail. The show goes off the air at 22 minutes past the hour.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap.

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