Sunday, October 23, 2016

Correction on Kalisto's Return, WWE Asks Fans About Watching Indie Companies

- WWE continues to poll fans on their indie wrestling viewing habits, adding to speculation that they may be interested in bringing non-WWE wrestling content to the WWE Network.

The latest WWE Fan Council survey asked fans which of these indie promotions they

WWE Star Returns From Injury, Jason Jordan Trains At WWE Performance Center (Video), WWE - Madden

- The 2017 "UpUpDownDown" Madden tournament continues in this new video with WWE seamster Mikaze taking on WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston.

Finn Balor Appearing At Indie Event, Vince McMahon Hypes WWE Hell In A Cell, Ferocious HIAC Moments

- WWE posted this video looking at ferocious moments from Hell In a Cell.

The Rock Draws Big Crowd For Spike Special (Photos), Yokozuna's Death, Zack Ryder Unboxes (Video)

- Zack Ryder unboxes another new TMNT WWE Ninja Superstars figure in this new video, this time it's The Undertaker as Donatello.

Legend Appears At NXT Event (Photos), 21 Disastrous Mid-Air Collisions, Goldberg Canvas 2 Canvas, Fastlane

- The latest WWE Fury video features 21 disastrous mid-air collisions.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

As noted, WWE star Sheamus is currently in India doing promotional work for WWE, and below are several interview highlights from Sheamus talking to Sportskeeda:

On Teaming with Cesaro:
“I didn’t think we are a perfect pair at all! I thought we are the opposite of a perfect pair. We’re the most dysfunctional tag team ever. I think when we wrestle each other, we bring out the best. It’s always a competition with us. We hit hard. We literally try and beat each other up. We’re Europeans. We followed the same kind of

More Shawn Michaels Vs. AJ Styles Rumble Rumors, Jerry Lawler - Bobby Lashley, Rich Swann

- Xavier Woods and Rich Swann continue their Saturday Night Slam Master gameplay in this new "UpUpDownDown" video.

The Rock's Daughter Signs Modeling Deal, Fans On Favorite Total Bellas Couple, Zack Ryder Unboxes

- In the video below, Zack Ryder unboxes another new TMNT WWE Ninja Superstars action figure, this time it's WWE Hall of Famer Sting as Raphael.

No DQ Match Added To SmackDown, Big Crowd For Sheamus In India (Videos), Top 10 Hellish WWE Hell In A Cell Moments

- The latest WWE Top 10 looks at the most hellish moments from inside Hell In a Cell.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Bobby Lashley Continues His Bellator MMA Undefeated Streak

MMA fighter and three-time TNA Word Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley continued his undefeated streak with Bellator MMA with a submission victory over heavyweight fighter Josh "The Juggernaut" Appelt at tonight's Bellator 162 event on Spike TV. The former WWE star was dominant in the first round controlling the action against the current reigning West Coast Fighting Heavyweight Champion, and secured the victory

Billy Corgan Says TNA Is Insolvent, What Restraining Order Prevents TNA From Doing

A number of documents related to the lawsuit Billy Corgan filed on 10/12 against TNA, it's parent company Impact Ventures LLC, TNA Chairman Dixie Carter, her husband Serg Salinas and TNA Chief Financial Officer Dean Broadhead were unsealed.

Bobby Lashley Addresses TNA Reports and Being Reassured by Dixie Carter That Things Will Be Okay

Bobby Lashley was interviewed by the Fight Club Chicago podcast for Sporting News. During the interview, Lashley discussed the drama surrounding TNA and being reassured by Dixie Carter that things will be ok.

"{Do] not let TNA drama affect you, because that is the part I don't do. I'm not here to

WWE Network Down Due To Widespread Cyber Attack, JBL Hypes WWE Network, Advertised NXT Star Didn't Appear

- This week's WWE Network Pick of the Week video features JBL hyping his sitdown interview with WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino.

The Rock Producing New Comedy With Will Ferrell, Based On Rock's Relationship With Former WWE Writer

Variety reports that Fox has picked up a new comedy from The Rock and Will Ferrell, inspired by Rock's real life relationship and experiences with former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz.

Rock's Seven Bucks Productions and Ferrell's Gary Sanchez Productions are producing

Former WWE Manager Frenchy Martin Passes Away

Former WWE manager and wrestler Jean "Frenchy Martin" Gagne passed away this morning after a battle with cancer, according to PWInsider. He was 66 years old.

The Montreal Journal reported in early September that Martin had been moved to

Former NFL Player Debuts For WWE NXT (Photos), Fans On Goldberg Vs. Brock Lesnar, Sheamus - Cesaro

- This new video features Cathy Kelley looking at more social media beef between tag team partners Cesaro and Sheamus, which Beats By Dre got involved in.

Mick Foley Remembers First Buried Alive Match, 5 Backstage Beefs That Rocked WWE, Xavier Woods - Nintendo Switch

- Xavier Woods has released the below video via YouTube featuring him reacting to the new Nintendo Switch classic Nintendo game console.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Conference Call Held Regarding Billy Corgan TNA Lawsuit, Update on Missing Music Issue, Injured Star Returning Soon

- A conference call was reportedly held today to address Billy Corgan’s lawsuit against TNA, and to potentially unseal court documents. As of this writing, the documents remain sealed, however, and it has been confirmed there has been no settlement in the case despite Anthem offering to repay TNA’s debt to Corgan yesterday.

James Ellsworth Wants The Miz, Nerves Before AJ Styles Title Match, What's Next For Him

James Ellsworth was a recent guest on the Hit The Ropes podcast, talking about his recent run in WWE and newfound popularity. Below are Highlight:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Made "The List", WWE Confirms NXT Takeover Toronto Match

- Chris Jericho posted the following on Instagram, poking fun at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton after the final 2016 Presidential Debate took place: