Backstage News on AEW All In Incident Footage and Will Ospreay Promo

Backstage News on AEW All In Incident Footage and Will Ospreay Promo

Backstage News on AEW All In Incident Footage and Will Ospreay Promo – Most of the talk coming out of last night’s AEW Dynamite is centered around the CM Punk/Jack Perry footage that aired and Will Ospreay’s comments about Triple H. The decision to air the heavily criticized footage last night seems to be a reaction to what CM Punk said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour last week and. According to Wade Keller at, the idea did not come from the parties involved in their respective segments.

“I’ve been checking with people in AEW and I have been told that this was not something The Bucks were in favor of doing. It wasn’t their idea, it was Tony Khan’s idea that he wanted this out there,” Keller said. 

Keller continued, “They also had Will Ospreay go on camera, interviewed by Renee Paquette on the stage. The first part of his promo was him addressing a comment that Triple H said on the podcast [that was] alluding to Will Ospreay being someone who didn’t want to be part of the grind.” 

Keller said the promo wasn’t Ospreay’s idea. “I’m also told that this was an idea presented to Ospreay,” Keller said. “I don’t know about Ospreay’s enthusiasm for or against it but it wasn’t something he did on his own. He didn’t wing it. It was something that hours before the interview took place, was proposed to him. That’s what I’m hearing from AEW.”

Keller went on to say that he hasn’t heard anyone who was in favor of the Punk/Perry footage or the Triple H comments airing.

“Based on what I’m hearing from multiple people in AEW, nobody that they know was in favor of what Tony Khan put on TV [between] the Punk footage and the Ospreay did at Triple H. People see it as a distraction and Tony Khan going after two people that Tony has issues with, Punk and Paul Levesque. Tony Khan sees Paul Levesque very much as a foe in his world.”

Keller went on to say, “I would say the morale isn’t great as far as this goes.”

Dave Meltzer also noted the actual footage of Punk threatening Khan wasn’t shown. It’s unclear why they didn’t show the footage on Dynamite. 

“The problem is, and even though, as you talked to me about this a couple of days ago, the incident with Tony was not going to be shown, and it wasn’t shown. But now what’s happened is that people are going like ‘Tony said, he threatened my life. Where’s the footage?’ I mean, he did say that and by showing the footage and having nothing of that, it just made you know it just wasn’t well thought out. I suppose you could have shown that footage too. But that doesn’t even play into storyline at all,” Meltzer stated.

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Backstage News on AEW All In Incident Footage and Will Ospreay Promo

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