4/12 AEW Rampage Results

4/12 AEW Rampage Results

4/12 AEW Rampage Results – Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Chris Jericho greet audiences at home as Orange Cassidy makes his way down to the ring. Alex Reynolds and John Silver are already waiting inside the ring.

Orange Cassidy vs. Alex Reynolds (w/ John Silver)

The bell rings and Reynolds and Silver hug each other. Cassidy takes advantage with a Tornado DDT and delivers a tope suicida to him and Silver on the outside, then sends Silver crashing into the barricade. Reynolds gets Cassidy back in the ring, then connects with a back elbow on Cassidy. Reynolds dumps Cassidy out of the ring before he gets him back inside and delivers a second back elbow. Reynolds then delivers a reverse hanging DDT.

Back from the break, Reynolds delivers a boot to the side of Cassidy’s head. Cassidy responds with a forearm to Reynolds and dropkicks him into the corner, but Cassidy sends Reynolds crashing face first into the top turnbuckle. Reynolds responds with a piledriver to Cassidy before Cassidy and Reynolds teeter on the top rope. Cassidy delivers a headbutt to Reynolds to send him crashing into the mat, but Silver trips him. Reynolds delivers a boot to Cassidy’s head and connects with a Stunner.

On the outside, Silver looks to plant Cassidy. Cassidy reverses into a Stun Dog Millionaire, then connects with an Orange Punch on Reynolds. He lands a second Orange Punch on Reynolds and follows it up with another one in the ring for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

After the match, Renee Paquette joins Orange Cassidy in the ring to ask him about Trent Beretta betraying him last week. Beretta makes his way down to the ring and looks to get in, but Taylor slides into the ring to join Cassidy. Beretta hops down when he sees Taylor, and Taylor follows suit on the opposite side.

Back from the break, Julia Hart makes his way down to the ring. Leyla Hirsch follows.

Julia Hart (c) vs. Leyla Hirsch for the TBS Championship

The bell rings and the two lock up. Hart trips Hirsch, but Hirsch sends her crashing out of the ring. Hirsch looks to fly, but Hart connects with a forearm and a neckbreaker through the middle rope. Hart sends Hirsch crashing into the middle turnbuckle face first, but Hirsch sends her crashing into the mat face first. Hirsch flies to the outside and levels Hart, then gets her back in the ring. Hart seems like she’s got an injured shoulder, as it is already taped up. Hirsch rolls in to the ring and they go to a quick cradle finish.

Winner (and still): Julia Hart

“Cool Hand Ang” Angelo Parker then makes his way down to the ring Zak Knight and The Outcasts follow.

Zak Knight (w/ The Outcasts) vs. Angelo Parker

Knight sends Parker crashing into the ring post on the outside, then delivers an open palm strike and flies off the barricade. He delivers a series of chops and forearms to Parker, then bites him. Knight gets in the ring, and a medical official checks on Parker. He brushes him off, and the bell sounds. Knight delivers a chop to Parker in the corner, then sends him crashing into the turnbuckles.

Back from the break, Parker delivers a Bulldog to Knight. Parker follows it up with a Blockbuster and a flatliner before the referee ejects Saraya and Harley Cameron from ringside after he catches them attempting to interfere. Knight turns Parker inside out with a clothesline, then levels him with a forearm strike and pins him for the win.

Winner: Zak Knight

After the match, Saraya and Cameron reemerge to celebrate Knight’s win. 

We then head backstage to Alex Marvez, Kyle O’Reilly, and Rocky Romero. O’Reilly says Romero is one of his favorite opponents in the ring, then asks him if he wants to run it back. He says he has an AEW International Championship Eliminator Match against Roderick Strong tomorrow night on “Collision”, and O’Reilly asks if he can have a shot should he win the title. Romero agrees before The Undisputed Kingdom asks O’Reilly what that was. He asks O’Reilly if he wants a shot at the International Championship, and O’Reilly admits that he does. Strong says he respects O’Reilly, but questions what his motives are in light of their friendship. 

Back from the break, The Bang Bang Gang makes their way down to the ring. Matt Sydal follows.

Jay White (w/ The Bang Bang Gang) vs. Matt Sydal

The bell rings and the two lock up. Sydal delivers a dropkick to White’s leg, but White responds with a pair of chops to Sydal. Sydal connects with a pair of tijeras’, but White responds with a few chops. Sydal dropkicks White to the outside and delivers a meteora off the apron to level him. He gets White back inside the ring, but White sends him crashing back out onto the apron and lands a chop on him. He then sends him crashing into the ring apron midsection first.

Back from the break, Sydal delivers a jumping knee to White. He follows it up with a series of kicks and ascends to the top, then looks to fly. White moves out of the way and looks to connect with a powerbomb, but Sydal counters into a DDT and goes for a pin. White kicks out and looks to land a chop. Sydal moves out of the way, and rolls him up. White kicks out and sends Sydal crashing into the mat, then goes for a pin of his own. Sydal kicks out and White delivers a chop, then sets up for the Blade Runner. Sydal avoids it and ascends to the top, but White catches him and counters into a Blade Runner for the win.

Winner: Jay White

4/12 AEW Rampage Results

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